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The Occult law, history repeats every 33 years.......

The Occult Law of the 33 Year Rhythm and Secret Societies.
"Connections in intervals of 33 years bring understanding for the continuing current of historical progress ... That which happens in approximately this length of time - one can, of course, only speak of such things in approximate terms - points to a moment of birth 33 years previously and is itself the birth-point for what will happen in the course of the next 33 years."
"everything in history rises up from the grave in a changed form after 33 years"
(Rudolf Steiner, lecture of 23 December 1917 entitled 'Et Incarnatus est - the time cycle in historical events')
Let us examine first of all whether there is evidence that the secret societies have knowledge of this law. (A second post entitled 'The Occult Reasons for World War Two' will give examples of the more natural, subtle workings of this law).
It is interesting to discover that the slayings of three most significant people to have been assassinated in the Western world over the past two centuries fall within this law. Let us examine this:
Abraham Lincoln is shot on the 14 April 1865 and dies on the morning of the 15th without regaining consciousness. Let us take the date of the shooting as the focal point of a twelve month period - 14 October 1864 to 14 October 1865.
Now let us bring that period forward 33 years, then another 33 years and then a further 33 years, which gives us the original period plus 99 years. This gives us:
14 October 1963 to 14 October 1964. John F. Kennedy is shot within this window of time, namely on the 22 November 1963
Now we can continue the original rhythm by a further 33 years. This gives us:
14 October 1996 to 14 October 1997. Princess Diana is murdered within this window of time, on the 21 August 1997
Is this an example of human circles trying to enact a perverted version of the principle? - ie. instead of the appearance of the natural consequences of an action these circles are repeating ritual acts within the laws of the rhythm. Maybe they simply wish us to incorrectly conceive of this law in a very materialistic and fatalist manner, namely that events naturally simply repeat themselves every 33 years, which is not true.
The hidden rhythm behind the timing of these assassanations adds to their power, presumably this is in part due to the fact that these events are plotted in such a way that they fall within the confines of this hidden law, which means that the events then have a more profund effect on the subsconcious of men ignorant of the underlying law - the effect on the subsconcious part of the soul is greater as it lives within this rhythm. The only way to break the spell is to become conscious of the underlying spiritual aspects of existence, which the corrupt secret societies are trying so hard to suppress from the popular consciousness of humanity.
Is there some deeper connection between the three? One could speculate that Lincoln was killed partly to protect the financial interests involved with the Federal Reserve. The killing of Kennedy, it could be argued, was necessitated by the same circles, when Kennedy attempted to institute, through Executive Order, what Lincoln had sought; Kennedy felt the same urge to reign in the power of private finance over government which Lincoln had felt. The added factor with Kennedy being that the military circles and those with money tied up in arms production opposed Kennedy's pledge to have all US troops out of Vietnam by 1965.With his death began the mystique which surrounds the Kennedy name, for, so it is asserted, his was the American 'Golden Age' cut short by the Guns of Dallas. Princess Diana was killed primarily for other reasons, which, in one sense, reduce to English racial arrogance, but the same financial-industrial circles which co-operated in Kennedy's killing, are alleged to have co-operated in Diana's, partly because of her high profile campaign against landmines and the fear that this would not be her last campaign against the weapons of war - would she, for example, have campaigned against the Depleted Uranium munitions which have polluted Serbia and Kosovo, as well as Iraq, and harmed the health of our own troops? She was also intending to marry into a family with a background in arms dealing. Indeed, Dodi was alleged to have laundered the profits of his uncle's illegal arms deals through his Hollywood productions company in the 1980s. The outpourings of grief in Britain following her death were quite unprecendented, and the funeral was probably the biggest since Churchill's in 1965. The 'cult of Diana' is also similar to the 'cult of Kennedy'; if Kennedy's killing was the Killing of the King ritual, was Diana's the Killing of the Queen? Maybe if the actual murderers read this they will realize that it is not only earthly powers which their actions are serving.
(Note: Although the assassination of Archduke Franz-Ferdinand in 1914 had a seemingly greater effect in that it provoked World War I, firstly, the impetus for war was building up in Europe and would almost certainly have been triggered anyway at some point - the assassination was only the final straw as it were - and, secondly, the impact of the deaths of Lincoln, Kennedy and Diana on the popular consciousness was far greater.)
This kind of analysis is part of what is known as 'reading the occult script', learning how to relate the signs and symbolism of the events of this world to their origins in the spiritual world.
Another example of the 33 year rhythm apparantly repeating an occurence 33 years on is the Foot and Mouth epidemic in Britain. The last major outbreak in Britain began in late October 1967 and lasted into 1968. Using the formula for the start date we create a window from April 2000 to April 2001 and the current epidemic clearly began within these temporal boundaries. Coincidence?
This extract from Tradowsky's 'Kaspar Hauser' on the work 'Rosemary's Baby' provides further illustration that there are people possessing and using this knowledge but not sharing it with their fellow men.
"In 1967 the novel by Ira Levin called Rosemary's Baby appeared in London. It significantly became an international bestseller and was most successfully made into a film by Roman Polanski. In the novel, which tells of the birth of Satan on 25 June 1966, the 33 years are mentioned without any explanation being given. The soul-deceiving and fateful proceedings which happen to a young woman - Rosemary - on 4 October 1965 at the conception of Satan are even explained therein by a reference to a book by J.R. Hanslet that was published in Torquay in 1934, All of Them Witches. "We are living in the year 1966," said Rosemary's husband. "This book was published in 1933," said Rosemary. "There were covens - that's what they called them - in Europe, in North and South America, in Australia. Do you think they've all died out in just 33 years?" This 33-year connection is still further emphasized by the fact that Rosemary's husband is himself 33 years old. It is highly symptomatic that wide circles - even if only in a novel - take account of the conception and birth of Satan, here called Adrian Stevens. In his Christian name a suggestion of Ahriman can be distinguished. A circle of people assists - with knowledgeable skill - at the birth of this satanic being. The conception takes place on 4 October 1965 during the Pope's visit to New York, strikingly on the same date of the year as the launching of Sputnik on 4 October 1957. During the conception the mother is in a state of unconsciousness, caused by alcohol and an ointment called 'chocolate mouse', which was administered to her by the circle of people who purposefully direct proceedings. The husband - himself very drunk - already serves the satanic crew consciously at this point, and is rewarded for it by being helped by them to a successful acting career.
This satanic community makes use of human beings for its own ends, in the same way as the occult brotherhoods applied their methods (see p.105 ff). Consciously and purposefully something is brought about of which the person concerned is not allowed to know or suspect anything, as is here pre-eminently exemplified in Rosemary herself. The seduction of her husband was so arranged that he came under the spell - unnoticed by himself - of a group of people and their intentions. This was brought about by the psychological trick of fully, but surreptitiously, meeting all his inclinations and interests and by that - unknown to him - gaining his sympathies. Destructive occult powers are ruthlessly and murderously employed against those who stand in the way of the group's plans being put into practice (as with Donald Baumgart who is suddenly struck blind) or those who begin to get wise to their plots and to recognize them for what they are (as with Hutch, who wakes up temporarily from his deep and unexplained state of oblivion before dying).
The birth of Satan is systematically evolved as a counterpart to the birth of Christ and therefore is so placed in the course of the year that it takes place directly after St John's, 'just after midnight on 25 June . . . immediately after the end of the half year of you know what'. This date - 25 June 1966 - was allegedly prophesied by Edmond Lautreamont 300 years ago, that is in 1666. If one omits the thousand from this figure it is certainly not by chance that we arrive at 666, first named by John in the Apocalypse (Chapter 13) and about which we shall have more to say. This concealed hint about the number 666 is easily overlooked. It is important to remember that 33 years after the cataclysmic events of Central Europe, the spiritual background of which is made clear by the indications of Rudolf Steiner, it is just in New York that the words are expressed: "God is dead and Satan lives. It is year 1, the first year of our Lord! Adrian's year has started." With that the end of the century is prophetically alluded to, the time when Satan, born in 1966, will have reached the age of that Being against whom he believes he has to fight. It is not of much importance to ask if the things recorded here actually happened in this way. But it is decisive to be clear about the fact that such manipulations are basically possible and must be taken seriously. One can look upon this novel as a summons to overcome the dangerous blindness and irresponsible naiveté in face of such evil occult influences upon history.
It must remain an open question as to the source of the knowledge that Ira Levin uses and which, as a novelist, he is not forced to disclose. It is more important to ask about the impulse by which it was motivated. Is it by intention (and by what circles and to what purpose?) or by necessity, that in our day similar things happen, as it were, in public? The necessity can be understood from the course of history as here related because, since the end of Kali Yuga, the spirit reveals itself ever more directly to human beings. Included with this spirit, connected with human development, are also the evil beings opposed to humanity's progress, which inevitably hinder and obstruct man, so that by gaining knowledge of evil he can determine his own course out of freedom. Mankind today is much more deeply involved in the struggle to recognize evil than it cares to admit, because the spiritual-cosmic dimensions of this battle have hardly become conscious."
(from Peter Tradowsky, 'Kaspar Hauser - The Struggle for the Spirit', pp.179-81)

Scorpion Ritual happened in Kings Cross 1 January 2014, numerology for date 9

Man charged after serious assault - Potts Point

Wednesday, 01 January 2014 01:35:55 AM
A man has been charged in relation to a serious assault in Sydney overnight.
About 9.10pm (Tuesday 31 December 2013), police attended Victoria Street, Potts Point, after being alerted that a man had been assaulted nearby.
The injured man, aged 18, was treated at the scene by NSW Ambulance Paramedics before being taken to St Vincent’s Hospital for treatment of serious head injuries.
He is currently undergoing surgery and believed to be in a critical condition.

A 25-year-old man was arrested at the scene and taken to Kings Cross Police Station.
He has been charged with maliciously inflict grievous bodily harm, assault occasioning actual bodily harm and assault-related offences; and is due to appear at Parramatta Bail Court later today (Wednesday 1 January 2014).

Man in hospital after fight in Kings Cross

Megan Levy and Alexandra Back
Published: January 1, 2014 - 9:30AM
A teenager who is fighting for his life in hospital after being king-hit in a New Year's Eve assault was believed to be helping another person who had been punched to the ground when he was struck in the head from behind in Potts Point.
Police will allege that the critically ill 18-year-old man did not know the 25-year-old who is accused of punching him once in the head in an unprovoked attack, causing the younger man to strike his head on the pavement.
The teenager immediately was knocked unconscious and was not breathing when paramedics were called to the scene about 9.10pm. He was taken to St Vincent's Hospital where he underwent emergency surgery on Tuesday night.
He remains in a critical condition in the hospital's intensive care unit on Wednesday morning.
The incident occurred in front of the Mercure Hotel on Victoria Street, Potts Point, just metres from where Thomas Kelly, who was also aged 18 at the time, was assaulted and later died from his injuries in July 2012.
Fairfax Media understands that at least one other person was punched and knocked to the ground on Tuesday night on the same section of street just minutes before the 18-year-old was attacked.
The teenager was believed to be coming to the aid of that person when he was hit once in the head from behind. He did not see his attacker coming.
There are believed to be three CCTV cameras on the street, and police are investigating whether the attack was captured on camera.
Police and NSW Ambulance paramedics were on the scene within minutes.
Paramedics took the 18-year-old man to St Vincent's Hospital with critical head injuries. He then underwent surgery and was returned to intensive care, a hospital spokesman said.
The young man's family is with him at the hospital.
Police arrested a 25-year-old man almost immediately following the assault and took him to Kings Cross police station.
He later was charged with maliciously inflicting grievous bodily harm, assault occasioning actual bodily harm and other assault-related offences. He is due to appear at Parramatta Bail Court on Wednesday.
The man was one of 173 people arrested overnight, significantly more than the 97 arrests made last New Year's Eve. Those arrested were charged with 222 offences, including robbery, assaults, street and drug-related offences.
A further 10 people were taken by police to the Sydney City ''sobering-up centre'' - more colloquially known as the "drunk tank".
NSW Police Assistant Commissioner Mark Murdoch said he would not compare last night's king-hit to the fatal attack on Mr Kelly.
"When these things happen they are always a tragedy,'' he said.
"When anyone's assaulted it's a travesty. It is nothing but disappointing for police but also devastating for the young man's family.
"Even with police on every corner, we still cannot stop this kind of fight, particularly when people are affected by alcohol and particularly when they are intent on, we will allege, just going out and hurting people, as we will allege this [person] was."
He said the crowd in Sydney on New Year's Eve was the biggest ever.
"I'm not about to say the crowd was well behaved,'' he said.
"There were a small number of people who didn't heed our warnings, exceeded their limits and came to our attention – and they were swiftly dealt with.
"Intoxication has been the most common issue of the evening and it has been a factor in many of the incidents where charges were laid."
More than 400 people were treated by St John Ambulance volunteers and more than 460 people received assistance from NSW Ambulance paramedics for a range of injuries, mostly due to falls, assaults or intoxication.
On-water revellers had their evening disrupted before they even had a chance to see the 9pm fireworks, when water police had to rescue more than 100 people from a yacht near Garden Island that had started taking on water.
And before the smoke had cleared from that first fireworks display, water police were called out to Farm Cove just in front of Mrs Macquarie's Chair to rescue six people, including two children, from a 30-foot motor cruiser that had overturned and was sinking.
Three people were thrown from the small boat they were travelling in when it collided with another small boat at Middle Harbour near Roseville.
They were taken to Royal North Shore Hospital but were not seriously harmed.
This story was found at: http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/man-in-hospital-after-fight-in-kings-cross-20131231-304vt.html

Phuong NGO research relationship to the untruth's about WIL 2 K....Justt a co-incidence of the scorpion

Phuong NGO was convicted of organising an assassination of John Newman MP on the 5 September 1994

Now, I have to look at when Phuong NGO was placed in high security when he was thought to be joining Will2K  http://www.metrolyrics.com/will-2k-lyrics-will-smith.html
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Will_2K  Song released on September 9, 1999.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2K  2006 Computer  game.

