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Property Rights Australia

The thugs came up the front steps and through the front door.  Do you know this is how the Outlaw gang works through Kings Cross.

Australia is a Common Law country, and property-owners have rights at law, particularly through the High Court ruling by Mr Justice Kirby in September 1998. Property owners whose land is held under Deeds in Fee Simple have the right to refuse to agree to the takeover of their land for this or any other purpose.
Private Property Owners and their Rights:
Property Owners’ Rights in Australia are guaranteed in three ways by three different legal instruments, as under…
(1) Deeds in Fee Simple
(2) Magna Carta 1215, and
(3) The Bill of Rights 1688/9
Fee Simple rights, particularly the High Court ruling given by Mr Justice Kirby, in September, 1998, when he made his decision by using an earlier High Court case (1923) when Mr Justice Isaacs settled a dispute by confirming to the property owner in the case the rights conferred on all property-owners under their Freehold Deeds in Fee Simple.
Under the current laws in Australia, both State and Federal, it is absolutely illegal for the Government "to take what it wants", or indeed to dictate in any way what property-owners must do or not do in regard to their lands held under Deeds in Fee Simple so long as we retain our Common Law status under our legally unchangeable Christian Monarchical Constitutions, which apply both State and Federally.
Certain politicians are trying illegally to change our unchangeable (except via referendum) Federal Constitution, because they want to deny people the right to hold private property under our Monarchical laws.
Evidence of present protection of our rights through "Fee Simple"
In the High Court of Australia, in a decision in the case The Commonwealth v New South Wales, Justice Isaacs spoke of "fee simple" as follows…
"In the language of the English law, the word fee signifies an estate of inheritance as distinguished from a less estate… A fee simple is the most extensive in quantum, and the most absolute in respect to the rights, which it confers, of all estates known to the law. It confers, and since the beginning of legal history it always has conferred, the lawful right to exercise over, upon, and in respect to, the land, every act of ownership which can enter into the imagination, including the right to commit unlimited waste; and, for all practical purposes of ownership, it differs from the absolute dominion of a chattel, in nothing except the physical indestructibility of its subject. Besides these rights of ownership, a fee simple at the present day confers an absolute right, both of alienation inter vivos and of devise by will."
Most non-leased properties in Queensland are "Fee Simple", and therefore the majority of property-owners have rights that override any Government Department or any Municipal Council. Unfortunately many landowners are not aware of their rights There are also other court rulings [such as Plenty v. Dillon in 1991] and Parliamentary legislation that further confirm the fact that property-owners in this country have the law entirely on their side.
PLENTY v. DILLON (1991) 171 CLR 635 F.C. 91/004 - (HIGH COURT OF AUSTRALIA) states in part...
a) Consent to an entry is implied if the person enters for a lawful purpose. In Robson v. Hallett (1967) 2 QB 939, Lord Parker C.J. said (at p 951): "… the occupier of any dwelling-house gives implied licence to any member of the public coming on his lawful business to come through the gate, up the steps, and knock on the door of the house." This implied licence extends to the driveway of a dwelling-house: Halliday. However, the licence may be withdrawn by giving notice of its withdrawal. A person who enters or remains on property after the withdrawal of the licence is a trespasser. In Davis v. Lisle (1936) 2 KB 434, police officers who had lawfully entered a garage for the purpose of making enquiries were held to have become trespassers by remaining in the garage after they were told by the proprietor to "get outside".
b) The general policy of the law is against government officials having rights of entry on private property without the permission of the occupier, and nothing concerned with the service of a summons gives any ground for creating a new exception to the general rule that entry on property without the express or implied consent of the occupier is a trespass.
c) If the courts of common law do not uphold the rights of individuals by granting effective remedies, they invite anarchy, for nothing breeds social disorder as quickly as the sense of injustice which is apt to be generated by the unlawful invasion of a person's rights, particularly when the invader is a government official.
The Australian Constitution incorporates the view that individual freedom should prevail alongside a limited role for government. Section 51(xxxi) requires that if the government acquires property from any State or person, it does so on just terms. Just terms have been defined by the High Court as 'full and adequate compensation' where the acquisition is a compulsory taking.
Section 51: (xxxi) The acquisition of property on just terms from any State or person for any purpose in respect of which the Parliament has power to make laws:
However, it must be noted that section 51 (xxxi) only applies to the Commonwealth. It does not bind the States nor do the States have 'just compensation' clauses in their own constitutions.
For this reason, the argument that section 109 of the Australian Constitution takes precedent over the Queensland State Constitution is, I believe, unassailable.
Section 109. When a law of a State is inconsistent with a law of the Commonwealth, the latter shall prevail, and the former shall, to the extent of the inconsistency, be invalid.
Property rights are essential to freedom, justice, peace and prosperity. They are basic rights. Despite common law and constitutional protections, property rights are increasingly being eroded by the modern regulatory state. The time has come to restore respect for property rights for all landowners.
A TRESPASS NOTICE is in fact a withdrawal notice to the common law '... implied licence to any member of the public coming on his lawful business to come through the gate, up the steps, and knock on the door of the house', and must be clearly displayed at each access to a FEE SIMPLY owned property.
Thanks to Paul Montagu

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Holy Science exposed the system Reporter C.Smith exposes Enlightenment

"It is my great pleasure to invite you into the study of Syncretics and Esoteric Etymology (SEE).
Syncretics is a term I use as a formula for learning, with the term syncretism as the act of applying this formula. Syncretism means the “reconciliation of differing beliefs” from Greek synkretismos "union of communities," from synkretizein "to combine against a common enemy,” (that “enemy,” being IGNORE-ANCE and separation from our common origins) from syn- "together" as in “to SYNC TOGETHER.”

From my perspective, it is about searching through ALL sources of information, despite differing beliefs and opinions, and sifting through it, in order to find the most valuable nuggets of truth, and to find the common root similarities, so that we may see how all the pieces fit together to provide a much larger and unrestricted view of reality, in order to better understand ourselves in relation to one another, without declining into argument and dispute over seemingly opposing perspectives and points of view, or POINTS-OF-YOU.

It’s about turning over EVERY stone, the good, the bad, and the ugly, to see what lies beneath, regard-less of our own PERSONAL judge-ment (judging the mind/ ment: Latin, meaning MIND) of what it is that we may find.

As I always say, “If you fear something.... STUDY IT!! The more you learn about it, the more understanding you gain. Suddenly, you know about it, and although you may still dislike it, you no longer fear it, because you realize its not the thing itself that is ominous, but rather, only your limited understanding of it.”
"Its hurling yourself into the abyss and discovering its a featherbed." - Terence McKenna
All Information is inherently Neutral. It is only when passed through the mind of it’s observer, that it gets imprinted with polarity (good vs bad, light vs dark, + vs -), based on the preconceived notions accumulated by one’s own background experiences and picked up from our social env-iron-ment.
Light is Pure Information. Thus, ALL information IS Light.
Only when weighed on the scale of one's OWN Heart, against the feather of Truth, and THEN refracted through the Prism of the Mind, can one easily discern Truth from fallacy.

