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Was the Bible written as a tool to find the hidden criminals?

Jennifer <> PM (18 hours ago)
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I just asked for some help, what I have uncovered will explode your feelings, like it has mine.  Please action a search warrant immediately and be aware that The Kings Cross Sting is still investigating.
I would like it noted, I do believe, however this is allegedly a sick act, by the inactions of the police warrant, just think is the following report from The Kings Cross Sting something to support for the alleged criminal activities that alllegedlly Hells Angels stands for.
The inaction of police, when you read this report, like me you should feel sick to your stomach.  Allegedly for supporting and believing the attitude of King of the Cross and the alleged promotion in the media of the position of King of the Cross as to the sacrifice of bodies to the god and to the fire compartment.
If any of you allegedly have heard of someone accepting a bribe, respect for the great loss Australia suffered through the alleged murder of Prime Minister Harold Holt 1967 one of the alleged bodies within the brothel known as Sparkling Chandeliers Kings Cross.
By the level of alleged corruption I have experienced with the asking for just a police search warrant actually shows me I must be touching on the tip of the iceberg as to the alleged corruption, the puppets through the Politicians, the police, the legal servies where my calls for help have not been answered.  Where YOU, feel someone else should care, well I care about the bodies even the alleged bodies within the brothel that I tried to get into the area however I was allegedly setup, threatened with my life and my family have been too through this ordeal just because of the inaction of the police to listen, the fine details where they would have seen the terror in my eyes when the alleged gang surrounded me on numerous occasions, night and day due to the fact that the target of a lady which I have been extorted extremely heavily is because this gang and associates of Hells Angels, association through the drug network of ice and G predominately is owned by Hells Angels.
The black market, $12 Billion dollars a year, come on Australia just help me get a police search warrant for some justice.  By the inactions of not granting the courtesy of which the VIC in Police Vs Weatherstone is similar lettering, just a child's play within this gang to defame people that cross their path, that they feel they can extort, abuse, burn, setup, murder, drown, sacrifice to a god to provide the blood of money through their veins in the name of Moloch.
The Royal Commission into the Catholic priests, and to the problems their allegedly must take this sacrifices as a part of the information into the cause of the blueprint within the human body as to a sacrifice where within the religious eyes could be some how accepted in their mind.  I have no idea what happened to the 4 Waverley College boys that were burned in the Ghost Train fire 1979, however by this information and the Royal Commission currently into this problem, the association of years, classes, teaches must be allegedly considered as they two were on the ghost train not by chance by allegedly the setup for the 7 people to be burnt like an alleged offering to the god of Moloch for allegedly King of the Cross Abe Saffron at tthat time I believe.
The forensic Psychiatrist that within many of the Catholic Priests have utilised is allegedly a magistrate that was struck off the list and then became a court expert witness.  With this in mind and after reading these exerts, please allegedly have this person removed and all people that come before the legal system where they are struck off for some matter be never allowed to be a Expert court witness or work within our legal system ever again.
Extract for Abe Saffron allegedly utilising the Moloch proclaimed himself the King of the Cross, the reference to the Cross in reality is in the change of name of Queens Cross to now known as Kings Cross as under this theory allegedly Madame Tilly Devine was worshipping the  moloch too.  The name change will relate to the time where somewhere around 1948 that it was changed when the ruling of the Moloch changed from the Queen of brothels Madame Tilly Devine to King Abe Saffron and allegedly still relate to the now King of the Cross John Ibrahim.
Looking back in the images of Abe Saffron you will see him with a five pointed star around his neck as his reference to being the King.
Many references to the child, allegedly the use of child prostitution, paedophilia, child molesting is to do with the human blue print within out body and where some of us allegedly have sickness or abstain as a way of offering an act to God which in this case refers to the god of Moloch.
Reference  to Rebel Angel I will allege relates to the words Hells Angels which was associated with Abe Saffron, John Ibrahim, Bill Bayeh, Louie Bayeh, and others through the association and business of the company The  Hells Angels Ltd world wide.

