Saturday, 14 September 2013

The Kings Cross Sting exposing The Underworld gang

The Kings Cross Sting exposed Underworld Crime,
 Corruption, Murder, Extortion

Sparkling Chandeliers

Home of The Kings Cross Sting "Latest Series"

Underbelly, The Scorpion Author Jennifer Stone
Private Investigation  the hidden secrets leaked
Abe Saffron Legacy has been unravelled and exposed, the system, corruption
Now it's the call for action to stop this dreaded  outlaw gang that exists today.
"the slaves shall serve." - AL. II. 58.
"Love is the law, love under will." - AL. I. 57.
ALEISTER CROWLEY  Empowered many people for the alleged corruption to happen.
The Corruption is the blind eye where the crime happens and the system can't or won't see it?
Aleister Crowley's work has I will allege been brought to life within Kings Cross however the
Sex Rituals of the Scorpion link to the play 66 The Scorpion 6 for Sex Ritual.  666 The Beast
Scorpion Gang  exposed.

Blinde Eye?  Come On EXPOSED,

Investigate This gang has existed from allegedly 1948.....

Come on expose the biggest drug network in history and Juanita Nielsen...
Shootings around Sydney and if this exposed the gang?
Aleister Crowley would say, keep going Courtney, for Frances for her life will be so much happier without me
WILL.  This is part of this Occult, the parts are played out like a script...arent they Alexander......
Exposing the drug network, allegedly will stop the shootings in Sydney and around the world by this occult
that have taken the law into their own hands.  Drug network is working 24/7 just a new control person
when the Police catch one, this information will break the cycle.

Abe Saffron Legacy, however it's exposed now.

Home of The Kings Cross Sting by Jennifer Stone

We have shootings around Sydney that have increased dramatically and the information

should be acted upon if it could or would stop this criminal activity.

Currently working on the significant evidence of Juanita Nielsen for the history....
In 2005 link to this Occult in Australia
Without the police taking information on drug runners seriously around Kings Cross are we just "turn the blind eye"
as Detective Inspector Ian McDonald told me?  Chandelier, after Max Chandelier? one after another the links fit.
Jennifer Stone has with others The Kings Cross Sting exposed the connections
Judge Garling says irrelevant.  Stop the shootings and this is relevant.

Within the Research we found Lodge J, for Jesus?  System exposed the people that allegedly started

a Occult Cult in Australia that allegedly still exists today.
Theodor Reuss, Frank Bennett, Aleister Crowley, O.T.O., Order Templi Orientis,
Vyvyan Deacon, Lodge J,
Googling questions one after another to put the evidence together for the opening
of Juanita Nielsen 2011.  Now we just need the  police to search the original Pink Pussycat Club in Kings Cross.
Jennifer Stone has investigated occult gang of the Helemetic Golden Dawn, like many other writers exposing
the Illuminati hidden under the Lucifier Pyramid.  Jennifer Stone has worked through works of Aleister Crowley, 
David Icke, Mark Dice to get to the real Holy Graal and understanding of the Illuminati alleged occult drug network.  Even Harry Potter by JK Rowlings is
based within the mythology that we exposed within The Kings Cross Sting.

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