When start to see how all things connect in some way or another, then we start to see a pattern emerge, that illuminates the similarities which connect all fields of study and learning, from science, art, language, number, music, astrology, geometry, theology, mythology, and just about every other area of Learning and communication. ! !
For me, this journey is all about getting to the heART of the subject matter, to where we can finally see that everything has a valid right to exist, so long as we’re not imposing on another’s ability to choose freely, and that includes the suppression of information as well.

I often see the greater reality likened to a Universal Library, the Akashic, if you will, and in this Library, ALL THINGS EXIST SIMULTANEOUSLY, parallel to one another, just as the books in any library. All books have an equal right to be available for anyone to study, and just because some of them may not be our own personal preference, that doesn't make them any less valid to be there.

If any section were to be quarantined because of our own personal judge-ments and preference, then we would be impinging on another’s free will choice to read from that section, should they have the desire to. That is how our own personal judge-ments, pre-judices, and biases can actually limit others’ growth when we choose to suppress information.
Each and every one of us has a completely unique life experience, based on all the things we’ve seen, places we’ve been, books we’ve read and knowledge we have acquired along our own journey, and we each hold a one-of-a-kind piece that fits into a universal puzzle.

We now know that his-story has been fragmented, re-written, manipulated, and white-washed throughout the millennia, and it is now not only our duty, but also our great pleasure and joy as a species to be sitting around a universal table, all contributing our individual piece of information to put this puzzle back together in order to see the BIGGER PICTURE, and if even a SINGLE ONE of us chooses to with-hold our unique piece because of how we think others will react to it, then we are doing a HUGE dis-service to others who NEED that piece in order to finally see what they may have been searching for their entire life, just as I was.

I know if someone had chosen to with-hold the things that I now know because of how THEY THOUGHT I would react to it, then I would never be where I currently am today and would not have found the answers that I had been seeking my ENTIRE LIFE, and I couldn't imagine what could be more valuable. To me that would be the ultimate crime... the obstruction of information.
Now that we’ve dis-cussed my views on Syncretics, lets explain etymology.

In order to introduce you to the under-standing of the mechanics of word etymology, we are going to show you the very etymology of the word “etymology.” The very word “etymology” comes from much more ancient roots, spanning throughout his-story and many different cultures and languages, as is the case for all words and forms of language and communication.

ETYMOLOGY comes from:
ethimolegia "FACTS OF THE ORIGIN AND DEVELOPMENT OF A WORD," from Old French et(h)imologie (14c., Modern French étymologie), from Latin etymologia, from Greek etymologia, properly "STUDY OF THE TRUE SENSE (OF A WORD),"
from the root words of: etymon "TRUE SENSE" (neuter of etymos "TRUE, REAL, ACTUAL," related to eteos "true") + logia "STUDY OF, A SPEAKING OF" (see - logy).

So etymology is a compound word, which comes from the root words of Logia, meaning “the study of” and etym, meaning “the true sense.” So in other words, we’re talking about getting to the true essence of what concepts mean by studying the very WORDS used to describe these concepts.

Now let’s dive into what the word esoteric means and how we can apply it in order to gain wisdom and understanding.

Esoteric comes from Greek esoterikos "BELONGING TO AN INNER CIRCLE," from esotero "more within," comparative adverb of ESO "WITHIN," related to eis "INTO," EN "IN" (see en-).
In English, originally of Pythagorean doctrines. According to Lucian, the division of teachings into EXOTERIC and ESOTERIC, originated withAristotle.

So in other words, the ESO and the EXO could be likened to a donut, where the ESO would be the donut hole, which is consumed far less frequently than the EXO which is the outer ring, (likened to the rings of Saturn, who is known as the “Lord of the Rings”) which is gluttonously consumed EN masse by the INGORE-ANT masses.

So the Esoteric understanding is the Inner house of TRUE wisdom, while the
Exoteric is the outer shell of false facades, fake masks, lies and bullshit fed to the masses who are EX-cluded or EX-communicated, or EXiled from the TRUTH of the inner wisdom of the wise-dome of the inner temple, because they are to busy beating around the bush from being fed bullshit by the mainstream institutions. So the ESO prefix is the same as the EN prefix, meaning WITHIN, as in ENdo-thermic or ENdocrine, as in “the truth lies WITHIN you,” as opposed to the HEX (Saturn) of the EX, which is the outer, as in EXo-thermic, or EXo-skeleton, or the false bullshit of the savior figure that lies outside of you, up in the clouds somewhere.

So this is exactly why Holly-Wood and politics will always shows you the character of the two faced liar, the false facade of the fake mask, which is the very calling card of the Jester, the Joker, the Jack, the FOOL, the BULLSHITTER, the politician!!
So you may have not-iced by now, that I seem to use MY OWN unique formula of spelling in order to paint an image of the con- sept that I am conveying. That is exactly what I am pointing out with this academy, is that letters are pictographs and images, and a single image can paint a 1,000 words, a single symbol contains entire universes of information within it, so words, symbols, numbers, and letters are code that can be de-cyphered, and re-programmed in order to influence our per-sept-ion.

This is not about using this knowledge as a form of manipulation. (which has already been done for thousands of years since the ancient times of the Phony Phoenicians who
gave us our modern Phonics and Phonectics..... does the phrase“HOOKED on PHONICS” ring a bell?!) This is about REVERSING the programming and mind control that HAS been instilled within us for THOUSANDS of years via government (govern: Latin- meaning to steer or CONTROL + MENT: Latin- meaning MIND) regulated institut-ions, and spelling, which is known as SPELL CASTING or SPELL BINDING, as in to BIND and TIE us into servitude of the mind by the use of their SPELLING.

So we are actively BREAKING that SPELL by breaking down the very words, symbols, letters, and phonics that have been used to paint or white wash our per-sept-ion of reality. There are MANY great minds, artists, philosophers and thinkers who have caught on to this through the ages and have left clues and great wisdom for us to see, if we only had the EYES to see it!

About the author: Made Manifest / Cullen Smith / Cullen Smith.
My vision for heading the Syncretics and Esoteric Etymology (SEE) Academy is to share as much information as possible, which can help dissolve boundaries and barriers between our under-standing of each other in order to achieve greater clAIRity and thus eliminate the primitive monkey-chatter response of missed-understanding which leads to separation, argue-ment (arguing of the mind) and de-bate (which LITERALLY means to “BEAT DOWN TO DEATH!”) so that we finally/finale see that every point-of-you is valid when we begin to use a formula to break down walls between commonly cherished ideas, which are usually the dogmatic result of CULT- ur-al programming...