Moloch has been traditionally interpreted as the name of a god, possibly a god titled the king, but purposely misvocalized as Molek instead of Melek using the vowels of Hebrew bosheth ’shame’.
Moloch appears in the Hebrew of 1 Kings 11.7 (on Solomon’s religious failings):
Then did Solomon build a high place for Chemosh, the abomination of Moab, in the hill that is before Jerusalem, and lmlk, the abomination of the Sons of Ammon.
But in other passages the god of the Ammonites is named Milcom, not Moloch (see 1 Kings 11.33; Zephaniah 1.5). The Septuagint reads Milcom in 1 Kings 11.7 instead of Moloch which suggests a scribal error in the Hebrew. Many English translations accordingly follow the non-Hebrew versions at this point and render Milcom.
(The form mlkm can also mean ‘their king’ as well as Milcom and therefore one cannot always be sure in some other passages whether the King of Ammon is intended or the god Milcom.) It has also been suggested that the Ba‘al of Tyre, Melqart ‘king of the city’ (who was probably the Ba‘al whose worship was furthered by Ahab and his house) was this supposed god Moloch and that Melqart/Moloch was also Milcom the god of the Ammonites and identical with other gods whose names contain mlk. But nothing particularly suggests these identifications other than mlk in the various names.
Amos 5.27 reads in close translation:
But you shall carry Sikkut your king,
and Kiyyun, your images, the star-symbol of your god
which you made for yourself.
The Septuagint renders ‘your king’ as Moloch, perhaps from a scribal error, whence the verse appears in Acts 7.43:
You have lifted up the shrine of Molech
and the star of your god Rephan,
the idols you made to worship.
Accordingly this association of Moloch with these other gods is probably spurious.
All other references to Moloch use mlk only in the context of “passing children through fire lmlk”, whatever is meant by lmlk, whether it means “to Moloch” or means something else. It has traditionally been understood to mean burning children alive to the god Moloch. But some have suggested a rite of purification by fire instead, though perhaps a dangerous one. References to passing through fire without mentioning mlk appear in Deuteronomy 12.31, 18.10–13; 2 Kings 21.6; Ezekiel 20.26,31; 23.37. So the existence of this practice is well documented. For a comparable practice of rendering infants immortal by passing them through the fire, indirectly attested in early Greek myth, see the entries for Thetis and also the myth of Demeter as the nurse of Demophon.
Biblical texts
The pertinent Biblical texts follow in very literal translation. The word here translated literally as ’seed’ very often means offspring. The forms containing mlk have been left untranslated. The reader may substitute either “to Moloch” or “as a molk”.
Leviticus 18.21
And you shall not let any of your seed pass through Mo’lech, neither shall you profane the name of your God: I am the Lord.
Leviticus 20.2–5:
Again, you shall say to the Sons of Israel: Whoever he be of the Sons of Israel or of the strangers that sojourn in Israel, that gives any of his seed Mo’lech; he shall surely be put to death: the people of the land shall stone him with stones. And I will set my face against that man and will cut him off from among his people; because he has given of his seed Mo’lech, to defile my sanctuary, and to profane my holy name. And if the people of the land do at all hide their eyes from that man, when he gives of his seed Mo’lech, and do not kill him, then I will set my face against that man, and against his family, and will cut him off, and all that go astray after him, whoring after Mo’lech from among the people.
2 Kings 23.10 (on King Josiah’s reform):
And he defiled the Tophet, which is in the valley of Ben-hinnom, that no man might make his son or his daughter pass through the fire Mo’lech.
Jeremiah 32.35:
And they built the high places of the Ba‘al, which are in the valley of Ben-hinnom, to cause their sons and their daughters to pass through the fire Mo’lech; which I did not command them, nor did it come into my mind that they should do this abomination, to cause Judah to sin.
Moloch has also been referred to simply as a rebel angel.
Traditional accounts and theories
The 12th century rabbi Rashi, commenting on Jeremiah 7.31 stated:
Tophet is Moloch, which was made of brass; and they heated him from his lower parts; and his hands being stretched out, and made hot, they put the child between his hands, and it was burnt; when it vehemently cried out; but the priests beat a drum, that the father might not hear the voice of his son, and his heart might not be moved.
A different rabbinical tradition says that the idol was hollow and was divided into seven compartments, in one of which they put flour, in the second turtle-doves, in the third a ewe, in the fourth a ram, in the fifth a calf, in the sixth an ox, and in the seventh a child, which were all burnt together by heating the statue inside.