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Gary Eugene Marlow

Gary Marlow was a lifetime friend of James Files since schooltime.  He died in 2007 from cancer.
It is worth noting that Gary Marlow has lived until his death on  april 4, 2007 in the knowledge that his picture (the one with Files in which he is wearing sunglasses)  was on the website JFKmurdersolved.com, implicating him as the man who killed Tippit.
Marlow has never come forward to deny the allegation and/or expose Files as a liar. Probably because he was not identified by name. Files, nor his best friend Bruce Brychek, would never tell me his name, in spite of my pressure.
I recall a telephone conversation with Bruce in 2006, in which I explained that it would really help the credibility of James Files to disclose the identity of the man he implicates as the Tippit killer. Bruce responded that the man had recently been contacted – he did not specify how or by whom – with exactly that request, but the man had indicated that under no circumstance his name should be revealed, not even after his death. “I don’t need this shit” Bruce quoted him, “not now or later, I don’t want it for my family”.
To me this whole order of events adds greatly to the credibility of James Files. Why the heck would he implicate a long life friend in the events on november 22, 1963 in Dallas? While that man is still alive and could come forward any time to deny the accusation and expose Files as a liar? This is a risk that no hoax with common sense would take. Instead, we now know that Marlow was aware of it, but never chose to come forward to deny it. In fact, he has confirmed it. Of course, a denial would never have stood a chance as he could never deny he is indeed the man with sunglasses in the picture with Files. Nor could he deny that he was a friend of Files. Shit would have hit the fan if he had come forward. As a free man, unlike Files, he stood much to lose. So he remained silent, wanting to take his secret to his grave. It is not thanks to him that his secret emerged from his grave.
Bruce Brychek , best living friend of James Files, posted the message below on my forum on April 27, 2007.  This was before I knew that the man was Gary Marlow and had indeed died. I learned that in october of 2008 when I was approached by Janet Schoder, whose sister had dated James Files and later had married his friend Gary Marlow. She had come accross my website and recognised Gary Marlow. So Files has never disclosed the name himself, true to his promise.
Janet emailed me several pictures of Gary Marlow. Like the one below:
This is a fragment of a picture of Gary Marlow’s wedding with Janet’s sister in 1966. For privacy reasons I cut out Janet and her bride sister. So it only shows Gary Marlow and James Files, who was his best man at the wedding.
Dallas Patrolman J.D. Tippit’s shooter recently dies:
by Bruce Patrick Brychek on Fri Apr 27, 2007 9:39 pm
Dear Mr. Wim Dankbaar, and Fellow JFK Forum Members,
Dallas Patrolman J. D. Tippit’s shooter has recently died.
Tippit was not killed by Lee Harvey Oswald as was/is claimed by the U.S. Government, the U.S. News Media, and last but not least, The Warren Commission Report.
The shooter was in route to meet, and kill Lee Harvey Oswald at the Texas Theatre where Oswald had been directed to go by his CIA handler,
David Atlee Phillips, who was also James E. Sutton’s CIA handler.
David Atlee Phillips, Sam Giancana, and Charles Nicoletti all probably had some knowledge, which can not be quantified at this point in time.
At his request, prior to his death, to protect his wife, and family, he has requested that his name never be released.
Bruce Patrick Brychek.
TIMELINE (by Janet Schoder) 
1938-   J.D. (John Dee) Marlow born in Alabama 10/17/38
1940-   Gary Eugene Marlow born in Bessemer, Alabama 10/23/40.
1941-  Joan Marlow (Kehring) born in Chicago, Il.  March 1st, 1941.
1942-   James Earl Files born in Oakman, Alabama January 24, 1942.
1943-   Eleanor Files(Schramm) born April 12, 1943    Janet  Schoder (Kehring)  born Oct.. 27, 1943.
1957 -  about- Gary Marlow & James Files graduated elementary school on 18th & Lake St. in Melrose Park, Illinois. Faith Johnson went to Proviso East High School in Maywood, IL. Jim dropped out in freshman year. Gary Marlow dropped out of High School too.  Not sure what high school. Probably Proviso also.
1958-   Faith dated Gary Marlow for short time then later married J.D. Marlow (John Dee), Gary’s brother. Jim dated Eleanor Schramm and took her to a Prom arranged by both their mothers.
1959 -   James Files joined military and sent to Laos.
1960 -   Sept.?  James Files discharged from military. Joan Kehring and family move from N. Second Ave. in Maywood, Ill. to 34th Ave. in Melrose Park, Ill. in June 1960.
1961 -   James Files dated Eleanor Schramm early in 1961. She was friends with Joan & Janet Kehring & walked home from Proviso with Janet a lot. She was a junior at Proviso East in Maywood. Broke up because her family didn’t approve of him.
1962-   Joan Kehring started dating James Files on 11/5/62. Met him at gas station on Lake St. & Mannheim Rd., Melrose Park(Stone Park?) Janet Kehring home on leave for Christmas from Air Force and met Jim Files.. Joan saw him on Christmas Day.
1963-   April 12th. Easter. James Files broke up with Joan Kehring after giving her big box of candy. Joan started dating Albert-Al-Helton that worked with Jim at the gas station.
1963-   Summer-Joan saw Eleanor at gas station on Mannheim & she showed her her engagement ring  to James Files. 10/2/63 or 10/5/63 Jim & Eleanor married in church on 5th Av. near Lake St. in Maywood, Il.
1963-   John F. Kennedy assassinated in Dallas on 11/22/63. James Files claimed to be the Grassy Knoll shooter & Gary Marlow was the shooter of J.D. Tippit.
1964-   Jan.17th. Jim & Eleanor Files moved into new apartment on 34th Av. in Melrose Park across street from Joan Kehring’s parents house. About  Friday, July 31, Eleanor badly injured in car accident in Indiana on way home from moving Jim’s folks back to Kentucky. Aug.7th-Joan helped Jim pack to move out of apartment across street.
1964-   Sometime in Spring. Jim & Eleanor over in Joan’s parents driveway on 34th Av. in Melrose Park & introduced her to Gary Eugene Marlow. They dated for about 2 months then he had to leave to go help his mother in Fl. so he said.
1965-   June 21st. Gary asked Joan out again after he came back to Melrose Park and they started dating again. He was gone about one year.
1966-   Joan Kehring married Gary Marlow with James Files as his best man & Joan’s sister Janet as maid of honor at little white church in Melrose Park on 37th & Division. Gary’s brother J.D. Marlow, wife Faith and two daughters, Kerry & Cindy there and at reception in Kehring’s side yard at 1544 N. 34th Ave. in Melrose Park. Also, Gary and J.D.’s parents were there.
1966-   Sept. 26- Kathy Files born to Jim & Eleanor Files.
1967, 1968, 1969- Joan & Gary Marlow close friends with Jim & Eleanor. J.D. & Faith Marlow saw them too.
1968-   About April- J.D. told Gary Faith wanted him to leave. Having marital problems. April 20 Jim & Eleanor were in the wedding party for Eleanor’s brother Ed & Julie Schramm.  Joan &  Gary went to the reception.
1969-   Jim Files & Faith Marlow seeing each other a lot. J.D. & Faith and Jim & Eleanor broke up. After J.D. lived with Jim Files in an apartment for a while, he lived with Joan & Gary. About 1970,1971 ? he moved back to Alabama.
1972-   J.D. Marlow killed in car accident in Alabama on Oct. 31-Halloween. Gary Marlow accused Jim of having something to do with his brother’s death and broke off their friendship.
1981-   Joan and Gary Marlow divorced after Gary met Mary over at Ed & Julie Schramm’s house, Eleanor’s brother.
1982-   Gary Marlow and Mary married.
2007-   Gary Marlow died in Conyers, Georgia on April 2, 2007.
2008-   Jan. 25th, 2008 Janet came across Wim Dankbaar’s website “JFKmurdersolved.com” and saw book “Files on JFK” and found out about James Files claim he was the “Grassy Knoll” gunman.  Shocked!!!!!!!!!! Told sister Joan Marlow in Fl.  Eleanor (Schramm, Files) Albert died Dec. 19, 2008. Joan & Janet started writing Jim Files in Stateville Prison, Joliet, Il. Janet in Oct. and Joan in Dec.
TIMELINE 2 (by Janet Schoder)
Subject: How Joan & Janet Knew Jim & Eleanor & Jay & Fay
1.   James Files & Gary Marlow were best friends and knew each other in grade school & graduated from Melrose Park Elementary School in about 1957. Both were born in Alabama. James Files lived at 122 N. 22nd Ave. in Melrose Park & Gary Marlow & family lived at 20th & Rice St. about 2 blocks away from Jim in the 1950′s.  Faith Johnson (Files) lived with her mother Mildred Johnson just South near Mannheim Rd. over in Bellwood.  Jim & Gary went to elementary school together on 18th & Lake St. Jim dropped out of Proviso East High School in Maywood, IL. in his Freshman year. Gary also never finished High School.
2.   Fay (Faith Johnson) knew Jim from High School (Proviso) & dated Gary Marlow briefly before she married his brother Jay (J.D.) Marlow in 1959.
4.   Joan & Janet Kehring’s parents had moved from 315 N. 2nd Ave.in Maywood, IL. to 1544 N. 34th Ave. in Melrose Park, IL. in May of 1960.
5.   Eleanor Schramm had dated Jim in about 1957 (they went to her prom) & then again in early 1961 but they broke up because her uncle didn’t like him. She lived with her Aunt & Uncle on or near N. 5th Ave. in Maywood. Her Mother & brother lived on 23rd Ave, three houses South of Lake St. one block from Jim Files house. Jim & Eleanor’s mothers both worked at Avon Gear right across the alley where Gary Marlow lived with his parents on 20th & Rice St. in Melrose Park.
6.   Joan & Janet Kehring went to Proviso East High School in Maywood with Eleanor. Janet walked home from school a lot with her in Spring of 1961. She would talk about dating Jim Files and problems with her Uncle not liking him. Said she wanted to marry him.
7.   Joan met Jim Files at a gas station on Lake St. & Mannheim Rd.  She already knew about Jim Files because of Eleanor talking to her about him when Eleanor dated Jim. Joan dated Jim from Nov. 5th, 1962 until Easter (April) 1963 when he broke up with her.
8.    Joan met Eleanor at Jim’s gas station where he worked on Lake St. & Mannheim Rd. in the Summer of 1963 & she showed her her engagement ring to Jim. They were married Oct. 2nd or 5th at a church on N. 5th Ave. in Maywood – 1 block North of Lake St. – 402 N. 5th Ave.
9.    Jim Files says he was the Grassy Knoll shooter of JFK on Nov. 22, 1963. He also said his best friend Gary Marlow was the killer of Police Office J.D. Tippit.
10.   Jim & Eleanor Files moved across the street from Joan & her parents on 34th Ave. in Melrose Park in Jan. 1964 on the bottom floor of a 2-flat apartment. Eleanor was badly injured in car accident in Indiana the end of July ’64 after helping his mother & step-father move to Kentucky. Joan over helping Jim pack up to move out after the accident while Eleanor was still in the  hospital.
11.   Spring or Summer of ’64 Jim & Eleanor over in car & introduced Joan to Gary Marlow. She went with him on a date with Jim & Eleanor. He left town after about 2 months to go help his mother in Fl., he said. Gary back in town May of ’65 & started dating Joan again.
12.   Gary’s Best friend Jim Files & Joan’s sister Janet Kehring stood up for Joan & Gary at the Little White Church in Melrose Park on 6-11-66 when they were married – 37th Ave, & Division St.  Photos were taken of the wedding party. Fay wouldn’t let Jay be the Best Man for his brother Gary.
13.    Joan & Gary were real good friends & did many things with Jim & Eleanor Files. Also with Gary’s brother Jay (J.D.) & wife Fay (Faith).
14.    Jay & Fay were having marital problems in 1968. Jay got served with divorce papers around 3/7/69. They got divorced about 1969.  Jim divorced Eleanor around the same time. Jim & Fay had been seeing each other for quite a while. They were married in 1970 or ’71. Jim moved in with Fay in Jay’s house in Broadview, IL. Jay was devastated.
15.    J.D. – Jay Marlow killed in car accident in Alabama on Halloween, Oct. 31, 1972. Gary accused Jim Files as being responsible for the accident and broke off their friendship.
16.    Joan & Gary Marlow were divorced on Jan.4, 1982. Gary Marlow died on April 2nd, 2007 in Conyers, Ga. Eleanor (Schramm, Files) Albert died on Dec. 19, 2008 in a nursing home in Chicago.
17.     Janet Schoder accidentally came across Wim Dankbaar’s website in Jan. 2008 and discovered that Jim Files claimed to be the Grassy knoll shooter & he also claimed that Gary Marlow killed officer J.D. Tippit. She told her sister Joan Marlow and both couldn’t believe it.
18.    Janet Schoder started writing to James Files in Stateville Prison in Joliet, IL. in Sept. 2008. Joan Marlow started writing to him in Dec. 2008.

Mafia involvement with Drug Trafficking John Hatton requested a Royal Commission 17 May 1990 what happened it still happens today

AFP involvement in drug trafficking
As background to Winchester’s murder the following extract from the New South Wales Legislative Assembly Hansard for Thursday 17 May 1990 is illuminating.
Mr. HATTON (South Coast): I move:
(1) That this House calls upon the State Government to request the Federal Government to appoint a Royal Commission to investigate the activities of the Mafia with terms of reference which would focus upon-
(a) the involvement of the Australian Federal police and the New South Wales police with the Mafia in the illegal growing of marijuana crops on the Southern Tablelands of New South Wales and in the Brindabella ranges in the Australian Capital Territory;
(b) corruption involving the cultivation and distribution of marijuana in the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area and in particular the Griffith area; and
(c) the relationship of all the above with the death of Mr Winchester and related allegations of police corruption and any commonality of personal interests involved therein.
(2) That the New South Wales Government offer full co-operation and support for the conduct of such a Royal Commission; and
(3) That senior experienced officers from Scotland Yard be called in and that the Victorian Police Force be requested to provide personnel to form an independent investigative body to assist the Royal Commissioner appointed to report on such matters.
This is the gravest matter that I have ever raised. The second most senior police officer in our country has been assassinated. More than 10 crops of marijuana, worth tens of millions of dollars, were grown on the South Coast and Southern Tablelands of New South Wales and in the Australian Capital Territory, some of them with police knowledge and or involvement. There was mafia and other criminal involvement with police in illegal marijuana-growing operations.
For seven years senior State and Federal police have been and are involved in a massive cover-up and conspiracy of silence to avoid responsibility for illegal acts. Judge Foord has links with organised crime and the marijuana industry. There are serious questions about the efficiency of the National Crime Authority. There is an absence of effective structures which, together with incompetence and lack of political commitment, has allowed organised crime to flourish, especially in the marijuana industry. There is a danger to my life. An attempt was made to bug a committee room of the Australian Parliament to listen in on secret discussions involving the National Crime Authority.
There is a lack of political and administrative will to pursue the illegalities of police action in a multimillion dollar marijuana-growing operation. Bungling and corruption have been involved and people have profited from it. Attention is focused on whistleblowers rather than the illegality of police activity. All this has happened despite important legislative advances-they are not inconsiderable-such as the confiscation of the proceeds of crime and the Independent Commission Against Corruption that were put in place by this Government.
After what I reveal today, if this Government does not give unstinting and unqualified support to the establishment of a Federal royal commission as outlined and, because of sensitivities within the police force or the police ministry concerning outside investigations, this Government slides away from its responsibilities in this awesome matter, it will commit political suicide and stand condemned for its lack of courage. I do not believe it will but I have not taken the risks and carried the burdens this far to be denied. This is just the beginning (my emphasis).
- See more at: http://blakandblack.com/2011/11/05/have-the-afp-been-busted-yet-again/#sthash.iEUPMi6J.dpuf

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$1 million found in the wall of the brothel...some said it was $10 million.