If I were to imagine a scenario that sums up my mission, I would liken it to sitting at the command center of a universal information hub, working the switchboard, absorbing data and dishing it out in front of as many faces as possible, sort of like what mainstream media does, sifting out the Truth from the bullshit, whereas THEY only serve up the fresh steaming platter of bullshit completely distilled from the Truth...
I humbly and great-fully invite you to join in our journey dis-covery as we each have a unique per-SPEC-tive that is valuable beyond measure and we can ALL con-tribute something special during this great time of Apo-Calypso (unveiling of Knowledge). Gratitude (great attitude), Love and Wisdom to all! Namaste.
Syncretics is a term I use as a formula for learning, with the term syncretism as the act of applying this formula. Syncretism means the “reconciliation of d...

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DIPG brain cancer for children update

DIPG is attacking more children and young teenagers than any other form of brain cancer I have noted. It attacks the Pons part or parts surrounding as it grows. This is part of the brain which is very close to the Pineal gland I will note and the blocking of the Pineal gland affects our DNA structure within our own bodies. Alex has had DIPG diagnosed for around 9 months odd. I notice he was commenting on Erin Griffin Raising Childhood Cancer Awareness page with the knowledge he had on teenagers diagnosed with the disease live longer. However that was not the case for Gloria's Journey with DIPG which I followed who was diagnosed and died within a week.
We have to look at the major co-incidences within the upsurge of DIPG.
we have to look at the timezone of when the SV-40 virus was in the Polio vaccine as we allegedly link from mother to child co-incidences.
DIPG is being treated around the world with upsurges in Britain, USA and Australia I have noted within the research.
We have to look at the affects of the fluoride within the countries.
We have to look at the affects of the fluoride for mother and child and passing the DNA changes we have suffered due to our own DNA manipulations by our living environment.
I have noticed within the DIPG community many of the families are health conscious. This is a good thing, yet the link within all the families allegedly could be the water supply and the chemicals which are added?
I have asked questions to many of the parents who have lost children as to whether it could relate to formula's of a child where a virus could lay dormant within the body and then expose itself with the right living conditions.
I noticed many families in the USA have been utilising the Cannabis oil since it's become available and have noted improvement or the ability for the child to stay stable with this dreaded disease it is most important.
We have to look at the GMO affects on our food crops as I did interview Gerry Tye who had Talin who died from DIPG I noticed then it is allegedly out of the hands of the normal health we eat and provide in the home environment.
Many of these children are too young to have had vast amounts of rubbish within their own diet.
We have to look at the cell structure of the tumour in the samples where many victims of this disease have donated their brain to research. This would be an interesting research to find the cell structure of the tumor as within all cancer's it mutates the chromosones within the person. It may not be the same chromosone in all cancers however it is a co-incidence with all cancers I have been studying for a number of years I have noted.
When you link the bio-weapon cancer to a virus then we have a hope for a solution to come.
When we can test the cancer cells to see the sensitivity to vitamins will in some way help with dietary function to stop these childhood illnesses.
We wait and see, pray, yet I will keep reading Alex until I find more answers for the solution. xxx
Update; MRI shows no changes. EEG shows no seizures. So, the question is what is it? Radiation could have cause the irritation to brain or the tumor is mad. So, what's next? Wait and see game. Can he handle bring removed from the vent only time will tell. Will attempt removal sometime tomorrow unless he responds on his own today. If he can't be removed from the vent then the tumor is the problem. What we know only time can tell. He remains in ICU. I truly hate DIPG ...

Richard Charin reports on Conspiracy for John F. Kennedy assassination.

Comment #124 September 27th, 2014 at 9:10 am
The New JFK Calc Witness Spreadsheet: Absolute Numerical Proof of a Conspiracy
The JFK Calc spreadsheet was originally created to analyze unnatural witness death probabilities. It has been expanded to include live witness testimony.
1) Material Witness Deaths
2) Dealey Plaza Witnesses: Origin of shots
3) Time interval between shots
4) JFK Limo Speed
5) Description of JFK Wounds: Parkland and Autopsy
The one-sided eyewitness evidence constitutes overwhelming proof of a conspiracy. The mainstream media is complicit in propagating transparent Warren Commission lies in the 50 year cover-up. Why does it continue to hide the facts? It should allow a prime-time debate between JFK truth seekers and Warren Commission apologists. There is no longer any doubt. Lee Harvey Oswald was just a patsy and never fired a shot. The history books will have to be re-written.
JFK: Debunking Scott Aaronson's "Twenty Reasons to Believe Oswald Acted Alone" Richard Charnin April 30, 2014 JFK Blog Posts JFK Calc Spreadsheet...

Police officer charged drug offences Kings Cross Police

Police officer charged - Kings Cross

Saturday, 27 September 2014 12:40:09 PM
A police officer will appear in court next month charged with possess prohibited drug and behave in an offensive behaviour.
The off-duty constable was arrested about 1am today (Saturday 27 September 2014).
It’s alleged the 31-year-old man behaved offensively at Kings Cross Railway Station while in possession of a tablet believed to be Ecstasy.
The officer, who is attached to the Central Metropolitan Region, was suspended at the time of the incident.
He was issued with a future court attendance notice to appear in Downing Centre Local Court on 21 October 2014.

By my understanding the tablets are allegedly on sold from anything of $30 upwards depends on the supply in the market place.
What is interesting that where did this officer gain the drug tablet from and then what is the Police doing about the supply chain?
When someone wants to get on in Kings Cross they head around the Kings Cross Station as their is always someone selling in this area.  So we have to keep the pressure to expose how the Police Officer gained the tablet?  Where there is one there is more?
We found in February 2014 Scott Miller allegedly was supplying and then those drug supply charges were dropped to personal use.  Someone has taken his place?

Friday, 26 September 2014

Drug charges Darlinghurst

Within HushhhModels of The Kings Cross Sting series I exposed to the Police a guy that was meeting with the working girls for the alleged supply near the overhead bridge.  This evidence went with a timetable back in 2011.  

Astoria Hotel was linking into this information.
One sex worker would walk up Darlinghurst Road in the afternoon towards William Street getting her man a bag of pot as she would tell the world for $20.00
This was every day in 2011, 2012 and it continued.
I had a Working girl who was on heroin who described to me the meeting place as this guy's place was near the Overhead bridge down the back of Kings Cross.  He would sit at the coffee shops on the drag out the front and then gather a few people at times to allegedly sell product.  This linked to the alleged feeding arm I was seeing of just a few guys allegedly feeding others product.
The money, in the following drug charges where is the money?  If this guy was working for "The Boss" then the money is moved through allegedly a complex web I have been trying to expose.
Many of the working girls had their bank cards, details even giving pin numbers over to the Master.  I gave this information to the Police in 2012 at Kings Cross Police Station they returned the information to me as not being required.

