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How to smash the drug network, email to the authorities was sent

How to smash the drug ring.
Over the last 3 years I have been watching the drugs and the drug runners that don’t seem to get caught.
They may tell me and others they pay the police however the police may just be one so how does the system keep getting missed.
Within Kings Cross there are only a few major players once they are wiped out the drug issue is under control.

Allegedly David deals for Hells Angels.
When someone has dealers on street corners moving around different corners all to feed the two same hotels.  That I had studied, Shark Hotel and 888 Bar seems to be the same drug dealer that I note will stand on the kerb of the gutter looking in on the footpath.  It seems to be strange to stand so far on the kerb.  His name is David, fatish guy normally wears a t-shirt and blue jeans.  I think he drives a commodore however I know he does drive a car.  He leaves the drugs in a letterbox.  His boss Essam Nicola Gerges told me about this system.  That they utilise a key and go into the letterbox.  Sometimes for the residential properities utilising the secretary box.  During the hours of drug working the business and residential community shut down.  David was last seen dealing from outside the 7/11 shop with the stash in the 313 Castlereagh Street Sydney.  David only works for Hells Angels.  He even checks with Essam Gerges.
Now, this David was dealing out of the Love Machine in Kings Cross for 20 odd years, then Porkys in Kings Cross for about 12 months a couple of nights a week.  Without getting caught?  You do start to wonder.
Allegedly Chop Peter William Schaffer
Chop has been dealing however he never touches the gear always walking with other people that have the gear, he just touches the money from heaven as he says.  Chop works for Triads, Hells Angels.  He was within the chapter Bandiditos that was bought over to rule Kings Cross.  His boss is Essam Nicola Gerges.  However if Chop doesn’t touch the drugs on the footpath he overseas an operation.  Thou he is out each night walking up Oxford Street about 7.30pm each night.  He does some of his meetings in the Crystal Palace Hotel Quay Street.  Chop has been staying opposite after he left the brothel where I objected to him having his young daughters Theresa and Emily on the premises.  Chop had threatened me to run from the brothel In Kings Cross, either goal or the grave as he kept saying to me.  He is with Essam Gerges a lot.  Says his wife is his niece yet it is just drug family association.  Sonia deals ice. 
Chop doesn’t touch the ice as he had a problem with the ice that’s how he got caught the last time.  He utilises his wife Sonia, with two other sex workers as he calls them his business partners Karyn Englehardt sex worker Skye and Sex worker Michelle from the Astoria Hotel.
The System, when they are too hot.  They just bring the clients to another guy on the strip all the time watched by one of the elite drug dealers within the mob of allegedly Hells Angels.
It doesn’t matter if they are allegedly Nomads or Hells Angels it is the same.  Nomads seems to be the drug arm of the network.
Allegedly Karyn Englehardt  and sex worker Michelle, Erica, Annika
All these three ladies will work within the network, sharing the drug dealing I don’t think Erica is under Essam however she is suppose to  get her drugs from Billy at Sleevemasters.  Still the same network under the Newtown branch Scott Orrock where Chop fits into the puzzle.
These three working girls deal drugs, so they ring someone whilst they have a client or have the drugs on them.  Erica is on everything, methodone, heroin and ice.  Thou she has been working out of the same two brothels Tiffany’s and The Penthouse.  Both of these brothels with Porkys I was told were owned by John Ibrahim.
Sex worker Michelle has been dealing for Essam, due to the Astoria Hotel where he has been staying.  Since Black Roger Hegarty has been in trouble Essam came on the scene for sex worker Michelle who has been staying at the Astoria Hotel for the last four years in room 112.  Sex worker Michelle had a husband a police man at Kings Cross Police station who was deregistered through his corruption.  Sex worker Michelle is honoured in this circle.
These working girls, will work the circuit, Kings Cross to Pitt Street and then to Albion Street Surry Hills with Love Machine or Porkys throwin on the mix.
Black Roger
Black Roger was working under the guidance of Sex worker Michelle greatly.  He had been supplying drugs back to sex worker Erica, Larissa Goodman, Sex worker Michelle.  DVD Shop on the upstairs at the back of the Vegas Hotel for much of a night hiding in a room there dealing the drugs.  Yet he did get caught he is still out.  The police told me from Kings Cross he delivered a parcel to the brothel.  I called the police to arrest him on an AVO, I was trying to keep the bastard out from doing drug deals.
