Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Are these the passengers off MH370? Proof it landed.

Is this the body of Paul WEEKS and before people shoot me down about this with comments re his family members might see this, do a bit of research re the Reward team and the Indiegogo fund and who from the reward team donated money to whom. It is very enlightening and suggests certain people knew each other up to one year before MH370 went missing.
I know the hair colour is different, but I think there is a clear resemblance. However, DNA proof is the only way to go, but the authorities aren't looking into this properly as they are not interested in the passengers they told me, only the plane. The body of this man was found in the UK also.
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Is this a picture of the body of David Tan Size HUANG? His photo is on the left and on the right is an approximation sketch done on skeletal remains found at the bottom of a cliff above the sea in the UK. The person was either murdered or suicided. David TAN was on MH370 and the only other person from Captain Zaharie SHAH that had his own flight simulator at home.
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  • Karina Coogan If this is David TAN, and the authorities initially refused to even pass this information on, it proves the plane LANDED and that it did not crash into the Southern Indian Ocean, so in terms of the investigation, resolving the identity of this John DOE is crucial to the investigation.
  • Jennifer Stone


  1. Karina Coogan is a #FRAUD ... do you research before you WASTE YOUR TIME even replying to her...