$1 million cash in brothel raid

POLICE have seized drugs and $1 million in cash during a raid at a brothel in Sydney.
Police from Strike Force Constance, set up in 2008 to investigate drug supply from the brothel, searched the property on Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross, yesterday.

A quantity of powder, believed to be heroin, drug paraphernalia and an estimated $1 million in cash were seized, police said.

Power tools, computers, clothing and other items suspected of being the proceeds of crime were also seized.

A 47-year-old man was arrested at the scene and later charged with four offences, to appear at Parramatta Local Court today.

The brothel has been closed for 72 hours.

In a separate incident, police joined Immigration officers and Liverpool Council workers to target brothels in the area operating outside council approval and employing illegal immigrants.

Of the 11 brothels and five adult shops inspected, three premises were operating illegally and were directed by council officials to close.

Two illegal immigrants were found out of more than 50 people who were questioned. 

Maurice Bishop who was he? JFK Assassination

The following is from Volume 10 of the HOUSE SELECT COMMITTEE ON 



(168) One of the factors utilized in the committee's efforts to locate
Maurice Bishop was the description of him provided by Veciana.  When he
first met him in 1960, Veciana said, Bishop was about 45 years old, about
6 feet, 2 inches tall, weighed over 200 pounds, and was athletically
built. He had gray-blue eyes, light brown hair, and a light
complexion.(151) Veciana said, however, that Bishop appeared to spend much
time outdoors or in sunny climate because he was usually well tanned and
there was some skin discoloration, like sun spots, under his eyes.(152) He
appeared to be meticulous about his dress and usually concerned about his
weight and diet.(153) In the latter years that Veciana knew him, Bishop
began using glasses for reading.(154)

(169) Shortly after he revealed his Bishop relationship to Senator
Schweiker's investigator, Veciana aided a professional artist in
developing a composite sketch of Bishop. Schweiker's office provided the
committee with a copy of the sketch. Veciana told the committee that he
considered the artist's composite sketch of Bishop a "pretty good"

(170) Prior to the committee's efforts, Senator Schweiker's office, as
well as the Senate subcommittee he headed, looked into certain aspects of
Veciana's allegations. Schweiker, for instance, requested the Belgian
Embassy to conduct a record check for information about a passport issued
under the name of "Frigault." The Belgian Embassy said that, without
additional identifying information, it could not help.(156) In addition,
Schweiker's investigator showed Veciana numerous photographs of
individuals who may have used the name of Bishop, among them Oswald's
friend, George de Mohrenschildt, who was then a teacher at Bishop College
in Dallas. The results were negative.(157)

(171) It was Senator Schweiker who focused the committee's attention to
David Atlee Phillips, former chief of the Western Hemisphere Division of
the CIA Deputy Directorate of Operations, as perhaps having knowledge of
Maurice Bishop. Immediately after receiving the Bishop sketch, Schweiker
concluded that Phillips, who had earlier testified before the Senate
Select Committee on Intelligence Activities, bore a strong resemblance to
the sketch. 

(172) When Veciana was shown a photograph of David Phillips by Schweiker's
investigator, he did not provide an absolutely conclusive response.(158)
For that reason, it was decided that Veciana be given the opportunity to
observe Phillips in person.(159) Schweiker arranged for Veciana to be
present at a luncheon meeting of the Association of Retired Intelligence
Officers in Reston, Va., on September 17, 1976.(160) Phillips was one of
the founders of the association. Veciana was introduced to Phillips prior 
to the luncheon.(161) He was introduced by name but not by affiliation 
with Alpha 66 or involvement with anti-Castro activity.(162) According to
Schweiker's investigator, there was no indication of recognition on
Phillips' part.(163) Following the luncheon, Veciana had the opportunity
to speak with Phillips in Spanish. (164) Veciana asked Phillips if he was
in Havana in 1960 and if he knew Julio Lobo.(165) Phillips answered both
questions affirmatively and then asked Veciana to repeat his name.(166)
Veciana did and then asked, "Do you know my name?" Phillips said he did
not.(167) Phillips was asked if Veciana was on Schweiker's staff.(168) He
was told that he was not, but that Veciana was helping Schweiker in his
investigation of the Kennedy assassination.(169) Phillips declined to be
interviewed by Senator Schweiker's investigator, but said he would be
happy to speak with any Congressman or congressional representative "in
Congress."(170) Following the encounter of Veciana and Phillips,
Schweiker's investigator asked Veciana if David Phillips was Maurice
Bishop.(171) Veciana said he was not.(172)

(173) Schweiker's investigator expressed some doubt about Veciana's
credibility on the point, however, because of Veciana's renewed interest
in continuing his anti-Castro operations and his expressed desire to
recontact Bishop to help him.(173) In addition, Schweiker's investigator
expressed doubt that David Phillips, who was once in charge of Cuban
operations for the CIA and whose career was deeply entwined in anti-Castro
operations, could not recognize the name of Veciana as being the founder
and vociferous public spokesman for one of the largest and most active
anti-Castro Cuban groups, Alpha 66.(174)

(174) The committee considered other factors in examining Phillips,
including his principal area of expertise and operations until 1963. (175)
In 1960, when Veciana said he first met Bishop in Havana, Phillips was
serving as a covert operative in Havana.(176) From 1961 to 1963, Phillips
was Chief of Covert Action in another relevant country.  When Oswald
visited the Cuban Consulate in Mexico City in 1963, Phillips was also in
charge of Cuban operations for the CIA in same country. Phillips had
earlier lived in and had numerous associations in another relevant
country.(177) He had also served as chief of station in several other
places of general relevance.(178)

(175) The committee developed other information that further gave support
to an interest in Phillips in relation to Bishop. In Miami, its
investigators interviewed a former career agent for the CIA, who for
present purposes will be called Ron Cross. From September 1960 until
November 1962, Cross was a case officer at the CIA's JM/WAVE station, the
operational base which coordinated the Agency's activities with the
anti-Castro exiles.(179) He handled one of the largest and most active
anti-Castro groups.(180) At the time that Cross was at the Miami JM/WAVE
station, David Phillips was responsible for certain aspects of the CIA's
anti-Castro operations. Cross coordinated these operations with Phillips,
who would occasionally visit the JM/WAVE station from Washington.(181)
Generally, however, Cross worked with Phillips' direct assistant at the
station, who used the cover name of Doug Gupton. 

(176) In his book about his role in the Bay of Pigs operation, former CIA
officer E. Howard Hunt used a pseudonym when referring to the chief of the
operation.(182) The chief of propaganda was David Phillips Hunt called
him "Knight."(183)

(177) When asked by the committee if he was familiar with anyone using the
cover name of Bishop at the JM/WAVE station, Cross said he was "almost
positive" that David Phillips had used the cover name of Maurice
Bishop.(184) He said he was "fairly sure" that Hunt himself had used the
cover name of Knight.(185) Cross said, however, that the reason he was
certain that Phillips used the name of Bishop was because he recalled
sometimes discussing field and agent problems with Phillips' assistant,
Doug Gupton, and Gupton often saying, "Well, I guess Mr. Bishop will have
to talk with him." Cross said: "And, of course, I knew he was referring to
his boss, David Phillips." (186)

(178) The committee ascertained that the cover name of Doug Gupton was
used at the JM/WAVE station by a former CIA employee. 

(179) The committee staff interviewed Doug Gupton on August 22, 1978, at
CIA headquarters.(187) Gupton said he worked for the CIA from December
1951 until his retirement.(188) Gupton confirmed that he was in charge of
a special operations staff at the Miami JM/WAVE station and that his
immediate superior was David Phillips. (189) Gupton acknowledged that Ron
Cross (cover name) was a case officer who worked for him and that he saw
Cross on a daily basis.(190) Gupton said he did not recall whether E.
Howard Hunt or David Phillips ever used the name of "Knight." (191) He
said he does not recall Phillips ever using the name of Maurice
Bishop.(192) When told about Cross' recollection of him referring to
Phillips as "Mr. Bishop," Gupton said: "Well, maybe I did. I don't
remember."(193) He also said, however, that he never heard the name of
Bishop while he was stationed in Miami.(194) When shown the sketch of
Bishop, he said it did not look like anyone he knew.(195)

(180) Explaining his working relationship with David Phillips, Gupton said
he was in contact with him regularly in Washington by telephone and cable,
and that Phillips visited Miami "quite often." (196) Gupton said, however,
that there were two sets of operations.  His set of operations was run out
of Miami and he kept Phillips informed of them. Phillips ran another set
of operations personally out of Washington and, Gupton said, Phillips did
not keep him briefed about them.(197) Gupton also said he knew that
Phillips used many of his old contacts from Havana in his personal

(181) David Atlee Phillips testified before the committee in executive
session on April 25, 1978. He said he never used the name Maurice
Bishop.(199) He said he did not know of anyone in the CIA who used the
name Maurice Bishop.(200) He said he had seen Antonio Veciana only twice
in his life, the second time the morning of his hearing before the
committee when Veciana, who had testified earlier, emerged from the
hearing room while he, Phillips, was in the hallway.(201) Phillips said
the first time he met Veciana was at a meeting of the Association of 
Former Intelligence Officers in Reston.(202) He said that Veciana was 
brought to that meeting by an investigator from Senator Schweiker's 
office but, said Phillips, Veciana was not introduced to him by name 
but only as "the driver."(203) He said Veciana asked him some questions 
in Spanish, but at the time he did not know who Veciana was or why 
Senator Schweiker's office had sent him to the meeting.(204)

(182) Phillips also testified that he had never used the name Frigault and
had never used a Belgian passport.(205)

(183) Phillips was shown the sketch of Maurice Bishop but could not
identify it as anyone he knew. He said, however, "It looks like me." (206)

(184) In sworn testimony before the committee in executive session on
April 26, 1978, Antonio Veciana said that David Atlee Phillips is not the
person he knew as Maurice Bishop.(207) He said, however, that there was a
"physical similarity."(208)

(185) On March 2, 1978, the committee requested the CIA to check all its
files and index references pertaining to Maurice Bishop.(209) On March 31,
1978, the CIA informed the committee that its Office of the Inspector
General, its Office of the General Counsel, its Office of Personnel, and
the Deputy Directorate of Operations had no record of a Maurice

(186) On August 10, 1978, B. H., a former covert operative of the CIA, was
interviewed by the committee in a special closed session. (211) B. H. was
a CIA agent from 1952 to 1970.(212) Between 1960 and 1964 he was assigned
to Cuban operations.(213) As such, he testified, he was involved in
"day-to-day" operations with David Atlee Phillips. He characterized
Phillips as "an excellent intelligence officer" and "a personal

(187) When asked if he knew an individual named Maurice Bishop, B. H.

      "Again, Mr. Bishop was in the organization but I had 
   no personal day-to-day open relationship with him. Phillips, 
   yes; Bishop, no. I knew them both."(215)

(188) Although he couldn't describe Bishop's physical characteristics, B.
H. said he had seen him "two or three times"(216) in the "hallways or
cafeteria"(217), at CIA headquarters in Langley. B. H. said he thought
Bishop worked in the Western Hemisphere Division(218) and that he had a
position "higher than me."(219) He could not be more specific. The two or
three times he saw Bishop, he said, was between 1960 and 1964 when he
himself was in Cuban operations, although, he said, he did not know if
Bishop worked in that area also.(220)

(189) Asked how, if he did not personally know Bishop, he knew the person
he saw at CIA headquarters was Maurice Bishop, B. H. said: "Someone might
have said, 'That is Maurice Bishop,' and it was different from Dave
Phillips or Joseph Langosch guys that I know."(221)

(190) When shown the sketch of Maurice Bishop, however, B. H. could not
identify it as anyone he recognized. 

(191) On August 17, 1978, the committee deposed John A. McCone, the
Director of the Central Intelligence Agency from October 1961 until April
30, 1965.(222)

(192)  During the course of the deposition, the following questions
and answers were recorded:

    Q. Do you know or did you know Maurice Bishop?
    A. Yes.
    Q. Was he an agency employee?
    A. I believe so.
    Q. Do you know what his duties were in 1963?
    A. No.
    Q. For instance, do you know whether Maurice Bishop
     worked in the Western Hemisphere Division or whether he
     worked in some other division of the CIA?
    A. I do not know. I do not recall. I knew at that time but I
        do not recall.
    Q. Do you know whether Maurice Bishop used any pseudonyms?
    A. No; I do not know that.(223)

(193) In view of the information developed in the interviews with B. H.
and former Director McCone, the committee asked the CIA to renew its file
search for any files or index references pertaining to Bishop.(224). It
also asked for a written statement from the CIA indicating whether an
individual using either the true name or pseudonym of Maurice Bishop has
ever been associated in any capacity with the CIA.(225)

(194) A reply was received on September 8, 1978, from the CIA's Office of
Legislative Counsel indicating that all true name files, alias files and
pseudonym files were again checked and, again, proved negative. "No person
with such a name has a connection with CIA," said the reply.(226) Added
the Agency: "Quite frankly, it is our belief from our earlier check,
reinforced by this one-that such a man did not exist, so far as CIA
connections are concerned."*(227)

(195) Additional efforts of locate Maurice Bishop were made by the
committee in file requests to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. (228)
and to the Department of Defense. (229) Both proved negative. (230)

(196)  Although file reviews of Maurice Bishop proved negative, the


   *On October 19, 1978, the committee's chief counsel received a letter
from the principal coordinator in the CIA's Office of Legislative Counsel.
The letter said, in part: "This is to advise you that I have interviewed
Mr. McCone and a retired employee concerning their recollections about an
alleged CIA employee reportedly using the name of Maurice Bishop. * * *

   "We assembled photographs of the persons with the surname of Bishop who
had employment relationships of some type with CIA during the 1960's, to
see if either Mr. McCone or the employee would recognize one of them. 

   "Mr. McCone did not feel it necessary to review those photographs,
stating that I should inform you that he had been in error. * * *

   "The employee continues to recall a person of whom he knew who was
known as Maurice Bishop. He cannot state the organizational connection or
responsibilities of the individual, not knowing him personally, and feels
that the person in question was point ed out to him by someone, perhaps a
secretary. He is unable, however, to recognize any of the photographs
mentioned above. * * *

 "In summary, Mr. McCone withdraws his statements on this point. The
employee continues to recall such a name, but the nature of his
recollection is not very clear of precise. We still believe that there is
no evidence of the existence of such a person so far as there being a CIA
connection. * * *" (J.F.K. Document No. 012722.)