Latest Media Releases

Man charged over drug possession and supply offences - Darlinghurst

Saturday, 27 September 2014 03:47:28 AM
Police have charged a man over alleged illicit drug possession and supply offences in Darlinghurst overnight.
About 10.50pm (Friday 26 September 2014), officers attached to Kings Cross Local Area Command executed a search warrant at a unit on Craigend Street.
Police allegedly located and seized over 25 grams of methylamphetamine, almost 90 grams of cannabis leaf, cocaine and a mobile phone.
A 52-year-old man was arrested at the scene and taken to Kings Cross Police Station, where he was charged with three counts of possess prohibited drug and one count of supply prohibited drug.
The man was granted conditional bail, to appear at Downing Centre Local Court on Tuesday 21 October 2014.
Police charged a man over alleged illicit drug possession and supply offences in Darlinghurst.
About 10.50pm on Friday 26 September 2014, officers attached to Kings Cross Local Area Command executed a search warrant at a unit on Craigend Street.
Police allegedly located and seized over 25 grams of methylamphetamine, almost 90 grams of cannabis leaf, cocaine and a mobile phone.
A 52-year-old man was arrested at the scene and taken to Kings Cross Police Station, where he was charged with three counts of possess prohibited drug and one count of supply prohibited drug.
The man was granted conditional bail, to appear at Downing Centre Local Court on Tuesday 21 October 2014.

Juanita Nielsen The Sydney Morning Herald article

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Police Ingretity report on the same brothel where we have been asking for a Police search warrant from 2011.

Police Ingretity report 2001 was talking about the same brothel that we have been asking
for the Police search warrant for Juanita Nielsen for the reason why this brothel when you open the doors you have problems.

Kostas Kontorinakis gave evidence that he used to own the property in which
the Eros Cinema, described by him as an establishment that provided private
‘peep shows’, was located and that he subsequently sold the property but
retained the lease. He said he was a shareholder, director and secretary of
Eros Cinema Pty Ltd, the company that used to run the Eros Cinema, from
August 1986 until September 1998.3 Although somewhat unsure, he added
that he ceased active involvement in the company around about 1990, 1991 or
1992.4 He said his wife was the sole director of the company, Busskaye Pty
Ltd, which held the current lease of the Eros Cinema.5 Mr Kontorinakis said
his involvement in the Eros Cinema was as a consultant.6 He said he was also
a consultant at Lady Jane and Tudor Court; the latter establishment provides
escort services.


The links to the underworld to Lady Jane as the Little Jenny's and the lady as sole director of D & S Australia Pty Ltd is Jenny Bae Byun.
From PIC report.
During the interview Witness X said that he was introduced to a police officer
named Kenneth Desmond by Bill Bayeh, whom Bill Bayeh had said might be
able to help him in relation to ongoing court proceedings to have his brothel
business closed down as a disorderly house.
3.20 The disorderly house proceedings had been initiated in 1988.26 When Witness
X was served with a summons by a sergeant of police, whose name he could
not recall, he had asked why the action was being taken. The police officer had
allegedly said: 27
Because the kitty was empty my friend. The kitty was empty, that’s
why you’re getting this.

Kings Cross Police further investigation

Police Inspector Damian Goodfellow.
He is the son in law by reports of allegedly Police Commissioner Ken Moroney who was involved on the investigation of Juanita Nieslen.
Police Inspector Damian Goodfellow links to Kings Cross report.

Regarding Ken Moroney Police Commissioner's thoughts.  The link to Police Commissioner Moroney is I asked Police Officer Donna Bruce to give me a name who was not corrupt in Kings Cross.  Police Officer Bruce had worked along side Moroney.  It is interesting I was told Superintendent Sue Waites.

1983 Sargeant Moroney reported to the Juanita Nielsen inquiry.

1975 Moroney Kenneth (Ken) Moroney was sworn in on 16 August 1965. In 1975, as secretary and delegate of the Lismore Branch, he was elected to the Executive. From 1986– 1987 he was junior vice-president and from 1987–1988 senior vice-president. On being promoted to commissioned rank Ken rose quickly through the ranks and on 28 May 2002 was appointed Commissioner of Police a role he filled until his retirement on 31 August 2007. 

Police Professional Standards told me Detective Amanda Dench had been at Kings Cross Police Station before State Crime Command.

Police timeline and an interesting website to visit.
ALP has claimed Mr King's brief appearance at the Wood Royal Commission in 1996 cast doubt on his integrity as a policeman.
Yet the Australian Labor Party in NSW allowed the Police more powers and the right for internal investigations happening in the same Police station as the problem naming Kings Cross Police.

Bob Waites and links to Kings Cross 

An alleged report in 2000 was said to have predicted problems that later arose.

[After the Wood Royal Commission the real gang behind the gangs at Kings Cross moved from Kings Cross to Cabramatta.]  

They came back to Kings Cross from Cabramatta Madonna's Mob Gang 5T to Kings Cross brothel.
To expose the hidden crypt exposes where the Police have as I will allege protected not just Kings Cross but the alleged drug network of the Scorpion drug cartels.

A coronial inquiry Into Juanita Nielsen  with a jury was held in 1983, which determined that Nielsen had probably been killed, although there was not enough evidence to show how she died or who killed her. The inquest did note that police corruption may have crippled the investigation into her death at the time.
A Joint Committee of the Commonwealth Parliament of Australia was formed in 1994 to further investigate her disappearance. It also concluded that corruption impeded the police investigation. She was declared as being deceased by an inquest

Just the Police search warrant will expose this cest pool of corruption and drug running we have had and a reason why my life has been so threatened.

Aleister Crowley the hidden links to O'Muhammad exposed

Aleister Crowley linked to O'Prophet, to Master, to a book of law hidden.
Mohammad is mentioned which links. Muhammad? O'Muhammad?  The links to Kings Cross link to Frank Bennett

Chapter 122

Ritual Viii linked to first position 000 Emergency.

