Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Election Fever is Hotting Up

Election fever is working hard within Australia.  People are talking about Pauline Pantsdown the next Prime Minister than she wonders why people ask questions on her facebook page.  When the question is where is the money coming from for the campaign?

Your blocked.

Have you found that when the questions get hard, the blocks happen.  I am putting the information out to the wider community the alleged corruption that we have within Government is extremely high.  With the information on the drug runners exposed what did the police do?

Mountains for emails were sent about the people on the ground.  Many move about $10000.00 worth of drugs a day and more.  This is not just a little bit of the money that the Golden Mile has seen over the years.  The cameras on the Golden Mile are utilised thou for major crime it seems that when the alleged gangs are behind than the camera footage is not taken into consideration.

Election fever, I had a email back from Senator Lee Rhiannon regarding the evidence for Juanita Nielsen which was a nice surprise within the jungle.  Is it the change in Government will expose the situation further?  I wonder and hope as the tide has to turn, the nature's law has  been invoked.  The People have spoken to bring about the election and the candidates September 7th 2013 is the 7 within the maze that keeps popping up.

The drug dealers face court every day, however no one notices when the large fish go in and out of the court room.  The Kings Cross Sting is watching and waiting for the bait to be laid and the fish to be caught.

Election fear, when Juanita Nielsen was allegedly Murdered it linked the corruption in to Robert Askin at the time.  However the Royal Commission in 1994-6 noticed the Police corruption at that time.  Who is stopping it now?  

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