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Email to Prime Minister for the request of a Police search warrant for Juanita Nielsen

This evidence has gone to the new Governor General to ask the Police for the Search warrant for Juanita Nielsen.

When I was given information last night that many of the meetings with the alleged corrupt police are happening in back streets and in private rooms above Hotels as far away as Waterloo, Chippendale to Kings Cross is a  major reason for exposing this system as the Wood's Royal Commission never exposed where Bill Bayeh and Lennie MacPherson was terrorising the owners of a brothel on Darlinghurst Road because to search the premises then would have exposed the alleged remains of Juanita Nielsen and expose this hidden power.

When I many people contacting me with stories, yes on the sex crimes where they live in fear linking to the Salvation Army, to Boystown, to Life without Barriers, Hillsong Church we have a problem because what I exposed linked to all these places.

What we have is in the past a Police Minister Mike Gallacher and Police Commissioner Scipione where both link to Hillsong.  We have the Hillsong Church started in Darlinghurst 

What I noticed when I went to through the connections I had to Boystown and a person linked to a ex police officer.

I had the links where the Police have said under oath that they have stopped all investigation into this hidden compartment in Kings Cross.

I was told by Quentin Vertigan when Kings Cross changed hands from Bill Bayeh control to allegedly John Ibrahim their were two companies that were moved that linked.

I note on this many of the suburbs that the VICTIM in Police Vs Weatherstone spoke about.

This is the link to the higher power of 81.

What Peter Schaffer and Essam Gerges told me, within the gangs, their are sections that do the gun running, others that manufacture the drugs, others that import the drugs yet they all interweave to the higher power for the gang of 81.

If you notice Notorious Scorpion, Nomads, Hells Angels, Bandidos all link to the power of 81.

I have just been to Sutherland Court house today asking around about the alleged corruption in the Police.  The working girl I talked too explained to me Detectives at Hurstville which have now moved to St George is within a secret organisation.
THis is what I write about, they as I was told by a Constable in Kings Cross when I reported threats to murder me by Roger Hegarty told me the constable that he was his mate.

This is the link to the drug trade and where the Police In Kings Cross even to the Strike Force that feel the search of the brothel is unnecessary.  Well this will expose as the Quran talks about beheading, terrorising the person who does not believe in the Quran.  

Im not MUSLIM.

This is the link Lyn Adams /Newton told me about the alleged gang members she allegedly knew about in Hurstville Police when her son is a Constable Cameron Adams must have said something to her.

The link to Kings Cross is the alleged Jewish control as the area of Bondi has high Jews and the brown heroin.

Peter Schaffer was an Australian yet he turned to Muslim because of the money in the alleged drug trade.

Bella Vista is the link to the company I have exposed The Hells Angels Ltd trading as TYVO Ltd for Take Your Vice Over.

The questioning of heroin addicts was interesting as many know about The Kings Cross Sting as they have been told by some paper brochure I was told.

The brown heroin coming into the country is seen around Bondi link to Waterloo.

With all the drug busts, haven't stopped the drugs flowing through Kings Cross.

This is what I have been explaining, as outside the court I was told the ice was moving with a profit of $70000 from a night in Kings Cross.

The link that Peter Schaffer told me was the religion like he changed to Allah.
The link is the Muhammad, O'Muhammad which I missed the O.
The link in Police Vs Weatherstone to the O that was placed on the stool.  Remember I had been threatened by Sammy Sweet to go along or be shot.  He told me it was just a phone call away.

By my understanding of Kings Cross and i had only watched the drug users.

Within Kings Cross as Essam Told me they are above all the gangs.  They are the elite.

I worked out about the links to Aleister Crowley and how this gang was making fun of the occult work yet my family had not told me about Aleister Crowley, research lead me their.

All I know that the head of the gang is above all the gangs.  The head is Kings Cross.  The link to the Golden Mile, Yellowbrick Road, and Glowpave Pty Ltd that was in the brothel some time back that linked allegedly to Gang 5T and Triads which Peter Schaffer, Rod Raffout both linked to Triads.

