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Private Investigation The Kings Cross Sting research

Sparkling Chandeliers

Home of The Kings Cross Sting "Latest Series"

Underbelly, The Scorpion
Private Investigation  the hidden secrets leaked
WILL is the Force by this gang to hide the secrets....
ALEISTER CROWLEY  Empowered many people for the alleged corruption to happen.
Sex Rituals of the Scorpion link to the play 66 The Scorpion 6 for Sex Ritual. 
 666 The Beast Scorpion Gang  exposed.

Adult Industry Award Winner
Best Adult Website and Best Sex Newspaper 2011  The Museum is coming, with the significant evidence.
Within the teachings of Aliester Crowley, he left the links to the brothel and the Hooked Map X with the alleged gang behind Kings Cross.
Thelema organisation is alive, Ritual VIII for how Juanita Nielsen became within the hidden compartment?
With many members throughout the world for Thelema and O.T.O, Ordoaa for the Order of A:.A:. that was started in Kings Cross in 1920
however this is the legacy they have left behind Abe Saffron was Mr Sin for the God of Satan who allegedly collected bodies
for the gang to have the control.
I am not affiliated with any of these  organisations however the reading matter links to  BEWARE, this gang is behind the alleged shootiings.
If the search would stop the gun fire all over Sydney and remember this search warrant could have  been executed by the Police from 2011
would have saved a lot of terror on the streets of Sydney.
The owner of the clubs, is the King of the network?  The largest club owner in Australia and the world is James Packer and Lawrence Ho.
Is this the alleged network?  Just a Police search warrant will show what this gang is protecting in the Holy Graal of the premises for the
alleged Freemason's 33 degree. The Kings Cross Sting reading matter that is still continuing.
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