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Donald Mackay Case and connections Research emailed 4 July 2012

Emails to the Police, with the association of the connections.  The history within court cases sometimes explain the problem.  Kings Cross is a problem and the drug network has existed allegedly protected by the Lodge J code of silence since 1920.

Nugan Hand Bank
Where the authorities missed or just didn’t add together.
Frank Nugan was a lawyer, started a bank to launder money for the farmers allegedly growing the Grass.  To fund the drugs and to build in Victoria Street just like what was happening over in America at the time.
Frank Nugan had a brother, well associated too with growing fruit and vegetables at the time this industry was coming together.
The farmers were sending product to market in the seventies.  It was the farmers of vegetables that were delivered to the allegedly Paul’s in Sydney market.  See if it is Paul’s, well Chop explained that he spoke about my husband  in a good way.  A decent and respected man in Sydney Markets.  Chop told me, he had been told to be nice to me.  That we would be able to work together that was after he moved out of the brothel and the level of trashing was shocking.  Just to close the business.  If the alleged bodies stay where they are the problem goes away.
At Surry Hills Police by a Detective Corina Windybank she explained to me when I get out of the brothel, I would be out of Kings Cross.  Alex was reported missing on the July 4th as I was told to by the conveyance Solicitor that Quentin Vertigan was utilising settlement of the brothel was to take place soon.
Another Child’s play to waste time, and to send me broke.  Whatelse?  Quentin has two brothels in Fairfield.  With bills he said with his ex partner, and Asians intertwined in that brothel the managing.
I noted that Quentin said he was an Aussie man with the asian girls and was the only aussie in the industry.  Well Why?  Paid off $4 million of debt in two years he told me.  So connected allegedly well if you sit and watch these brothels like I have the trade is very limited.  The working girls are all clean looking free from drugs doesn’t mean that something doesn’t happen.  Quentin, rambles on when you talk to him.  Yet he has had 14 brothels in a short period of time and keeps the Fairfield brothels as to the license.
The security guy for Quentin is a past heavy from Kings Cross he explained to me when I attended the brothel a couple of times.
The stash, by the way we can remember at home was coming down in the middle of the pallets.  Cabbages were one where the matter was in the middle of the pallet.  Thou, it is the unexplained money that I don’t believe the Royal Commission concentrated on it.
The ph of Tomatoes is 7 and for the growing of the grass.  Yet the trucks were coming into the markets and vegetable matter if the other end knew would probably take the drugs to the warehouses and get the drugs out of the pallets and then onsell the pallets of vegetables.
If you look at the child’s play and the sense of humor of these disgusting criminals if I was them the floorcoverings would’ve been a thought.  Why not the police look under the floor?
What’s stopping them?  Pride maybe?  Having the evidence intertwined around the Royal Commissions and not picking up the points to uncover the bodies at that time?
KX 1 and KX 6 were just security guards by what I was told by Quentin Vertigan who seemed with a guy Tony aboriginal knew a lot about what happened.  Maybe history, maybe the coffee shop talks with Bill Bayeh he told me he was having and maybe the fact he was sent.  How did Quentin know when he turned up about the water pouring in from the level above me at the brothel?
James Frederick Bazley  I am taking that James Bazley, was just a puppeteer like the industry today, they utilise the unknown, just to blame for the murders that surround yet they were probably have no evidence or not much evidence and would only see the association.  This the Mob has utilised as the childs play that I have seen used.  One would be putting a lot of pressure on one in the team yet that wasn’t the trigger man.  Maybe in the area, yes.  Maybe driving a similar car yes.  I believe that there would’ve been a couple of cars the same taken to Griffith for the murder.  Donald Mackay, had been putting a dent into the Marijuana market.  That would’ve affected not just the Trimbole setup, Sydney Kings Cross and the Sydney Markets even the transport without the dollars of the drugs going through the profit lines wouldn’t be as high.  If you think about the fuel in the truck loads of cabbages, oranges to market to hide allegedly the drugs.  These business’s accepting the loads I will like Chop Peter William Schaffer explained to me in the brothel that they were his brothers.  They are the cuz’s they are in the business you know.  He would be pushing the fact on me.  Trying to make out that he was a big shot to me.  Chop is just a puppet.  Yet he works with the Triads, during his time in the brothel Alex told me he had the head guy of the Triads inside the brothel.  Showing him the place.

