Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Alleged Corruption James Packer

Childcare services could be offered at licensed clubs in return for tax breaks on gambling profits, the poker machine lobby has suggested to the productivity commission.
I allege we have to look at the drug network mythology how the person in control of the alleged drugs has the Club as in the sky.
We have to investigate further who allegedly is J & B Trust.
Anthony Ball, executive director of Clubs Australia, wrote in its submission to the childcare inquiry that the shortfall in childcare services could be made up by clubs around Australia, Fairfax reported on Sunday.
according to the Donor Registry, last tax year, James Packer's "Crown Limited", Donated in excess of $129,000 to Labor And Liberal parties, while Mrs Roslyn Packer Donated in excess of $580,000 to the LNP.
Registered Clubs Association of NSW, Donated in excess of $328,000 to LNP and ALP parties.
Crown Group Holdings Pty Ltd donated in excess of $21,000 to these parties as well.
On Sunday Victorian premier Denis Napthine shut down any suggestion that licensed clubs could provide childcare in exchange for tax breaks.
He said the Victorian coalition government would be “very dubious” about licensed clubs offering childcare services.
“I think that’s fraught with a lot of danger,” Napthine said.
Independent South Australian senator Nick Xenophon told Guardian Australia he was “wary” of the proposal and said the question needed to be asked if the childcare centres would be located on club premises.
“If they do have them there, there would have to be a whole range of safeguards,” said Xenophon.
“I think instinctively there must be a much better way.”

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