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Co-incidence? Aleister Crowley's work comes to life in a gang ritual

No Co-incidence
The Kings Cross Sting Exposed

Jennifer Stone Author

The Kings Cross Sting exposes the biggest Drug Bust 

The Kings Cross Sting will be a legacy, as I wrote to stay alive during the investigation into the hidden world of Hells Angels, Bandidos, and the Scorpion gang how the works of Aleister Crowley by the Magician is for the hidden black magicK to move up within the ranks of the drug world.

The Magician is the person where the crime evolves around all to hide the alleged body of Juanita Nielsen.  The Thor look alike carries a hammer, the crimes where the use of Bow and Arrows where the reptiles are taken, even the birds for the evolving of the crimes to the worship of the Dark Satan, the black magicK.

Home of The Kings Cross Sting is Sparkling Chandeliers where the gang utilise rituals to build the wall of silence and to intiate the people that do these sex crimes and other crimes into the gang.  

Thor is the hammer, the Monster to come about of the Lochness Monster where phone calls of 000 is the start and 000 is the end by the Magician for the power to move up.

Within the Rituals, they move through many of the crimes, Nigeria Scams, terrorising, even threatening to  murder you for the fear for the control.  However it was the little things that kept bringing up the How is Michael?  As the clue  Alex Petrovic left behind. Alex was working on the links that The Kings Cross Sting  was exposing and fitting into the work of Aleister Crowley that was coming alive before my eyes.

Aleister Crowley's work was allegedly brought to life by the alleged Abe Saffron within the Ritual viii for the hidden compartment.

Kurt Cobain was on death were the work of Aleister Crowley was brought to life by the note he left behind.  However the writing changed at the bottom of the note and was a link to Frances Yates.

Check out  The Home of The Kings Cross Sting.

Juanita Nielsen disappeared 4 July 1975
In 2009, an idea for a Sex Museum came about over a coffee.  It sounded like a goer, as 300,000 backpackers a year come to Kings Cross. 
A novel was to go with the research.  I thought it wasn’t hard to write a book I would start with a novel based on Australian history something that a tourist would want to read and take home from Kings Cross.
The research was started and the book Undercover in Kings Cross Madame X of The Kings Cross Sting was born, however it is not the first book within the series The Kings Cross Sting.
In the Cross Fire
Kings Cross Currency
Undercover in Kings Cross Madame X
Hot and Raunchy our award winning Newspaper The Kings Cross Sting in the Adult Industry Awards
Madame’s Skull
Informer Private Investigation
Bible Jesus we found  it
Bible’s MagicK Abrahadabra
Ritual Position 000
XXXIV Ritual Viii
This was living
Sex, Truth and the Book of Lies Juanita Nielsen
Co-incidence LXX
Police Informants Phuong Ngo going through the court case documents on facts.
How to fix Kings Cross Royal Commission by the Wild Madame X
Crown Secrets A and B Report as the Police weren’t taking Jennifer serious
The Kings Cross Sting will keep going as the news breaks.
Juanita Nielsen…..Unsolved Murder Kings Cross?

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