Thursday, 26 December 2013

J & B Trust...Is this J for John Ibrahim and B for Bill Bayeh?

D & S Australia Pty Ltd is a trading name for
J & B Trust?  Who is the J?

My heartful thanks and love goes out to the spirits that have helped me xxx
I maybe just a mother of 3, yet we have exposed the greatest mysteries of the Underworld to YOU.

Almighty Judge, please hear us…..
This gang needs to be destroyed.
J & B Trust, just like the High Priestess Card with B & J on the Columns.
Is the J for John Ibrahim?  I wonder
Is the B for Bill Bayeh?  I wonder
This is the owner of the Premises were the hidden compartment is for the strong hold.
Subfloor, 2nd hallway headed in a North and South line where you enter the door of the fire escape and walk upon the top like the King Solomon who had the secrets LXX in Hebrew and John 4.6 Court room looking for the Truth.

MC J, Mercy John?  Is this the connection where we have Courtney and Frances at the altar?

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