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Frustration Email to Prime Minister 30 September 2012

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Submitted on Sun, 30 Sep 2012 11:37:02 +1000

Title: Mrs
First name: Jennifer
Family name: 
Email address:
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Street address:
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Country: Australia
Subject: Alleged Hells Angels and the hiding of  Juanita Nielsen
The company Cross Eyed Management Pty Ltd is still not a registered company.

I will further allege that this company has been named for a business front for Quentin Vertigan to be operating under Felix Lyle and Bill Bayeh.

This Company Cross Eyed Management Pty Ltd is trading at  the moment at 22a Hunter Street Parramatta brothel.

Quentin Vertigan has had 14 brothels, starting them up or fixing  them up as he puts it.  Allegedlly this is just a front for the working girls to bring drugs into the country for him.  Allegedly that is how he paid his debts of $4million in 2 years off.

The 359 Riley Street Surry Hills.  Quentin Vertigan told me that he had taken over this brothel and then was kicked out.  I will allege that Quentin Vertigan took over this brothel to set up the working girls and bringing drugs into the country for allegedly Hells Angels links.
28 Jul 2009 – KYOTO ESCORTS HAS MOVED ADDRESSES New details are: 359 RILEY STREET SURRY HILLS ph: (02) 92118244, 92801950 ...

This brothel now, is how allegedly the guy behind it Greg from Bondi is dealing drugs.   It's Greg's ex wife or wife in charge of the brothel now.

Quentin Vertigan was owning Kyoto Escorts another name of a business yet no business structure behind.  Allegedly this is how Hells Angels works in the brothel business where they are names and no links or paperwork.

Quentin Vertigan taking over the brothel 22a Hunter Street Parramatta brothel could allegedly be a pay off to Bill Bayeh for the King of the Cross being the hidden man behind Parramatta Chapter of Hells Angels, as Felix Lyle the International President comes out of this chapter Parramatta and was formed in 2011 on the website for Hells Angels.   Check out the address, Haymarket.  Allegedly another unit under the Hells Angels banner like the 601/1 Spring Street Bondi.

The meeting with Bill Bayeh, Felix Lyle and I knew that Essam Gerges was summons to Cosmopolitan Cafe to meet with someone   Mentioning meeting with Felix Lyle.

Quentin Vertigan came to Sparkling Chandeliers in February 2012 when I would not pay extortion money to Essam Gerges.  Essam had taken me to the Commonwealth Bank on Valentines to pay money to him as he requested.  I said no, yet we went to the bank because I had no choice.  I showed him I had no money in the account.  He said he knew I had money in the Commonwealth Bank.  This money was my husband's.

Quentin Vertigan;jsessionid=8433031B72C6F5E67203035E896F6B14?sy=afr&pb=all_ffx&dt=selectRange&dr=1month&so=relevance&sf=text&sf=headline&rc=10&rm=200&sp=brs&cls=584&clsPage=1&docID=SHD1204226A6FC71UQ0G  Bill Bayeh charged Parramatta Police Station, in the area?

The problem is the reports I send to the police go to Kings Cross and the alleged police you have to look at with 13 PIC reports, numerous to ICAC, Ombudsman.

You look back in history, the alleged corrupt  Police that Royal Commission 1994 was about was kings Cross Station.  Then you look at the position of King of the Cross where it is Kings Cross.  You don't hear of anyone else unless they have a share in Porky's Brothel being King of the Cross and that has worked for Bill Bayeh, Louie Bayeh and John ibrahim before that this position was quiet by Bruce Galea and Perc Galea who were  the right hand man to Allegedly Abe Saffron.  This is the company that John Ibrahim has been inferred to the pub Abercombie Hotel as he is the owner.

I would like to draw the attention to the building structure of the businesses, this same connection owns the Sugar Mill Hotel in Kings Cross.   TheSugar Mill Hotel I was told by Peter William Schaffer that it was owned in the family. Allegedly a Hells Angels owned pub by his inferring.

I will further allege that this is the same as back in the 70's Victoria Street was the building empire, converting the money into assets.

