Monday, 31 March 2014

Are the Bowraville Murders linking to others?

What I have found within my research, the alleged drug network movers utilise the links to Astrology crimes for what I have noticed.  We have been circling many cases the same I have noted.  

I wonder if you have linked the Bowraville Murders with allegedly Anthony Apps?   Anthony Apps, there are links to other murders in the Coffs Harbour area, yet that was 1998, in 2003 he shot Christopher Lamb in the head is behind bars.

The  look up Anthony Apps, 

What I did notice, most of the murders where the body is found is on the line of saturn.  For Lois Roberts I noted within Astrology in crime it was different.  I wonder if you utilised this positioning for Colleen Walker would you find the body.  Some how I feel we are getting closer.

A serial murderer for the alleged drug network would have known about Jay Hart.  He would know Jay Hart was the local Candyman and within the reports on Anthony Apps there was another person he utilised to help him, so that could be where allegedly Jay Hart comes into play?

The line is linking to Pluto which was different to so many other evidence.  Pluto is a link to the Underworld.  Like a framework I relate to the drugs, murders and robberies.  You could ask Mountain Miist to look at the locator and Colleen Walker.  This could then form a pattern within the two cases.

Anthony Apps Court of Appeals notes.

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