<END FOOTNOTE>--------------------------------------

the committee learned that Army intelligence had an operational interest
in Antonio Veciana during one period.(197) Veciana was registered in the
Army Information Source Registry from November 1962 until July 1966.(231)

(198) The nature of the Army's contact with Veciana appeared to be limited
to attempting to use him as a source of intelligence information about
Alpha 66 activities, with Veciana, in turn, seeking to obtain weapons and
funds.(232) Veciana acknowledged a nd detailed to the committee these
contacts with Army intelligence and said that, aside from keeping Bishop
informed of them, they had no relationship with his activities with

(199) Given the Army's acknowledgement of an interest in Veciana and Alpha
66, the committee made the assumption that the CIA may also have had an
interest in Veciana and his Alpha 66 activities as part of its pervasive
role in anti-Castro operations during the 1960's. 

(200) In a review of its own files on March 15, 1978, the CIA noted that
Veciana had contacted the Agency three times -- in December 1960; July 1962;
and April 1966 -- for assistance in plots against Castro.(234) According to
the CIA: "Officers listened to Veciana, expressed no interest, offered no
encouragement and never recontacted him on this matter. There has been no
Agency relationship with Veciana."(235)

(201) The committee's own review of the Agency's files basically confirmed
the stated conclusions about the meetings with Veciana in 1960 and 1966. A
review of the files pertaining to 1962, however, revealed that on July 7,
1962, Veciana received $500 from om a wealthy Puerto Rican financier and
industrialist with whom the CIA had a longstanding operational
relationship.(236) Although the files do not explicitly state whether the
money originated with the CIA or the industrialist, and even though during
this s same period the Agency was using the Puerto Rican, it appears that
in Veciana's case the money was provided by the industrialist, and not by
the Agency. 

(202) Finally, to locate or identify Maurice Bishop, the committee issued
a press release on July 30, 1978 and made available to the media the
composite sketch of Bishop. The sketch was part of a release of several
other items, including two sketches and three photographs.  The committee
warned that it should not be assumed that the release indicated the
committee believes the person in the sketch was involved in the Kennedy
assassination, only that information resulting from possible citizen
recognition of the sketch might "shed additional light on the
assassination." The committee asked that anyone who had information
contact the committee by mail, not by telephone.(237)

(203) By November 1, 1978, the committee received from the general public
a total of four written responses relating to the Bishop sketch. The three
photographs were identified, the two sketches were not.(238)

(204) No definitive conclusion could be reached about the credibility of
Antonio Veciana's allegations regarding his relationship with a Maurice
Bishop.  Additionally, no definitive conclusions could be drawn as to the
identity or affiliations of Bishop, if such an individual existed. While
no evidence was found to discredit Veciana's testimony, there was some
evidence to support it, although none of it was conclusive. The
available documentary record was sufficient to indicate that the U.S.
Government's intelligence community had a keen interest in Antonio Veciana
during the early 1960's and that he was willing to receive the financial
support he needed for the military operations of his anti-Castro groups
from those sources. From the files of these agencies, it thus appears
reasonable that an association similar to the alleged Maurice Bishop story
actually existed. But whether Veciana's contact was really named Maurice
Bishop, or if he was, whether he did all of the things Veciana claims, and
if so, with which U.S. intelligence agency he was associated, could not be
determined. No corroboration was found for Veciana's alleged meeting with
Lee Harvey Oswald. 

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List of Witnesses JFK assassination

Alphabetical list of witnesses and testimony

Richard Hooke you put up on your facebook page about the missing witness is she and her husband that was sitting on the wall where the red drink fell over you wrote about on this list please?
  • Richard Hooke no, I don't see Alice and Arthur King there - but through the research community, I know they were there, put in lock-down, and their account locked up until 2039
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  • Jennifer Stone Thank you, wanted confirmation. I think that is important because key pieces of the puzzle have been missed for allegedly hiding the assassination of JFK.