The fair hair and Chop Peter William Schaffer is somewhere or how connected in this little part of the history.  Knowing too much about the life of Robert Trimboli, and knowing me from Boat Racing down at St George Motor Boat Club when I was young.  Well he is younger than me, so I attended there until we had two children our second was born in 1990.  I than attended boat racing meetings less.  Robert Trimbole had speedboats.  Fast speedboats, was any on the circuit of boat racing.
Schaffer, would say he came from the country?  Another drug run maybe from how his real father has set it up.  Kempsey, Tamworth yet it could be anywhere by his facebook it seems that he knows a lot of people out that way.  Chop’s cars were confiscated coming from Tamworth with as he told me with drugs inside.  Chop would make out that the drugs got out of the vehicle when they got out of the car.  Allegedly hidden inside his Mrs that was travelling with him.
Donald Mackays van was discovered at 1.30am the 16 July 2012 yet the alleged murder was in the evening early, how far is Sydney? 
Could the cars had come with similar number plates to Griffith, some from Sydney, some from Melbourne that would send the search further.  The leads all went to Melbourne by what I read in history yet it was the CIB from Sydney that came. 
Question:  Was the CIB from Sydney for Donald Mackay have anything to do with the Juanita Nielsen case?  Both in July, yet two years apart.  Both seemed to be botched intelligence affecting.
How not to discover a murder?  You miss lead the evidence.  So they would be telling the opposites.  If the leads were leading to country Victoria, Melbourne it wasn’t anywhere the perfect murder of Juanita Nielsen was the links would not be put together.  It would be less likely to fall the network apart as the drug industry was the main back bone as I believe the drugs are the main back bone in Kings Cross.
If Chop had been sent, with his likeness from Robert Trimbole, his likeness for fast boats.  Explaining to me that his dad was famous in Kings Cross yet he wouldn’t say his dad’s name he would mention the word dad with the likes of George Freeman, Abe Saffron, he was a main player.  Yet he didn’t say the name.  I may have done some fishing or digging.  Yet he was pushing me out of the brothel that I loved.
I couldn’t work out why people wanted the brothel shut.  Even looking back in history seeing Hells Angels, Bill Bayeh extorting the premises was just allegedly to hide the perfect murders I believe.
The fact that the push on the brothel came about in July 2011 when Bill Bayeh was released from Goal.  People had just thought the prior push on the brothel and threats of extortion were the child’s play.  The brothel, is sitting there, yet if you look we weren’t just having a go at a business we were both wanting to put so much more into Kings Cross.
Alex and I are a team, both have excelled in sales before yet we couldn’t work out why?
I would research as all awesome entrepreneurs look at the research and see what they were missing.
1.        The fact that the Golden Strip of Darlinghurst Road Kings Cross has a heavy influence from one gang.
2.       The King of the Cross yet he the King of what?
3.       The drug scene that I was pushing out of the brothel?  Just like Donald Mackay and Juanita Nielsen I was affecting the drug running.
4.       Jealousy by the other brothel allegedly owned by or part owned by as the holder of the King, or the Boss of the Cross even in the past Bill Bayeh had some paperwork for Bill Bayeh on the Club Porkys.
5.       By signing the Porky’s over to John Ibrahim as Quentin Vertigan told me happened.  This Bill Bayeh wasn’t happy about as they conned his brother Louie.  History?  Well if this title  of the Boss of the Cross as Bill Bayeh had, then King of the Cross John Ibrahim that moved with the title of the Business.
6.       EABONA Pty Ltd needs to be looked into.   I believe the letters will reflect the names within the company.  Maybe the hidden, silent people.