Meteor showers are happening, it is a sign.  Mr Satan looks on, and so do I.  We have filled in the evidence on the drug network through the Massage chairs coming into Australia.  Now you wouldn’t look at a $5000 odd chair however this was the vessel they were utilizing.  Stealing the chairs and I wondered why?
I looked at the CBD in the Hemp oil, the Salve with healing, the Dew drops for under the tongue where when it’s made legal it will remove the part when you are first diagnosed with Cancer the medicine is in excess of $300,000.00  Please take the drugs away from this gang and break open the hidden crypt.
Tonight I sat looking for the graves, Frank Green, Guido Caletto, and I thought about Nellie Cameron.  I couldn’t find Nellie’s lover’s graves.  I wonder what else they have collected?
Fire versus fire we go back to solve the problem.
The secret ingredient is love, yet in the sky 26 September which is my Grandmothers birthday my Nana who cared for me and probably could see the problems from the start.  Wehad the Heart of the fire exposing itself.  We have the Ark, Ash resting on timber from the Ark set on the altar of the Almighty as the burnt offerings to Zeus. 
We had the link to Aries for the Monster, the Beast, then we had the links to the cup or the Holy Grail with the power of Jupiter as the volcano about to erupt.  The timing is coming.  Changes are certain.
So what we have is the Grand Trine of Fire, which is Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Leo for the Lion and Mars for the Red in Sagittarius which Rosaleen Norton looked upon as the God of Pan.
Within the sky we have The Cross Crux that lies in the hind legs of Centaurus which you could think relating to the works of Rosaleen Norton as the God of Pan.  This is the same cross from the Bible Story, where Jesus was crucified and impaled.  The Sun currently occupies this space and Jesus was the son. 
We have to look at the Cardinal markers at this time, The Phoenix is in Aquila, represents the ashes that the Phoenix will rise from using the Grand Fire Trine for the fuel.  We are rising the souls I know that.  It is showing me now the timing in the sky as Mr Satan said “Jennifer Shhh, it is happening”.
Football Score as he tells me is Newtown WIN in 1929…  Celebration at the X is coming.
The Grand Fire Trine has the power till the 6th October, the Centaur Jennifer he said is the time for the Wolves, Lions, Vampires, Parasitic energies to be dethroned.  Long live the Queens of the X.
Nostramdamus said the Great Cow will be found in the the Great 7.  The King will have 3 brothers.
Nothing is a secret key of this law.  Sixty-one the Jes call it; I call it eight, eighty, four hundred and eighteen. Chapter 122 of Aleister Crowley documents Order A:.A:.
Love is the law, love under will.  I flap my wings in the face of Mohammed and blind him.  It was a link within all of this to Mohammad.  O’ Prophet was allegedly O’Muhammad?  As Aleister Crowley said “The book of the Law is written and concealed. Aum. Ha.”

J&B Trust?  John and Bill the flowerpot men.  The cannabis seed was waiting for the approval off the government.  I hope they read my emails as we need to stop organized crime from controlling this miracle plant which I see can rid the world of virus’s where man-made medicine has created by the bio-weapon virus’s of Cancer, Ebola, MRSA, the list goes on.

Westfield Group co-incidence

"The Westfield Group, and its Israeli owner Frank Lowy (Photo left) apparently owned the Westgate Mall that had been under siege for several days. Lowy, as it turns out, had another business operation go up in flames over a decade ago, with fellow businessman Larry Silverstein"
"In the aftermath of 9/11 and the London 7/7 bombings it was later revealed that security agencies such as the CIA, FBI and MI5 had prior knowledge of coordinated attacks. As 21Wire has pointed out, the latest attack in Nairobi, Kenya, has many of the tell-tale signs of a classic false flag operation, with its problem, reaction, solution narrative coming to light…"


I have spoken through The Kings Cross Sting at the phone calls during the night, the ringing of bells within the mythology.

Many people who have tried to expose this gang have been labelled insane.  Because to see something and not tell is more than many people can do.  To hide from this cult on the ground is impossible as I have interviewed people who have moved once a month for years to stay hidden.

Aware so much of people following them, live in exile in other countries and try to remain hidden from public view.

Now someone tried to harass me this morning 0424 645 263 at 4.53am.

Thank you for not hiding, because I can see you and so can others.

Is this the wake up call time in Prison?  Now Mouse stop doing this you will get yourself in trouble.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Judyth Baker reports on the Bio Weapon Cancer virus

ld cause a disease as complex as cancer. Inspired by Gross's initial experiments, similar results were obtained by Sarah Stewart and Bernice Eddy who later renamed the parotid tumor virus SE polyoma virus after finding it could cause many different types of tumors in mice, hamsters, and rats. Eventually the "SE" was dropped and virologists adopted the name "polyoma virus." After Gross's work was published, additional viruses capable of causing solid tumors or blood-borne tumors in mice were described by Arnold Graffi, Charlotte Friend, John Moloney and others. By 1961, sufficient data had been accumulated for Gross to confidently publish an extensive monograph-Oncogenic Viruses-the first history of tumor virology, which became a standard reference work and marked the emergence of tumor virology as a distinct, legitimate field of study.==INTERESTINGLY, JOHN McADAMS POSTED TO EVERYBODY BACK IN 1999 THAT IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE TOP CAUSE CANCER IN MICE, ACCORDING TO A BIOLOGIST FRIEND OF HIS AT MARQUETTE. OF COURSE WE COULD DO IT WITH VIRUSES.

Judyth Baker Dear Mr Sting please ask your doctor(s) to allow you to receuive intravenous vitamin C (twice a week). Plkease avoid sugar, fructose, glucose, corn syrup products. Start taking trans-resveratrol, extra niacin, inositol and omega-3 fatty acids along with vitamin D3 and K. Finally, eat colorful vegetables and berries. Eat meat, but make sure it has no growth hormones added--same for all milk products--best to take calcium,magnesium and phosphorus on the side due to contaminated milk products....which often have growth hormone added. Please visit my anti-cancer cookbook, on Facebook! Please write to me in 'messages'--if you believe i am not trustworthy to give this advice, please do read ME & LEE and Dr. Mary's Monkey. Remission is also based on avoiding STRESS. Good luck, God bless!
PubMed comprises more than 23 million citations for biomedical literature from MEDLINE, life science journals, and online books. Citations may include links to full-text content from PubMed Central and publisher web sites.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Email to Prime Minister for the request of a Police search warrant for Juanita Nielsen

This evidence has gone to the new Governor General to ask the Police for the Search warrant for Juanita Nielsen.

When I was given information last night that many of the meetings with the alleged corrupt police are happening in back streets and in private rooms above Hotels as far away as Waterloo, Chippendale to Kings Cross is a  major reason for exposing this system as the Wood's Royal Commission never exposed where Bill Bayeh and Lennie MacPherson was terrorising the owners of a brothel on Darlinghurst Road because to search the premises then would have exposed the alleged remains of Juanita Nielsen and expose this hidden power.

When I many people contacting me with stories, yes on the sex crimes where they live in fear linking to the Salvation Army, to Boystown, to Life without Barriers, Hillsong Church we have a problem because what I exposed linked to all these places.

What we have is in the past a Police Minister Mike Gallacher and Police Commissioner Scipione where both link to Hillsong.  We have the Hillsong Church started in Darlinghurst 

What I noticed when I went to through the connections I had to Boystown and a person linked to a ex police officer.

I had the links where the Police have said under oath that they have stopped all investigation into this hidden compartment in Kings Cross.

I was told by Quentin Vertigan when Kings Cross changed hands from Bill Bayeh control to allegedly John Ibrahim their were two companies that were moved that linked.

I note on this many of the suburbs that the VICTIM in Police Vs Weatherstone spoke about.

This is the link to the higher power of 81.

What Peter Schaffer and Essam Gerges told me, within the gangs, their are sections that do the gun running, others that manufacture the drugs, others that import the drugs yet they all interweave to the higher power for the gang of 81.

If you notice Notorious Scorpion, Nomads, Hells Angels, Bandidos all link to the power of 81.