The AVO with a police tracker on his ankle wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on to protect me.  Yet if you look at it, they haven’t come to the house much.  Bikes paraded past a couple of weekends that was all they did.  Eyeing up headlights into my house from across the bay from someone who must be within the know. 
Black Roger still living within the Astoria Hotel, when he disappears his replacement is Rod Raffout on facebook.
Greek Sam or Sammy Sweet
Allegedly Sammy Sweet overseas the operation, above Black Jack, for the Allegedly Nomads arm, thou he is a Rebel he works on his own.  He works making sure that the brothel he looks after has the drugs.  Sammy Sweet explained that he would earn $3k a lot on the pokies down at Vegas, he wins money all the time.  Sounds like drug money. He was selling to Julie Amante, now once I was watching, Julie moved to the Central Coast.
Sammy Sweet, with his girlfriend Anna deal the drugs they say through the Star Casino.  Is it the truth?  Well why would you say it?  You start to think when your in on the otherside that they were all trying to big note themselves to me.  Sammy Sweet knows Im a Justice of the Peace.  It would be my duty to tell.  Yet this man came into the brothel, fighting and bringing the heavies the MBM boys who would circle the brothel, telling us that it was because we wouldn’t pay extortion money.
Linking Sammy Sweet to Sex worker Michelle and Black Roger who had failed, well he was above them.
Sammy Sweet was also in charge, well it was life or death if I didn’t do what he wanted.
The police searched his bag when I brought them back to the brothel after a drug raid.  I noticed that these bags Sammy had dumped the afternoon before the drug raid.  I believed on purpose when the Detectives from Kings Cross Police station went through they noticed that there was a key for Star city Casino for a room.  There were additives in the bag that mixed with ice.  Sammy had come back and explained that Jenny I can’t get into trouble these are legal items.  Well it is all legal within reasons, water softener, many bottles he had within his bag.  They went through the bag really not knowing what they were looking at.  This man that had been extorting me, you can’t operate without me.  I have come up from Love Machine.  He explained that he had moved on from there.
Love Machine seemed to have a on site drug dealer, one of them had been David for many years and the other I took it by his speech was Sammy Sweet.  He bought his brother, who I don’t know him yet he looked impressive with his black long jacket  said he had been a owner of Love Machine.  I got out he said.  I needed too. 
Why?  Why didn’t the police bring Sammy into questioning with taking the ingredients within his bag that was under warrant as items they were looking for ice.  These items the key door, the additivies were all associated with ice dealing. 
Allegedly Sammy Sweet explained to many that he had been told about the drug bust.  He had pushed for JP on the strip to ask for Larissa Goodman for drugs which she was charged with it.  JP wasn’t charged?  Normally Larissa had been given drugs from JP.  He was the dealer to my knowledge from the DVD shop on Porkys side right beside the Kings Cross Ink now.  Did the police well the court’s even ask Larissa where she got the drugs to begin with.  Wall of silence.
Well, for a start the wall of silence needs to be a criminal offence.  When a question is asked, it needs answering.  That seemed to work within the Royal Commission that cleaned Kings Cross up the last time.  If all the questions had to be answered then we may come to some how cleaning up Kings Cross and the system that works.
Why were the drugs left in Sammy’s bag?  A Royal Commission would find out. 
Why weren’t bags searched within a drug raid under warrant.  Royal Commission question
Chop Peter Schaffer how he gets unemployment benefit and walks the streets under the bikie arm of drug dealing.  Has two children where he and his wife have the drugs to pay for accommodation for $1500 a week, steroids for Chop and no way of proving to society how he lives there.  Gifts?
Royal Commission would answer this question  with many of the drug dealers
Porkys brothel, within Sydney City Council officier explained to me the DA wasn’t valid.
Then you have Council officier Greg Stevens saying that his position Compliance officier should be fully aware and have a full understanding of the laws within the local council.  Yet we have mistakes happen with delegated authority.  Was Greg Stevens one of the people with delegated authority to sign off the Kings Cross Ink development.  Why?
Why?  Kings Cross Ink only put in for a development application for $5000 when Mark Alexander-Erber said to the papers that he spent $1million dollars on the state of the arc tattoo shop. 
A Royal Commission will find out where this money came from the $1million dollars for the tattoo shop?  Where is John Ibrahim’s name on a business he claims he owns half?  Where Mark has put the other Pub Boy problems within this business?  Allegedly bringing a heap of his bikies mates.
So where is allegedly Essam Nicola Gerges
