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Drug network exposed 31.1.13 still working today.....Where is the fight on the ground for the drugs to stop

Scotty or Snotty is the link for the name.  This drug run is still happening.  If you see them pass the evidence to the Police.

31.1.13  Sent into the police, still today 4 April 2013  This guy if he wasn’t in this alleged cult under the company The Hells Angels Ltd than this guy would have been set up by a guy called Petrid Sam that sets up runners , this is how much the drug scene in Kings Cross is today and has been since it was controlled by Abe Saffron.  The person on the ground from this alleged network is Frank Amante, now this position is moving to allegedly Michael Ibrahim.
I just have been told today, Scotty is still around dealing on the strip, the system is so much like a closed network.  Have a coffee with a few people, even today I had people on the streets updating me as they hadn’t seen me around for a while.
By the chatter today, Scotty has about 5 runners, when one comes out of prison back on the run he goes, if one gets caught there is another one.  Scotty is hanging around the brothels, and by the way the system that many have understood by what I have researched feel that it’s right, one guy runs it than another with a couple of overseers.  However most are worried about the mindset of these alleged thugs that feel they can’t get caught if they are a police informer, where within Kings Cross this should not be apparent as it allows a gang to control the streets and the clubs and that in essence is bringing about a unsafe environment for the general public.
Sex worker Michelle normally works with a guy, however as she just brings the client to the runner she never gets done for consorting this is where the coffee chat today was aimed at, that the sex workers should be added to the consorting rule, as aiding and abetting the drug runners, how the drug runners utilise the fire exits within the buildings along the strip, even sitting inside the buildings waiting for calls.
I spoke with three ladies today, that talked about the heavies that are sitting inside the Love Machine at the moment, all within this cult/gang that connects into the company control of The Hells  Angels Ltd.
Porky's on-licence theatre, Love Machine on-licence theatre, Stripperama on-licence theatre,
When it is noted within the website of Bada Bing that Kings Cross police want the liquor license cut back to midnight, when you see the 3 clubs above were noted in the Parliament report and still the Love Machine and Porky’s are really just brothels, even stripperama where the working  girls stand on the street and take the clients back to the rooms above is contrary to the liquor act.
Email sent 31.1.13
I have recently sent sensitiveinformation about drug  runs around from Broadway to a Russian at Bondi to a fitness gym guy with 50 pairs of bright joggers around Kings Cross. From an apartment where dealing heroin comes out of in Waterloo/Redfern way diagonally opposite a pub.
I was told by an alleged member of Hells Angels whilst he threatened me with death that Hells Angels is bigger than the Police love, they can’t touch us.
The information about the drug runs, I was put in contact with a guy today, well word is out on the streets that I am and have put in drug runs.  Thou they don’t know actually.  Some people even a drug user as today was shocked that the information he was describing to me was an exact run I had previously put in about a guy with a WRX and a superbike…Scotty is the name most call him, well all the drug runs are still operational.
I started to wander today, when the Police reply back to me non investigating and they utilise 141(a) under the police act actually are protecting what it seems allegedly Hells Angels.
I will update the above information runner.  Many drug runs have been given in by my email address.  I am not a drug user however, now it seems the drug users are aware that if the runs don’t go down that somehow there allegedly is some form of problem.
Scotty, has about two girlfriends dealing well for him thou since I first reported where Scotty had come out of goal about 3-4 months ago.  He has gained two full time runners, therefore 5 people are dealing Cocaine and Heroin where Scotty is the boss.
Details:  updated:  Mobile number upgraded 0450122988.  He has a WRX and a motor bike with the number plate:MSP65 now Scotty since my first report on the 20 October 2012 has gained 2 girlfriends handing out drugs for him around Bourke St. 1 Male Aboriginal who walks with 2 dogs as a cover will sell Elizabeth Bay area, St Candice Church free lunch and Wayside Chapel as a cover to sell to the clients there.  1 Female caustain dealing for him and Scotty around the cross.  His hours of operation have increased from 10am-12pm then Gym 2.30pm-6.30pm dinner 7.30pm to 10-11pm.  Scotty uses steroids.  Now hours have increased for a 24 hour/7 day coke/heroin selling.