I have just been to Sutherland Court house today asking around about the alleged corruption in the Police.  The working girl I talked too explained to me Detectives at Hurstville which have now moved to St George is within a secret organisation.
THis is what I write about, they as I was told by a Constable in Kings Cross when I reported threats to murder me by Roger Hegarty told me the constable that he was his mate.

This is the link to the drug trade and where the Police In Kings Cross even to the Strike Force that feel the search of the brothel is unnecessary.  Well this will expose as the Quran talks about beheading, terrorising the person who does not believe in the Quran.  

Im not MUSLIM.

This is the link Lyn Adams /Newton told me about the alleged gang members she allegedly knew about in Hurstville Police when her son is a Constable Cameron Adams must have said something to her.

The link to Kings Cross is the alleged Jewish control as the area of Bondi has high Jews and the brown heroin.

Peter Schaffer was an Australian yet he turned to Muslim because of the money in the alleged drug trade.

Bella Vista is the link to the company I have exposed The Hells Angels Ltd trading as TYVO Ltd for Take Your Vice Over.

The questioning of heroin addicts was interesting as many know about The Kings Cross Sting as they have been told by some paper brochure I was told.

The brown heroin coming into the country is seen around Bondi link to Waterloo.

With all the drug busts, haven't stopped the drugs flowing through Kings Cross.

This is what I have been explaining, as outside the court I was told the ice was moving with a profit of $70000 from a night in Kings Cross.

The link that Peter Schaffer told me was the religion like he changed to Allah.
The link is the Muhammad, O'Muhammad which I missed the O.
The link in Police Vs Weatherstone to the O that was placed on the stool.  Remember I had been threatened by Sammy Sweet to go along or be shot.  He told me it was just a phone call away.

By my understanding of Kings Cross and i had only watched the drug users.

Within Kings Cross as Essam Told me they are above all the gangs.  They are the elite.

I worked out about the links to Aleister Crowley and how this gang was making fun of the occult work yet my family had not told me about Aleister Crowley, research lead me their.

All I know that the head of the gang is above all the gangs.  The head is Kings Cross.  The link to the Golden Mile, Yellowbrick Road, and Glowpave Pty Ltd that was in the brothel some time back that linked allegedly to Gang 5T and Triads which Peter Schaffer, Rod Raffout both linked to Triads.

I had one night terrorising in the brothel, Peter Schaffer told me they were the MBM's.  He asked me did I know who they were.

Muslim Brotherhood Movement.

The alleged drug network is allegedly funnelling the money into the arms overseas by my understanding.  By reports coming from USA 75% of the money from the ice bucket challenge was going to allegedly fight for the war.  

We have the links through facebook of the alleged Americans feeding the Syria situation back in time.  

COPY Memo from Tosh: (information before the fact) 1.3 trillion in weapons shipped to middle east in five years and a secret army has been formed and marching throughout the whole region, cutting off people's heads, etc.. Whats wrong with this picture?

"International Gunrunning Alive and well: #101 (old news. The eleven Benghazi questions dropped off media outlets in 2012 shortly after the attack. Question first given to Senate representatives in August 2012. Later copies sent to US State Department, May 2013. No responses from Senate or State. The 11 questions to date have not been addressed for the record by any government representatives, Congress of Senate.   This guy linked into the CIA and the drug running that was coming out of Asia back in time to allegedly Maurice Bernard Houghton.  He is one that has been exposing this hidden power.

I am not the only one linking 1975 with the problems of this alleged CIA corruption where the gun running and drugs is all for the money.

Have a look at the people flying MAS/MH and drugs is a link to this hidden power.

MH370 left and MAS370 arrived Bejing on the 8 March 2014 and Australia is spending thousands a day to find a plane that arrived safely?

M for the Devil's fork upside down.  This is how you have to look at this gang, black is white, white is black.  The hidden power of 39?  Was the link to the connection to the Pink, Like through time Pink Pussycat Club, Pink Panther, then we have Mr Felix Lyle's son known as Mr Pink.  Pink is a person of control.  We have the links in August Trademark Hotel with the Mr Pink the same with the little i for the seeing eye.  Note the colour of the scarf is red and the skull is white.

The plane was prior to this incident written off by allegedly a Perth based company something like Telsco that bought 3 planes.

As Hugh Bond taught me, they write the script then play the role in their own movie.
But at each stage they are looking for the money.  It is the money they go after.  

Aleister Crowley linked to Kings Cross through Frank Bennett and O.T.O and Rosaleen Norton.  Aleister Crowley said to feed the Beast you need 150 people a year.
The Beast is the blood worshipping, the letter B was at the reception desk in Kings Cross at the original Pink Pussycat Club, and the stone altar I saw on top which allegedly a working girl called Amanda smashed Peter Schaffer and Essam Gerges stood outside of the brothel.  Yet for Moloch worshipping their is a stone altar.  B for the Beast, B for the Balsaam which linked to O'Muhammad.  When I found this image on the internet and I put it on the website Sparkling Chandeliers Peter Schaffer terrorised me more.  It is a link to how it works.
Great Cow is another name for the Moloch Statue, this is what I have found in Kings Cross 6/34-36a Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross.
He looks, at the Pussycat, with the bowl and spoon like the riddle again as the position of the brothel fits the Hooked X map it is allegedly the Holy Graal for this gang.
Cabbage is the alleged child prostitution, yet it's the cabbage I linked as to the system they utilise within the gang.

Within the secret societies under Aleister Crowley it was drugs and weird types of sex they did.

Like I say the Chapter is 222, Chapter 2, 22 is the number pieces to the skull they collect.  
Cocaine lines is a link to the higher control I have thought.

The only way to break the cycle is the hidden crypt in the brothel 6/34-36a Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross.  This area of the building owners will allegedly link to the drug trade which at the moment is flooding the market to bring about more attention to the massive drug attention than rather the missing persons and murders of unsolved crime that I write about.

I was told by many when Kings Cross gets too hot John Ibrahim had been moving to Melbourne.  At that time Hugh Bond went to Melbourne I noticed.  Yet he is back in Sydney.

What I noticed this gang had the power to keep people away from the door of your business because your not in the gang.  Or was it the hidden crypt that they wanted to be kept a secret?

When I went to Luna Park/St Kilda area to ask questions when I linked the Ghost Train Fire to the Moloch Worshipping and others since have told me that their was a sign placed around the area which was on similar thoughts to me back in 1979.

The Melbourne links to the alleged drug world a few bikes met me on the street.  Happy for a bit of a link to the history and understanding how NSW and Melbourne linked in.  It was interesting that Melbourne was feeding into Sydney and it was the Ports I was told.

It was a link where I could see Blackwood Capital Stockbrokers who had set up companies of Road trucking, buying the Ambulances, was allegedly another co-incidence when you think about the Cockatoo and the wine company they bought as a link to the Red and White, Cockatoo for the links to Lesser sulphur?  Well this was the connections I could see to the secret society which allegedly was higher up the tree with movements of money moving to a dance I saw in the office that allegedly was being called by others.  One of those others was Alan Bond where Jeremy Bond would ring.