I had one night terrorising in the brothel, Peter Schaffer told me they were the MBM's.  He asked me did I know who they were.

Muslim Brotherhood Movement.

The alleged drug network is allegedly funnelling the money into the arms overseas by my understanding.  By reports coming from USA 75% of the money from the ice bucket challenge was going to allegedly fight for the war.  

We have the links through facebook of the alleged Americans feeding the Syria situation back in time.  

COPY Memo from Tosh: (information before the fact) 1.3 trillion in weapons shipped to middle east in five years and a secret army has been formed and marching throughout the whole region, cutting off people's heads, etc.. Whats wrong with this picture?

"International Gunrunning Alive and well: #101 (old news. The eleven Benghazi questions dropped off media outlets in 2012 shortly after the attack. Question first given to Senate representatives in August 2012. Later copies sent to US State Department, May 2013. No responses from Senate or State. The 11 questions to date have not been addressed for the record by any government representatives, Congress of Senate.
https://www.facebook.com/robert.plumlee.5?fref=ts   This guy linked into the CIA and the drug running that was coming out of Asia back in time to allegedly Maurice Bernard Houghton.  He is one that has been exposing this hidden power.  http://juanitanewspapernow.blogspot.com.au/2014/09/conspiracy-by-jim-marrs.html

I am not the only one linking 1975 with the problems of this alleged CIA corruption where the gun running and drugs is all for the money.

Have a look at the people flying MAS/MH and drugs is a link to this hidden power.

MH370 left and MAS370 arrived Bejing on the 8 March 2014 and Australia is spending thousands a day to find a plane that arrived safely?

M for the Devil's fork upside down.  This is how you have to look at this gang, black is white, white is black.  The hidden power of 39?  Was the link to the connection to the Pink, Like through time Pink Pussycat Club, Pink Panther, then we have Mr Felix Lyle's son known as Mr Pink.  Pink is a person of control.  We have the links in August Trademark Hotel with the Mr Pink the same with the little i for the seeing eye.  Note the colour of the scarf is red and the skull is white.

The plane was prior to this incident written off by allegedly a Perth based company something like Telsco that bought 3 planes.  http://www.pinterest.com/pin/508203139174824008/

As Hugh Bond taught me, they write the script then play the role in their own movie.  http://www.pinterest.com/pin/508203139175113359/
But at each stage they are looking for the money.  It is the money they go after.  

Aleister Crowley linked to Kings Cross through Frank Bennett and O.T.O and Rosaleen Norton.  http://www.pinterest.com/pin/508203139173373056/  Aleister Crowley said to feed the Beast you need 150 people a year.
The Beast is the blood worshipping, the letter B was at the reception desk in Kings Cross at the original Pink Pussycat Club, and the stone altar I saw on top which allegedly a working girl called Amanda smashed Peter Schaffer and Essam Gerges stood outside of the brothel.  Yet for Moloch worshipping their is a stone altar.  B for the Beast, B for the Balsaam which linked to O'Muhammad.

http://www.pinterest.com/pin/508203139172076672/  When I found this image on the internet and I put it on the website Sparkling Chandeliers Peter Schaffer terrorised me more.  It is a link to how it works.
Great Cow is another name for the Moloch Statue, this is what I have found in Kings Cross 6/34-36a Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross.
He looks, at the Pussycat, with the bowl and spoon like the riddle again as the position of the brothel fits the Hooked X map it is allegedly the Holy Graal for this gang.
Cabbage is the alleged child prostitution, yet it's the cabbage I linked as to the system they utilise within the gang.

Within the secret societies under Aleister Crowley it was drugs and weird types of sex they did.

Like I say the Chapter is 222, Chapter 2, 22 is the number pieces to the skull they collect.  
Cocaine lines is a link to the higher control I have thought.

The only way to break the cycle is the hidden crypt in the brothel 6/34-36a Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross.  This area of the building owners will allegedly link to the drug trade which at the moment is flooding the market to bring about more attention to the massive drug attention than rather the missing persons and murders of unsolved crime that I write about.

