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Timeline history Hells Angels 1948 is the start

Time Line of Kings Cross with alleged criminal activity and Royal Commission references
In 1948 there were two nations, joined under Jewish Rule as the King.
Was the King Abe Saffron?

On March the 17th. 1948 the first Hells Angels Motorcycle Club was founded
in the Fontana/San Bernardino area in the United States of America. 
1948 17 March, The first Hells Angels Motorcycle Club was founded in Fontana/
San Bernardino area in the USA.
1948 Abe Saffron returned to Sydney and acquired pubs in Sydney
1960 Hells Angels was documented as growing
1966 Beaumont Children Disappearance Australia Day 26 January
1970  Juanita Nielsen started the NOW Newspaper in Kings Cross
1970     John Ibrahim Born 25 August
1972   Victoria Street Development Kings Cross  By Frank Theeman with backers
1973  Nugan Hand Bank   Collapsed 1980
1974   15 April Patricia Galea wife of Kings Cross Identity Bruce Galea murdered in LA alleged robbery.  The California Court of Appeal was hearing the case 30 years later it fell in a void/crack within the system.
1975   30 April  The end of the Vietnam War….This was a way the drugs allegedly were coming into the country as soldiers bringing it back with them from overseas or were on stop overs in Sydney headed towards Kings Cross as documented throughout the history.
Allegedly the war was one way the drugs  were being moved from country to country through the coffins of the dead, and  the fake coffins full of heroin during this time.
Allegedly We had the end of the Vietnam war and drugs were still needed and being utilised.
1975   Who were the men from allegedly Kings Cross that were heading the Sydney Chapter Hells Angels?
1975    Hells Angels Sydney
1975   Hells Angels Melbourne
1976   Hells Angels Ltd UK started
1975   4 July Juanita Nielsen allegedly murdered  No body found shot
1975   Allegedly The secret brothel of the Pink Pussycat Club was closed never to reopen to hide a secret.
1977   15 July Donald Mackay allegedly murdered No body found shot
1977 4 August Howard  Twyrell Dubbo Horse  Trainer shot…gun never found
1977   *The Hells Angels Ltd company was listed through ASICS  This company is still in existence.  Is this why there was allegedly a * as there were two companies with the same name thus the * was created so the two companies could be started in 1975 in Melbourne and Sydney.
A company was set up in 1975, Hell's Angels Ltd, whose office holders included members of the Angels in Sydney and Melbourne, but the Tax Office won a court battle in 1984 over a disputed $89,000 tax bill. The firm has since been largely dormant. It was deregistered in 1989.  The Hells Angels Ltd was deregistered however the *The Hells Angels was still going.  I will assume the *The Hells Angels Ltd was the Sydney branch of the two chapters of Hells Angels that was started in 1975 with affilation to the California Club.
1977-80 Woodward Royal Commission on drug trafficking in Griffith