When this alleged gang owns the services of Ambulance than when you ring the Ritual Viii 000 who do you get?

Black MagicK is extremely dangerous.  I write about it with the understanding of how they twist the work of the Occult including the Bible to bring it alive within the crimes all links allegedly to the belief system of Muhammad. Or O'Muhammad.

You guys say no corruption, however Juanita Nielsen 1975 was the time of Police Corruption to Premier, Police Minister, Police Commissioner and as the Wood's Royal Commission found out $14 million a year was paid to Police and Politicians.

Now they call themselves developers as the tiles come in and many other items with drugs stashed.  What this gang needs is to keep developing.  When the drug network is pushed, this gang backs off affecting the economy.  Not wanting to buy the "dirty" coal?  Yet this affects Australia?  Or does It?

The cheaper goods flooding the market place when it's too cheap look for the drug network close by.

Just the Police search warrant will expose the legacy of allegedly Juanita Nielsen and other skulls they have collected as Sammy Sweet said they have evidence hidden in their.  Well this area of the subfloor is the largest area within the brothel where they could stash stuff.

I asked for help back in 2011, I couldn't work out why this gang was coming after me.  I don't utilise drugs at all.  Yet now upon research I see these drugs that move for the elite to have money and the thugs to move around within the mud of money like the pig they want to be is a reason why the drugs should be legalised to a point to rid Australia of the Outlaw gang.

The company links to J & B Trust, D & S Australia Pty Ltd, Carlisle Group accountants in Market Street Edward Song and Kenneth Bae, Jenny BaeByun,

This will link to the key within the alleged drug network who is feeding this untapped market for the drugs.

We legalised alcohol to a point, and yes people still brew their own beer and wine.  We have legalised tobacco and yes we have people getting around the tax.

Yet if we introduced back into our medicines heroin, cocaine, Indica, we may not have the epidemic of cancer as these drugs with the right doses fight virus[s.

Ebola, was a patent before it became a problem.  So allegedly this is a man made virus then allegedly fed like the SV-40 virus through vaccine's at some time.

I hope someone can understand me to know this brothel subfloor compartment where this gang poured water down upon me and where the fire inspections in the past the officers all missed the floor as it's not the 1st floor, it was built hidden to the world as the Mezzaine floor.

Water is poured upon Molochs for worshipping.

Please stop the waste of Australia's money and search the subfloor compartment, as this will expose the game of slaughter this gang plays.

Then please as Detective Inspector Ian McDonald said he turned a blind eye to this.  As Detective Dench said she stopped all investigating.  Well they have helped allegedly the beliefs of the game of slaughter of O'Muhammad to be worshipped in Kings Cross.
The drug network utilises the Jewish Kabbalah for the positions of the gang another co-incidence Rosaleen Norton studied.

Alexander Petrovic  Court case 30 September 2014 local court Downing Centre the information has gone in.

I haven't seen Alex for a long time, however he was instrumental in gaining the information to the Police in the following cases as The Kings Cross Sting where he has written parts of the books within the series.

There has been many mobile numbers of drug runners given over by Alexander Petrovic that has been forwarded to the government to expose the drug running around Kings Cross, Broadway, Bondi, Waterloo to Surry Hills.

When you can buy heroin on Darlinghurst Road and the Police Drug constables can't catch the guy then we have a problem.

The Kings Cross Sting is a series of books.  Yet behind the series is lots of emails that have been sent to the Police to expose what's inside the brothel that this gang protects.  This guy Sammy Sweet or known as Greek Sam is one key person within the engineering of the alleged drugs continued supply to Kings Cross.

By what I found out that this guy is protected by Barrister John Peluso told me.

The information on the drug network I needed help to collect as they don't give over mobile numbers to a straighty 180.

However you will be able to confirm the raised floor within the premises 6/34-36a Darlinghurst Road.

I don't know what the charges are however was he doing his own research?

I have given information on the alleged biggest drug organisation where the links to the alleged company J & B Trust who have the front company D & S Australia Pty Ltd is the link to the alleged King of the Cross.

Just the Police search warrant for the premises will expose.
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Jennifer <>
Date: Wed, Sep 24, 2014 at 9:45 AM
Subject: D & S Australia Pty Ltd Vs Jennifer Weatherstone 2013/210624
To: "Ben Noonan @ Lang Noonan Legal" <>,
Cc:, "" <>,, aocc-interpol-cbr <>

I have had contact from the ACCC with a Criminology Department looking at the evidence I have collected which links to the hidden compartment in Kings Cross and to who terrorised me and have continued to terrorise me.

I have exposed about a gang, yet the gangs in Kings Cross are fed with drugs from the Scorpion Drug Cartels which exist all over the world as the owner in the past of all the Opium/heroin and links to the name Russell and the position of the building dating back to 1804.

Russell back then owned the Opium trade around the world linking to Australia Kings Cross and to Skull and Bones 322 Yale University.

The links I have told the police link to the Scorpion as the controller of the cocaine as this relates to the King within the kingdom of the drug world.

MC Mercy, MC Midheaven Conception relates to Astrology crimes for the timings to the crimes.  Yet we have MC for the Muhammad Church, then we have the Freemason's linking to the power of 93 and in Kings Cross this gang relates to the Power of 39.

The link to the brothel is important to understanding the control mechanism in Kings Cross.

As you said in court Ben Noonan it is not your clients problem.  Well upon my daughter asking further questions as she was ripped off by a guy Chillian again a link to the cocaine where it had been coming into Australia for years prior to the above news article.  

The Courts asked that the Police search the premises, we had to go back and explain.  

I was told the Court case would probably be returned to the list until the Police had searched the premises as I was dealing with Strike Force Raptor and Team 1, with Police Commissioner Scipione.

I have had an apology sent to me from the Premiers office which I had forwarded to the courts to see.

The fraud on my cards, I have found the links to a gang that is linking to the Triads.

I again ask that the Police be able to go into the Premises of Unit 6/34-36a Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross to expose the Moloch statue of the alleged skull of Juanita Nielsen.

I have been told by numerous people in the last few days that I have to be very careful where I go as to the seriousness and anger these people have in Kings Cross.

The guy Essam Gerges I was told by a guy known back in time linking to Kings Cross and he had a sister and brotherin law a police officers at Darlinghurst linking the confirmation that Essam Gerges works for the alleged Ibrahims.

This is the guy I named in the case of Juanita Nielsen to the Police.  I did find information by Barry Ward and by Loretta Crawford where their was a third person connecting with John Anderson and for Eddie Trigg.

The Cocaine upon my research is controlled and supplied by the hidden power in Kings Cross and fed through allegedly some of the security guards as a source I noticed many went to for product.

I was told by John Peluso Barrister he went to Darlinghurst Road to see someone in control and was served a large plate of cocaine.  He explained he visited this person twice to me.