I was told by many when Kings Cross gets too hot John Ibrahim had been moving to Melbourne.  At that time Hugh Bond went to Melbourne I noticed.  Yet he is back in Sydney.

What I noticed this gang had the power to keep people away from the door of your business because your not in the gang.  Or was it the hidden crypt that they wanted to be kept a secret?

When I went to Luna Park/St Kilda area to ask questions when I linked the Ghost Train Fire to the Moloch Worshipping and others since have told me that their was a sign placed around the area which was on similar thoughts to me back in 1979.

The Melbourne links to the alleged drug world a few bikes met me on the street.  Happy for a bit of a link to the history and understanding how NSW and Melbourne linked in.  It was interesting that Melbourne was feeding into Sydney and it was the Ports I was told.

It was a link where I could see Blackwood Capital Stockbrokers who had set up companies of Road trucking, buying the Ambulances, was allegedly another co-incidence when you think about the Cockatoo and the wine company they bought as a link to the Red and White, Cockatoo for the links to Lesser sulphur?  Well this was the connections I could see to the secret society which allegedly was higher up the tree with movements of money moving to a dance I saw in the office that allegedly was being called by others.  One of those others was Alan Bond where Jeremy Bond would ring.

When this alleged gang owns the services of Ambulance than when you ring the Ritual Viii 000 who do you get?

Black MagicK is extremely dangerous.  I write about it with the understanding of how they twist the work of the Occult including the Bible to bring it alive within the crimes all links allegedly to the belief system of Muhammad. Or O'Muhammad.

You guys say no corruption, however Juanita Nielsen 1975 was the time of Police Corruption to Premier, Police Minister, Police Commissioner and as the Wood's Royal Commission found out $14 million a year was paid to Police and Politicians.

Now they call themselves developers as the tiles come in and many other items with drugs stashed.  What this gang needs is to keep developing.  When the drug network is pushed, this gang backs off affecting the economy.  Not wanting to buy the "dirty" coal?  Yet this affects Australia?  Or does It?

The cheaper goods flooding the market place when it's too cheap look for the drug network close by.

Just the Police search warrant will expose the legacy of allegedly Juanita Nielsen and other skulls they have collected as Sammy Sweet said they have evidence hidden in their.  Well this area of the subfloor is the largest area within the brothel where they could stash stuff.

I asked for help back in 2011, I couldn't work out why this gang was coming after me.  I don't utilise drugs at all.  Yet now upon research I see these drugs that move for the elite to have money and the thugs to move around within the mud of money like the pig they want to be is a reason why the drugs should be legalised to a point to rid Australia of the Outlaw gang.

The company links to J & B Trust, D & S Australia Pty Ltd, Carlisle Group accountants in Market Street Edward Song and Kenneth Bae, Jenny BaeByun,

This will link to the key within the alleged drug network who is feeding this untapped market for the drugs.

We legalised alcohol to a point, and yes people still brew their own beer and wine.  We have legalised tobacco and yes we have people getting around the tax.

Yet if we introduced back into our medicines heroin, cocaine, Indica, we may not have the epidemic of cancer as these drugs with the right doses fight virus[s.

Ebola, was a patent before it became a problem.  So allegedly this is a man made virus then allegedly fed like the SV-40 virus through vaccine's at some time.

I hope someone can understand me to know this brothel subfloor compartment where this gang poured water down upon me and where the fire inspections in the past the officers all missed the floor as it's not the 1st floor, it was built hidden to the world as the Mezzaine floor.

Water is poured upon Molochs for worshipping.

Please stop the waste of Australia's money and search the subfloor compartment, as this will expose the game of slaughter this gang plays.

Then please as Detective Inspector Ian McDonald said he turned a blind eye to this.  As Detective Dench said she stopped all investigating.  Well they have helped allegedly the beliefs of the game of slaughter of O'Muhammad to be worshipped in Kings Cross.
The drug network utilises the Jewish Kabbalah for the positions of the gang another co-incidence Rosaleen Norton studied.

