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Charlotte Dawson is this allegedly an occult connection.

I noticed at the time of Charlotte's death I did some research.  I will put a bit together.

Before her death, Dawson was said to be under significant financial pressure, having borrowed up to $80,000 from friends.
It has been revealed John Ibrahim was one of the friends who lent her a portion of that money. The strain showed in her recent tweets.
he as in allegedly John Ibrahim had offered to bail out the cash-strapped celebrity just days before she took her life — but she turned down the money. Their final conversation took place in February just a few days before the 47-year-old beauty took her own life on the day her $1200-a-week rented Sydney apartment was due to be auctioned.
Mr Miller had come to my attention in the brothel by allegedly Karyn Englehardt talking about the swimmer as she said.

I had an email signed Anon, and Charlotte Dawson had tweets from an Anon.  Coincidence.

Charlotte had taken one of her favourite dresses - a floor length green number - out of the closet and slipped it on. She fixed her hair and she had stood in front of the mirror and applied a full set of lush, fake eyelashes, as if to ensure she'd look her best."
Dawson's body was found hanging above the French doors.
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Interview 16 February 2014 where was Scott Miller by this report I allege Sydney?

Greg Goold Lawyer was the brother in law of Lui Villany I noted.

Scott Miller's birthday 21 February.
Put on Charlotte Dawson's tweeter  at 2.07am with the message: "you win x", with a picture of a hand holding tablets. She was all dressed up.

We have to think allegedly was Mr Miller on an unemployment course for the dole?
We have Mr Miller living on the streets in May 2014 in Melbourne.
Det-Sgt Favre confirmed police had spoken with Mr Miller in Melbourne’s CBD in May because he was sleeping on the streets.

Charlotte Dawson was found on the 22 February, however her Twitter account stopped on the 20 February 2014.   Now the co name.
The agent selling the two-bedroom Woolloomooloo Finger Wharf apartment where Charlotte Dawson was a tenant has revealed he was the one to find her body.
“It was myself,” Morton and Morton agent Noel Jenkins told Fairfax Media on Sunday.
“She would leave a key out for me and I would let myself in.”   No alleged false entry as someone knew where allegedly their was a key.  If this is right, then it is allegedly someone that Charlotte would have allowed in to the premises at times or allowed to utilise these premises when she wasn't at home.
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22 February 2014;Moon Near Saturn
22 February 2014;Ocultation of Saturn (daytime)

His mother Jenny Miller said her son went to Melbourne with two rehabilitation workers on Saturday after the news of Dawson's death broke, and that he is now even more determined to stay clean.

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