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Facebook tells all... Doubles played within the Scorpion game

Judyth Baker wrote the following on her Facebook Page and it is worth reading because she makes it clear the theory, by John Armstrong, of two IDENTICAL Oswald's by blood has some serious problems with it. We know Oswald was being ordered by his CIA superiors to cast himself as a Castro sympathizing communist patsy, and was also impersonated on various occassions by SIMILAR impersonators; such as in the sniper's nest and at the Texas Theater, but that may very well have been the extent of it. In Judyth's words:

There are serious issues with Armstrong. First, he decided not to interview me AT ALL because I was NLOT pregnant in 1963 when I posed as Marina in New Orleans. He said I could not have posed as her, even though most of the posing I did was BEFORE MARINA ARRIVED. Fact: he did not want to interview me because it would have destroyed his huge book. He provides valuable new research as to the rifle and revolver and why Lee could not have purchased them, for which he deserves credit. However, he makes serious errors. i will give a few examples. (1) he contends that Lee came from a family that spoke Russian and he learned it from birth. He repeats this many times in his book. FACT: Lee practiced his Russian all the time and had a box of flash cards in Russian that i saw him use a number of times while i was with him, and I also was with him in the Tulane music listening room when he checked out a Russian language lesson record, a big black vinyl one. FACT: an anonymous woman called from New York to Mrs. Tippit and told her that Lee's father and uncle were communists who had emigrated from Hungary. From this anonymous phone call Armstrong rests his entire theory that Lee spoke Russian from childhood. FACT: Lee's half brother, John Pic, had married a Hungarian girl and it was John Pic's father-in-law and his brother who spoke Hungarian (not Russian--many Hungarians knew Russian, but it was their second language and they spoke Hungarian as the number one language--my grandparents were Hungarian). So he mixed up this tipster's info and said lee knew Russian from childhood, while "Lee' knew none. He went on to say that Ernst Titovets, Lee's best friend in the USSR, said "Harvey" was fluent in Russian, but Titovets is going to speak at the Arlington Convention on the 23rd, and he has told us that Lee (called "Harvey" by Armstrong) worked hard to learn Russian and he never said he was fluent from the story, so Armstrong misquoted Titovets. FACT: Robert Oswald HAD to know both "Harvey" and "Lee" since he has the photos of "both" men on his wall, as can be seen in Thanksgiving movie clips. FACT: I could not find any interviews of Robert Oswald, Lee's brother, in Armstrong's book conducted by ARMSTRONG, who should have asked him if he knew 'both' Lee and "Harvey." So he did not interview me nor Robert Oswald for his book. FACT: Armstrong says "Harvey": in New York was nine inches shorter than "Lee" who was big and strong. QUESTION: Why would CIA ever believe these two very different height boys would grow up to be able to take each other's places? FACT: By saying there is basically only "Lee" impersonating "Harvey" the actual impersonators are let off the hook and people stop trying to find traces of them, thinking they are all "Lee." FACT: Lee told me that he was often called HARVEY in school to tease him and make him fight. Teachers sometimes called him "Harvey" because they heard the other boys call him that and thought it was his preferred name, when he HATED the name "Harvey" and would fight a guy who called him that. For this reason, "Harvey" was used to taunt him to fight, and teachers picked it up. That does not mean that a "Harvey" and NOT a "Lee" attended school there, juyst because records show a Lee attending, and yet teachers remembered a "Harvey" whose records sometimes, also, vanish (because he is really LEE). FACT: if "Harvey" is not "Lee" why is the man arrested by police, who Armstrong calls "Harvey" wearing an ID bracelet that clearly says LEE? FACT: Police get many tips from tipsters and most do not pan out. Armstrong uses every tip he can find that supports "Lee" being in the US, for example, when "Harvey" is in the USSR. But Lee was a spy--the real Lee who was in Russia. At the height of the Cold War, no less. To get a job, he said he had just left the marines, but also, some records were generated in the US to make it harder to trace him as having lived in the USSR. FACT: Armstrong did not understand that many records in the marines that he was looking at were deliberately obscured or altered to hide Lee's true identity. That doesn't mean there was a "Henry" or a "Harvey" as well as a "Lee." There is much, much more. The worst problem is that there was no need to have to switch kids and raise them for years with dual families and all of that. There had to be two mother Marguerites, for example: he does not understand the devastation that thyroid deficiency causes (I suffer from it myself, and it ruined my looks).Marguerite's looks were ruined by thyroid deficiency--she gained weight, stopped wearing heels, lost hair, and aged quickly. Armstrong uses photos of Marguerite when she was younger versus when she was older as if they are two separate women, when they in fact wear identical real pearl earrings throughout, both keep losing jobs and moving to the same cities