Alexander Petrovic  Court case 30 September 2014 local court Downing Centre the information has gone in.

I haven't seen Alex for a long time, however he was instrumental in gaining the information to the Police in the following cases as The Kings Cross Sting where he has written parts of the books within the series.

There has been many mobile numbers of drug runners given over by Alexander Petrovic that has been forwarded to the government to expose the drug running around Kings Cross, Broadway, Bondi, Waterloo to Surry Hills.

When you can buy heroin on Darlinghurst Road and the Police Drug constables can't catch the guy then we have a problem.

The Kings Cross Sting is a series of books.  Yet behind the series is lots of emails that have been sent to the Police to expose what's inside the brothel that this gang protects.
http://www.pinterest.com/pin/508203139175143018/  This guy Sammy Sweet or known as Greek Sam is one key person within the engineering of the alleged drugs continued supply to Kings Cross.

By what I found out that this guy is protected by Barrister John Peluso told me.

The information on the drug network I needed help to collect as they don't give over mobile numbers to a straighty 180.

However you will be able to confirm the raised floor within the premises 6/34-36a Darlinghurst Road.

I don't know what the charges are however was he doing his own research?

I have given information on the alleged biggest drug organisation where the links to the alleged company J & B Trust who have the front company D & S Australia Pty Ltd is the link to the alleged King of the Cross.

Just the Police search warrant for the premises will expose.
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From: Jennifer <take2looks@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, Sep 24, 2014 at 9:45 AM
Subject: D & S Australia Pty Ltd Vs Jennifer Weatherstone 2013/210624
To: "Ben Noonan @ Lang Noonan Legal" <bennoonan@langnoonanlegal.com.au>, ag_sdc_civil@agd.nsw.gov.au
Cc: scip1and@police.nsw.gov.au, "ministerial@afp.gov.au" <ministerial@afp.gov.au>, stib1luk@police.nsw.gov.au, aocc-interpol-cbr <AOCC-Interpol-CBR@afp.gov.au>office@hazzard.minister.nsw.gov.auoffice@baird.minister.nsw.gov.aufitz1mik@police.nsw.gov.au

I have had contact from the ACCC with a Criminology Department looking at the evidence I have collected which links to the hidden compartment in Kings Cross and to who terrorised me and have continued to terrorise me.

I have exposed about a gang, yet the gangs in Kings Cross are fed with drugs from the Scorpion Drug Cartels which exist all over the world as the owner in the past of all the Opium/heroin and links to the name Russell and the position of the building dating back to 1804.

Russell back then owned the Opium trade around the world linking to Australia Kings Cross and to Skull and Bones 322 Yale University.

The links I have told the police link to the Scorpion as the controller of the cocaine as this relates to the King within the kingdom of the drug world.

MC Mercy, MC Midheaven Conception relates to Astrology crimes for the timings to the crimes.  Yet we have MC for the Muhammad Church, then we have the Freemason's linking to the power of 93 and in Kings Cross this gang relates to the Power of 39.

The link to the brothel is important to understanding the control mechanism in Kings Cross.

As you said in court Ben Noonan it is not your clients problem.  Well upon my daughter asking further questions as she was ripped off by a guy Chillian again a link to the cocaine where it had been coming into Australia for years prior to the above news article.  

The Courts asked that the Police search the premises, we had to go back and explain.  

I was told the Court case would probably be returned to the list until the Police had searched the premises as I was dealing with Strike Force Raptor and Team 1, with Police Commissioner Scipione.

I have had an apology sent to me from the Premiers office which I had forwarded to the courts to see.

The fraud on my cards, I have found the links to a gang that is linking to the Triads.

I again ask that the Police be able to go into the Premises of Unit 6/34-36a Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross to expose the Moloch statue of the alleged skull of Juanita Nielsen.

I have been told by numerous people in the last few days that I have to be very careful where I go as to the seriousness and anger these people have in Kings Cross.

The guy Essam Gerges I was told by a guy known back in time linking to Kings Cross and he had a sister and brotherin law a police officers at Darlinghurst linking the confirmation that Essam Gerges works for the alleged Ibrahims.