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Ables, Don R.WC TestimonyJail Clerk, Dallas Police Department.
Abt, John J.WC TestimonyNew York City attorney.
Adamcik, John P.WC TestimonyMember, Dallas Police Department.
Adams, R. LWC TestimonyPlacement interviewer, Texas Employment Commission.
Adams, Victoria ElisabethWC TestimonyEmployee, Texas School Book Depository (TSBD).
Aguilar, GaryARRB TestimonyAssassination researcher.
Akin, Gene ColemanWC TestimonyDoctor, Parkland Hospital.
Alba, Adrian ThomasWC TestimonyAcquaintance of Oswald in New Orleans.
Alcock, JamesShaw trial closing argumentsRebuttal argumentsShaw trial prosecution attorney.
Alcorn, DanielARRB TestimonyAssassination researcher.
Aleman, JoseHSC TestimonyAnti-Castro Associate of Santos Trafficante
Allen, Mrs. J. U.AffidavitSecretary, Chainberlin-Hunt Academy.
Altgens, James WWC Testimony.Witness at assassination scene.
Anderson, Eugene D.WC TestimonyMarine Corps markmanship expert.
Andrews, Dean Adams Jr.WC Testimony.11/29/63 FBI reportShaw Grand Jury testimony 123New Orleans attorney.
Applin, George Jefferson, Jr.WC Testimony.Deposition.Witness of Oswald arrest.
Arce, Danny GarciaWC TestimonyAffidavit.Employee, TSBD.
Archer, Don RayWC TestimonyMember, Dallas Police Department.
Armstrong, Andrew Jr.WC TestimonyHSC depositionDallas associate of Jack Ruby
Arnett, Charles OliverWC TestimonyMember, Dallas Police Department.
Aschkenasy, ErnestHSC TestimonyExpert on accoustical evidence.
Ault, Cecil1/10/64 FBI ReportWitness at assassination scene.
Austin, AlbertFBI ReportWitness in the vicinity of the Tippit crime scene.
Aycox, James ThomasWC TestimonyAcquaintance of Jack Ruby
Azcue, EusebioHSC TestimonyFormer Cuban Cosul in Mexico City
Backes, JosephARRB TestimonyAssassination researcher.
Baden, MichaelHSC TestimonyHead of the House Forensic Pathology Panel.
Baker, MarrionWC Testimony11/22/63 Affidavit8/11/64 AffidavitMember, Dallas Police Department. Witness at assassination scene.
Baker, Mrs. Donald (AKA Virgie Rachley)WC TestimonyFBI ReportEmployee, TSBD
Baker, Robert BarneyHSC depositionUnion Organizer contacted by Ruby prior to the Assassination
Baker, T. L.WC TestimonyMember, Dallas Police Department.
Ballew, RogerFBI ReportWitness in the vicinity of the Tippit crime scene.
Ballen, Samuel B.WC TestimonyAcquaintance of the Oswalds in Texas.
Barbe, Emmett Charles, Jr.AffidavitEmployee, William B. Reily Co.
Bargas, TommyWC TestimonySuperintendent, Leslie Welding Co.
Barger, James E.HSC Testimony 12Accoustics expert
Barkley, MartinARRB TestimonyAssassination researcher.
Barnes, W. E.WC TestimonyMember, Dallas Police Department.
Barnett, Welcome EugeneWC TestimonyMember, Dallas Police Department.
Barnhorst, ColinWC TestimonyDesk Clerk, YMCA, in Dallas
Bashour, FouadWC TestimonyDoctor, Parkland Hospital.
Batchelder, Endicott A.Shaw preliminary hearing testimonyDirector of students' records at Tulane University
Batchelor, CharlesWC Testimony23Assistant Chief, Dallas Police Department.
Bates, John S. Jr.HSC TestimonyFirearms expert.
Bates, Pauline VirginiaWC TestimonyPub1ic stenographer, Fort Worth.
Baxter, Charles RufusWC TestimonyARRB TestimonyDoctor, Parkland Hospital
Beaty, Buford LeeWC TestimonyMember, Dallas Police Department.
Beers, Ira Jefferson "Jack"WC TestimonyNewspaper photographer, Dallas.
Beavers, William RobertWC TestimonyPsychiatrist, Dallas
Belin, DavidARRB TestimonyWarren Commision lawyer.
Bellocchio, FrankWC TestimonyAcquaintance of Jack Ruby
Belmont, Alan H.WC TestimonyAssistant to the Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).
Benavides, DomingoWC TestimonyWitness in the vicinity of the Tippit crime scene.
Bennett, Glen A.Original ReportNotes taken on 11/22/63Agent, U.S. Secret Service. Witness at assassination scene.
Benton, Joseph NelsonWC TestimonyTelevision reporter, CBS.
Betzner, Hugh William Jr.11/22/63 AffidavitWitness at the assassination scene
Biddison, JeffShaw trial testimonyLong time associate of Clay shaw
Bieberdorf, Fred A.WC TestimonyFirst aid attendant, Dallas Health Department.
Biggio, William S.WC TestimonyMember, Dallas Police Department.
Bishop, Curtis Freeman3/19/64 FBI reportWitness at assassination scene.
Bishov, Jay11/25/63 FBI reportWitnessed Jack Ruby while in Cuba
Blalock, VanceWC TestimonyObserved Oswald in New Orleans.
Bledsoe, Mary E.WC TestimonyAffidavit.Oswald's former landlady in Dallas.
Bond, WilmaShaw Trial TestimonyWitness at the assassination scene
Bogard, Albert GuyWC TestimonyAutomobile salesman, Dallas
Boggs, Hale12/16/63 Executive session1/22/64 Executive sessionU.S. Congressman and Warren Commission member
Boggs, LindyARRB TestimonyWife of Warren Commission member Hale Boggs
Bookhout, James W.WC TestimonyDeputy Sheriff, Dallas County.
Boone, EugeneWC Testimony11/22/63 Sheriff's report #111/22/63 Sheriff's report #2Deputy Sheriff, Dallas County.
Boswell, Thorton J.WC TestimonyARRB DepositionDoctor, Bethesda Naval Hospital.
Botelho, James AnthonyWC AffidavitAcquaintance of Oswald in Marine Corps.
Bouck, Robert InmanWC TestimonyAgent, U.S. Secret Service
Boudreaux, AnneWC TestimonyAcquaintance of Oswald during his youth.
Bouhe, George A.WC TestimonyAcquaintance of the Oswalds in Texas.
Bowers, Lee E.WC TestimonyAffidavit11/22/63 Sheriff's reportEmployee, Union Terminal Co.
Bowley, T. F.12/2/63 AffidavitWitness in the vicinity of the Tippit crime scene
Bowron, Diana HamiltonWC TestimonyNurse, Parkland Hospital
Boyd, Elmer L.WC TestimonyMember, Dallas Police Department.
Braden, JimDepositionPerson in the vicinity of the assassination scene
Branch, John HenryWC TestimonyAcquaintance of Jack Ruby
Brauneis, RobertARRB TestimonyAssociate Professor of George Washington University Law School and an expert on the takings issue
Brehm, CharlesFBI ReportWitness at assassination scene
Brennan, Howard LeslieWC Testimony12311/22/63 Affidavit5/7/64 AffidavitWitness at assassination scene
Brewer, E.D.WC TestimonyMember, Dallas Police Department.
Brewer, Johnny CalvinWC Testimony12/6/63 AffidavitWitness of Oswald arrest.
Brian, V. J.WC TestimonyMember, Dallas Police Department.
Bringuier, CarlosWC TestimonyCuban attorney, now a resident of New Orleans.
Brock, Alvin R.WC TestimonyMember, Dallas Police Department
Brock, MaryAffidavitFBI ReportWitness in the vicinity of the Tippit crime scene.
Brock, RobertAffidavitFBI ReportWitness in the vicinity of the Tippit crime scene.
Brooks, Donald E.WC TestimonyEmployment counselor, Texas Employment Commission.
Brown, C. W.WC TestimonyMember, Dallas Police Department.
Brown, Earle V.WC TestimonyMember, Dallas Police Department
Brown, Peter MegargeeAffidavitCounsel for Community Service Society, New York.
Bundy Vernon J. Jr.Shaw preliminary hearing testimonyWitness to an alleged meeting between Clay Shaw and Lee Harvey Oswald
Burcham, John W.AffidavitChief of Unemployment Insurance, Texas Employment Commission.
Burkley, George G.HSCA Affidavitinterview by William McHugh for the John F. Kennedy LibraryJFK's personal Physician.
Burns, DorisWC TestimonyEmployee, TSBD.
Burroughs, Warren H.WC TestimonyEmployee, Texas Theatre.
Burt, Jimmy EarlFBI ReportWitness in the vicinity of the Tippit crime scene.
Butzman, Jonas J.Shaw trial testimonyGuarded Clay Shaw while he was in the Central Lockup
Cabell, EarleWC TestimonyMayor of Dallas. Witness at assassination scene.
Cabell, Mrs. EarleWC TestimonyWife of Mayor Cabell. Witness at assassination scene.
Cadigan, James C.WC Testimony 12Questioned document expert, FBI.
Call Richard, DennisWC AffidavitAcquaintance of Oswald in the Marine Corps.
Callaway, TedWC Testimony11/22/63 AffidavitWitness in the vicinity of the Tippit crime scene.
Camarata, Donald PeterWC AffidavitAcquaintance of Oswald in the Marine Corps.
Campbell, Ochus11/24/63 FBI reportWitness at assassination scene.
Campisi, JosephHSC testimonyDallas organized crime figure.
Canning, ThomasHSC TestimonyExpert in bullet trajectory analysis
Carlin, Bruce RayWC Testimony 12Acquaintance of Jack Ruby
Carlin, Karen Bennett4/15/64 WC Testimony8/64 WC TestimonyAcquaintance of Jack Ruby
Carr, Richard RandolphShaw Trial TestimonyWitness at assassination scene.
Carr, WaggonerWC TestimonyAttorney general of State of Texas.
Carrico, Charles JamesWC Testimony12Doctor, Parkland Hospital
Carro, JohnWC TestimonyProbation officer, New York City, 1952-54.
Carroll, Bob K.WC TestimonyMember, Dallas Police Department.
Carswell, RobertWC Testimony12Special assistant to Secretary of the Treasury.
Carter, Clifton C.AffidavitAssistant to President Johnson.
Cason, FrancesWC TestimonyTelephone clerk, Dallas Police Department.
Cason, Jack CharlesAffidavitPresident, TSBD
Caster, WarrenWC TestimonyAssistant manager, Southwestern Publishing Co., TSBD.
Castro, FidelHSC InterviewsPremier of Cuba
Champagne, DonaldHSC TestimonyFirearms expert.
Chayes, AbramWC Testimony12Legal Adrift, Department of State.
Cheek, BerthaWC TestimonyAcquaintance of Jack Ruby
Chetta, Nicholas J.Shaw preliminary hearing testimonyCoroner for the Parish of Orleans
Chism, John Arthur11/22/63 AffidavitDecember 18, 1963, FBI reportWitness at the assassination scene
Chism, Marvin Faye11/22/63 AffidavitWitness at the assassination scene
Church, Mrs. George B., Jr.AffidavitPassenger with Oswald on SS Marion Lykes.
Cimino, FrankFBI ReportWitness in the vicinity of the Tippit crime scene.
Cimino, PeterFBI ReportBrother of Frank Cimino
Clardy, Barnard S.WC TestimonyMember, Dallas Police Department.
Clark, Max E.WC TestimonyAcquaintance of the Oswalds in Texas.
Clark, Richard L.WC TestimonyMember, Dallas Police Department.
Clark, RoseJanuary 10, 1964, FBI reportWitness at assassination scene.
Clark, Thomas LouisShaw Grand Jury testimonyAssociate of David Ferrie
Clark, William KempWC TestimonyDoctor, Parkland Hospital
Clements, Manning C.WC TestimonyAgent, FBI
Cobb, LloydShaw trial testimonyPresident of the International Trade Mart in New Orleans
Cole, AlwynWC Testimony 12Questioned document examiner, Treasury Department.
Collins, CorrieShaw trial testimonyWitnessed Lee Oswald, Clay Shaw and David Ferrie together in Clinton Lousiana
Combest, B. H.WC TestimonyMember, Dallas Police Department.
Connally, John Bowden.WC TestimonyHSC TestimonyGovernor of Texas.
Connally, Mrs. John BowdenWC TestimonyHSC TestimonyWife of the Governor of Texas. Witness at assassination scene.
Connick, Harry F., Sr.ARRB TestimonyDistrict Attorney of New Orleans
Connor, Peter FrancisWC AffidavitAcquaintance of Oswald in the Marine Corps.
Conway, DebraARRB TestimonyAssassination researcher.
Conway, HiramWC TestimonyFort Worth neighbour of the Oswalds in Oswald's youth.
Corporon, JohnAffidavitOfficial of New Orleans radio station.
Cooper, John Sherman12/16/63 Executive session1/22/64 Executive sessionHSC TestimonyMember of the Warren Commission.
Couch, Malcolm O.WC TestimonyTV news cameraman, Dallas. Witness at assassination scene.
Coulter, HarrisWC TestimonyState Department interpreter.
Cowsert, Ewell William3/19/64 FBI reportWitness at assassination scene.
Cox, Roland A.WC TestimonyReserve force, Dallas Police Department.
Crafard, Curtis LaVerneWC TestimonyAcquaintance of Jack Ruby
Craig, Roger D.WC Testimony11/23/63 Sheriff's Report11/22/63 FBI reportShaw trial testimonyWitness at assassination scene.
Crawford, James N.WC TestimonyWitness at assassination scene.
Creel, Robert J.AffidavitEmployee, Louisiana Department of Labor, New Orleans.
Crowe, William D.WC TestimonyAcquaintance of Jack Ruby.
Crowley, James D.AffidavitSpecialist in intelligence matters, Department of State.
Croy, Kenneth HudsonWC TestimonyReserve force, Dallas Police Department.
Crull, Elgin E.WC TestimonyCity Manager of Dallas
Cunningham Cortlandt C.WC Testimony123Firearms identification expert, FBI.
Cunningham, Helen P.WC TestimonyAffidavitEmployment Counselor, Texas Employment Commission
Curole, LouisShaw trial testimonyNew Orleans Police Captain, on duty when Shaw delivered to Central lockup.
Curry, Jesse EdwardWC Testimony 1238/10/64 AffidavitChief, Dallas Police Department.
Curtis, Don TeelWC TestimonyDoctor, Parkland Hospital.
Cutchshaw, Wilbur JayWC TestimonyMember, Dallas Police Department.
Daniels, John L.WC TestimonyEmployee, Dallas parking lot.
Daniels, Napoleon J.WC TestimonyFormer member, Dallas Police Department.
Davis, Barbara JeanetteWC Testimony11/22/63 AffidavitWitness in the vicinty of the Tippit crime scene.
Davis, Eugene C.Shaw Grand Jury testimonyNew Orleans associate of Dean Andrews
Davis, Floyd GuyWC TestimonyOperator, Sports Drome Rifle Range
Davis, George A.3/19/64 FBI reportWitness at assassination scene.
Davis, Virginia (Mrs. Charles)WC Testimony11/22/63 AffidavitWitness in the vicinity of the Tippit crime scene.
Davis, Virginia LouiseWC TestimonyWife of Floyd Guy Davis
Day, J.C.WC Testimony 15/7/64 and 6/23/64 AffidavitsLieutenant, Dallas Police Department.
Dean, Mrs. Joseph Eddie11/25/63 FBI reportWitness at assassination scene.
Dean, Patrick TrevoreWC Testimony 12Member, Dallas Police Department.
Decker, J.E. (Bill)WC TestimonySheriff, Dallas County
Dedon, Mrs. BobbieShaw trial testimonyDoctor's assistant at East Louisiana State Hospital
Delgado, NelsonWC TestimonyAquaintance of Oswald in Marine Corps.
De Mohrenschildt, GeorgeWC TestimonyAquaintance of Oswalds in Texas
De Mohrenschildt, JeanneWC TestimonyAquaintance of Oswalds in Texas.
Dhority, C. N.WC Testimony5/12/64 AffidavitMember, Dallas Police Department.
Dietrich, Edward C.WC TestimonyGuard, Armored Motor Service.
DiEugenio, JamesARRB TestimonyAssassination researcher.
Dillard, Tom C.WC TestimonyPhotographer-Journalist, Dallas.
Dillon, C. DouglasWC TestimonySecretary of the Treasury
Dobbs, FarrellWC TestimonyInternational Secretary, Socialist Workers Party.
Dodd, Richard Calvin3/18/64 FBI reportWitness at assassination scene.
Donabedian, GeorgeWC TestimonyCaptain, U.S. Navy.
Donovan, John E.WC TestimonyAcquaintance of Oswald in the Marine Corps.
Dougherty, Jack EdwinWC TestimonyAffidavitEmployee, TSBD
Dowe, Kenneth LawryWC TestimonyAcquaintance of Jack Ruby.
Dox, IdaHSC TestimonyMedical illustrator for the House Select Committee.
Dulany, Richard B.WC TestimonyDoctor, Parkland Hospital.
Dulles, Allen W.12/16/63 Executive session1/22/64 Executive sessionFormer Director of the CIA and Warren Commission member
Duncan, William GlennWC TestimonyEmployee, radio station, Dallas.