throughout, both somehow are "Marguerite"to the entire Murret family (including "Harvey''s" Marguerite whose sister is Lillian--Lillian in fact, along with her husband and their many children all have to know there were two Oswalds--both "Harvey" and "Lee" since they KNOW the addresses of "Lee's" Marguerite as well as of "Harvey's" Marguerite. In one photo, Lillian is identified as Marguerite, as well. Ed Voebel, Lee's friend at Bearegard Jr. High, also has to know 'both' Oswalds since he visits Exchange Place and is "Harvey's" friend but always calls him "Lee" in the historic record. A teacher there said little Harvey got hurt by a piano falling on him and had to be transported home to Exchange Place at the same time that Lillian Murret says LEE is living there with his mother. The teacher is supposed to have remembered "Harvey" very well because he was in ONE home room ONE semester, decades ago, and he 'watched' her teach a girl's P E class after school sometimes. She remembers him as "Harvey" even though "Lee" is registered at the school. There is much, much more I can say, and eventually will write, about this Harvey and Lee theory, especially regarding the exhumation where everyone was surprised to find "Harvey" (that is, LEE) in the grave. they decided his head had been replaced and other nonsense, since Harvey had a mastoidectomy that did not show up on the autopsy. However, lee had plastic surgery when he was hospitalized in MINSK USSR for an adenoid operation. he was supposed to stay only a few days but remained there two weeks (got some plastic surgery done, he told me so). This tucked up the scar under his ear, so it did not show up on the autopsy report, yet showed up on the exhumed skull-hence the legend the head had been replaced, helped along by the head being dislocated from the skeleton because the tiny cervical vertebrae cannot hold the heavy skull if it rolls, as it certainly did when the coffin was being lifted out of the broken vault. I can say much about why the skull cut done in autopsy was not visible, having to do with semi-mummification of adipose tissues of the scalp...ugh. I assure you that the only reason Lee looked so strange in the coffin before his burial was because his tissues had bled out, collapsing the muscles that made his face rounder and his entire body more muscular than it looks in the autopsy photos.... It was him. There's more to say, but hope this suffices for now.
While John Armstrong has contributed new files to the case which are valuable, he errs as to his theory. One matter which I didn’t mention, above, is the idea that Lee and "Harvey" went to two different schools. In our long exchange of talk about New York, Lee commented to me (and I first told researchers about this in 2000) that he had not attended enough days in school in New York to be allowed to pass and advance to the next grade, when they returned to New Orleans. "Nobody in the family had ever been held back," he told me, "and Ma was not about to put up with this, if New York called and told my school I shouldn't be allowed to go on to the next grade." I remember quite clearly the solution: Marguerite got a Mafia associate to get into the school records and "make sure" Lee had enough attendance days. To back that up, there was an attendance record created at another school at the same time in Texas (this had to be in Fort Worth). The idea was to make sure Lee looked like he was attending school in Texas, where his brothers had previously gone to school, when he was actually attending in New Orleans. Armstrong has used this as evidence of two Oswald’s, even though in other places in his book he has "Lee" and "Harvey" attending the same school, one fulltime, the other part-time, in the Dolly Shoe scenario, of which I've written an essay explaining the problems he created by saying the Jr. high got out at 4:30 (it got out at 3:30), that the shoe store closed at 5:45 (stores closed at 6:00) all to make it 'impossible' for "Harvey" to have worked there part-time, so has him working fulltime while "Lee" attends school fulltime, poor Harvey doesn't... atop this, Lee (the real Lee) clearly wrote that he worked TEN WEEKS for a shoe store...which Armstrong tried to make seem just two weeks. How did he do that? By assuming that Lee (Harvey) did not start working there until he got his official work permit. Sorry, things were a lot looser back then, and only when the manager was sure he would keep Lee on did he apply for a work permit for him. Lee's W-2 form was signed weeks earlier, the same date as his mother, Marguerite, who also applied and was hired to work there. Only by assuming Lee didn't work a lick until weeks later --and cutting off times open for the store and times that school got out, in an effort to 'prove' Lee could not have worked as many hours as it would take to show part-time work for the pay given, does Armstrong try to convince readers that "Harvey" had to work fulltime for a couple of weeks. It wasn't so. For example, Armstrong does not count the day after Easter, when school was out, as a day that Lee could work there fulltime. When this is added, the figures come out correctly for a generally part-time job where Lee would pick up shoes and tidy up for an hours or so every day, for some ten weeks, including a fulltime day on the Monday following Easter, which was a special sale day. Then the hours for part-time work add up.

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