I had the evidence where Hugh Bond took me to Frank Amante to show Frank he was in charge of these premises in Kings Cross.

Danny with the scorpion told me he was promised to control the brothel by Frank Amante.

Within the evidence supplied to the courts on Jeffrey Onishi statement has brought a response from the Premiers office with regard to the alleged connections to the insufficient fire protection for which I complained about within affidavits.  These have been supplied as I have been requested to do so.  As we are under investigation for the murder evidence relating to Juanita Nielsen.

I was told by a couple of drug users that in the last weeks the drug users themselves are trying to bring the matter up in other courts as these evidence is building in Kings Cross where other people have fears for their life.

We have heard in the public domain by Michael Amante that 35 businesses are empty, have gone from Kings Cross.  What we have to look at one Golden Mile on the right hand looking at the Police Station Darlinghurst Road starts somewhere around 22, thus we have a large number missing on this strip and the Dreamgirls relate to number 77.

When Abe Saffron died 2006 and D & S Australia Pty Ltd by Jenny Bae Byun took over the premises.  Co-incidence.

What I noticed within Kings Cross I had the alleged Triads associates come first, then the Nomads, Fink associates, Rebels,  then Hells Angels, then Bandidos, then Comancheros,  All were protecting these same premises in Kings Cross.

We have the links to the Scorpion linking to San Antonio Texas where the countries of Korea and China have wondered how so many of their people have bought houses.

We have now the links to the Scorpion symbol on the drug cocaine linking to a t-shirt we found John ibrahim had worn.

This was the same Scorpion that Essam Gerges explained was a link to the King.  I then produced the red scorpion logo and showed Essam he said yes that's the King.  

This related to research I had back in 2009-2010 prior to coming to Kings Cross because I was working on the Museum and these premises were the exact part in history where they linked to Madam Tilly Devine and to Abe Saffron.  

In the history we have the biggest drug bust of heroin in these same premises and the scorpion cartels are to own the heroin and cocaine lines coming into Australia by my research, I just hope as the Criminology department of the University is studying the evidence that we get to expose this drug network.

So please consider the Police search warrant for the premises to pull apart the stairs or to remove the wall in Room F or explore where the thugs did the drill hole in Room G are important to the nation.

Juanita Nielsen by the Ouija board has told me she was murdered by approximately Omega 1 to 1.30pm on the 4 July 1975 where her alleged skull will be found in the hidden compartment.

She told me she was above a bank.  In a pit with sand.  The person beside her is Chris.  I then alleged the connection to Christopher Flannery as if he knew about the hidden Pit of Death then he would be disposed of to hide the evidence.

Juanita has told us, and with our own research the rest of her body is under a swimming pool which was poured within days of her disappearance owned back then by a Mr Godson who use to run the Bankstown Hotel called Jakesby Hotel and Mr Saffron attended the funeral of Mr Godson.

I hope you can see the evidence is building for the Police search warrant and that many of the drug users are now prepared to expose this gang behind the hidden wall of silence.

Just the Police search warrant will expose.  In 1975 we had the alleged corruption for Juanita Nielsen proven to be to Premier, Police Minister, Police Commissioner and many within the Police force where the evidence was shown by Barry Ward Journalist and Tony Reeves at the time of September 1975 when the company The Hells Angels Ltd and *The Hells Angels Ltd was started.

Within the affidavits I noted D & S Australia Pty Ltd has not been shown as the trading company for J & B Trust.

I will note many people have reported John Ibrahim is in control in Kings Cross and his name doesn't appear on anything.  

It is interesting Charlotte Dawson's alleged hanging fitted the scorpion rituals.  Under the Muhammad belief they do hang the woman.  Within days of this alleged suicide a working girl and her partner disappeared from Kings Cross who had been in Room 112 Astoria Hotel for some years as the person who asked me for $100k for John Ibrahim for protection money.  

Jennifer <>

Sep 22 (2 days ago)
  1. I have been exposing this since 2011 with The Kings Cross Sting trying to expose this gang

  2. The links to the Scorpion and Frog as the positions within the gang.  Scorpion is the supply gang or as I write about the holder of the product.
  3.  This is the same scorpion on John Ibrahim I noticed.
  4.  See on this the cocaine is coming from the alleged USA and the Mexican link is I will allege the 

  5. The red herring is to make it look like someone else.  The scorpion mark on the cocaine and the cocaine is legally produced
  6. through the coca cola licenses in the USA by my research.  What happens after with all the product is the part where I and others
  7. couldn't see where the drugs went too of the cocaine.
  9. What the links I noticed the asian's on Darlinghurst road at Vibe's Cafe were allegedly through the cook out the back I worked out was supplying heroin.
  10. The link to the Sleevemasters as he would aka Billy would stand at the door watching the alleged drug runners.  THen I noticed
  11. tattoo shop shut and he is sitting outside at the Apex coffee cafe on the street I noticed.  Yet it is the brothel that this gang is protecting.
  12.  Hugh Bond took me to Frank Amante after the police removed Essam Gerges from the brothel.  
  13. Hugh Bond told me what to say to get the Police to pick him up.  Hugh Bond said he was Johnny Unique's friend.
  14. Yet he was telling me how he shaked the drugs for the working girls to work.
  15.  See the scorpion that owns the drug cartel's product is not listed as a link to the Outlaw gangs,
  16. which is like Essam Gerges said to me that Kings Cross is above all the gangs.  He agreed the Red Scorpion was a link to this elite group when I showed him.
  17. Red for the Red light I said as above I could link to the Scorpion within the books.
  18. The premises 6/34-36a Darlinghurst Road Kings Cross the subfloor area is the key within this whole connections.  This will prove the research to the hidden
  19. compartment.  Then what Sammy Sweet said their is evidence hidden that will link the crimes.
  20. Sammy Sweet I know by what I saw was a key within the operation of the drug movements in Kings Cross and to bringing the gear
  21. into Kings Cross.
  22. I had Peter Schaffer wearing Bandidos hat yet his sister is missing and by the research the hidden compartment is allegedly a skull collection for this gang.
  23. Where as they move up the gang they come with the skull.  Skull and Cross bones 222 was a link to the underworld and as above Skull and Bones 322 is the link
  24. to America for the alleged control.  The link will be to the company J & B Trust which is trading as D & S Australia Pty Ltd linking to the Bae.
  25. Bae is a link to the San Antonio area also to the money under Carlisle Group Jenny Bae Byun.
  26. By the exposing of the compartment, will expose the other research I did to the underworld in 2010 and Blackwood Capital with large
  27. amounts of money moving all through the sources they said had the never ending money and links to Alan Bond.
  28. The research 2009 Shannon Elliffe will expose how the gangs stood over me for product and money to feed their own gangs.
  29. Peter Schaffer Triads, Rod Raffout Triads to my knowledge.  Essam Gerges said he was above all the gangs.
  30. John Ibrahim with the same scorpion as the drug cartel is known as King of the Cross.
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