Reference in the following extract, where if you relate this to the history within Australia I have been studying is Hells Angels since 2009 and Abe Saffron from all aspects.  Item 6 refers allegedly to the ghost train fire that allegedly Abe Saffron conspired with others for the Luna Park ghost train fire 1979.  With regard, to Essam Nicola Gerges he calls his son, Sewe Eastern Suburbs Chapter Hells Angels around Mascot area, allegedly 8 Barter Street Mascot as what I know.
2 Chronicles 33:1-9 (NKJV) Manassah was twelve years old when he became king, and he reigned fifty five years in Jerusalem. (2) But he did evil in the sight of the Lord , according to the abominations of the nations whom the Lord had cast out before the children of Israel. (3) For he rebuilt the high places which Hezekiah his father had broken down; [My notes Hezekiah was Ahaz’s son.] he raised up altars for the Ba’als, and made wooden images; and he worshiped all the host of heaven and served them. [Chambers Encyclopedia melech was often used as divine name for heavenly king.] (4) He also built altars in the house of the Lord of which the Lord had said “In Jerusalem shall My name be forever”. (5) And he built altars for all the host of heaven in the two courts of the house of the Lord. (6) Also he caused his sons to pass through the fire in the Valley of the son of Hinnom; he practiced soothsaying, used witchcraft and sorcery. He did much evil in the sight of the Lord to provoke Him to anger. (7) he even set a carved image , the idol which he had made , in the house of God, ……..(9) So Manassah seduced Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem to do more evil than the nations whom the Lord had destroyed before the children of Israel. [Read on to see how Manassah repented.]
That day was in Ezekiel’s day, but as Revelation 2:14 points out it was still going on in the 90’s AD. (14) But I have a few things against you, because you have there those who hold the doctrine of Balaam, who taught Balaak to put a stumbling block before the children of Israel, to eat things sacrificed to idols, and to commit sexual immorality. (15) Thus you also have those who hold the doctrine of the Nicolatiams which thing I hate,

I will allege that the stumbling block within my Police Vs Weatherstone is I was the person opening up the brothel where the King of the cross had created his Moloch within the brothel now known as Sparkling Chandeliers 6/36A Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross on the golden Mile Darlinghurst.  This part of the religious cult act is the act by allegedly child to eat things sacrificed to idols and to commit sexual immorality.  This was the alleged child prostitution where the reference to eat things sacrificed is the reference to the alleged 8 bodies and gun that had  been offered to the King of the Cross for the sacrifice for the King to have the blood of money run and allegedly nothing to stand in his way.
[6] Weinfeld argues that the verbs (”to give” or “to cause to pass over or through”) in the legal texts of Leviticus and Deuteronomy do not indicate “sacrifice” or “burning,” whereas the editors of the Anchor Bible Dictionary point out that the usage of those same verbs in Num 31:23 certainly do indicate “burning in the fire.” Continuing the argument on whether the children were actually burnt in sacrifice to Moloch, Alfred Edersheim, who believes that Moloch was really just another form of Baal and must be differentiated as well from Molech, Milcom, etc.

Reference is made with the "Burning in the fire"   with the story within the brothel of the push by the thugs of me, the name is "In the Cross Fire"  regarding the thugs, the drug running and the finding out about the bodies within the brothel by the many hints that came from the working girls and driven by the ego's of the pimps associated with all the Hells  Angels push on the brothel.
However, it could also relate that the people that became King from after Abe Saffron, allegedly because of the sacrifices made by their father which is a reference within this extract as noted on the internet within this email.  That this refers to the alleged relationship of Chop, Peter William Schaffer and his reference to me of his father without saying his name however refered to his grandmother as Asian, I referred this within my books as the link to Mr Asia Robert Trimbole.

14] Traces of Moloch… in modern society “In the ancient rite, the child was sacrificed in the hopes that Molech would bless the family with a good harvest, victory in battle, or financial gain. In the modern ‘rite’ of abortion, women sacrifice their children for their careers, social acceptability, or selfish personal needs.”

Reference above to the ancient rite, the child was sacrificed, allegedly this is the child prostitution, the paedophilia, child molesting where the act is referred  to a victory in battle as allegedly utilised as a tool of weapon within the King of the Cross weapons through the ownership of the  drug network and the brothel's that Abe Saffron gained control from Madame Tilly Devine.

But the great Serpent, the symbol of the life restoring Aesculapius, twists itself around the dead stock…and lo, at its side sprouts a young tree - a tree of an entirely different kind, that is never to be cut down by a hostile power -…and thus shadowed forth the perpetuity and everlasting nature of his power, how that after having fallen before his enemies, he has risen triumphant over them all. 

Reference to the serpent snake which allegedly is in the tattoo on the chest of Mark Alexander-Erber is an example.  The reference  to the young tree, is the tree planted for the ghost train fire 1979 which then will still link allegedly Luna Park to Hells Angels control through the research I have previously supplied however, any references required Luna Park 81 around the world relating to the number Hells Angels relates too that refer to the Moloch god of the 7 compartments.  The tree was planted, and as I interviewed a painter/artist the other day, the tree was chopped down the bench seat went missing is a kind of victory upon reading this reference to the god Moloch.

