Saturday, 28 September 2013

Astoria Hotel Potts Point allegedly the drug Queen's hideout The evidence sent to council

Council has allowed the alleged drug dealers to reside in Hotel rooms within Kings Cross.  Now if the Police did an undercover operation, or talked to the dealers like I have the only ones that can deal on Darlinghurst Road is allegedly connected with one of the biggest drug gangs and is very well hidden in Kings Cross because the gang is silent as they work.

I interviewed two drug dealers in January 2013, this was two years after I sent this information to Council, they bought the ice I waa told near Crown Street, they hired a room in Astoria and  within one phone call to the working girl they had organised to deal through they had the knock at the door by the heavies on the strip that the only ones that can deal drugs here are associated with the gang.

So please, push the council and the government to stop the long term living around Kings Cross through the Hotels and Motels.

Astoria Hotel needs to be looked at with the below thoughts in mind:

Could Council with Police look at this Hotel Astoria 9 Darlinghurst Road Kings Cross.  It seems that when the Hotels have a permanent resident 
that chances are they are dealing drugs in Kings Cross.  One working girl I met Michelle/ real name Diedre Palmerston has been in the Hotel for 4 years. 
By the term Hotel I believe the residents need to stay a maximum of 3 months and then move on. 

Could council vote that the hotels within Kings Cross be a register for the rooms so no one can stay more than 3 months at any hotel/backpackers. 
This wil eleviate many of the drug dealers in Kings Cross if there is a radius combining the 3 months to a radius.

Whilst the working girls and dealers some come and go for police not to trace but if a log was available the police could utilize this for evidence.  On the website it is advertising for long term residents.

talks about the traffic and movement within the Astoria hotel.

and the drug dealers walking the halls.  Bed bugs and the filth of Kings Cross.

If the sun is out, the deck is always bathed in its rays and if there is a storm on the way, it's a great place to watch it roll in - or perhaps run for cover. 
But the deck is also a good vantage point for spying on people on the street below, and even better for watching the curious goings-on at the Astoria Hotel, 
at 9 Darlinghurst Road, across the road. I took this picture of the hotel from the deck today:

The Astoria Hotel is a mysterious place and I wonder about its marketing techniques because it manages to attract a diverse clientele, from German tourists 
and Japanese businessmen to prostitutes and junkies. A pay-phone is suspiciously located right outside the Astoria's entrance. It is fascinating to watch
 random people slip in and out of its shady doorway. Who are they and why are they going in there and coming out just minutes later?
It is also great to try and see through the windows of the hotel, especially at night when the lights in the rooms may be on. Then you can catch a 
glimpse of someone's profile as they move about inside, or see a flash of arm as they go to close the curtains because they have had enough of that weirdo
 pervert at Club Swans.
I also wonder if some people actually live permanently in the Astoria Hotel. If you look closely at this picture below you can see a pile of books in the 
smallest window:

Fiction or non-fiction? And who do they belong to? A permanent resident or just a traveller who happens to like reading? I have my theories, but I'll never know for certain and I quite like it that way.

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