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State Wards are allegedly the puppets for the sex rituals of associates for Hells Angels.

State Wards  We need the laws changed  every child that enters the sex game for rituals be held accountable as a charge against them.  This will stop the alleged setting up of people as the working girls know the laws and know they can't be touched.  For the Ritual of initiation within the gang, you earn your 81.
Within the State wards, they are all having problems.  Yet I have been introduced to this world thru allegedly running of the drug network.
I have been finding places that the drugs are either causing much of the crime in this age group through the overrating of television shows where it has glorified the drug dealers.  Explained that the alleged drug dealer is having the desired life.
I know we have history I appreciate that, we all actually have a problem that seems to be out of control in our Western Suburbs and our Southern Highlands.
I note that Father Chris Riley Youth off the Streets has been trying extremely hard yet I believe that this school/assistance has also been utilised allegedly within the spread of the drug market.
I am wondering the type of help at these venues for the stopping of drugs.  Well the education whether they have implemented any help through medical techniques utilising the subconscious mind.  Where we build self confidence and self esteem up with in the groups.  Subconscious mind therapy is a way to combat this type of behaviour.  The want these youths have seen is the want’s of the television.  Mobile phone, fashion, cars, lifestyle yet there is a right and a wrong way for this lifestyle.
I have found by these couple of places it actually creates a venue, avenue for the next generation of drug dealer or problem child to become worse.  Two faces are a phase where they have one face for the help system and the other face for the money that is thrown at these youths.  The drug money, what I heard in Granville this week shocked me to a level that I couldn’t believe.
To cause trouble to someone in Kings Cross, or to earn dollars….  The price for my hassles well it was told by a few a price range of $1300-$1500 for the night of terror to me, yet in a way it was because I was  opposing the drugs in Kings Cross.
To be told that Notorious is alive and well handing out brochures.  I am sure I was being told the truth this was from two people one with two children and a grandmother about 70 years old.
There are many ways we can help to cull this existence.
Granville is the hub for the Notorious Nomads, and this pick up and chat spot for many of the youths around with the guys or thugs is the Kebab Shop in Granville.  Go there in the day, you see a pub on one corner, the kebab shop x 2 except it is the kebab shop with seating inside where the youths can hang out till Midnight except for Sundays they are closed.
When you realise by the chatter on facebook that some of these youths borrow cars to get there.  Underage driving, with there fake id’s I believe in the pocket.  State wards, why can’t the government put blankets on areas where they “State Wards” can’t congregate after 6pm in the area of Granville in a public place.
This drug epidemic we have, these people don’t seem to drink so the Kebab shops, the coffee shops even the McDonalds are prime targets.  Yet I am aware we can’t single them out as it is self confidence, self esteem destructing.  Well, when they hang in groups late of a night.
As parents we have times that the Youths should be at home, what happens here with State wards or youths going and utilising these government funded places.
Facebook, it could be midnight and they want to go out.  State Wards’, People that go to Youth off the streets, and the system doesn’t see it.
Comments, of I’m too busy driving LOL to talk….LOL will from a 15 year old.  When they are putting on the facebook.  State wards and youth that take drugs.  Yet it happens, they don’t have a car, they advertise for the use of a car on facebook.  It seems to be the system.
It isn’t uncommon for a car to be filled with youth, and some of these youth are State wards within the  Granville Notorious Nomad drug belt.
Pick up point for the drug barons, Merrylands High School is one of the places that
Then it’s the language, of brother, sister, cuz within this pack of state wards and youths with problems. Well it is one eggs on the other person in this type of situation.  I am not really blaming the area it is the system.
There was a person that has an influence on the Youths off the streets.  This Lady seems to be a mum figure for the girls under State care or within the Youth off the streets, was on the Christmas Party cruise on Christmas day.  Her facebook page with idolizing symbols of her own existence two glasses of wine.
Many of these youths the home situation was the problem where it is alcohol from the parents or  the carers.  It’s the system. 
Comments like Chilling in Granville on a Friday night you will know that the gang is up to know good.
Kebab shop where they hang is open to Midnight…Notorious gang area yet this is legal. State wards, and other groups like Youth off the streets. 
As a Madame in  a brothel, being a non drug user and non gang related person.  Even I have never been in this environment before I was shocked at who the police look at the one issue, now the whole issue.  Many of these youth off the street hang in Kings Cross with some of the toughest guys.  These guys are normally on steroids, drugs, and highly influententual on both sides.  In my case these guys had been picking up the youth and bringing them to Kings Cross.
It was youth that forgot who it was.  Yet the cameras within the strip of the Darlinghurst Road Golden Strip.  This strip is the most monitored yet the people that brought the youth were not charged nor even questioned why?  Because the Youth didn’t know the name.  Well from Granville Kebab shop you may find some links.
The State Wards, with such an adult entertainment by being a State Ward, Youth off the streets schooling person could  they have a ban on them entering the Kings Cross District and especially the Golden Strip Darlinghurst Road.
That the government on giving donations of money to funding for troubled youth stipulate through this association with the state wards or youth that receive the benefit that they can not be found within the Kings Cross Strip. 
The government will stipulate that no equipment of drug manufacturing, or equipment be built at these facilities as part of arts and crafts.
That the government will give the orders that no State ward to be able to go to Kings Cross or an adult entertainment area.  The State ward, will be charged. 
As the law states now, it is up to the owner of the brothel, yet when you are extorted, threats of death by these thugs and the examples they gave me of murder’s that were unsolved that they did.  Well, you start to believe they are capable, even I have had the police in Kings Cross tell me, they are murder’s.  Well, the law needs changing so this mob of drug barons can not utilise the same tactics as they did to me.  Yet, State wards, are in someway in safe custody yet they can do anything because under the age of 15 they are not responsible. 
Well, the drug ring knows the law very well.  Child’s play they call it.

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