Dunn, William E. Sr.Shaw trial testimonyWitness at Registration Office in Clinton Louisiana
Duran, SylviaSee Tirado, Sylvia
Dymitruk, LydiaWC TestimonyAcquaintance of the Oswalds in Texas.
Dymond, IrvinShaw trial opening argumentsclosing argumentsShaw defense attorney
Dziemian, ArthurWC TestimonyWound ballistics expert, U.S. Army.
Eberhardt, A. M.WC TestimonyMember, Dallas Police Department.
Ebersole, John H.HSCA DepositionRadiologist, Bethesda Naval Hospital.
Edisen, Adele E. U.ARRB TestimonyReports prewarned of assassination by Jose Rivera
Edwards, Robert EdwinWC Testimony11/22/63 AffidavitEmployee, Dallas City Courthouse. Witness at assassination scene.
Einspruch, Burton C.HSC TestimonySylvia Odio's Psyhciatrist
Elkins, Harold E.11/26/63 reportDeputy Sheriff, County of Dallas
Euins, Amos LeeWC Testimony11/22/63 AffidavitWitness at assassination scene.
Evans, JulianWC TestimonyHusband of Myrtle Evans.
Evans, MyrtleWC TestimonyAcquaintance of Marguerite Oswald in Oswald's youth.
Evans, Sidney, Jr.WC TestimonyResident of Ruby's apartment house.
Everard, WayneARRB TestimonyArchivist of New Orleans Public Library Record of JFK Assassination
Fain, John WytheWC TestimonyAgent, FBI.
Fatter, Esmond A.Shaw preliminary hearing testimonyFatter New Orleans Physician, Hypnotist Specialist
Faulkner, Jack11/22/63 Sheriff's reportDeputy Sheriff, County of Dallas
Feldsott, LouisAffidavitPresident, Crescent Firearms, Inc.
Fehrenbach, George WilliamWC TestimonyResident of Ashland, Oreg
Fenley, Robert GeneWC TestimonyReporter, Dallas.
Finck, Pierre A.WC TestimonyHSCA DepositionShaw trial testimonyARRB DepositionDoctor, Bethesda Naval Hospital.
Fischer, Ronald B.WC Testimony11/22/63 AffidavitAuditor, City of Dallas. Witness at assassination scene.
Fleming, Harold J.WC TestimonyEmployee, Armored Motor Service, Inc.
Florer, Larry11/22/63 AffidavitMan who used a phone in the County Records Building after the assassination
Folsom, Allison G.WC TestimonyLt. Col., U.S. Marine Corps.
Ford, Declan P.WC TestimonyHusband of Katherine N. Ford and acquaintance of the Oswalds in Texas.
Ford, Gerald12/16/63 Executive session1/22/64 Executive sessionHSC TestimonyWarren Commission Member.
Ford, KatherineWC TestimonyAcquaintance of the Oswalds in Texas.
Foster, J. W.WC TestimonyMember, Dallas Police Department.
Franzen, Jack11/24/63 FBI reportWitness at the assassination scene.
Franzen, Mrs. JackNovember 25, 1963, FBI reportWitness at the assassination scene.
Frazier, Buell WesleyWC Testimony 12AffidavitShaw trial testimonyEmployee, TSBD and neighbour of the Paines in Irving, Tex.
Frazier, Robert A.WC Testimony23Shaw trial testimonyFirearms Identification Expert, FBI.
Frazier, William BennettWC TestimonyCaptain, Dallas Police Department.
Fritz, John WillWC Testimony 12AffidavitCaptain, Dallas Police Department
Fuqua, Harold R.WC TestimonyParking attendant in basement of city hall.
Gale, James H.HSC TestimonyAssistant Director in charge of the Inspection Division of the FBI.
Gallagher, John F.WC TestimonyAgent, FBI
Gangl, Theodore FrankAffidavitEmployee, Padgett Printing Corp.
Garner, Jesse J.AffidavitNeighbor of the Oswalds in New Orleans.
Garner, Mrs. Jesse J.WC TestimonyShaw trial testimonyLandlady of Oswald in New Orleans.
Garrison, JimShaw trial opening argumentsclosing summationNew Orlean District Attorney.
Gauthier, Leo J.WC TestimonyInspector, FBI
George, M. WaldoAffidavitLandlord of Oswalds in Dallas
Geraci, PhilipWC TestimonyResident of New Orleans who met Oswald.
Gibson, Mrs. DonaldWC TestimonyAcquaintance of the Oswalds in Texas
Gibson, JohnWC TestimonyWitness to Oswald arrest
Giesecke, Adolph H.WC TestimonyDoctor, Parkland Hospital
Givens, Charles DouglasWC TestimonyAffidavitEmployee, TSBD
Glover, Everett D.WC TestimonyAcquaintance of the Oswalds in Texas
Goin, Donald EdwardWC TestimonyArmored car operator
Goldstein, DavidAffidavitOwner, Dave's House of Guns
Goodson, Clyde FranklinWC TestimonyMember, Dallas Police Department
Graef, John G.WC TestimonyOswald's supervisor, Jaggars-Chiles-Stovall, Dallas.
Graf, Allen, D.WC AffidavitAcquaintance of Oswald in Marine Corps.
Grant, EvaWC Testimony 12Sister of Jack Ruby
Graves, GeneAffidavitSecretary, Leslie Welding Co.
Graves, L. C.WC Testimony 12Member, Dallas Police Department.
Gravitis, DorothyWC TestimonyAcquaintance of Mrs. Paine in Dallas.
Gray, VirginiaAffidavitEmployee, Duke University Library.
Green, DavidHSC TestimonyAccoustics expert
Greener, Charles W.WC TestimonyProprietor, Irving Sports Shop.
Greer, William RobertWC TestimonyOriginal ReportAgent, U.S. Secret Service
Gregory, Charles FrancisWC Tesimony 12Doctor, Parkland Hospital
Gregory, Paul RoderickWC TestimonySon of Peter Paul Gregory and acquaintance of the Oswalds in Texas.
Gregory, Peter PaulWC TestimonySon of Peter Paul Gregory and acquaintance of the Oswalds in Texas.
Griffin, Burt W.HSC TestimonyAssistant Counsel for the Warren Commission
Groden, RobertHSC TestimonyAssassination researcher
Gruber, Alexander PhilipHSC depositionDallas associate of Jack Ruby
Gunn, T. JermeyARRB TestimonyWitness to the possession and use of the Zapruder film
Guinn, Vincent P.HSC TestimonyExpert on Neutron Activation Analysis
Guinyard, SamWC TestimonyAffidavitWitness in the vicinity of Tippit crime scene.
Habighorst, AloysiusShaw trial testimonyNew Orleans Police Department, Bureau of Identification
Hall, C. RayWC DepositionAgent, FBI
Hall, Elena A.WC TestimonyAcquaintance of the Oswalds in Texas.
Hall, John RaymondWC TestimonyHusband of Elena A. Hall and acquaintance of the Oswalds.
Hall, Marvin E."Bert"WC TestimonyEmployee, Armored Motor Service, Dallas.
Hallmark, Garnett ClaudWC TestimonyAcquaintance of Jack Ruby.
Hamblen, C. A.WC TestimonyEmployee, Western Union Telegraph Co.
Hamburg, EricARRB TestimonyCo-producer of the film,NIXON, Former Congressional Staff Assistant
Hankal, Robert LeonardWC TestimonyDirector, television station, Dallas.
Hansen, Timothy M., Jr.WC TestimonyMember, Dallas Police Department
Hardiman, JamesShaw trial testimonyUS Postal worker, New Orleans
Hardin, MichaelWC TestimonyCity ambulance driver.
Hargis, Bobby W.WC TestimonyMember, Dallas Police Department. Witness at assassination scene.
Harkness, D. V.WC TestimonyMember, Dallas Police Department
Harrison, William J.WC TestimonyMember, Dallas Police Department
Hart, JohnHSC TestimonyCIA employee who studied the Nosenko defection.
Hartmann, WilliamHSC TestimonyPhotography expert
Hartogs, RenatusWC TestimonyPsychiatrist, New York City.
Hathaway, Philip Ben11/22/63 AffidavitWitnessed a man carying a gun case on the day of the assassination
Hawkins, RayWC TestimonyMember, Dallas Police Department.
Haygood, Clyde A.WC TestimonyMember, Dallas Police Department.
Hayward, FrankShaw Preliminary hearing testimonyDetective in the New Orleans Police Department
Heindel, John ReneWC AffidavitAcquaintance of Oswald in Marine Corps.
Helmick, Wanda Yvonne or Wanda Sweat.WC TestimonyEmployee of Ralph Paul, an acquaintance of Jack Ruby.
Helms, RichardWC TestimonyAffidavitHSC TestimonyDeputy Director for Plans, CIA.
Henchliffe, Margarte M.WC TestimonyNurse, Parkland Hospital
Henderson, RubyDecember 6, 1963, FBI reportWitness at assassination scene.
Henslee, Gerald DaltonWC TestimonyMember, Dallas Police Department.
Herndon, Bell P.WC TestimonyPolygraph operator, FBI
Hess, JacquelineHSC TestimonyExpert in statistical analysis
Hester, Charles11/22/63 Affidavit11/25/63 FBI reportWitness at assassination scene.
Hester, Mrs. CharlesNovember 25, 1963, FBI reportWitness at assassination scene
Hicks, J. B.WC TestimonyMember, Dallas Police Department.
Hicky, George W Jr.Original ReportAgent, U.S. Secret Service
Hill, Clinton J.WC TestimonyOriginal ReportAgent, U.S. Secret Service
Hill, Gerald LynnWC TestimonyMember, Dallas Police Department.
Hill Jean LollisWC Testimony11/22/63 AffidavitWitness at assassination scene.
Hine, Geneva L.WC TestimonyEmployee, TSBD
Hodge, Alfred DouglasWC TestimonyOwner, Buckhorn Trading Post.
Holland, MaxARRB TestimonyAdvocate for disclosures of the Assassination Records
Holland S.M.WC Testimony11/22/63 AffidavitWitness at assassination scene.
Holly, Harold B., Jr.WC TestimonyReserve force, Dallas Police Department.
Holmes, Harry D.WC Testimony 12U.S. Post Office inspector
Hooker, JeannetteJanuary 10, 1964, FBI reportWitness at assassination scene.
Hoover, J. EdgarWC TestimonyDirector, FBI
Hopson, Mrs. AlvinDecember 4, 1963, FBI reportWitness at assassination scene
Hosty, James Patrick Jr.WC TestimonyAgent, FBI
Howlett, John JoeWC TestimonyAgent, U.S. Secret Service.
Hudson, Emmett JWC Testimony11/22/63 AffidavitWitness at assassination scene.
Huffaker, Robert S.WC TestimonyEmployee of Dallas YMCA
Hulen, Richard LeroyWC TestimonyEmployee of Dallas YMCA
Hulse, C. E.WC TestimonyMember, Dallas Police Department.
Humes, James J.WC TestimonyHSC TestimonyARRB DepositionDoctor, Bethesda Naval Hospital.
Hunley, BobbAffidavitEmployee, Louisiana Department of Labor, New Orleans.
Hunt, Bob RHSC TestimonyPhotographic expert.
Hunt, Jackie HansenWC TestimonyDoctor, Parkland Hospital
Hunter, GertrudeWC TestimonyWitness concerning alleged encounter with Oswald.
Hutchison, Leonard EdwinWC TestimonyOwner of grocery store in Irving.
Hutson, Thomas AlexanderWC TestimonyMember, Dallas Police Department.
Hutton, PatReportNurse at Parkland Hospital.
Isaacs, MartinWC TestimonyEmployee, Special Services Welfare Center, New York.
Ivon, LouisShaw trial testimonyChief Investigator, District Attorney's Office, New Orleans
Jacks HurchelStatementDriver of the Vice Presidential Limousine
Jackson, RichardShaw trial testimonyUS Post Office, New Orleans
Jackson, Robert HillWC TestimonyNews photographer, Dallas.
Jackson, TheodoreWC TestimonyAttendant at Dallas parking lot.
James, Virginia H.WC TestimonyInternational Relations Officer, 0ffice of Soviet Affairs, State Department.
Jarman, James Earl Jr.WC TestimonyAffidavitEmployee, TSBD.
Jenkins, Marion ThomasWC TestimonyDoctor, Parkland Hospital.
Jenkins, Ronald LeeWC TestimonyNews editor, radio station, Dallas.
Jimison, R. J.WC TestimonyOrderly, Parkland Hospital.
Johns Thomas L.Original ReportAgent, U.S. Secret Service
Johnson, C. W.Shaw preliminary hearing testimonyDistrict Director of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, New Orleans
Johnson, Arnold SamuelWC TestimonyDirector of Information and Lecture Bureau, Communist Party, U.S.A.
Johnson, Arthur CarlWC TestimonyOwner of roominghouse in Dallas where Oswald resided.
Johnson, Clemon Earl3/18/64 FBI reportWitness at assassination scene.
Johnson, Joseph Weldon, Jr.WC TestimonyAcquaintance of Jack Ruby
Johnson, Mrs. Arthur CarlWC TestimonyWife of A. C. Johnson
Johnson, Mrs. Lyndon B.WC StatementWife of the President of the United States.
Johnson, Lyndon B.WC StatementPresident of the United States
Johnson, MarvinWC TestimonyMember, Dallas Police Department
Johnson, Priscilla Mary PostWC TestimonyARRB TestimonyNewspaper reporter who interviewed Oswald in Russia.
Johnson, SpeedyWC TestimonyAcquaintance of Jack Ruby.
Johnston, David L.WC TestimonyJustice of the peace, Dallas.
Jones, C. M.11/22/63 Sheriff's reportDeputy Sheriff, County of Dallas
Jones, Orville AubreyWC TestimonyCaptain, Dallas Police Department.
Jones, Ronald CoyWC TestimonyARRB TestimonyDoctor, Parkland Hospital
Judge, JohnARRB TestimonyExecutive Secretary of the Coalition on Political Assassinations
Kaminsky, EileenWC TestimonyJack Ruby's sister
Kaiser, FrankieWC TestimonyEmployee, TSBD.
Kantor, SethWC TestimonyReporter.
Katzenbach, NicholasHSC TestimonyUnited States Attorney General
Kaufman, Stanley M.WC TestimonyAcquaintance of Jack Ruby
Kellerman, Roy S.WC TestimonyOriginal ReportAgent, U.S. Secret Service.
Kelley, Thomas J.WC Testimony12HSC TestimonyInspector, U.S. Secret Service.
Kelly, EdwardWC TestimonyPorter, Dallas City Hall
Kelly, WilliamARRB TestimonyCo-Founder of the Committee for an open archives
Kemp, Mrs. MaxineShaw trial testimonySecretary, Personnel Office at East Louisiana State Hospital
Kennedy, JacquelineWC TestimonyWidow of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.
Kennedy, RegisShaw trial testimonyFBI agent, New Orleans
Kenny, James J.Shaw preliminary hearing testimonyAgency Manager of Equitable Assurance
Killion, Charles L.AffidavitFirearms identification expert, FBI.
King, Glen D.WC TestimonyCaptain, Dallas Police Department.
Kinneth, FrancisFBI ReportWitness in the vicinity of the Tippit crime scene
Kinney, Samuel A.Original ReportAgent, U.S. Secret Service.
Kirk, CecilHSC Testimony 123Director Mobile Crime Laboratory, Metropolitan Police Dept., Washington, D.C.
Kivett, Jerry D.Original ReportAgent, U.S. Secret Service.
Klause, Robert G.WC TestimonyPrinter of handbill attacking President Kennedy
Kleinman, AbrahamWC TestimonyAcquaintance of Jack Ruby
Kleinlerer, AlexanderAffidavitAcquaintance of the Oswalds in Texas.
Kline, WilliamAffidavitAgent, U.S. Customs
Knight, Frances G.WC TestimonyDirector, Passport Office, Department of State.
Knudsen, Robert L.HSCA DepositionWhite House photographer.
Kommer, RexShaw trial testimonyMeteorologist, US Weather Bureau
Kounas, Dolores11/25/63 FBI reportWitness at assassination scene.
Kramer, MonicaAffidavitTourist in Minsk in 1961
Kravitz, Herbert B.WC TestimonyAcquaintance of Jack Ruby
Kriss, Harry M.WC TestimonyReserve force, Dallas Police Department.
Krystinik, Raymond FranklinWC TestimonyFellow employee of Michael R. Paine in Texas
Kurtz, Michael L.ARRB TestimonyHistory Professor, Author of CRIME OF THE CENTURY
Landis, Paul E. JrOriginal ReportAgent, U.S. Secret Service.
Lane, Doyle E.WC TestimonyClerk, Western Union Telegraph Co.
Lane, MarkWC Testimony 12Lawyer, author of PLAUSIBLE DENIAL, RUSH TO JUDGMENT
Latona, Sebastian F.WC TestimonyFingerprint expert, FBI
Lawrence, John Stevens Rutter11/22/63 AffidavitWitness to a man with a rifle.
Lawrence, Patricia Ann11/24/63 FBI reportWitness at assassination scene.
Lawrence, Perdue WilliamWC TestimonyCaptain, Dallas Police Department.
Lawson, Winston G.WC TestimonyOriginal ReportAgent, U.S. Secret Service.
Leavelle, James R.WC Testimony 12Member, Dallas Police Department.
LeBlanc, Charles JosephWC TestimonyMaintenance man, William B. Reily Co.
Lee, Ivan D.AffidavitAgent, FBI
Lee, Vincent T.WC TestimonyAffidavitOfficial, Fair Play for Cuba Committee.
Lehrer, JamesWC TestimonyReporter, Dallas.
Lesar, JamesARRB Testimony 12Lawyer, Washington, DC