This is the guy I named in the case of Juanita Nielsen to the Police.  I did find information by Barry Ward and by Loretta Crawford where their was a third person connecting with John Anderson and for Eddie Trigg.

The Cocaine upon my research is controlled and supplied by the hidden power in Kings Cross and fed through allegedly some of the security guards as a source I noticed many went to for product.

I was told by John Peluso Barrister he went to Darlinghurst Road to see someone in control and was served a large plate of cocaine.  He explained he visited this person twice to me.

I had the evidence where Hugh Bond took me to Frank Amante to show Frank he was in charge of these premises in Kings Cross.

Danny with the scorpion told me he was promised to control the brothel by Frank Amante.

Within the evidence supplied to the courts on Jeffrey Onishi statement has brought a response from the Premiers office with regard to the alleged connections to the insufficient fire protection for which I complained about within affidavits.  These have been supplied as I have been requested to do so.  As we are under investigation for the murder evidence relating to Juanita Nielsen.

I was told by a couple of drug users that in the last weeks the drug users themselves are trying to bring the matter up in other courts as these evidence is building in Kings Cross where other people have fears for their life.

We have heard in the public domain by Michael Amante that 35 businesses are empty, have gone from Kings Cross.  What we have to look at one Golden Mile on the right hand looking at the Police Station Darlinghurst Road starts somewhere around 22, thus we have a large number missing on this strip and the Dreamgirls relate to number 77.

When Abe Saffron died 2006 and D & S Australia Pty Ltd by Jenny Bae Byun took over the premises.  Co-incidence.

What I noticed within Kings Cross I had the alleged Triads associates come first, then the Nomads, Fink associates, Rebels,  then Hells Angels, then Bandidos, then Comancheros,  All were protecting these same premises in Kings Cross.

We have the links to the Scorpion linking to San Antonio Texas where the countries of Korea and China have wondered how so many of their people have bought houses.

We have now the links to the Scorpion symbol on the drug cocaine linking to a t-shirt we found John ibrahim had worn.

This was the same Scorpion that Essam Gerges explained was a link to the King.  I then produced the red scorpion logo and showed Essam he said yes that's the King.  

This related to research I had back in 2009-2010 prior to coming to Kings Cross because I was working on the Museum and these premises were the exact part in history where they linked to Madam Tilly Devine and to Abe Saffron.  

In the history we have the biggest drug bust of heroin in these same premises and the scorpion cartels are to own the heroin and cocaine lines coming into Australia by my research, I just hope as the Criminology department of the University is studying the evidence that we get to expose this drug network.

So please consider the Police search warrant for the premises to pull apart the stairs or to remove the wall in Room F or explore where the thugs did the drill hole in Room G are important to the nation.

Juanita Nielsen by the Ouija board has told me she was murdered by approximately Omega 1 to 1.30pm on the 4 July 1975 where her alleged skull will be found in the hidden compartment.

She told me she was above a bank.  In a pit with sand.  The person beside her is Chris.  I then alleged the connection to Christopher Flannery as if he knew about the hidden Pit of Death then he would be disposed of to hide the evidence.

Juanita has told us, and with our own research the rest of her body is under a swimming pool which was poured within days of her disappearance owned back then by a Mr Godson who use to run the Bankstown Hotel called Jakesby Hotel and Mr Saffron attended the funeral of Mr Godson.

I hope you can see the evidence is building for the Police search warrant and that many of the drug users are now prepared to expose this gang behind the hidden wall of silence.

Just the Police search warrant will expose.  In 1975 we had the alleged corruption for Juanita Nielsen proven to be to Premier, Police Minister, Police Commissioner and many within the Police force where the evidence was shown by Barry Ward Journalist and Tony Reeves at the time of September 1975 when the company The Hells Angels Ltd and *The Hells Angels Ltd was started.

Within the affidavits I noted D & S Australia Pty Ltd has not been shown as the trading company for J & B Trust.

