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The Occult law, history repeats every 33 years.......

The Occult Law of the 33 Year Rhythm and Secret Societies.
"Connections in intervals of 33 years bring understanding for the continuing current of historical progress ... That which happens in approximately this length of time - one can, of course, only speak of such things in approximate terms - points to a moment of birth 33 years previously and is itself the birth-point for what will happen in the course of the next 33 years."
"everything in history rises up from the grave in a changed form after 33 years"
(Rudolf Steiner, lecture of 23 December 1917 entitled 'Et Incarnatus est - the time cycle in historical events')
Let us examine first of all whether there is evidence that the secret societies have knowledge of this law. (A second post entitled 'The Occult Reasons for World War Two' will give examples of the more natural, subtle workings of this law).
It is interesting to discover that the slayings of three most significant people to have been assassinated in the Western world over the past two centuries fall within this law. Let us examine this:
Abraham Lincoln is shot on the 14 April 1865 and dies on the morning of the 15th without regaining consciousness. Let us take the date of the shooting as the focal point of a twelve month period - 14 October 1864 to 14 October 1865.
Now let us bring that period forward 33 years, then another 33 years and then a further 33 years, which gives us the original period plus 99 years. This gives us:
14 October 1963 to 14 October 1964. John F. Kennedy is shot within this window of time, namely on the 22 November 1963
Now we can continue the original rhythm by a further 33 years. This gives us:
14 October 1996 to 14 October 1997. Princess Diana is murdered within this window of time, on the 21 August 1997
Is this an example of human circles trying to enact a perverted version of the principle? - ie. instead of the appearance of the natural consequences of an action these circles are repeating ritual acts within the laws of the rhythm. Maybe they simply wish us to incorrectly conceive of this law in a very materialistic and fatalist manner, namely that events naturally simply repeat themselves every 33 years, which is not true.
The hidden rhythm behind the timing of these assassanations adds to their power, presumably this is in part due to the fact that these events are plotted in such a way that they fall within the confines of this hidden law, which means that the events then have a more profund effect on the subsconcious of men ignorant of the underlying law - the effect on the subsconcious part of the soul is greater as it lives within this rhythm. The only way to break the spell is to become conscious of the underlying spiritual aspects of existence, which the corrupt secret societies are trying so hard to suppress from the popular consciousness of humanity.
Is there some deeper connection between the three? One could speculate that Lincoln was killed partly to protect the financial interests involved with the Federal Reserve. The killing of Kennedy, it could be argued, was necessitated by the same circles, when Kennedy attempted to institute, through Executive Order, what Lincoln had sought; Kennedy felt the same urge to reign in the power of private finance over government which Lincoln had felt. The added factor with Kennedy being that the military circles and those with money tied up in arms production opposed Kennedy's pledge to have all US troops out of Vietnam by 1965.With his death began the mystique which surrounds the Kennedy name, for, so it is asserted, his was the American 'Golden Age' cut short by the Guns of Dallas. Princess Diana was killed primarily for other reasons, which, in one sense, reduce to English racial arrogance, but the same financial-industrial circles which co-operated in Kennedy's killing, are alleged to have co-operated in Diana's, partly because of her high profile campaign against landmines and the fear that this would not be her last campaign against the weapons of war - would she, for example, have campaigned against the Depleted Uranium munitions which have polluted Serbia and Kosovo, as well as Iraq, and harmed the health of our own troops? She was also intending to marry into a family with a background in arms dealing. Indeed, Dodi was alleged to have laundered the profits of his uncle's illegal arms deals through his Hollywood productions company in the 1980s. The outpourings of grief in Britain following her death were quite unprecendented, and the funeral was probably the biggest since Churchill's in 1965. The 'cult of Diana' is also similar to the 'cult of Kennedy'; if Kennedy's killing was the Killing of the King ritual, was Diana's the Killing of the Queen? Maybe if the actual murderers read this they will realize that it is not only earthly powers which their actions are serving.
(Note: Although the assassination of Archduke Franz-Ferdinand in 1914 had a seemingly greater effect in that it provoked World War I, firstly, the impetus for war was building up in Europe and would almost certainly have been triggered anyway at some point - the assassination was only the final straw as it were - and, secondly, the impact of the deaths of Lincoln, Kennedy and Diana on the popular consciousness was far greater.)
This kind of analysis is part of what is known as 'reading the occult script', learning how to relate the signs and symbolism of the events of this world to their origins in the spiritual world.
Another example of the 33 year rhythm apparantly repeating an occurence 33 years on is the Foot and Mouth epidemic in Britain. The last major outbreak in Britain began in late October 1967 and lasted into 1968. Using the formula for the start date we create a window from April 2000 to April 2001 and the current epidemic clearly began within these temporal boundaries. Coincidence?