So you guys tell me….
1.        The police in Kings Cross when I called 000 they didn’t come for 2.5 hours.
2.       The police in Kings Cross would have to know that the gang knew what was happening in the police station within Kings Cross.
3.       0406 416 111 driving one of my cars GW 2313….Pick up Alex, you will see that he has skin missing off his right cheekbone through the King hit.  The wall of silence, well as Alex said where is the significant evidence?  It was (?Petrid Sam)  Allegedly sent by Essam Nicola Gerges.  So Jennifer would stop digging?  Why?  Alex and I are just friends…. Well I may uncover the perfect murders?  I may uncover the murder weapon that is in the brothel as Chop would tell me.  He ran in  and told me that in February 2012 that there is a gun in the brothel.  How did he know  if it is found?  Alex like me won’t answer an unidentified number and he believes he hasn’t found a honest cop.  Or else they would ask him and would’ve asked him more questions as to what has happened in the brothel to us.
4.       Child’s play has been severe, severe enough to close a business so we can  escape with our lives.
5.       If the gun is hidden with the bodies in the brothel?  Chop knew about the gun.  Essam knew about  the bodies are all feasible answers. Bill Bayeh out of goal in July 2011 and the push on the brothel coming from around the corner and the Lido Hotel.  Sex worker Natasha had been up the brothel working on  Alex prior to this drug raid.
6.       Who had the keys back then for the brothel.  By history it says Louie Bayeh the head security for the Pink Pussycat Club that ran from  Roslyn Street to Love Machine.
7.       The Pink Pussycat Club symbol is the cocktail glass the sign, we had showed the cocktail glass the history a  symbol.
8.       In between we went through the brothel in February 2011, there were card spread in Room H like a spray of cards from Porkies and signs of beer cans etc that a party had been held within the building of the brothel.  Allegedly Drug network hiding spot?  The fire exit would’ve been their only way into the building as the electric doors at the stairs was turned off at the main.
9.       Frank Amante I believe knew about the brothel Sparkling Chandeliers has to remain closed and empty.  Why?  Well he knew when Bill Bayeh was extorting that it should stay closed.  When the brothel was open as Madonna’s it raped the money out of his business Porkys, that was in 2003 odd, when Glowpave Pty Ltd owned  the building.  Is this a Triad business syndicate.  Quentin told me that Rick came from Cabramatta he was approached to come here, when he was sitting in the brothel foyer in February 2012 when I was planning on reopening.
10.    The police that have charged me, well they never asked about the extortion why?
11.   Why the brothel was hidden without a street frontage well a perfect hiding spot for bodies.  No one normally looks above ground for a body.  No one normally looks under there nose as Kings Cross Police were so close.  Many of the people associated I believe with these murders hang  around in Kings Cross.  Both of these people knew who the system worked.  The knowlegde would’ve exposed the drugs and the system.
12.   Look in Kings Cross, if the liquor licenses you will note they move around.  They don’t stay in the same name for years.  It is like working as a team.  They seem to work like a well oiled machine.  The government’s idea I believe wont work as it is the gang behind, the wings and skull tattooed on a chest a silent statement of  who they are.  The 1% of 1% are the criminals within the mob I believe.
13.   Cobra Lee had come into the brothel, to practice some martial arts with Alex to see  how good he was?  System.
14.   Look at the businesses that have shut in the last two years even from January 2012 through extortion?  The motor bikes that would rev and blow the flumes into the Mexican restaurant up the road.  Legal?  Child’s Play?
15.   The Lady Muck shop when the heat came down too hot in Kings Cross vanished to the Melbourne system.  Just the system.
16.   Many others have terrified me, and then disappeared to Melbourne. 
17.   I have lost 3 computers being pinched by this mob.  Just to hide the evidence.  Why?
18.   The cleaning of the drug money I believe is and has been utilised to be cleaned through the building of houses and massive renovations within the mob. 
19.   Look on google for the property  George Street Dover Heights the last house on the left hand side of the dead end.  The sign of the building company Paragon
21.    I have not been able to find the company structure behind.  A front, a sign, and the DA through council, the amount the DA’s go through council and what is spent is far difference and should be able to be picked up by the quantity surveyor going through the premises.
23.   The property of where TYVO Ltd has had property in Guildford and the families of the Ibrahim family.
24.   I have previously sent in many emails to this email address:  "secretariat" <>,    I hope like my call sign you take2looks……

We have had many people, doing something to hurt a business.  We both searched for the answer why?
The word conspiracy, should be utilised and charged I believe by the push  to have this brothel closed, and not operating as it is the safest position.  Chop and Essam would even with Greek Sam get very nervous when the police came through.  They would tell me not to take the police out the back why?
I wasn’t selling drugs nor was Alex.  We just wanted some fun and run a business.
However why wont the police look inside the brothel?  I have been pushing this for sometime.
I had Felix Lyle the group behind Quentin buying the takeover of the brothel since February 2012.  Why?
Who has the drug network in Australia I believe *The Hells  Angels Ltd  company formed in 1975 just after the murder of Juanita Nielsen.

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