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Drug network needs deleting email sent 17 July 2012, hidden research

Dear Sir/Madam,
RE:  Drug Dealers in Kings Cross
Kings Cross Drug network exists even after I have tried to tell the police, so why does Essam Nicola Gerges have on file do not pick up by police when he did sell last night 40 points.  Hells Angels?
Allegedly Chop, Peter William Schaffer steroids about 35 + years old sells drugs to the major networks of drug running, well he like the rest doesn’t get picked up.
Greek Sammy, well he like the rest drugs, is how he pays his bills and he doesn’t  get questioned or caught.
Well then you start to wonder with the push I have done on the drug network  who else gets affected, well if there is any corruption then in the past by history you look at the police, the magistrates, judges and even the people that represent the medical sector for paedophiles would need to be looked at.  There are links, so how big is the drug network, it is widespread all around Sydney from Central Coast, to Wollongong with links to Blue Mountains and then all over Australia.  So what did the Royal Commission clean out, the drugs just flow and have flowed they didn’t stop when Bill Bayeh was locked up they just got worst.
So steroids, come from allegedly a Doctor from Bondi, the steroids move through allegedly City Gym the guy his name is a drug name…..Many of the drug dealers are on unemployment benefits or sickness benefits or even on bail.
I have been working within the Kings Cross district for over 12 months.  The horrific stories I could tell you about of being threatened with death many times over by these drug barons that walk the streets staying for many of them in Kings  Cross itself.
The cheap accommodation on the strip of the Astoria Hotel and Budget Hotel are a Drug dealers heaven with many of the Drug dealers coming for weekend trade.
The people that I have seen dealing in front of me, I am just a woman yet I have told the police.  The threats on life have come about through my investigations into why this group of thugs joined forces to keep a business closed.
1.        Competition in drug trade which was only there own perspective
2.        Juanita Nielsen
The premises in the past had been ran with heroin from the premises of a secret brothel in Kings Cross where no front entrance to Darlinghurst Road was available till 1985.  I believe a private club owned by Abe Saffron hidden from sight beside the Pink Pussy cat Club eg.  Bobbi Sykes will disclose the location of the Pink Pussycat Club at 38a Darlinghurst Road.  This Club is the hidden brothel now, yet I am sure the many rich and famous people of Kings Cross have visited.
I believe when Juanita went missing the brothel was closed and never to open, except for a few.
1985-6 Madame Butterfly first tried to open and was extorted.  KX1 and KX6 allegedly Bill Bayeh extorted.
Then the brothel was closed for many years till Maddona’s came to Kings Cross some say an Icon to the Cross yet the heroin flowed, Bill Bayeh was in goal at the time.
2010 Bella’s Gentlemen’s Club The receptionist was dealing drugs.  Each person that turned up, a blonde haired lady sex worker caused havoc still today living in the Astoria Hotel.  Extorted by the Whispers in Kings Cross
2011 Sparkling Chandeliers extorted from day one.  Tried many times with the blonde haired lady from the Astoria Hotel to close the brothel.
The reason to look at the history as to why to have it closed.  You will have to look at the other brothels in Kings Cross where they exist in the back or above Strip Clubs whether they have Council approval and why if they don’t why do they exist?
The time I spent on the strip I found many of the people staying at the Hotel’s many being Middle Eastern men appearance and others from aboriginal man to Australian looking sex workers.
The hotel’s where these drug runners lurk are cheap, with one entrance and exit with staff that have learnt to not notice the trail of people that go through the foyer of many of these cheap hotels.
In the Royal Commission the Budget Hotel then owned in a company with a Saffron Director was moving time for shooting up.  Whether this happens today, well a spruiker stands on the steps and the working girls go in and out.  Some just go for the 20 minutes as each room has an injecting bin within.
