Saturday, 28 September 2013

Evidence drug drop 80kg Heroin The Kings Cross Sting exposed in March 2012

The Kings Cross Sting evidence was firing to the Police to try to keep us alive.

I am just putting up the evidence that was given to the  Police to show the activity behind The Kings Cross Sting Private Investigation reported by Jennifer Weatherstone

This information went into the Police 7 March 2012 about a 80 kg Heroin drop in Pyrmont area.

80 Kg High grade Heroin has appeared and is the control of  a few people know about it.

I only know that this is the reason why allegedly Essam Gerges was gathering a group of people together in Kings Cross.  One of these I believe were Katie working name who works out of Club 121 from time to time.  Links to the Bankstown Boys as I was told by Essam Gerges a nothing group he would explain.
Essam Gerges explained that this group had the drug dealer known to me as Danny and working girl Natasha real name.
1.        Pyrmont drug-dealer
This person to my knowledge is where sex workers go to allegedly Michelle real name Diedre Palmerston and sex worker Skye Karyn Englehardt go to.
2.       Allegedly Chop Peter Schaffer is fully aware of this drop of drugs  since he uses Herion with his partner another dealer I believe Sonia.  Staying in the apartments opposite Crystal Hotel in Quay St Haymarket level 18 or 19. Staying there with his two children at the time.
3.       Essam Gerges is fully aware about this shipment I believe.
4.       Anna has been utilized to help frame myself and Alex.
5.       On the night that I ran to the police Sunday last Chop spoke with a detective listening explaining Alex was with Anna.  Anna was with Essam Gerges at where she lives.  I don’t know this address.
6.       Alex by footage that night would show Alex came to the brothel and knocked at the door. 
7.       Chop explained to me, that if Alex in the brothel Sparkling chandeliers I would earn no money out of the brothel.  Remember Chop explained Alex on a slab by morning. 
8.       Essam Gerges had a watch, that had a tape recording device inside it.  This is what Alex I believe returned to Chop Peter Schaffer that night I went to the police at Kings Cross.

This group of People lead by I believe John Ibrahim, Louie Bayeh then the next overseeing person could be either  Chop Peter Schaffer and then Essam Gerges I believe is in control of this Pyrmont guy Gerald Hugh Gordon. 

Billy Bayeh came out of goal I believe around July, at that time Roger Hegarty got more violent towards me at the brothel and the threats for money to pay protection money.

The links all back to allegedly Louie Bayer in charge of Billy who can stay out of Kings Cross and have other people do his dirty work like for allegedly John Ibrahim, Tongan Sam his head of security, Frank Amante, then Sammy Sweet/Greek Sam.  In this article makes mention of the brothel Madame Butterfly 1985-1986 because of the extortion.

The idea of Chop Peter Schaffer and Essam Gerges both wanting the brothel closed makes no sense when they are moving the  most alleged drugs within the network of working girls throughout Sydney and further.

Chop Peter Schaffer’s ex partner Tara working at the Granville brothel The Site.


  1. Wow, I think you live in fantasy land,
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  2. You sure could right a good book, good read, try and get it published I'm sure it will be a best seller.
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