Jennifer  JP 119080 NSW

The Kings Cross Sting

Email to the Prime Minister 11 August 2012

Email to the Prime Minister   11 August 2012
Our own legal system is only as good as our system and policing.  In the Royal Commission Justice Woods wasn't given the full evidence and allegedly this full evidence allowed the hidden problem to exist.

Many of our legal laws allow the police don't or wont investigate this part of the law within the Police Integrity Commission needs to be removed.  Allegedly, Detective Inspector Mark Howard in 2012 by taking the position of won't investigate has not noticed or taken the concern of real threats to murder me and my family into consideration.

Under the laws of this country, I believe that due to this with the evidence below and many of the emails already sent to the Attorney General that the area of Kings Cross, Surry Hills and Central Police be under scrutineer.

Allegedly I will send more evidence as to association with the Police and the facts that evidence that they don't see in the first case that by seeing this evidence may uncover the alleged Hells Angels Drug Network being ruled in Australia by allegedly John Ibrahim is under the investigation area as Detective Inspector Mark Holden LMI 1203047  TRIM: F/2012/17841

Further the 2.8.12 Police Integrity Commission ref: 253552/31 advised by letter that they would not investigate.  On the letter it states:  Further correspondence from you to the Commission will be of no benefit to you.  Allan Kearney Director.

What the Royal Commission 1994 missed was that there were two Pink Pussycat Clubs.  By missing this evidence, the Royal Commission was close to locating the bodies of Juanita Nielsen and Donald Mackay at that time, yet it was evidence that was allegedly kept hidden from Justice Wood and the Royal Commission to hide the secrets allegedly of the drug running and the allegedly company behind the position of King of the Cross *The Hells Angels Ltd which allegedly Abe Saffron at that of the murders was the King of the Cross.

Read the evidence, then help me have the police and the government search a brothel?  Physically I can't look however there is equipment and how much is hidden when they never reported about the two Pink Pussycat Clubs and the secret brothel.    I have won awards, yet the marketing is working however the thuggery is too life threatening and the word extort, extortion well police haven't charged anyone yet?  Has Kings Cross been cleaned?

Abe Saffron had two Pink Pussycat Clubs check it out    38A Darlinghurst Road Kings Cross   86A Darlinghurst Road Kings Cross.

I have found a place in Kings Cross beside 38A Darlinghurst Road Kings Cross a hidden brothel back then however this same brothel is mentioned in  Where Madame Butterfly 1985-86 couldn't open in Kings Cross.

Like now, the same brothel has struggled to open ever in history.

Within the brothel, there are hidden floor area, where it is large enough for a body or two?

This brothel if you look at Steve Hardas, he went on to run many of the Clubs for Abe Saffron so the problem wasn't him it  was the brothel.

I write about the history of Kings Cross and the Madame of this same brothel where I have been extorted heavily however the police wont charge these people?

The police haven't looked at the facts that by the Royal Commission one of the major points is that there were two Pink Pussycat Clubs.  Remember if you have enough money you can do anything.  Well Abe Saffron allegedly picked up the club and moved it, just allowing a few snap shots that tell the two clubs existed.

So why?  This brothel closed?  I found out by many of the working girls to hide a secret.  A secret that lays on the 5th step?

If you are inside the brothel and back in the 70's it was only accessed via the fire exit and the 5th step is the level of the brothel and a area is raised with two stairs and a timber floor?

So, I have asked the police to look for the bodies that many people have come to hide in the brothel?

It's just directly opposite where Juanita Nielsen went missing in 1975.  It was closed then, allegedly Juanita Nielsen is within the brothel and a square was painted on the wall by her alleged murderer or person who knew where she was in the brothel.  Then in 1977 allegedly Donald Mackay was brought back to the same resting ground just because they had the perfect spot hidden in Kings Cross and under the watchful eye forever.

This same brothel, extorted 1985-86, 2003,2009, 2010, 2011, 2012  so why wont the police just check the two areas?  How much was the Royal Commission and it didn't pick up that there were two Pink Pussycat Clubs in 1994 so what else did it miss.

Donald Mackay, well it's possible when you think the murderer could have come from Kings Cross.  It is possible that their was more than one car utilised one to Melbourne and one to Sydney decoy.

It's possible that the both of them are shot with the same gun, and Howard Twyrell who again was murdered allegedly because he found that they the mob was cleaning money and making money on fixing races.  Back then the Victoria Street Development was costing heaps.