Leslie HelenWC TestimonyMember of Russian-speaking community in Dallas.
Levey, Julian L.Shaw preliminary hearing testimonyNew Orleans Official Court Reporter
Levine, LowellHSC TestimonyForensic dentist
Lewis, Aubrey LeeWC TestimonyEmployee, Western Union Telegraph Co.
Lewis, Clinton11/22/63 Sheriff's reportDeputy Sheriff, Dallas County.
Lewis, C. L. "Lummie"11/23/63 Sheriff's reportDeputy Sheriff, Dallas County.
Lewis, Erwin DonaldWC AffidavitAcquaintance of Oswald in Marine Corps.
Lewis, L.J.AffidavitFBI ReportWitness in the vicinity of the Tippit crime scene
Lidin, Harold JeromeShaw preliminary hearing testimonyNews Director WVUE
Liebeler, WesleyHSC TestimonyARRB TestimonyWarren Commission lawyer
Lifton, DavidARRB TestimonyAssassination researcher
Light, Frederick W. Jr.WC TestimonyWound ballistics expert, U.S. Army.
Link, RobertShaw trial testimonyAttorney and Notary Public Parish of Orleans
Litchfield, Wilbyrn Waldon (Robert), IIWC TestimonyAcquaintance of Ruby
Livingstone, HarrisonARRB TestimonyAssassination researcher.
Logan, DavidTelephone convesation with James AlcockDiscusses attendees of a party
Lord, Billy JoeAffidavitPassenger with Oswald on SS Marion Lykes.
Lowery, Roy LeeWC TestimonyMember, Dallas Police Department
Lovelady, Billy NolanWC TestimonyEmployee, TSBD.
Lujan, Daniel GutierrezWC TestimonyAppeared in lineup with Oswald.
Lutz, MontyHSC TestimonyFirearms expert.
Lux, J. PhilipAffidavitEmployee, H. L. Green Co
Mabra, W. W.11/27/63 ReportDallas County Sheriff Deputy
Mack, GaryARRB TestimonyAssassination researcher.
Macphearson, DuncanInterview by Joel GrantBallistics Expert
Malley, James R.AffidavitHSC TestimonyInspector, FBI
Mallory, KatherineAffidavitTourist in Minsk in 1961
Mamantov, Ilya A.WC TestimonyMember of Russian-speaking community in Dallas.
Manchester, JohnShaw trial testimonyTown Marshal, Clinton, Louisiana
Mandella, ArthurWC TestimonyFingerprint expert, New York City Police Department.
Marcus, Jack12/2/63 FBI reportAttorney, acquaintance of Jack Ruby
Markham, HelenWC Testimony 123Witness in the vicinity of the Tippit crime scene.
Marrs, JimARRB TestimonyAssassination researcher.
Martello, Francis L.WC TestimonyAffidavitLieutenant, New Orleans Police Department.
Martin, Billy JoeWC TestimonyShaw trial testimonyMember, Dallas Police Department.
Martin, Dwight W.Shaw preliminary hearing testimonyWDSU employee
Martin, Frank M.WC TestimonyCaptain, Dallas Police Department.
Martin, James HerbertWC TestimonyFormer business manager for Mrs. Lee Harvey Oswald.
Matthews, Russel DouglasHSC depositionEx-bar owner in Cuba
Maxey, Billy JoeWC TestimonyMember, Dallas Police Department.
Mayo, Logan W.WC TestimonyReserve force, Dallas Police Department.
McBride, Palmer E.11/26/63 FBI interviewAcquaintance of Lee Harvey Oswald.
McCaghren, PaulHSC TestimonyFormer lieutenant of the Dallas Police Department
McCamy, Calvin S.HSC Testimony234Photographic expert
McCarthy, ElizabethShaw trial testimonyHandwriting expert
McClelland, Robert NelsonWC TestimonyARRB TestimonyDoctor, Parkland Hospital.
McCloy, John J.12/16/63 Executive sessionHSC TestimonyWarren Commission member
McCone, John A.WC TestimonyDirector, Central Intelligence Agency.
McCullough John G.WC TestimonyReporter, Philadelphia.
McCurdy, Danny PatrickWC TestimonyAcquaintance of Jack Ruby
McCurley, A.D.11/22/63 Sheriff's reportDallas Deputy Sheriff
McDonald, M. N.WC TestimonyMember, Dallas Police Department.
McFarland, John BryanAffidavitPassenger on bus with Oswald to Mexico City in 1963.
McFarland, MerylAffidavitPassenger on bus with Oswald to Mexico City in 1963.
McGehee, Edwin LeaShaw trial testimonyBarber - Jackson, Louisiana
McIntyre, William T.Original ReportAgent, U.S. Secret Service.
McKeown, Robert RayHSC testimonyDallas Associate of Jack Ruby
McKinzie, LouisWC TestimonyPorter, Dallas City Hall
McLain, H. B.HSC TestimonyMember of Dallas Police Department,Witness at assassination scene
McLaughlin JohnARRB TestimonyAKA John Bevilaqua, assassination researcher
McNally, JosephHSC Testimony 12Handwriting expert
McMillon, Thomas DonaldWC TestimonyMember, Dallas Police Department.
McVickar, John A.WC Testimony12Foreign Service officer stationed at American Embassy in Soviet Union in 1959-61.
McWatters, Cecil J.WC TestimonyBusdriver, Dallas.
McWillie, LewisHSC Testimony11/27/63 FBI reportRuby associate with purported mob ties.
Melanson, PhilipARRB TestimonyAuthor, SPY SAGA
Meller, Anna N.WC TestimonyAcquaintance of the Oswalds in Texas.
Mercer, Julia Ann11/22/63 AffidavitDallas Resident
Meros ThomasARRB TestimonyDallas visit May 1992 with Dee McCarell
Meyers, Lawrence V.WC TestimmonyHSC depositionAssociate of Jack Ruby
Michaelis, Heinz W.WC TestimonyManager, Seaport Traders, Inc.
Milam, WallaceARRB TestimonyAssassination Researcher
Miller, Austin L.WC Testimony11/22/63 AffidavitWitness at assassination scene.
Miller, Dave L.WC TestimonyAcquaintance of Jack Ruby
Miller, Louis D.WC TestimonyMember, Dallas Police Department
Miller, Page PutnamARRB TestimonyNational Coordinating Committee for the Promotion of History in Washington
Millican, A. J.11/22/63 AffidavitWitness at assassination scene.
Mirabal Diaz, AlfredoHSC TestimonyCuban Consul Mexico City
Mitchell, Mary AnneWC TestimonyWitness at assassination scene
Molina, Joe R.WC TestimonyEmployee, TSBD
Montgomery, L. D.WC Testimony 12Member, Dallas Police Department.
Mooney, LukeWC Testimony11/23/63 Sheriff's reportDeputy Sheriff, Dallas County.
Mooneyham, LillianJanuary 10, 1964, FBI reportWitness at assassination scene.
Moore, Goldie NaomieShaw trial testimonyClay Shaw's secretary
Moore, Henry M.WC TestimonyMember, Dallas Police Department.
Moore, Russell Lee (Knight)WC TestimonyAcquaintance of Jack Ruby
Moore, T. E.1/10/64 FBI reportWitness at assassination scene.
Moorman, Mary Ann11/22/63 Affidavit11/23/63 FBI reportShaw trial testimonyWitness at assassination scene
Morgan, ReevesShaw trial testimonyTestified that Lee Oswald came to his home near Jackson Louisiana in 1963
Mumford, PamelaWC TestimonyPassenger on bus with Oswald to Mexico City in 1963
Murphy, Joe E.WC TestimonyMember, Dallas Police Department.
Murphy, Paul EdwardWC AffidavitAcquaintance of Oswald in Marine Corps.
Murphy, Thomas J.3/20/64 FBI reportWitness at assassination scene.
Murrah, DavidARRB TestimonyDirector of the Southeast Collection at Texas Tech University
Murray, David Christie Jr.WC AffidavitAcquaintance of Oswald in Marine Corps.
Murret, Charles D. (Dutz)WC TestimonyUncle of Lee Harvey Oswald, New Orleans.
Murret, John, M. (Boogie)WC TestimonyCousin of Lee Harvey Oswald.
Murret, LillianWC TestimonyAffidavitaunt of LHO.
Murret, Marilyn DorotheaWC TestimonyCousin of LHO.
Naman, RitaAffidavitTourist in Minsk in 1961
Nelson, Doris MaeWC TestimonyNurse, Parkland Hospital.
Newman, Gayle11/22/63 Affidavit11/24/63 FBI reportShaw trial testimonywitness at the assassination scene.
Newman, Jean11/22/63 Affidavit11/24/63 FBI reportwitness at the assassination scene.
Newman, JohnARRB TestimonyMember of COPA
Newman, William Eugene11/22/63 Affidavit11/24/63 FBI reportShaw trial testimonywitness at the assassination scene.
Newman, William J.WC TestimonyReserve force, Dallas Police Department.
Newnam, John WilkinsWC TestimonyAdvertising department employee, Dallas newspaper.
Newquist, Andrew M.HSC TestimonyFirearms expert.
Nichols, Alice ReavesWC TestimonyAcquaintance of Jack Ruby.
Nichols, H. LouisWC TestimonyFormer president, Dallas bar association.
Nichols, JohnShaw trial testimonyPhysician, Pathology
Nicol, Joseph D.WC TestimonyFirearms identification expert, Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation, Illinois Department of Public Safety.
Norman, HaroldWC Testimony12/4/63 AffidavitEmployee, TSBD
Norton, Robert L.WC TestimonyAcquaintance of Jack Ruby
O'Brien, Lawrence F.WC TestimonyAssistant to President Kennedy
O'Donnell, EdwardShaw trial testimonyPolice Officer, Lieutenant, Assistant Commanding Officer, Homicide Division, New Orleans Police Department
O'Donnell, Kenneth P.WC TestimonySpecial Assistant to President Kennedy
O'Sullivan, Frederick S.WC TestimonyAcquaintance of Oswald at Beauregard Junior High School, New Orleans
Odell, J.G.11/23/63 Sheriffs reportEyewitness of Lee Oswald on a bus just after the assassination.
Odio SylviaWC TestimonyFormer citizen of Cuba now residing in Dallas.
Odum, Bardwell D.AffidavidAgent, FBI
Ofstein, Dennis HymanWC TestimonyEmployee, Jaggers-Chiles-Stovall, Dallas.
Olds, Gregory LeeWC TestimonyPresident, Dallas Chapter, American Civil Liberties Union.
Oliver Massegee, BeverlyARRB Testimony
Oliver, Revilo PendletonWC TestimonyMember of the council of the John Birch Society.
Olivier, Alfred G.WC TestimonyExcerpts from Rockefeller Commission testimonyWound ballistics expert, U. S. Army.
Olsen, Harry N.WC TestimonyFormer member, Dallas Police Department.
Olsen, Kay HelenWC TestimonyAcquaintance of Jack Ruby.
Orth, HerbertShaw trial testimonyLife Employee who prepared slides from the Zapruder film
Osborn, SteveARRB Testimony
Osborne, MackWC AffidavitAcquaintance of Oswald in Marine Corps.
Oser, AlvinShaw trial closing argumentsRebuttal argumentsProsecutor in the Clay Shaw case
Oswald, MargueriteWC Testimony 12345Mother of Lee Harvey Oswald
Oswald (Porter), MarinaWC Testimony12HSC Testimony 123HSCA DepositionsShaw trial testimonyWidow of Lee Harvey Oswald
Oswald, Robert Edward LeeWC TestimonyBrother of Lee Harvey Oswald.
Owens, Calvin BudWC TestimonyMember, Dallas Police Department.
Owens, Ernest11/22/63 Affidavitwitnessed a man with a rifle on 11/21/63.
Oxford. J. L.11/23/63 ReportDallas County Sheriff Deputy
Paine, Michael RalphWC Testimony 123Acquaintance of the Oswalds in Texas.
Paine, Ruth HydeWC Testimony 12345AffidavitShaw trial testimonyWife of Michael R. Paine and acquaintance of the Oswalds in Texas.
Palmer, Henry EarlShaw trial testimonyWitnessed Clay Shaw, David Ferrie, and Lee Oswald together in Clinton Louisiana
Palmer, Thomas StewartWC TestimonyAcquaintance of Jack Ruby.
Panitz, Meyer R.1/14/64 FBI report
Panzeca, SalvatoreShaw trial testimonyClay Shaw defense attorney
Papale, Antonio EdwardShaw preliminary hearing testimonyDean of the Law School of Loyola University
Pappas, Icarus M.WC TestimonyReporter, radio station, New York City.
Patrick, LeonardHSC depositionAssociate of Jack Ruby
Patterson, B.M.AffidavitFBI ReportWitness in the vicinity of the Tippit crime scene.
Patterson, Bobby G.WC TestimonyMember, Dallas Police Department.
Patterson, Robert CarlWC TestimonyAcquaintance of Jack Ruby
Paul, RalphWC TestimonyAcquaintance of Jack Ruby
Pena, OrestWC TestimonyOwner, Habana Bar, New Orleans.
Pena, RupertoWC TestimonyBrother of Orest Pena
Perkins, John N.Shaw trial testimonyPolice Officer, Central Lockup, B of I Division, New Orleans Police Department
Perry, Malcolm OliverWC Testimony 12ARRB TestimonyDoctor, Parkland Hospital.
Perry, W. E.WC TestimonyMember, Dallas Police Department.
Peterman, ViolaWC TestimonyNeighbor of Oswald family in New Orleans.
Peters, Paul ConradWC TestimonyARRB TestimonyDoctor, Parkland Hospital
Peterson, Joseph AlexanderWC TestimonyAcquaintance of Jack Ruby
Petty, Charles S.HSC TestimonyForensic pathologists serving on the select committee autopsy panel
Phelan, JamesShaw trial testimonyFreelance writer
Phenix, George R.WC TestimonyTelevision cameraman and reporter, Dallas.
Pic, Edward John Jr.WC TestimonyAffidavitFirst husband of Marguerite Oswald.
Pic, John EdwardWC TestimonyHalf brother of Lee Harvey Oswald.
Pierce, Edward E.WC TestimonyEmployee, Dallas City Hall.
Pierce, Rio S.WC Testimony 12Lieutenant, Dallas Police Department.
Pinkston, Nat A.WC TestimonyEmployee, TSBD.
Piper, EddieWC Testimony1211/23/63 AffidavitEmployee, TSBD.
Pitts, ElnoraWC TestimonyAcquaintance of Jack Ruby
Pizzo, FrankWC TestimonyAssistant manager of auto agency, Dallas.
Player, Charles Polk11/22/63 Sheriff's reportDeputy Sheriff, County of Dallas
Poe, J. M.WC TestimonyMember, Dallas Police Department.
Postal, JuliaWC TestimonyCashier, Texas Theatre.
Potter, Nolan H.3/19/64 FBI reportWitness at assassination scene.
Potts, Walter E.WC TestimonyMember, Dallas Police Department.
Powell, Nancy M. (a.k.a. Tammie True)WC TestimonyAcquaintance of Jack Ruby.
Powers, Daniel PatrickWC DepositionAcquaintance of Oswald in Marine Corps.
Powers, David F.AffidavitAssistant to President Kennedy.
Price, Charles JackWC TestimonyAdministrator, Parkland Hospital.
Price, J. C.11/22/63 AffidavitWitness at the assassination scene.
Price, Malcolm H., Jr.WC TestimonyPatron, Sports Drome Rifle Range.
Priddy, Hal, Jr.WC TestimonyRelief dispatcher, O'Neil Funeral Home in Dallas.
Pryor, Roy A.WC TestimonyAcquaintance of Jack Ruby
Pugh, OranAffidavitAgent, U.S. Customs
Pullman, Edward J.WC TestimonyAcquaintance of Jack Ruby
Putnam, James A.WC Testimony 12Member, Dallas Police Department.
Quigley, John LesterWC TestimonyAgent, FBI.
Rachal, John R.AffidavitEmployee, Louisiana Department of Labor, New Orleans.
Rachley, VirgieSee Baker, Mrs. Donald.
Rackley, George W. Sr.WC TestimonyEmployee, Coordinated RR. Co.
Raigorodsky, Paul M.WC TestimonyMember of Russian-speaking community in Dallas.
Randle, Linnie MaeWC Testimony11/23/63 FBI reportBuell Wesley Frazier's sister and neighbour of Ruth Paine.
Rankin, Lee J.12/16/63 Executive session1/22/64 Executive sessionHSC TestimonyHSC Excutive Session TestimonyARRB TestimonyWarren Commission General Counsel
Ray, Natalie.WC TestimonyAcquaintance of the Oswalds in Texas.
Ray, Thomas M.WC TestimonyHusband of Natalie Ray and acquaintance of the Oswalds in Texas.
Ray, ValentinaWC TestimonyAcquaintance of the Oswalds in Texas.
Rea, Billy AndrewWC TestimonyAdvertising staff, Dallas newspaper.
Ready, John D.Original Report
Rector, Clarence A.11/30/63 FBI report
Redlich, Dean NormanHSC TestimonyWarren Commission Staff Member
Reeves, HueyWC TestimonyAcquaintance of Jack Ruby.
Reid, RobertJanuary 10, 1964, FBI reportWitness at assassination scene.
Reid, Mrs. Robert A.WC TestimonyEmployee, TSBD.
Reilly, Frank E.WC TestimonyWitness at assassination scene.
Reilly, John F.Shaw preliminary hearing testimonyPolice Officer, Central Lockup, B of I Division, New Orleans Police Department
Revill, JackWC Testimony 12HSC TestimonyLieutenant, Dallas Police Department.
Reynolds, JohnieFBI Report
Reynolds, Warren AllenWC Testimony1/22/64 FBI ReportWitness in the vicinity of the Tippit crime scene.
