Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Alleged Juanita Nielsen and Beaumont Children Investigation

Wormhole Co-incidence.

Wormhole found just like this gang did in the brothel in Kings Cross placed the Wormhole hole their.
 That is the drill hole in the calcified enterance to the tunnel the barrels were found in.

This is a co-incidence to do with alleged Satanic Rituals.  Look at the picture, you will see this was found at the end of the Wormhole.  The police are still investigating, yet it was below the floor level inside a Pub in South Australia.  Just a co-incidence that it steps down and a  barrell is utilised.  How many barrells could be under the floor in the brothel?  Moloch worshipping they have compartments.  The alleged compartments are filled with murder for the Outlaw Gang except the 4th as this is the drugs they worship for the flour where they do the robbery, fraud, extortion to pay for the drugs.

Jannette Stevens kenneth willougbhy bollen on semaphore road...right next to mr crease(child rapista nd pimp) 1950's...apparently founf suicided with a scalpel in 1972(probably bumped off bu his own group) and heaps of b/w films found in his surgery...his house resembles one of the places i was taken to as a child and sexually assaulted and tortured....

John Lee and Fiona Burns were street kids living in Hindley st.....Decided to hitchhike to Melbourne where Fionas family was but never made it. They were both found dead on the side of the road near bordertown. Before the left Fiona told her case worker she had been involved in satanic rituals in Adelaide and was scared for her life...Still a cold case.

Interesting with the name Jupiter and the facebook for the Beaumont Children are linking in.  I noticed the name Jupiter for the planets this gang worship to the sky.  Astrology Crimes some call them, I call them the Scorpion Rituals.

They utilise the minors as pawns, promise them phones, dresses, drugs, an affidavit showed this yet the Judge Garling talked about at a mention all emails were going to Judge Solomen, Was it the ritual needed for the connection to the King of Black MagicK Solomon they worship under Aleister Crowley?

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