Monday, 9 December 2013

JFK assassination 6th floor vision blocked by branches

Dallas Police comment that they have been unaware of the Committee’s desire to test fire the pistol until the day before the tests. It also should be noted that two of the three piles of sandbags are located in the middle lane of Elm Street, exactly where films show the presidential limousine. However, one pile - apparently representing one of the early shots - is located in the far left lane. Asked why it is in this location, Dallas Police sharpshooter Jerry Compton says he could not get a line of sight on the bags when they were in the center lane due to intervening tree branches. Less than a year before these tests, a film crew worked in Dealey Plaza producing a network movie entitled, “The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald.” The tree which prevented a line of sight between the sixth-floor Depository window and the location of the first shot was pruned back to its 1963 size, based on photographs taken the day of the assassination. 

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