Then the Astoria Hotel has people that seem to be associated with the Triads and Hells Angels staying within these premises 24/7.  Essam Gerges has been staying there for some time now, he was dealing with heroin, ice and has been on the strip selling drugs some say for 35 years yet he lives unnoticed in a world where the ice is attracts young woman to sleep with a man in his 60’s. Essam Gerges was the collector as he told me for Protection money for Louie and Bill Bayeh.  Extortion from all over Sydney through brothels.  He stays in various backpackers and hotels around Kings Cross moving his points through a web that has his so called son Sewe protecting him.  This man Sewe Eastern Suburbs Chapter of Hells Angels as Essam Gerges said he rang Sewe to do the walk on Kings Cross to tell John Ibrahim that he was moving in to rule Kings Cross with drugs.
Essam Gerges uses many of the working girls for his elaborate network of drug dealers.  With a aboriginal guy called Roger Stewart/Heggarty nickname Black Roger.  A person with Essam who moves Essam around getting him a supply is Chop Peter William Schaffer.
I have given phone numbers to the police, yet these men and many of the ladies I know that deal that have terrified me stay in the hotel Astoria on Darlinghurst Road.
If the police did a drug raid there, blocking the fire exit they would find that sex worker Michelle /Diedre Palmerston, Essam Gerges, Black Roger, Claudia Dent, Ashlea Boyle, Larissa Goodman, Stacy Wambua another drug user coming and going however she works for a guy called Greek Sam that seems to be a right hand man for the drug network.    Therefore many of the people staying in the Astoria Hotel actually deal drugs, and I have seen them with drugs.
Black Roger I had to get a AVO on him to keep him out of the brothel yet it is just a piece of paper and he doesn’t care he terrifies me to rule his drugs and it seems the police are helpless.
Black Roger walks with sex worker Michelle everywhere, Michelle this once blonde is wearing wigs to disguise her looks.  Black Roger will sometimes stay with a guy called Rudy within the Astoria Hotel all the time dealing.
Council tells me that the Astoria Hotel you can stay in there for as long as you like.  Council needs to be aware of the ABS stastics that shows most rooms  that this moving from room to room within a Hotel is not normal existence.  The drugs are disguisting in Kings Cross yet this hotel is the house to many of the drug dealers.
Greek Sammy or Sammy Sweet, in the last week or so has been given the sales for heroin on the strip and to the city and Oxford Street.  Sammy Sweet explained that he met up with John Ibrahim at a unit near Kings Cross with his security guard with the drugs.
Sammy Sweet, with terroring me has been given the role of heroin supply.  A protected person?  Well he has been done lately for supplying drugs with a quantity that was lowered on each time by the arresting police officier as he bragged to me in February 2012.  This guy needs to be goaled.  He is a head guy of many runners within this close network of Kings Cross.
I need your help, to clean out the hotels of people that live for one Michelle sex worker for 4 years in Kings Cross where this helps with supplying drugs to the wider community and a safe house with drugs stashed close by.
The Budget Hotel has to have the guys going in and out with sex workers to be stopped.  This will put a massive hole in the drug operation within the Kings Cross locality.  When the Budget Hotel and the Astoria Hotel are full, the drug runners move to near the fire station eg 187 Darlinghurst Road a little wire door rooms to rent which seems to be the next hideout around Kings Cross.
If we are serious about the drugs, the company *The Hells Angels Ltd needs to be looked into this is the company where I believe the gun shots all over Sydney as this company I believe allegedly the Bayeh family want the control back with meetings in February with John Ibrahim and Felix Lyle at the café Cosmopolitian in Double Bay.  These meetings I believe was to talk about the handing over of the bank account where this company *The Hells Angels Ltd is the company that Juanita Nielsen was investigating when she went missing.
*The Hells Angels Ltd started in 1975 co-incident?  Registered Bella Vista?  Sam Ibrahim lives at Bella Vista.  The change over of the Kings Cross drug empire happened I believe allegedly when Bill Bayeh was charged from the Royal Commission.
Follow some of the stories regarding Juanita Nielsen.    
Juanita Nielsen Editor facebook to see the Pink Pussycat Club having a secret brothel come alive.
Images of the main drug dealers I have will be attached.

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