So tell me why?  Why the police wont dig?  They may find that it destroys the Kings Cross, the alleged drug trade allegedly through the uncovering of the company *The Hells Angels Ltd 1975 started and was after Juanita Nielsen went missing.

There were two companies, The Hells Angels Ltd and *The Hells Angels Ltd both with the connections allegedly to California main club  Aussie History.

I don't know much, Im just a Mum and a writer of The Kings Cross Sting and researched here since 2009.  However the police allegedly haven't taken me seriously it's cost me about $400,000 and my husband has had agressive cancer with it.

It's either go bust, or die?  Good choice yet the police don't see the thugs that have threatened me.  Well I don't do drugs and  now I too write about the drug trade why?  We need to expose the problems to the public because when your in Kings Cross where is the justice?
Madonna's Mob opened the brothel in 2003 after allegedly they made money out at Cabramatta where the cost Read the report Phuong NGO   again mistakes in the court case all that has helped the drug industry again to explode.  This same police officier today is in the field of NSW Police, is Mr NGO innocent?  Well if the mistakes are right?  Well this is the real cost of the drugs..  allegedly, to expand the network.

The police should see, a business that can't open when the owner is threatened with death day after day, child''s play!  Yet Juanita Nielsen and Donald Mackay is one reason why I left!  Please help,
I've been told if the body is within the brothel well Kings Cross will have a new face, drugs will affected!

Thank you,  please HELP!  Im nearly a grandmother, I have a sick husband and the police, well, I need your help.  I have been asking since March 2012.....

My books The Kings Cross Sting Jennifer Stone.....a novel to help me get some help, when will they listen to me....

I am the owner, 2 awards for business,  nominated in the top 10 Sydney Businesses Specialty Retail as it will be a museum is where I have been working on it, Nominated for Australian of the Year in my drug work.  Jennifer Weatherstone JP NSW since 1985

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Solicitoring on Darlinghurst Road.

Working girls from businesses are not allowed to be on the footpath, the Council say it's the Police to instigate and the Police say it's the council....Blind eye?

The alcohol in many of the non licensed venues just get the alcohol from the shops, the customers even order it in.  Just like back in the day of Abe Saffron

The working girls solicitoring on Darlinghurst Road for sex is coming from Stripperama, which has the rooms being utilised like a brothel.

This utilising of the rooms above the Strip Clubs are where the working girls live, however they utilise these area for the selling of prostitution.  In reality, it doesn't matter what club these rooms exist, being utilised via the fire exit's.  

Dreamgirls brothelKings Cross, has actually a liquor license

Greenlighting out the front of Porky's Kings Cross, like the good old days of Abe Saffron, the green lights are real and they come and go.
This greenlighting I was explained by Essam Gerges was the right to be able to have drugs on the premises and not to worry about a drug raid.  In reality Porky's has never been raided, the working girls all allegedly take drugs some more than others however they will all have a stash on them as the night goes on if they are dealing to clients which is allegedly what happens with the brothels.  These Strip clubs, have liquor licenses however they are utilising this to feed into the units above the clubs.  This allegedly isn't part of the Development Consent where the joining of the brothels, Porkys, Love Machine, Stripperama, even Dreamgirls is advertised as a brothel where it contravene's with the Development Consent.

The task force uncovered more than 300 breaches of the licensing laws. Action is being taken now to bring these matters before the Licensing Court. Charges and objections to the licensees have been laid against a number of persons including Bill Bayeh, Chook Fowler, Charles Staunton, Steve Hardas and Abe Saffron. At present a number of night clubs, as distinct from registered clubs, are facing possible formal action in 
Page 149
the Licensing Court for breaches of the Liquor Act. They include: Playbirds on-licence theatre, Porky's on-licence theatre, Love Machine on-licence theatre, Stripperama on-licence theatre, Test Tube Factory restaurant, Dancers Cabaret restaurant, Pink Pussy Cat on-licence theatre, Pink Panther on-licence theatre and Illusions at Night on-licence theatre. Let me go through some of the task force's findings. Activities detected include widespread drug dealing and prostitution as well as live sex shows and audience participation in sexual acts. All of these activities are in breach of the Liquor Act. The task force found that strip clubs licensed under the Liquor Act had bedrooms for sex with customers and drug shooting galleries on the premises and adjacent thereto. Again, these are breaches of the Act. Inspectors also collected information indicating that some restaurants are operated solely as bars.