1978 Perc Galea died and Bruce Galea gained  Partnership with Frank Amante of the Club 77 at 77 Darlinghurst Street, Kings Cross.
1980 Nugan Hand bank collapsed
 1980 Hells Angels Nomads, Melbourne
1980 Nomads were formally identified separately in Melbourne.
1981 Australian Bureau of Criminal Intelligence about 100 horse racing conspiracy faternity
1983 Hells Angels Adelaide
1984 Fine Cotton horse fixing.
1985-86 Brothel Madame Butterfly’s was extorted heavily and never opened (now World Famous Sparkling Chandeliers.)
1988 John Ibrahim with 20% started his first club Tunnel Cabaret in Kings Cross
1991 Louie Bayeh Boss of the Cross came under heat during this time.
1991 Allegedly the Company was transferred to Bill Bayeh at that time to hide the connection.
Allegedly when the company was then transferred to  Louie Bayeh during the  period when Bill Bayeh was King of the Cross.
1991 The Company allegedly *The Hells Angels Ltd changed to TYVO Ltd still the same company.  Allegedly this company *The Hells Angels Ltd has the drug network ownership as the Australian arm of the business of dealing drugs.
1991 John Ibrahim had a son Dan Ibrahim
1992 John Ibrahim rented a house in Dover Heights that he later bought
1994 Murder of MP John Newman Cabramatta  to open allegedly the drug trade through Cabramatta than Kings Cross as to the heat through the Royal Commission.
1994 Alleged framing of Phuong Ngo of the murder of John Newman removed the both levels of government that were against the drugs and gangs in the area of Cabramatta.
1994-1997 Woods Royal Commission Police Corruption
Documented during the Woods Commission KX1 and KX6 about extortion on a brothel in Kings Cross known then as Madame Butterfly’s that never opened.  Allegedly this extortion was by Bill Bayeh.
1995 Hells Angels Darwin
1996 Bill Bayeh was goaled for the dealings of drug dealing in Kings Cross.
1996 Allegedly the company *The Hells Angels Ltd, TYVO Ltd was in the name of Louie Bayeh.  Allegedly the company, I will assume has a document where the two brothers must be acting together, thereby if Bill Bayeh in goal, then that position needed to roll to the next two brothers in line which allegedly Sam and John Ibrahim.
allegedly the company and the ownership of the drug control passed to the next in line the Ibrahim Brothers *The Hells Angels Ltd
1996 Allegedly, the ownership of the company where Porky’s brothel  is at the time of Bill Bayeh going to goal had an association with Bill Bayeh.  This I will alleged was the same share that Bruce Galea inherited when his father died in the Club 77 at 77 Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross
1996 The company or share of Club 77, that was to do allegedly with Bill Bayeh rolled over to John Ibrahim at that time it also rolled the alleged King of the Cross role to him.  In history, the alleged mob within Hells Angels have added the King of the Cross as the owner of the share of Porkys known back in time as Club 77.  Allegedly, the two brothers, one will own this company share for the King of the Cross and allegedly the other brother will have the *The Hells Angels Ltd/TYVO Ltd.  Allegedly this is why Frank Amante has a ownership of the Strip of Darlinghurst Road and some authority as the director of this business.
1997 Hells Angels Brisbane
1997 John Ibrahim acquired a house in Merrylands for $0.00 worth  $253,000 in 2007
1977 Nomads were identified as a separate gang started by Sam Ibrahim.  Allegedly Hells Angels Nomads has been identified by patches for some time together.  1977 Sam Ibrahim identified Nomads as a separate gang allegedly for the running of the Vice
1997 Sam Ibrahim became President of the Nomads Granville Chapter
1988 John Ibrahim Started first Club Tunnel Cabaret in Kings Cross with 20%
1998 Hells Angels North Crew Adelaide
2001-02 Strikeforce Sombra John Ibrahim with alleged extortion and standover tacktics to the strip of Kings Cross for payment figures  of $5000 per week
2003 Madonna’s Mob came to Kings Cross opening the Brothel 36A Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross and buying the building Glowpave Pty Ltd
2003 Hells Angels East County, Melbourne
2005 Hells angels City Crew Sydney
2006 Hells Angells Dead End Crew, Adelaide
2006 Abe Saffron Died------Allegedly by Abe’s death was the end of the Hells Angels founders overseeing the Club…Allegedly, then it was the Ibrahim’s moving the companies to hide the company with the agreement with the drug world overseas.  This  company *The Hells Angels
2006 Bandidos by intelliegence Parramatta Chapter tried to take over Kings Cross when Abe Saffron had past.
2007 Notorious Gang was formed for the alleged Kings Cross Chapter. Allegedly this was a game plan to hide the company *The Hells Angels Ltd in the background, that was allegedly ruling the drug trade coming into Australia.
2009 Madonna’s mob at the brothel were caught in the biggest heroin bust to Kings Cross. $1 million dollars was found in the wall in within Room B or the loungeroom that was removed when I took over the brothel. Police Surry Hills I believe caught him.  Allegedly as they say on the strip to me that Rick was paying the police at Kings Cross, he was open with the drugs and that’s how he was caught. Allegedly the drug trade was affecting other people on the strip and  another brothel allegedly connected with the company *The Hells Angels Ltd, and the position of Boss or King of the Cross.
2009 Moulin Rouge Club 39 Darlinghurst Road Kings Cross owned by Lili Cassandra Chel married around 2008-9 President of the Nomads Scott Allan Orrock
2009 Australian Trademark 1296176 Moulin Rouge by Lili Cassandra Chel
2010 Hells Angels  Chinatown  this was the change from the company that was started back with the mob allegedly from the meetings at the Chequers Club  Goulbourn St, during the 1975’s that Juanita Nielsen knew about.
2011 January noticed club Moulin Rouge closed up for lease
2011 First extortion by sex worker Michelle asking $100k from World Famous Sparkling Chandeliers
2011 Hells Angels bought Bandidos Parramatta Chapter.
2011 Hells Angels Parramatta
2011 Hells Angels West Side Sydney
2011 Hells Angels East City
2011 29 June Bill Bayeh released from goal for serving time as the Mastermind of the drug trafficking in Kings Cross….served 15 years.
2011  July 25-26 Alleged major Extortion by Roger Hegarty and sex worker Michelle  World Famous Sparkling Chandeliers Kings Cross to close the business to hide the secret.
2012 The old Moulin Rouge was being renovated, it allegedly is the same people behind the club.  Allegedly no one else could open a club in that position.  The Club Moulin Rouge was affected by a court case as to the woman going further than the  DA allowed.
2012 Club 0….in the same Club building as Moulin Rouge both with alleged association to Scott Orrock.  Allegedly the O is the only stamp on this that the business is associated with Scott Orrock and Hells Angels

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