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Sex ritual's start with 000

X Factor of King of the X, Curse of Ham, the witchcraft  of the Drug network

Time Line of Drug network, murdersto Australian History of Kings Cross withalleged criminal activity with reference toAstrological events for the timingHoly Grail?  Look at the Map?
and Royal Commission references
Juanita Nielsen, The Kings Cross StingJennifer Stone

Without the police taking information on drug runners seriously around Kings Cross are we just "turn the blind eye"
as Detective Inspector Ian McDonald told me?  Chandelier, after Max Chandelier? one after another the links fit.
Jennifer Stone has with others The Kings Cross Sting exposed the connections
Judge Garling says irrelevant.  Stop the shootings and this is relevant.

Within the Research we found Lodge J, for Jesus?  System exposed the people that allegedly started

"In manus tuas, Domine, commendo spiritum meum" The Kings Cross Sting Informer
is to secret international organizations, those who promote the use of drugs, bizarre sexual practices, and criminal
undertakings, in short, those who continue the rebellion against God, these are the Canaanites, the anti-Semites.
This is the link to the Rebellion Angel, allegedly Abe Saffron, Hells Angels, allegedly The Hells Angels Ltd allegedly as TYVO
Take Your Vice Over as it is the short form that this gang utilises like the X reference as the worshipping for the
murders and the reference allegedly to King of the Cross.  King of the X.
Just a game for some however for the people that are raped, murdered and setup it is the good people that have been framed.
Position of the bodies within the brothel the research shows this is the Spot.Police were called....000 nothing happened, threats to murder and the people are not questioned?
North Delta Aquariids15 Jul – 25 Aug26 Jul230424
Piscis Austrinids15 Jul – 10 Aug27 Jul23−30355faint
Southern Delta Aquariids12 Jul – 23 Aug29 Jul23−164116faint
Rabbi blessed the brothel Mothers day night with Sex worker Michelle
26 July 2011  Sex worker Michelle with Roger Hegarty asked for "$100k to give to John Ibrahim this will allow you to trade Jenny" as Michelle said.
Sammy Sweet turned up at the brothel that night, 27 July 2011 to wonder why I would not pay money.  It's illegal that's why.  Sammy Sweet
also known as Greek Sam said he was sent by John  Ibrahim and Frank Amante.
Police visited again, when rang as these thugs kept coming.  All these people I knew were linked into the alleged drug network.
27 July 2011 Roger Hegarty sent text's and rang regarding the picking up of funds as I was having people door knocking on the brothel for money.
Alleged Extortion had started in May 2011 when the first asking by allegedly Roger Hegarty happened.
27 July 2011 The Police were called
Within Moloch worshipping for the drug network, the links are left behind within the Police evidence I have noted.
Juanita Nielsen, Donald Mackay Prime Minister Harold HoltDarlinghurst Road, Kings Cross  Hooked Map X.

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