Russian drug network leaked information

Bondi Russian, has a new mobile number from YESTERDAY.  See it has gone on since my email to the Prime Minister.

Russian has relocated from Bondi area to the Waterloo precident and can be found sometimes at the cafe's near coles.  

Haven't found out the new number, Red alpha is the best tip off.


Information sent to the Prime Minister......
Subject: Drug network  Russians    This drug run has been going for 4 years
Comment: The two, Russian 33 year old mastermind, Volkswagon Passat 1 yr old silver, works out everyday around the park gym on Bondi beach.  He was workingg out of Redfern Towers for 2 years now, he has areal estate agent in his pocket as he moves very frequently for his safe houses. Mainly East Suburbs, cocaine and heroin.  Brown is the heroin.  Utilises sandwich bag wrapped.  Every couple of mths phone changes number 0434720088  has a girl working for him as a runner 25-28 yr old drives a red alfa.  run 5K-10k PER WEEK.  Moves 100,150,200,8 balls, 1/2 oz, ounces, the girls cut is 20% both of these people ddo not utilise drugs.  works 8am to 8pm  is quite open about drug operation.  Please take me seriously, I have put in so much effort to get this information

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Jennifer <>
Date: Tue, Oct 23, 2012 at 12:30 PM
Subject: Fwd: Russian drug operaation Bondi---- operation leaked.
To:, The Premier of NSW <>,

There is a leak, this information was sensitive.  Why?  Because its the threats of death if I get caught.

No good having Dr Bruce Westmore see if I am sane by the Courts to first take the evidence.  This is the problem, the alleged police that are misguided to play games.

The Russian drug operation has been operational for 4 years, with safe houses moving.  The information that I have given before didn't catch him.  This time I was more precise where the information was going.  As you can see, the information has only gone to a few people.

HOW DID  the RUSSIAN know to change his mobile number on MONDAY?

Where ever this information was given to has to be treated as an alleged leak.  The Russian guy gets his drugs  allegedly from Hells Angels?

Why?  Essam Gerges was the first to bring this runner to my knowledge.  

The alleged police, from the Attorney Generals Department is the problem.  Allegedly I would wonder if Nick Kaldas had any hands on this as previously I believe his police work opened up allegedly the cabramatta area for drugs through the police case of Phuong NGO.

All I need is the brothel 36A Darlinghurst Road searched in Kings Cross the body of Juanita Nielsen.   If the police have some spirit guides or mediums they utilise use them.  You will get the DNA of the murderer and the people that hide her behind the wall in Room F.

Ask Dr Bruce Westmore, if he can tell otherwise the police shouldn't search.  When I saw him, he himself said have I been to the Police Ingretity Commission 40 emails May to October 2012 why?  Because if I can see the problems and how allegedly Hells Angels is protected from criminal prosecution so can the police that look at the evidence.

Yesterday, Kings Cross Clubs had Lebs, and Greeks talking bloodshed, why?  To run the drug operation is bringing in allegedly $100k per week to John Ibrahim.  I asked him to ask the police to search the brothel, Juanita was murdered when he was 5 years old.  He knows, that's why he sent sex worker Michelle, Lui Villany to terrorise me, Chop Peter Schaffer and Essam Nicola Gerges with Greek Sammy his right hand man he says for the drugdistribution in Kings Cross.

The company The Hells Angels Ltd is  the owner with California of the drug agreement.  Assets, this would be one of the companies that Abe Saffron had left assets behind in.  The other company allegedly for half ownership in Porky's Brothel Club 77. This is the reason why John Ibrahim always stands out the front it's the reign of his King of the Cross.

So far, many of the families would like the brothel searched for closure.  To be set up by Hells Angels was disgusting, I know about Justice however it doesn't fix where the corruption is so thick and protected.  I should never had been charged.  It's  just the brothel was the hiding spot of the human remains and this is why. Allegedly by Greek Sam and Karyn Englehardt, Roger Hegarty, Kell Stratton, sex worker Michelle.

My life, is worth more to me than to unravel the corruption that I have hit upon however I wil be going to search myself soon.  Please allow the bodies to be bought out under the government eyes.  Juanita Nielsen, Donald Mackay, could be more that Abe Saffron laid to rest in the brothel he would not open SParkling Chandeliers 36A Darlinghurst Rd, Kings Cross..  