I have noted that many of the drug busts from containers coming into Australia has been in the building industry, door handles from China is one.  Steel fencing is another building products is a constant element.

I alleged that Rodney Adler, has when he was with Mark Alexander-Erber in the Cafe Darlinghurst Road Darlinghurst Car Coluzzio that with the connections, he is one of the back people pushing the company and allegedly John Ibrahim further with the connections with Fraser Properties.  There is a link to Abe Saffron as a Jew, the religion.  Rodney Adler is by the report still investing in property.

I note that there is a guy called Marko with a limp short guy, boxer trainer, alllegedly he picks up drugs in the afternoon have seen him afternoon after noon leaving and staying at the coffee shop.

The bikes on a weekend in the morning and afternoon allegedly the drop off of money and the pick up of drugs.

Kings Cross should have a sign, if you are not a Hells Angels don't take up  a business, don't lease a property as this town seems to have a huge connection with Hells Angels.

By the below emal attachment shows that in September 2012 Quentin Vertigan is still using this company. The email shows that they don't want the brothel however wasn''t the whole exercise is to shut the brothel to hide the remains.  Like they have done before.

1971 Shirley Briffman
1985-6 S. Hardas Madame Butterfly and it never opened
2003  Madonna's was restricted trading by allegedly the mob
2009 Madonna's drug bust allegedly paying Kings Cross police they say
2010 Bella's allegedly extorted, receptionist charged with drug offences
2011 Sparkling Chandeliers extorted
2012 Sparkling Chandeliers still extorted

So why don't the alleged parties interested take over the brothel now the real estate agent has had it advertised from the 22 June 2012, and it was offered for lease whilst I was in the premises, and the real estate agent and Solicitor for the property owners wont go to the Small business tribunal about the water, and the water went through Sparkling Chandeliers and to the Sushi Shop below that is how bad the flood was.  Look at the water bills and you will see the alleged spike in use of the water and for most of the time the brothel had been shut.  Why?  Because of the extortion and how Hells Angels assocates could pull the working girls out of the brothel.

A perfect murder?  Allegedly Juanita Nielsen, yet the brothel has been the alleged graveyard of Hells Angels allegedly Abe Saffron and why problems the murderer and accessories after the fact are huge.  The people that have extorted me, why?  to hide a body.  The working girls that have terrorised me, why?  To hide a body.

Why didn't Kings Cross Police take the threats of death by Roger Hegarty as real?  As the police officer that turned up on the 27 July 2011 I believe as I waited 2.5 hours for him to turn up said he my friend.  Roger Hegarty at that time, was selling drugs to the working girls and I couldn't get rid of him.  He asked for rent from Alex Petrovic in the beginning and was refused.  He worked  with Sex worker Michelle in asking on each attempt her name Diedrre Palmerston Room 112 Astoria Hotel.  Allegedly the drug dealer feedinng the drugs inside the Astoria Hotel.

I am sorry, however I really need the police  to check in the building for the remains of Juanita Nielsen.  Because if her body is their, allegeedly Essam Gerges was he gunman and one of or both of the Bayeh's knew about the body and helped hide it.  Then Allegedly John Ibrahim now knows as many of the people said they worked for John Ibrahim or were sent.

I was told by the Australian Federal Police that  my information is intelligence.  When you search the brothel Sparkling Chandeliers and the reflection back through my information you will be able to solve.  Juanita Nielsen, Donald Mackay, Howard Twyrell, Beaumont Children, Francis Nuggan, many of the same children from South Austrralia as these were picked up on  the drug running when the drug network moved the heroin and cocaine through  the Ford factory in Adelaide through Australia. That is the link to the Hells Angels Ltd to the 27 Countries and to the ownership of the druggs entering the country.

Allegedly De register the company Hells Angels Ltd and you will have exposed the drug network around the world.  This company allegedly around the world has minimal assets to save it from prosecution if anything happens.

I will guess that John Ibrahim allegedly through the drug network is making at least $100,000 a week. So the property building is a good way to have the money moved around like in the 1970's Victoria Street development and Juanita Nielsen was on the trail to expose it.

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