Allegedly Essam Gerges worked on Police cars for a living, within his workshop during this period of time he learnt about the police and how to become undetected as many of the police wouldn’t search him because they were his friends he explained to me.
Allegedly Essam Gerges orchestrated the 50-60 Hells Angels that walked on Kings Cross.  Bringing the first show of strength to Kings Cross to walk on John Ibrahim to have the company The Hells Angels Ltd thrown back to the old school boys that he allegedly was representing as he said I work for the Bayeh’s.  He would be telling me all the time, he was the man on the ground and no one was higher than he.
Allegedly Essam Gerges seemed to have been working as the collector of protection money for Louie Bayeh as he would call.  Well a Royal Commission would find out whether this was the truth?  If they wouldn’t answer the questions they will go to goal and then on the parole conditions can be banned from coming to Kings Cross and utilising a third person to put pressure on the drug dealing within Kings Cross.
Royal Commission the question to Inspector Ian MacDonald? 
Why do you tell people the drug system is good from inside the interview room of Kings Cross Police station infront of a solicitor?  This solicitor could be called to the Royal Commission?  The Detective from gangs that sat beside the Inspector MacDonald who told me to join some historical society?
Well if the drugs have survived a Royal Commission you start to look at how?  The company allegedly *The Hells Angels Ltd was started in 1975?  Just after Juanita Nielsen disappeared.  She was working on the story that would blow the top .  Drug money was feeding Victoria Street the only way that they could be affording the interest.  She had been working on how they were hiding the money.
This drug money was what Donald MacKay stumbled across with the Nugan Hand Bank?
Bill Bayeh did he have anything to do with the company *The Hells Angels Ltd?
Did Abe Saffron have anything to do with the company *The Hells Angels Ltd?
How is John Ibrahim owning so much in Sydney from Pubs to Brothels all where a fair amount of drugs are traded allegedly?  Where is his name?  It seems to appear no where.
Why do we have a King of the cross.  Are the Journalists pushing an allegedly criminal activity with the references used.  What if the King’s name appears no where, what if he is only seen with many henchman?  Why?  What is he the King of ?
Allegedly When an Inspector  Susan Waite was asked to do a drug run in on a brothel in Darlinghurst Road she didn’t that night yet the next day after I was terrorised beyond relief that the man be charged Essam Nicola Gerges for drug possession.  I had asked her to come in as the people within the brothel were all huge drug users that night at that time.  I was terrorified.  Why didn’t they search Essam’s room?  Drug scales were found on cleaning out the stuff.  I am just a  lady, I am not a fighter with physical power yet the only way to try to run the business was to have them in house I actually had no choice.  The threats to life have continued.
Allegedly Essam Nicola Gerges used another guy to bash a working girl called Amanda Maree Barnes to both ear drums broken, black eyes, etc. To stop the reports being put up on the internet under The Kings Cross Sting.
Allegedly Essam Gerges was utilising allegedly another sex worker Claudia Dent for Child prostitution links another person allegedly Debra Miller who has a connection through her sister allegedly Salvation Army to numerous young ladies and guys that come through the ranks of drug dealing.
I was told that allegedly Claudia Dent was told if she came back to Sydney Essam would kill her and then he allegedly organises a bashing.  How many does he pull the strings the puppets behind the scenes that the police cant get because of the significant evidence.
How does the system continue must be exposed?
Drug network too strong, if the police are saying they lost control then a Royal Commission will bring about powers to ask these drug dealers or face 2 years at least in goal.  It does clean the system.

If you think about the police:

The drugs are really everywhere in Kings Cross.  What I have seen would surprise some of you.

Two from drug squad.   Who did the raid the two Hyde brothers were in charge?
Marty Hyde drugs….well he refers everything to his boss…So who’s his boss was he involved.  Yes his boss interviewed me, when I felt the drug raid wasn’t good enough for  not searching of a bag.  They found in the bag additives for ice.  Allegedly that person is a known drug runner with Christmas lunch he says with John Ibrahim.  

Then are they the main Detective’s for the drugs in Kings Cross.  When Astoria Room 112 raided once and drugs caught by Marty Hyde?  Just co-incidence when the sex worker has lived there for nearly 5 years now dealing ice during that time.
Detective Inspector Ian MacDonald said on the 7 December 2011, he turned a blind eye to this. Alleged drug network in Kings Cross.

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