I will note many people have reported John Ibrahim is in control in Kings Cross and his name doesn't appear on anything.  

It is interesting Charlotte Dawson's alleged hanging fitted the scorpion rituals.  Under the Muhammad belief they do hang the woman.  Within days of this alleged suicide a working girl and her partner disappeared from Kings Cross who had been in Room 112 Astoria Hotel for some years as the person who asked me for $100k for John Ibrahim for protection money.  

Jennifer <take2looks@gmail.com>

Sep 22 (2 days ago)
to scip1andstib1lukfitz1mikministerialattorneytony.abbott.mpaocc-interpol-.hotlinehotlineofficeofficedeborah.coxhonours
  1. I have been exposing this since 2011 with The Kings Cross Sting trying to expose this gang

  2. The links to the Scorpion and Frog as the positions within the gang.  Scorpion is the supply gang or as I write about the holder of the product.
  3. http://www.pinterest.com/pin/508203139174807355/  This is the same scorpion on John Ibrahim I noticed.
  4. http://www.pinterest.com/pin/508203139174813494/  See on this the cocaine is coming from the alleged USA and the Mexican link is I will allege the 

  5. The red herring is to make it look like someone else.  The scorpion mark on the cocaine and the cocaine is legally produced
  6. through the coca cola licenses in the USA by my research.  What happens after with all the product is the part where I and others
  7. couldn't see where the drugs went too of the cocaine.
  8. http://www.pinterest.com/pin/508203139175153611/
  9. What the links I noticed the asian's on Darlinghurst road at Vibe's Cafe were allegedly through the cook out the back I worked out was supplying heroin.
  10. The link to the Sleevemasters as he would aka Billy would stand at the door watching the alleged drug runners.  THen I noticed
  11. tattoo shop shut and he is sitting outside at the Apex coffee cafe on the street I noticed.  Yet it is the brothel that this gang is protecting.
  12. http://www.pinterest.com/pin/508203139175091052/  Hugh Bond took me to Frank Amante after the police removed Essam Gerges from the brothel.  
  13. Hugh Bond told me what to say to get the Police to pick him up.  Hugh Bond said he was Johnny Unique's friend.
  14. Yet he was telling me how he shaked the drugs for the working girls to work.
  15. http://www.pinterest.com/pin/508203139175349221/  See the scorpion that owns the drug cartel's product is not listed as a link to the Outlaw gangs,
  16. which is like Essam Gerges said to me that Kings Cross is above all the gangs.  He agreed the Red Scorpion was a link to this elite group when I showed him.
  17. Red for the Red light I said as above I could link to the Scorpion within the books.
  18. The premises 6/34-36a Darlinghurst Road Kings Cross the subfloor area is the key within this whole connections.  This will prove the research to the hidden
  19. compartment.  Then what Sammy Sweet said their is evidence hidden that will link the crimes.
  20. Sammy Sweet I know by what I saw was a key within the operation of the drug movements in Kings Cross and to bringing the gear
  21. into Kings Cross.
  22. I had Peter Schaffer wearing Bandidos hat yet his sister is missing and by the research the hidden compartment is allegedly a skull collection for this gang.
  23. Where as they move up the gang they come with the skull.  Skull and Cross bones 222 was a link to the underworld and as above Skull and Bones 322 is the link
  24. to America for the alleged control.  The link will be to the company J & B Trust which is trading as D & S Australia Pty Ltd linking to the Bae.
  25. Bae is a link to the San Antonio area also to the money under Carlisle Group Jenny Bae Byun.
  26. By the exposing of the compartment, will expose the other research I did to the underworld in 2010 and Blackwood Capital with large
  27. amounts of money moving all through the sources they said had the never ending money and links to Alan Bond.
  28. The research 2009 Shannon Elliffe will expose how the gangs stood over me for product and money to feed their own gangs.
  29. Peter Schaffer Triads, Rod Raffout Triads to my knowledge.  Essam Gerges said he was above all the gangs.
  30. John Ibrahim with the same scorpion as the drug cartel is known as King of the Cross.
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