It is getting out about my reporting the evidence to police.  It is also being noted by many people  talk too about use drugs that the runners don’t seem to get caught and these runs of the Russian in Bondi with the chick with the red alpha and the Broadway run in a day wow the dollars are coming in.
The information thou I have been giving it in, and we know the information is quite detailed at the time the runners like Scotty are not intimidated or under pressure by the police in the area.  Allegedly some people have made the comment of sloppy police work or we still have allegedly police corruption heavily in this area.
Karyn Englehardt, a sex worker with another worker Yasmin Rose another that work through Peter William Schaffer…(I believe now Karyn has been deported) would threaten utilising to intimate me further a Constable Green from Kings Cross Police station.  Karyn Englehardt allegedly used Constable Green’s name as a way of any actions of calling police on her actions of large drug dealing than Constable Green will come up and have a chat with you Jenny.
After being threatened several times of death, blowing heads off people with finger actions demonstrating what will happen to you.  I had people like Greek Sammy where the police didn’t even search and the extortion and intimidation that he was doing a guy that said he was sent by Frank Amante and John Ibrahim in July 2011 to further restrict business. (Greek Sammy image attached to email)
Police intelligence July 2011 that was reported in the newspaper 12 months later that senior bikies were in Roslyn Street Kings Cross.  These alleged Senior Bikies for some were intimidating me and others themselves , for others they were utilising others to further intimidate and threaten all these people seem to walk free untouched by the arms of the law.  Many of these people threatened me with violence for money and I will further allege I was setup on child prostitution charges.
Where police could have asked more questions prior to going to court decided to charge I believe because of the type of charge and secondly because they did not further investigate the area of Kings Cross with the footage on Darlinghurst Road Kings Cross. 
The Crown, on assessing a case to be brought to court has to look at the statements.  I will further allege that if the police look at the charges, if the Judge John North explained to the DPP that I by my statement did not know the VIC was not 18, then when you go through the evidence between the two statements you see that the guy that was intimidating me to the point of terror was also intimidated the VIC by her statement.  We would not have so many disputed facts.
The point of law, is really the wording and of id.  The Police asked for formal Id.  I wasn’t shown proper Id and never took as the VIC gave me as proper ID however it was Id, further responses she refused.  By allegedly the police not taking the word Extort in my statement as a lead to further investigations.  On the 19/8/2011 I brought this to John Peluso’s attention with further request verbally for the CCTV on Darlinghurst Road would show the person that came in that is mentioned in the Vic statement.  I didn’t get these statements till nearly 12 months later. 
It is a terrible charge, where it has been in history about the allege brothel managers being intimidated from the same brothel.  The police charge on child prostitution, when your being threatened by murder on the same day with 000 phone calls and calls to Kings Cross Police shouldn’t the police associate the times.  Even when I went back into the brothel, on the first day yes the thugs turned up again with the same threats and treatment of intimidation and asking for rent money/wages/extortion all allegedly Hells Angels associates by what I have worked out.
Even the same child prostitution ring came back into the brothel on about February by a person called Debra Miller, Essam Gerges, Claudia Dent who all talked about child prostitutes to bring into the brothel that I was rejecting.  Allegedly Debra Miller is the mother or person where VIC went to stay when she ran away, to Mary Miller’s house.
The material again has been constantly given to the police however these people, with Essam Nicola Gerges a person of interest for the disappearance of Juanita Nielsen and the person who painted a cream square in Room F on the wall where it would relate to the sub floor area of the ladies toilets.  This area is a void area where in some time in the past the timber floor on the brothel level was concreted and raised by 5 steps.  This area I will allege was created before 1966 why, well the brothel manager Shirley Briffman had trouble with the heavies in the strip and I will allege paid money to police for further protection from the thugs, just like S. Hardas did in 1985-6 when the brothel could not open through the extortion.  At all times in the history of the brothel people have been paying the police which I have not thou I have been directed to do so by many of these alleged Hells Angels associates that terrorised me constantly in the brothel.
We then wonder, if allegedly there was any police corruption how would it had happened in my case?
Allegedly, both the Inspector’s from Surry Hills Police Station and Kings Cross Police Station came to the brothel.  First person who was telling the story to a person interviewing the VIC was Inspector Ford.