The Kings Cross Sting Reports

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Jennifer <>
Date: Sat, Oct 20, 2012 at 5:28 PM
Subject: Russian drug operaation Bondi
To:, The Premier of NSW <>,

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Title: Mrs
First name: Jennifer
Family name:
Country: Australia
Subject: Drug network  Russians    This drug run has been going for 4 years
Comment: The two, Russian 33 year old mastermind, Volkswagon Passat 1 yr old silver, works out everyday around the park gym on Bondi beach.  He was workingg out of Redfern Towers for 2 years now, he has areal estate agent in his pocket as he moves very frequently for his safe houses. Mainly East Suburbs, cocaine and heroin.  Brown is the heroin.  Utilises sandwich bag wrapped.  Every couple of mths phone changes number 0434720088  has a girl working for him as a runner 25-28 yr old drives a red alfa.  run 5K-10k PER WEEK.  Moves 100,150,200,8 balls, 1/2 oz, ounces, the girls cut is 20% both of these people ddo not utilise drugs.  works 8am to 8pm  is quite open about drug operation.  Please take me seriously, I have put in so much effort to get this information

Frustration Email to Prime Minister 30 September 2012

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Submitted on Sun, 30 Sep 2012 11:37:02 +1000

Title: Mrs
First name: Jennifer
Family name: 
Email address:
Street address: 
Street address:
Town / City:
Country: Australia
Subject: Alleged Hells Angels and the hiding of  Juanita Nielsen
The company Cross Eyed Management Pty Ltd is still not a registered company.

I will further allege that this company has been named for a business front for Quentin Vertigan to be operating under Felix Lyle and Bill Bayeh.

This Company Cross Eyed Management Pty Ltd is trading at  the moment at 22a Hunter Street Parramatta brothel.

Quentin Vertigan has had 14 brothels, starting them up or fixing  them up as he puts it.  Allegedlly this is just a front for the working girls to bring drugs into the country for him.  Allegedly that is how he paid his debts of $4million in 2 years off.

The 359 Riley Street Surry Hills.  Quentin Vertigan told me that he had taken over this brothel and then was kicked out.  I will allege that Quentin Vertigan took over this brothel to set up the working girls and bringing drugs into the country for allegedly Hells Angels links.
28 Jul 2009 – KYOTO ESCORTS HAS MOVED ADDRESSES New details are: 359 RILEY STREET SURRY HILLS ph: (02) 92118244, 92801950 ...

This brothel now, is how allegedly the guy behind it Greg from Bondi is dealing drugs.   It's Greg's ex wife or wife in charge of the brothel now.

Quentin Vertigan was owning Kyoto Escorts another name of a business yet no business structure behind.  Allegedly this is how Hells Angels works in the brothel business where they are names and no links or paperwork.

Quentin Vertigan taking over the brothel 22a Hunter Street Parramatta brothel could allegedly be a pay off to Bill Bayeh for the King of the Cross being the hidden man behind Parramatta Chapter of Hells Angels, as Felix Lyle the International President comes out of this chapter Parramatta and was formed in 2011 on the website for Hells Angels.   Check out the address, Haymarket.  Allegedly another unit under the Hells Angels banner like the 601/1 Spring Street Bondi.

The meeting with Bill Bayeh, Felix Lyle and I knew that Essam Gerges was summons to Cosmopolitan Cafe to meet with someone   Mentioning meeting with Felix Lyle.

Quentin Vertigan came to Sparkling Chandeliers in February 2012 when I would not pay extortion money to Essam Gerges.  Essam had taken me to the Commonwealth Bank on Valentines to pay money to him as he requested.  I said no, yet we went to the bank because I had no choice.  I showed him I had no money in the account.  He said he knew I had money in the Commonwealth Bank.  This money was my husband's.

Quentin Vertigan;jsessionid=8433031B72C6F5E67203035E896F6B14?sy=afr&pb=all_ffx&dt=selectRange&dr=1month&so=relevance&sf=text&sf=headline&rc=10&rm=200&sp=brs&cls=584&clsPage=1&docID=SHD1204226A6FC71UQ0G  Bill Bayeh charged Parramatta Police Station, in the area?

The problem is the reports I send to the police go to Kings Cross and the alleged police you have to look at with 13 PIC reports, numerous to ICAC, Ombudsman.

You look back in history, the alleged corrupt  Police that Royal Commission 1994 was about was kings Cross Station.  Then you look at the position of King of the Cross where it is Kings Cross.  You don't hear of anyone else unless they have a share in Porky's Brothel being King of the Cross and that has worked for Bill Bayeh, Louie Bayeh and John ibrahim before that this position was quiet by Bruce Galea and Perc Galea who were  the right hand man to Allegedly Abe Saffron.  This is the company that John Ibrahim has been inferred to the pub Abercombie Hotel as he is the owner.