Rheinstein, FredericWC TestimonyProducer-director, NBC
Rich, Joe HenryStatementDriver of the Vice-Presidential Limousine
Rich, Nancy PerrinWC TestimonyAcquaintance of Jack Ruby.
Richey, Marjorie R.WC TestimonyAcquaintance of Jack Ruby.
Richey, Warren E.WC TestimonyTV engineer, Fort Worth
Riebe, FloydARRB Deposition
Riggs, AlfreadiaWC TestimonyPorter, City Hall
Riggs, Chester Allen, Jr.AffidavitLandlord of the Oswalds in Fort Worth.
Ritchie, James L.WC TestimonyPassport Officer, Department of State.
Roberts, EarleneWC TestimonyHousekeeper at Oswald's roominghouse in Dallas.
Roberts, Emory P.Original Report
Robertson, Mary JaneWC TestimonyEmployee, Dallas Police Department.
Robertson, Victor F.WC TestimonyReporter, Dallas.
Rodriguez, EvaristoWC TestimonyBartender at Habana Bar, New Orleans.
Rogers, EricWC TestimonyNeighbor of the Oswalds in New Orleans.
Rolland, Rowland CharlesShaw trial testimonyPresident of Winterland Ice Skating Rink
Romack, JamesWC TestimonyWitness at assassination scene.
Rose, Guy F.WC TestimonyMember, Dallas Police Department.
Ross, Henrietta M.WC TestimonyTechnician, Parkland Hospital.
Roussel, Henry J.WC AffidavitAcquaintance of Oswald in Marine Corps.
Rossi, JosephWC TestimonyAcquaintance of Jack Ruby.
Rowland, Arnold LouisWC Testimony11/22/63 AffidavitWitness at assassination scene.
Rowland, Barbara WalkerWC Testimony11/22/63 AffidavitWitness at assassination scene.
Rowley, James J.WC TestimonyHSC TestimonyChief, U.S. Secret Service.
Rubenstein, HymanWC TestimonyBrother of Jack Ruby
Ruby, EarlWC TestimonyHSC TestimonyBrother of Jack Ruby
Ruby, JackWC Testimony 12Convicted slayer of Oswald.
Ruby, SamWC TestimonyBrother of Jack Ruby
Rusk, DeanWC TestimonySecretary of State.
Russell, DickARRB Testimony
Russell, Richard12/16/63 Executive sessionU.S. Senator and member of the Warren Commission
Russell, HaroldAffidavit1/22/64 FBI ReportWitness in the vicinity of the Tippit crime scene.
Russo, Perry RaymondShaw Grand Jury testimony 12Shaw preliminary hearing testimony 1234Shaw trial testimony 12Transcript of Jim Kemp interviewWitness to alleged meeting between Clay Shaw, David Ferrie, and Lee Harvey Oswald
Ryan, JosephShaw trial testimonyDirector, Office of Personnel, New Orleans Post Office
Ryder, Dial DuaneWC Testimony2Employee, Irving Sports Shop.
Salerno RalphHSC TestimonyExpert on the mob
Salyer, Kenneth EverettWC TestimonyDoctor, Parkland Hospital.
Sanders, CharlesARRB Testimony
Sanders, Pauline E.11/24/63 FBI reportWitness at assassination scene.
Saunders, Richard L.WC TestimonyWitness at the assassination scene.
Sawyer, J. HerbertWC TestimonyInspector, Dallas Police Department.
Sawyer, MildredWC TestimonyNeighbor and acquaintance of Oswald as a youth in New Orleans.
Schaeffer, RoyARRB Testimony
Schmidt, Hunter Jr.WC TestimonyCity editor, Dallas.
Schmidt, VolkmarInterview by KellyAquaintance of Oswald
Schuster, PeterShaw preliminary hearing testimonyShaw trial testimonyPhotography expert
Scoggins, William W.WC TestimonyWitness in the vicinity of the Tippit crime scene.
Scott, Peter DaleARRB TestimonyAssassination researcher.
Scibor, Mitchell J.WC TestimonyEmployee, Klein's Sports Goods.
Sedgebeer, Fenner O.Shaw Grand Jury testimonyInvestigator for New Orlean DA
Seely, Carroll Hamilton Jr.WC TestimonyAssistant Chief, Legal Division, Passport Office, Department of State.
Semingsen, W. W.WC TestimonyEmployee, Western Union Telegraph Co.
Senator, GeorgeWC TestimonyRoommate of Jack Ruby
Servance, John OlridgeWC TestimonyHead porter, City Hall and Municipal Building.
Shackelford, MartinARRB TestimonyAssassination researcher.
Shaneyfelt, Lyndal L.WC Testimony 12Shaw trial testimonyPhotography expert, FBI
Shasteen, Clifton M.WC TestimonyOwner of barbershop in Irving, Tex.
Shaw, ClayShaw trial testimonyTried and acquitted as a conspirator in the assassination of JFK
Shaw, Robert RoederWC Testimony 12Doctor, Parkland Hospital.
Shelley, William H.WC Testimony 12Employee, TSBD
Shields, EdwardWC TestimonyEmployee, TSBD.
Shires, George T.WC TestimonyDoctor, Parkland Hospital.
Siegel, Evelyn Grace StrickmanWC TestimonySocial worker, New York City.
Simmons, James3/19/64 FBI reportShaw trial testimonyWitness at assassination scene.
Simmons, RonaldWC TestimonyWeapons evaluation expert, U.S. Army Weapons System Division.
Simon, ArtARRB Testimony
Sims, Richard M.WC TestimonyMember, Dallas Police Department.
Sitzman, MarilynInterview with Josiah ThompsonWitness at assassination scene
Skelton, Royce G.WC Testimony11/22/63 AffidavitWitness at assassination scene.
Slack, Garland Glenwill11/22/63 AffidavitPatron, Sports Drome Rifle Range.
Slack, Willie B.WC TestimonyMember, Dallas Police Department.
Slaughter, Malcolm R.WC TestimonyResident in Jack Ruby's apartment building.
Slawson, W. DavidHSC TestimonyWarren Commission Assistant Counsel
Smart, Vernon S.WC TestimonyLieutenant, Dallas Police Department.
Smith, BennieritaWC TestimonyAcquaintance of Oswald at Beauregard Junior High School in New Orleans.
Smith, Edgar Leon Jr.WC TestimonyMember, Dallas Police Department.
Smith, Glenn EmmettWC TestimonyService station attendant in Dallas.
Smith, Hilda L.AffidavitEmployee, Louisiana Department of Labor, New Orleans.
Smith, Joe MarshallWC TestimonyMember, Dallas Police Department.
Smith, John AllisonWC TestimonyTV technician, Fort Worth.
Smith, KennethARRB Testimony
Smith, L.C.Sheriff's reportmember Dalls County Sheriff's Department
Smith, William ArthurWC TestimonyFBI ReportWitness in the vicinity of the Tippit crime scene.
Snow, Clyde CollinsHSC Testimony
Snyder, Richard EdwardWC TestimonyForeign Service officer, stationed in the Embassy in the Soviet Union, 1959-61.
Solomon, James MauriceWC TestimonyCaptain, Dallas Police Department.
Solon, John J.January 6, 1964, FBI reportWitness at assassination scene
Sorrels, Forrest V.WC Testimony 12affidavitAgent, U.S. Secret Service.
Specter, ArlenHSC TestimonyWarren Commission Counsel
Spencer, SaundraARRB Deposition
Springer, PearlDecember 5, 1963, FBI reportWitness at assassination scene
Standridge, Ruth JeanetteWC TestimonyHead nurse of operating rooms, Parkland Hospital.
Standifer, Roy E.WC TestimonyMember, Dallas Police Department.
Staples, Albert F.AffidavitDentist at Baylor University College of Dentistry.
Stass, Frank JosephShaw preliminary hearing testimonyRegistrar, Loyola University
Statman, IrvingWC TestimonyAssistant District Director of Dallas District, Texas Employment Commission.
Steele, Charles Hall, Jr.WC TestimonyResident of New Orleans who assisted Oswald in distribution of handbills.
Steele, Charles Hall, Sr.WC TestimonyFather of Charles Hall Steele, Jr.
Steele, Don FrancisWC TestimonyMember, Dallas Police Department.
Stevenson, M. W.WC Testimony 12Deputy Chief, Dallas Police Department.
Stombaugh, Paul MorganWC TestimonyHair and fiber expert, FBI.
Stovall, Richard S.WC TestimonyMember, Dallas Police Department.
Stovall, Robert L.WC TestimonyPresident, Jaggars-Chiles-Stovall, Dallas, Tex.
Strehly, Harold11/27/63 ReportDallas County Sheriff Deputy
Stringer, John T.ARRB Deposition
Strong, Jesse M.WC TestimonyEmployee, Western Union Telegraph Co.
Stuckey, William KirkWC TestimonyRadio program director, New Orleans.
Studebaker, Robert LeeWC TestimonyMember, Dallas Police Department.
Sturdivan, LarryHSC Testimony
Summers, Malcolm11/22/63 Affidavit
Surrey, Robert AlanWC TestimonyPublisher of handbill attacking President Kennedy.
Sutherland, LawrenceARRB Testimony
Sweatt, Allan11/23/63 reportChief Criminal Deputy, Dallas County Sheriff
Tadin, NicholasShaw trial testimonyClaimed to have seen Clay Shaw and David Ferrie together at the New Orleans Airport in 1964.
Tadin, MatildaShaw trial testimonyClaimed to have seen Clay Shaw and David Ferrie together at the New Orleans Airport in 1964.
Tague , James ThomasWC TestimonyWitness at assassination scene.
Talbert Cecil E.WC Testimony 12Captain, Dallas Police Department.
Tanenbaum, RobertARRB Testimony
Tasker, Harry T.WC TestimonyTaxicab driver in Dallas
Tatro, EdgarARRB Testimony
Tatum, Jack RayHSC InterviewWitness in the vicinity of the Tippit shooting
Taylor, Gary E.WC Testimony 18/4/64 AffidavitAcquaintance of the Oswalds in Texas.
Taylor, Warren W.Original Report
TenBrink, PhilipARRB Testimony
Thompson, JosiahARRB Testimony
Thompson, Llewellyn E.WC TestimonyFormer U.S. Ambassador to Russia.
Thornley, Kerry WendellWC TestimonyAcquaintance of Oswald in Marines.
Tice, Wilma MayWC TestimonyResident of Dallas
Tirado, SilviaHSC Testimony
Tilley SteveARRB Testimony 123
Tobias, Mahlon F., Sr.WC TestimonyManager of apartment house where the Oswalds resided, Dallas.
Tobias, Mrs. Mahlon F.WC TestimonyWife of M. F. Tobias, Sr.
Todd, James RobertHSC depositionAssociate of Jack Ruby
Todd, L. C.11/27/63 ReportDallas County Sheriff Deputy
Tomlinson, Darrell C.WC TestimonySenior engineer, Parkland Hospital.
Tormey, James J.WC TestimonyExecutive secretary, Hall-Davis Defense Commission.
Trafficante, SantosHSC Testimony
Trask, RichardARRB Testimony 12
Truly, Roy SansomWC Testimony12AffidavitSuperintendent, TSBD.
Turner, F. M.WC TestimonyMember, Dallas Police Department.
Turner, JimmyWC TestimonyTV director, Fort Worth
Twiford, EstelleAffidavitWife of Horace Elroy Twiford
Twiford, Horace ElroyAffidavitMember, Socialist Labor Party, Houston, Tex.
Tyler, StephenARRB Testimony
Underwood, James RobertWC TestimonyAssistant news director TV and radio, Dallas.
Vaughn, Roy EugeneWC TestimonyMember, Dallas Police Department.
Verb, HalARRB Testimony
Verdacia, JoseHSC Testimony
Vernon, RobertARRB Testimony
Vinson, Phillip EugeneWC TestimonyReporter, Fort Worth.
Voebel, EdwardWC TestimonyAcquaintance of Oswald in Beauregard Junior High School, New Orleans.
Voshinin, Igor VladimirWC TestimonyMember of Russian-speaking community in Dallas.
Voshinin, Mrs. Igor VladimirWC TestimonyAcquaintance of the Oswalds in Texas.
Wade, HenryWC TestimonyDistrict attorney, Dallas County.
Waldman, William J.WC TestimonyVice President, Klein's Sporting Goods, Inc.
Waldo, ThayerWC TestimonyReporter, Forth Worth.
Walker, C. T.WC TestimonyMember, Dallas Police Department.
Walker, Edwin A.WC TestimonyResident of Dallas and object of shooting in April 1963.
Walker, Ira N., Jr.WC TestimonyBroadcast technician, Fort Worth.
Wall, Breck (a.k.a. Billy Ray Wilson)WC TestimonyAcquaintance of Ruby
Walters Ralph11/23/63 Sheriff's reportDeputy Sheriff, County of Dallas
Walther, CarolynDecember 5, 1963, FBI reportWitness at assassination scene
Walthers, Eddy Raymond (Buddy)WC TestimonySheriff's reportDeputy sheriff, Dallas County.
Walton, Elizabeth CarolynShaw trial testimonyWitness at assassination scene
Warner, Roger C.AffidavitAgent, U.S. Secret Service
Waren, Earl12/16/63 Executive sessionChairman of the Presidential Commission to Investigate the Asassination of President Kennedy
Waterman, BerniceWC TestimonyAdjudicator, Passport Office, Department of State.
Watherwax, Arthur WilliamWC TestimonyPrinter, Dallas newspaper.
Watson, James C.WC TestimonyMember, Dallas Police Department.
Watson, RadioSheriff's reportMember Dalls County Sheriff's Department
Watts, Clyde J.WC TestimonyAttorney representing Maj. Gen. Edwin A. Walker
Weatherford, Harry11/23/63 Sheriff's reportDeputy Sheriff, County of Dallas
Weatherly, DarylARRB TestimonyAssassination researcher
Wecht, Cyril H.HSC TestimonyDissenting member of the House Forensic Pathology Panel
Wegmann, Cynthia AnneARRB TestimonyDaughter of Edward Wegmann
Wegmann, Edward F.Shaw trial testimonyAttorney working for Clay Shaw
Weiner, Irwin SigneyHSC depositionAssociate of Jack Ruby
Weinstock, LouisAffidavitGeneral manager, the Worker.
Weiss, MarkHSC TestimonyAccoustic expert.
Weissman, Bernard WilliamWC Testimony 12Codraftsman and signer of November 22, 1963, full-page advertisement.
Weitzman, MosesARRB TestimonyPhotographic expert who has worked with the Zapruder film.
Weitzman, SeymourWC TestimonyDeputy constable, Dallas County.
West, Troy EugeneWC TestimonyEmployee, TSBD.
Westbrook, W. R.WC TestimonyCaptain, Dallas Police Department.
Wester, Jane CarolynWC TestimonyNurse, Parkland Hospital.
Whalen, Edward JamesGarrison Report onAssociate of David Ferrie
Whaley, William WayneWC Testimony 123Taxicab driver in Dallas.
White, J.C.WC TestimonyMember, Dallas Police Department.
White, Jack D.HSC TestimonyAssassination researcer.
White, Martin G.WC TestimonyDoctor, Parkland Hospital.
Whitworth, EdithWC TestimonyManager, used furniture store, Irving, Tex.
Wiggins, WoodrowWC TestimonyLieutenant, Dallas Police Department.
Wilcott, James B.HSCA Executive session testimonyFormer CIA Employee.
Wilcox, Laurance R.WC TestimonyDistrict manager, Western Union Telegraph Co.
Williams, Bonnie RayWC TestimonyEmployee, TSBD.
Willens, Howard P.HSC TestimonyHSC Executive Session TestimonyWarren Commission Staff Member
Willis, Linda KayWC TestimonyDaughter of Phillip L. Willis.
Willis, Mrs. PhillipShaw trial testimonyWitness at assassination scene
Willis, Phillip L.WC TestimonyShaw trial testimonyWitness at assassination scene
Wilson, Steven F.January 9, 1964, FBI reportWitness at assassination scene
Wilson, ThomasARRB TestimonyAssassination researcher.
Winborn, Walter Luke3/10/64 FBI reportWitness at assassination scene.
Wiseman, John11/23/63 ReportDeputy Sheriff, Dallas County
Witt, Louie StevenHSC TestimonyWitness at assassination scene.
Wittmus, Ronald G.AffidavitFingerprint expert, FBI
Wood, HomerWC TestimonyPatron, Sports Drome Rifle Range
Wood, Sterling CharlesWC TestimonySon of Dr. Homer Wood
Wood, TheresaWC TestimonyWife of Dr. Homer Wood
Woodward, Mary ElizabethDecember 7, 1963, FBI reportWitness at assassination scene
Worley, Gano E.WC TestimonyReserve Force, Dallas Police Department.
Worrell, James Richard, Jr.WC Testimony11/23/63 AffidavitWitness at assassination scene.
Wright, Milton T.StatementDriver of the car carying Earl Cabell.
Wright, Norman EarlWC TestimonyAcquaintance of Jack Ruby
Wulf, William E.WC TestimonyAcquaintance of Oswald in his youth.
Yarborough, Ralph W.AffidavitU.S. Senator from Texas.
Yeargan, Albert C. Jr.AffidavitEmployee, H. C. Green, Dallas.
Youngblood, Rufus W.WC TestimonyOriginal ReportAgent, U.S. Secret Service.
Zahm, James A.WC TestimonyMarine Corps expert on marksmanship.
Zaid, Mark S.ARRB TestimonyAssassination researcher
Zapruder AbrahamWC TestimonyShaw trial testimony 12Witness at assassination scene.