The funny part was, that the VIC was crying at the police station.  The VIC never left the brothel crying.  There was approximately by what I worked out 30 minutes before the VIC attended the Kings Cross Police station where as the VIC said her friend was their.  There was no friend in the brothel as described.  All these people besides her had left,  Mary Miller had been in the brothel and left when we could only yell the question if your not 18 get out as Alex said.  The VIC stayed, in fact we could not get rid of her.  The CCTV footage of Darlinghurst Strip, would allegedly show the groomers of the VIC.  It would also show where within her own statement there could be untruths eg. Words to the effect of I was crossing Darlinghurst Road sucking a dick.
Within the VIC statement the day before she feared her life.  This same person I feared, in her statement the VIC feared.
When the child prostitution ring came back to the brothel the second time in February, and then further in March allegedly still pushing the underage child’s in year 11 by allegedly Essam Nicola Gerges and Claudia Dent his girlfriend at the time.
You see a connection again to a gang as I had seen Essam Nicola Gerges manipulating the sergeant of arms of the Eastern Suburbs Chapter of Hells Angels his son Sewe for further intimidation and restrictions that I could only operate the brothel under all still ways to help shut or control the brothel.
However in all attempts of operating the brothel the senior bikies in allegedly Hells Angels came to close it down.  Why?  When you ask why and see the number of connections between of Hells Angels and pressure on the brothel, the same brothel in the history of the Royal Commission as noted as Madame Butterfly you wonder what is behind the patch that Essam Nicola Gerges painted?
What it seems, when I have said the words Hells Angels, the Barrister I had John Peluso said he could not understand me.  The perception is saying Hells Angels has terrorised me they ?delusional?
I have been terrorised by some of the senior of bikies night and day for months and months, why?
Why?  Are the drug runs that I gave to the police actually growing, gaining drug runners?  I do know the information is very good at the time, so you would think there would be some pressure from the police on the runners?
Without searching the brothel for behind the cream patch painted on the wall in Room F to the sub floor area void?  When the next person comes to open the brothel or anything, remembering I was still terrorised when I have left the brothel too, well too terrified to return as the threats of death would come from one associate to another of allegedly Hells Angels? 
Then we look at the reason, look back in history?
Serial murder Ivan Milat, buried his murders together.  Psychotic tendancies?  Well, if there was a problem in 1971 in the brothel as noted in history with Shirley Briffman paying police than it could relate to the Beaumont Children and the alleged running of drugs as pick ups from Adelaide to Kings Cross which was happening and still happens today.  Psychotic tendancies of the void being utilised as a hiding spot under the watchful eye of allegedly Abe Saffron or someone of seniorority in the gang.  The brothel void area then allegedly was utilised for Juanita Nielsen to protect the drug industry.  By the bodies being placed in the building, in Kings Cross it could be heavily watched by even the murderer for years. Under those theories, and the area of timber floor that is raised over concrete floor on the second hallway I will allege again was utilised for Donald Mackay again to protect the drug industry from exposure and the body to be a secret, in the original Pink Pussycat Club in 1958 where it all began, thou, it was noted that this particular unit by the Certificate of Title was held on lease by a person named Sid MacDonald & Co Pty Ltd I will further allege a company that was controlled by Abe Saffron.
By what it seems, when you say Hells Angels to anyone, word extort, threatened to be murdered in Kings Cross when the police don’t associate the association when as Judge John North explained to the DPP that Mrs Weatherstone clearly only knew the VIC was 18 nearly 19.  The charging and not getting the intimidator’s left me open for further problems.
I was threatened by Greek Sammy, If I said the word extortion in Kings Cross Station he said the day before the VIC arrived at the brothel the second time then he said, I would be shot.  Killed on the spot as the police pushed me out the back door.  He said someone would be waiting.
Where is the investigation where it works backwards from a crime and see’s the history of this premises.  If it is left the next person will have the same problems as I had and may not be so luck to survive.  As the terror towards me would be daunting for most people, and it was very real.
Shame, I get the drug information right?  Delusional?  No, not by the reports of two places now, however to hide Hells Angels, or to haze the real problem.
Please, we do need the police to search this area of the brothel 36A Darlinghurst Road Potts Point the coincident are too high, and the senior bikies of course would protect an area that someone allegedly has utilised as  a graveyard to protect the drug industry.

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