Saturday, 6 September 2014

Rosaleen Norton Art....

Rosaleen has been tossed in a corner for decade's- Never getting Her Full due's- as one of the Enigmatic and Talented Occult Artist's in the last 100 years, much Like AOS, untill recently. "The Witch of Kings Crossing" However Mr. Drury is not alone- in is historical and biographical works on 'Roi" as referred too in Australia. One Mr. Keith Richmond has also been rather unknown- yet a major scholar on Rosaleen, her lifer and art. He has published several books- many available through Weiser's Antiquarian, and Teitan Press- which has just recently reprinted- the only Art Monograph of Rosaleen Work, be it this-technically would be the 3rd edition- not many copies for the 1st and 2nd editions- made it out of Australia or the UK. Those interested in Very Dark Art, should look into a copy- as they will not last for ever.

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