Saturday, 14 September 2013

Sydney Shootings?

Why the shootings all over Sydney?

Sparkling Chandeliers - Sydney's Redlight

Home of The Kings Cross Sting KX Newspaper

Adult Industry Award Winner
 The Kings Cross Sting exposes
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The Kings Cross Sting......The Kings Cross Sting has asked the question WHY?
 Just a game, or has this gang taken the law into their own hands with the WILL.
“The Kings Cross Sting” exclusive:
Kings Cross and the whole of Sydney has been underseige.  Bullets are flying, cars  escaping and the police wagon
 was found on fire.
2006 Kings Cross changed Abe Saffron had died.  Bill Bayeh in goal, drugs running wild still.  The Kings Cross evolved.
Bill Bayeh allegedly ruled the drugs as they said at the Royal Commission, moving $2.5 million in one six month period 
was reported. Bill Bayeh had Porkies then, yet today it has Frank Amante at the helm and another owner hidden as the
 Kings Cross whispers have it is John Ibrahim the apprentice, the driver of Bill Bayeh.
Was Kings Cross a system?  No one had done a history like this researching, investigating
and exposing the extortion to a level where shock is on the victim, luck to be alive.
In July 2011 Bill Bayeh came out of goal.  Where’s the drug money?
In March 2012 Frank Amante gave Sydney Morning Herald meeting as King of the Cross?
We have the teams in one corner the OLD SCHOOL 
Juanita Nielsen’s disappearance  4 July 1975 Jewish Independence Day, this hidden company she was exposing
 was started 19 September 1975.  Frank Amante with Porky’s Bill Bayeh..  
Then we have the teams that took over the Bayer Brothers, the YOUNG SCHOOL 
A football game and everyone really playing the same game and scoring for the same team.
Hells Angels Nomads on the links below in many countries are the same team.  Is Australia behind? 
Bandidos    81 
Bandidos Nation 81, also 13 for alleged bloodline Royalty within the occult.
Nomads    Route 81
Hells Angels   Route 81.
In 1975 a female reporter Juanita Nielsen disappeared within a month of the company The Hells Angels Ltd being started 
So why the shootings, the silent game these gangs play for the war to move up the later.
Murder, Tattoo's for the symbol of gained the stripes than drug dealing for some as the game evolves.
This is a current Club Hells Angels Nomads
Why 50-60 Hells Angels walking on Trademark, Porky’s and other Ibrahim influences in Kings Cross in February 2012 was the start of the feud, they need the money Johnny so us Sydney siders can have peace.

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