I would like to draw the attention to the building structure of the businesses, this same connection owns the Sugar Mill Hotel in Kings Cross.   TheSugar Mill Hotel I was told by Peter William Schaffer that it was owned in the family. Allegedly a Hells Angels owned pub by his inferring.

I will further allege that this is the same as back in the 70's Victoria Street was the building empire, converting the money into assets.

I have noted that many of the drug busts from containers coming into Australia has been in the building industry, door handles from China is one.  Steel fencing is another building products is a constant element.

I alleged that Rodney Adler, has when he was with Mark Alexander-Erber in the Cafe Darlinghurst Road Darlinghurst Car Coluzzio that with the connections, he is one of the back people pushing the company and allegedly John Ibrahim further with the connections with Fraser Properties.  There is a link to Abe Saffron as a Jew, the religion.  Rodney Adler is by the report still investing in property.

I note that there is a guy called Marko with a limp short guy, boxer trainer, alllegedly he picks up drugs in the afternoon have seen him afternoon after noon leaving and staying at the coffee shop.

The bikes on a weekend in the morning and afternoon allegedly the drop off of money and the pick up of drugs.

Kings Cross should have a sign, if you are not a Hells Angels don't take up  a business, don't lease a property as this town seems to have a huge connection with Hells Angels.

By the below emal attachment shows that in September 2012 Quentin Vertigan is still using this company. The email shows that they don't want the brothel however wasn''t the whole exercise is to shut the brothel to hide the remains.  Like they have done before.

1971 Shirley Briffman
1985-6 S. Hardas Madame Butterfly and it never opened
2003  Madonna's was restricted trading by allegedly the mob
2009 Madonna's drug bust allegedly paying Kings Cross police they say
2010 Bella's allegedly extorted, receptionist charged with drug offences
2011 Sparkling Chandeliers extorted
2012 Sparkling Chandeliers still extorted

So why don't the alleged parties interested take over the brothel now the real estate agent has had it advertised from the 22 June 2012, and it was offered for lease whilst I was in the premises, and the real estate agent and Solicitor for the property owners wont go to the Small business tribunal about the water, and the water went through Sparkling Chandeliers and to the Sushi Shop below that is how bad the flood was.  Look at the water bills and you will see the alleged spike in use of the water and for most of the time the brothel had been shut.  Why?  Because of the extortion and how Hells Angels assocates could pull the working girls out of the brothel.

A perfect murder?  Allegedly Juanita Nielsen, yet the brothel has been the alleged graveyard of Hells Angels allegedly Abe Saffron and why problems the murderer and accessories after the fact are huge.  The people that have extorted me, why?  to hide a body.  The working girls that have terrorised me, why?  To hide a body.

Why didn't Kings Cross Police take the threats of death by Roger Hegarty as real?  As the police officer that turned up on the 27 July 2011 I believe as I waited 2.5 hours for him to turn up said he my friend.  Roger Hegarty at that time, was selling drugs to the working girls and I couldn't get rid of him.  He asked for rent from Alex Petrovic in the beginning and was refused.  He worked  with Sex worker Michelle in asking on each attempt her name Diedrre Palmerston Room 112 Astoria Hotel.  Allegedly the drug dealer feedinng the drugs inside the Astoria Hotel.

I am sorry, however I really need the police  to check in the building for the remains of Juanita Nielsen.  Because if her body is their, allegeedly Essam Gerges was he gunman and one of or both of the Bayeh's knew about the body and helped hide it.  Then Allegedly John Ibrahim now knows as many of the people said they worked for John Ibrahim or were sent.

I was told by the Australian Federal Police that  my information is intelligence.  When you search the brothel Sparkling Chandeliers and the reflection back through my information you will be able to solve.  Juanita Nielsen, Donald Mackay, Howard Twyrell, Beaumont Children, Francis Nuggan, many of the same children from South Austrralia as these were picked up on  the drug running when the drug network moved the heroin and cocaine through  the Ford factory in Adelaide through Australia. That is the link to the Hells Angels Ltd to the 27 Countries and to the ownership of the druggs entering the country.

Allegedly De register the company Hells Angels Ltd and you will have exposed the drug network around the world.  This company allegedly around the world has minimal assets to save it from prosecution if anything happens.

I will guess that John Ibrahim allegedly through the drug network is making at least $100,000 a week. So the property building is a good way to have the money moved around like in the 1970's Victoria Street development and Juanita Nielsen was on the trail to expose it.