Friday, 19 September 2014

Clive Palmer would you like some help

I saw the article on the television.  You have a resort without people.

I would like to take control, well, if I have found the Holy Grail in the heart of Kings Cross would you donate this resort to the healing of sick and dying people to one area within the resort, then another area within the resort to the corporate group.

I am looking for a venue, probably in each state, which will work with sick people working on returning our DNA to the original source.  Im no greeny, however I can see where we lack organic, vegan, healthy lifestyle alternatives.  

When you have followed so many of the children's cancers as I have who have DPIG and where the family in many cases would be able to have a week's holiday where nurses and Doctor's around around.  

The Dinosaur park would be amazing for the boys and girls.  The way you had the Luna Park images with your face.  Yes I have a story or too I can add about the Ghost Train Fire in Sydney.

I would like you to think about my offer, I don't believe the place is running to it's full potential and I will be looking for a venue for my alternative healing.  With a visit with the Holy Grail from time to time.

In Many their is a home for terminal sick children near Sydney, yet we can do more by having areas where alternative medicines can be offered to patients where they can not get this loving service at home.

In 2009 I joined with Alexander Petrovic to bring down the drug network in Sydney, what I hit upon is the drug network around the world and the corruption.

THe corruption has hurt me, it has hurt Alex too.

As we move on for the answers in the search for a cure for cancer please remember us Act  and Grow Rich, with Jennifer Stone The Kings Cross Sting series, hopefully you will hear?  Allegedly the King of the Cross will go down in history as the Biggest Drug bust in history.

Holy Grail?  Helping sick children?  And this would remove the problem for you I can see.


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