Sunday, 10 May 2015

Allegedly Paul James Bennett - Why did Russel Crowe hire him?

Knights of the templar?  Coffs Harbour?
It's all coming out of the woodwork now.... Here's a timeline of Paul's offending going back to the early 1980's.
If you have any further information we'd love to hear from you!
1984 - Stole a high valued tractor from a West Coast Farmer (did 9 months jail)
1985 - Traded a Porsche he didn't own for a Hughes 500 helicopter (ZK-HOV). Amounting to a $46,000 fraud. The damaged helicopter was then repossessed.
1986 - Working as a mechanic on the West Coast he receives $2,500 from friends of his employers (a loan never paid back)
1986 - Suspected Shooting (causing death) of Stephen Harvey on the West Coast of NZ. After funeral was discovered Bennett stole company cheque for $500 and left the area.
1986 - Sets fire to house and claims insurance. Borrows sister's car, then sells it. Used brothers passport to defraud, brother is arrested entering Australia as a result.
1988 - Living in Brisbane, Australia as 'Paul Thomas' he defrauds local bank, then stole flatmates car and left the area
1989 - Commits Fraud in Scotland - Helicopter + Lamborghini. Helicopter destined to be exported to South Africa.
1989 - Thought to be flying Helicopters for a Theme Park in the Gold Coast, Australia
1990 - Gets arrested in South Africa - emerges with first Alias "Paul Lochead". Has a son in South Africa.
1991 - Gets deported to the UK spends time in Jail (3 yrs).
1997 - Arrives in New Zealand as "Paul James Williams".
1997 - Buys Hughes 500D Helicopter (ZK-HBA) - sells it twice using forged documents, and receives money from parents for damaged blades. Fraud totaling over $800,000. This time working under the alias of "David Alexander Hanson".
1997 - Starts two scrub fires in Tauranga, 1st was the Mount and the 2nd at Welcome Bay. Both to generate paid Helicopter work for himself flying Hughes 500 fighting the fire.
1998 - Arrested in NZ - never appears in court to answer charges. Was to deported to Australia on other charges.
1999 - Sexual assault and drugging of 12 year old girl in Port Vila Vanuatu - pays off authorities and gets deported.
1999 - Arrives back in Australia as "Paul Maybury" amongst other aliases.
2000 - Defrauds an Australian Gang for $500,000 to buy a Helicopter that didn't exist.
2000 - Meets current partner "Simone Ann Wright". They marry within 6 weeks of meeting in Sydney and become "Paul & Simone Williams".
2001 - Spends time in Australian Jail for Credit Card Fraud totaling well over $100,000.
2002 - Duped Actor Russell Crowe into being his personal helicopter pilot despite having no license. Paul takes photos of Russell Crowe & Meg Ryan together and sends them to a friend with orders to sell them to weekly magazines.
2002 - Is held in custody for minor credit card fraud. An ex girlfriend who he later tries to blackmail with photographs puts up his bail and he absconds.
2003 - From Australia, Paul commits fraud against a Balclutha Farmer for airplane parts totaling $111,079 using the name "James Lochead".
2006 - Arrives back in New Zealand, possibly onboard a stolen yacht. Sarah has had breast enlargement surgery.
2006 - Working as a Team Manager "Paul Williams" takes the Motocross industry for over $100,000 in bogus sponsorship contracts, resale of stolen parts and money received for a website development that never happened.
2008 - Defrauded an Auckland Luxury Yacht owner - a boat he worked on during which time he broke his left ankle.
2008 - Tried to lure BMX champion Sarah Walker into a bogus management contract.
2008 - Has charges to answer for the Sexual Assault & drugging of an Auckland Teenager - failed to appear in court. ***This charge alone he will get 15 YEARS behind bars***.
Period 2008-2010 - Living in the Nelson Area. Now known as "Dave and Sarah Kite".
2010 - Surfaces at 23 Morrow Mead, Wanaka as "Dennis and Sarah Kite". Townhouse set-up with internet camera to record pornographic videos for online use via Russian web-site. Police were called twice to this address for domestic abuse. Dennis talked is way out of being arrested as he had a friend in the local Wanaka Police Station.
2012 - Sells fake Rolex watches on TradeMe using the names "Dennis and Sarah Kite" under TradeMe user 'sarah1919".
2012 - Meets Mike Jacomb and talks himself into a job sourcing Helicopters and setting up company HeliPower Ltd.
2012 - Moves to Christchurch living at high-end townhouse 3C The Oval, Middleton paying $900 per week in rent.
2013 - Sarah posts husbands Death Notice (July 27, 2013) to ease pressure from the Rolex buyers who are starting to get difficult on realisation that their watch is fake.
May 2014 - Mike Jacomb discovers fraud of over $250,000 in stolen helicopter parts and income belonging to Helipower Ltd. After being questioned he cleared out his his rental property and went into hiding.
June 2014 - Sells his Silver BMW, M3 to unsuspecting car dealer in Dunedin.
June 2014 - Bennett arrives via taxi at an address in Auckland and buys a Silver, Subaru Forester XT Turbo 2004 model. [This car has not been found]. Original rego but will now be changed = FBF999, VIN: 7A8GF170709055629, Engine No: EJ20-CO61932, Chassis: SG5-055629.
Nov 2014 - early 2015 sightings of Bennett both New Zealand and Australia.
17 February 2015 - Found and arrested sailing into Sydney Harbor onboard the stolen Yacht 'Harlech'
If you have ANY information (past or present), please PRIVATE MESSAGE us, we'd love to hear from you. Confidentiality assured. Or if you prefer, you can anonymously call Mike on 027-492-7027. Email

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