Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Judyth Baker reports on the Bio Weapon Cancer virus

ld cause a disease as complex as cancer. Inspired by Gross's initial experiments, similar results were obtained by Sarah Stewart and Bernice Eddy who later renamed the parotid tumor virus SE polyoma virus after finding it could cause many different types of tumors in mice, hamsters, and rats. Eventually the "SE" was dropped and virologists adopted the name "polyoma virus." After Gross's work was published, additional viruses capable of causing solid tumors or blood-borne tumors in mice were described by Arnold Graffi, Charlotte Friend, John Moloney and others. By 1961, sufficient data had been accumulated for Gross to confidently publish an extensive monograph-Oncogenic Viruses-the first history of tumor virology, which became a standard reference work and marked the emergence of tumor virology as a distinct, legitimate field of study.==INTERESTINGLY, JOHN McADAMS POSTED TO EVERYBODY BACK IN 1999 THAT IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE TOP CAUSE CANCER IN MICE, ACCORDING TO A BIOLOGIST FRIEND OF HIS AT MARQUETTE. OF COURSE WE COULD DO IT WITH VIRUSES.

Judyth Baker Dear Mr Sting please ask your doctor(s) to allow you to receuive intravenous vitamin C (twice a week). Plkease avoid sugar, fructose, glucose, corn syrup products. Start taking trans-resveratrol, extra niacin, inositol and omega-3 fatty acids along with vitamin D3 and K. Finally, eat colorful vegetables and berries. Eat meat, but make sure it has no growth hormones added--same for all milk products--best to take calcium,magnesium and phosphorus on the side due to contaminated milk products....which often have growth hormone added. Please visit my anti-cancer cookbook, on Facebook! Please write to me in 'messages'--if you believe i am not trustworthy to give this advice, please do read ME & LEE and Dr. Mary's Monkey. Remission is also based on avoiding STRESS. Good luck, God bless!
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