This extract from Tradowsky's 'Kaspar Hauser' on the work 'Rosemary's Baby' provides further illustration that there are people possessing and using this knowledge but not sharing it with their fellow men.
"In 1967 the novel by Ira Levin called Rosemary's Baby appeared in London. It significantly became an international bestseller and was most successfully made into a film by Roman Polanski. In the novel, which tells of the birth of Satan on 25 June 1966, the 33 years are mentioned without any explanation being given. The soul-deceiving and fateful proceedings which happen to a young woman - Rosemary - on 4 October 1965 at the conception of Satan are even explained therein by a reference to a book by J.R. Hanslet that was published in Torquay in 1934, All of Them Witches. "We are living in the year 1966," said Rosemary's husband. "This book was published in 1933," said Rosemary. "There were covens - that's what they called them - in Europe, in North and South America, in Australia. Do you think they've all died out in just 33 years?" This 33-year connection is still further emphasized by the fact that Rosemary's husband is himself 33 years old. It is highly symptomatic that wide circles - even if only in a novel - take account of the conception and birth of Satan, here called Adrian Stevens. In his Christian name a suggestion of Ahriman can be distinguished. A circle of people assists - with knowledgeable skill - at the birth of this satanic being. The conception takes place on 4 October 1965 during the Pope's visit to New York, strikingly on the same date of the year as the launching of Sputnik on 4 October 1957. During the conception the mother is in a state of unconsciousness, caused by alcohol and an ointment called 'chocolate mouse', which was administered to her by the circle of people who purposefully direct proceedings. The husband - himself very drunk - already serves the satanic crew consciously at this point, and is rewarded for it by being helped by them to a successful acting career.
This satanic community makes use of human beings for its own ends, in the same way as the occult brotherhoods applied their methods (see p.105 ff). Consciously and purposefully something is brought about of which the person concerned is not allowed to know or suspect anything, as is here pre-eminently exemplified in Rosemary herself. The seduction of her husband was so arranged that he came under the spell - unnoticed by himself - of a group of people and their intentions. This was brought about by the psychological trick of fully, but surreptitiously, meeting all his inclinations and interests and by that - unknown to him - gaining his sympathies. Destructive occult powers are ruthlessly and murderously employed against those who stand in the way of the group's plans being put into practice (as with Donald Baumgart who is suddenly struck blind) or those who begin to get wise to their plots and to recognize them for what they are (as with Hutch, who wakes up temporarily from his deep and unexplained state of oblivion before dying).
The birth of Satan is systematically evolved as a counterpart to the birth of Christ and therefore is so placed in the course of the year that it takes place directly after St John's, 'just after midnight on 25 June . . . immediately after the end of the half year of you know what'. This date - 25 June 1966 - was allegedly prophesied by Edmond Lautreamont 300 years ago, that is in 1666. If one omits the thousand from this figure it is certainly not by chance that we arrive at 666, first named by John in the Apocalypse (Chapter 13) and about which we shall have more to say. This concealed hint about the number 666 is easily overlooked. It is important to remember that 33 years after the cataclysmic events of Central Europe, the spiritual background of which is made clear by the indications of Rudolf Steiner, it is just in New York that the words are expressed: "God is dead and Satan lives. It is year 1, the first year of our Lord! Adrian's year has started." With that the end of the century is prophetically alluded to, the time when Satan, born in 1966, will have reached the age of that Being against whom he believes he has to fight. It is not of much importance to ask if the things recorded here actually happened in this way. But it is decisive to be clear about the fact that such manipulations are basically possible and must be taken seriously. One can look upon this novel as a summons to overcome the dangerous blindness and irresponsible naiveté in face of such evil occult influences upon history.
It must remain an open question as to the source of the knowledge that Ira Levin uses and which, as a novelist, he is not forced to disclose. It is more important to ask about the impulse by which it was motivated. Is it by intention (and by what circles and to what purpose?) or by necessity, that in our day similar things happen, as it were, in public? The necessity can be understood from the course of history as here related because, since the end of Kali Yuga, the spirit reveals itself ever more directly to human beings. Included with this spirit, connected with human development, are also the evil beings opposed to humanity's progress, which inevitably hinder and obstruct man, so that by gaining knowledge of evil he can determine his own course out of freedom. Mankind today is much more deeply involved in the struggle to recognize evil than it cares to admit, because the spiritual-cosmic dimensions of this battle have hardly become conscious."
(from Peter Tradowsky, 'Kaspar Hauser - The Struggle for the Spirit', pp.179-81)

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