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Shirley Briffman The Kiings Cross Sting exposes the Madame's Skulls

The Murder of Shirley Finn
How does this link in?
Well investigating The Kings Cross Sting has seen the links.  Hidden brothels and houses around areas in Sydney Kings Cross and Now the links to Perth?
Kings Cross King Abe Saffron, was connected to Perth to the Applecross a Suburb of Perth by his purchase of the Raffles Hotel in Applecross one of his early purchases of property.
This same purchase of property was later sold for $8.5 million which is the same value about that The Marshin Trust has in dispute with his will that has been mentioned in the Supreme Court.
A Brothel Madam shot, in 1975 going to expose the institute that allegedly Abe Saffron was creating. We will focus just on the gangland style murder shot from the passenger seat. 
We will allege that Shirley Finn knew her murderer.  A fact that many of these people have been touched with in the past.  1975, the brothel industry was under attack in Perth and Kings Cross where both had links to Abe Saffron.
This gunman left the vehicle going to the driver's window again shot Shirley Finn through the driver's window of the car.
There are similar connections as with Juanita Nielsen, as the police continue to utilise no further investigation.
It's a pattern that I have seen at the forefront due to  the connections with the drug trade and the level of police protection for police informants that expose large drug hauls and other information.
Within the alleged gang that  I have been studying these police informants don't care what they say as long as they get out of gaol ticket is given.
Shirley Finn, is it the same murderer?  Taking an overall look at the evidence you see the links of Shirley Finn on exposing the system within the brothel and the paying of alleged Extortion money.  It seems funny to me, when you see extortion of one brothel in a suburb of Perth and then reading about only 3-4 Brothels were treated in this manner.  You see connections to allegedly Abe Saffron with the Perth and Kings Cross empire allegedly he was building prior to the signing of the agreement in 1975 on the alleged company The Hells  Angels Ltd with USA for the Sydney and Melbourne Chapters of Hells Angels.
Why?  Perth had been a blind side of the country when Kings Cross was the capital of the operation it was a place far removed however Abe Saffron had the Applecross  Hotel which I allege was a passion within his network.
In 1975 the empire of Abe Saffron was heavily being watched in Kings Cross by Juanita Nielsen Editor of the NOW Newspaper.  This watching was to uncover the drug network and the hidden money behind the alleged Victoria Street Development.

By a Contributor, the connections were coming together.

Shirley Finn a Brothel Madam was murdered in 1975.
Why was this so and why the cover up to this day!
Shirley Finn as a Brothel Madam knew too much about the Peadophile Network operating here in Perth. Which involved persons in high places, the so-called pillars of the Community!
She supplied underage girls and boys to these people for sex, money and drugs.
However one day a thirteen year old girl in her care died in her swimming pool from an overdose of drugs, this sent Shirley over the edge and she had, had enough.
She decided to spill the beans and let the public know about these people involved in the Peadophile Network!
Shirley was subsequently murdered on the foreshore of Perth in her car.
The rest is history, the truth has been covered up.
What happened the Madame's that were going to talk.

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