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Harold Holt Murder was it a Conspiracy? The Kings Cross Sting Investigated

2/4/13 Harold Holt Murder - Conspiracy - Alien Implants - Pine Gap 1/13
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Prime Minister Harold Holt Was
Harold Edward Holt, 1908-67 Harold Edward Holt, 1908–67
Australia : The Commonwealth Government's website reads:
Harold Holt disappeared while swimming at Cheviot Beach near Portsea , Victoria on 17 December, 1967 . His body was
never recovered. Without determining the cause of Holt's death, a joint report by Commonwealth and Victoria Police,
submitted in January 1968, concluded that, '... there has been no indication that the disappearance of the late Mr Holt
was anything other than accidental'. The report (see copy on file A1209, 1968/8063) found that his last movements
followed a routine domestic pattern, his demeanor had been normal and despite his knowledge of the beach, the
turbulent conditions (high winds, rough seas and rip tides) overcame him. The explanations put forward for a failure to
find the body included an attack by marine life, the body being carried out to sea by tides or becoming wedged in rock
crevices. While a variety of theories have been expounded about Holt's disappearance, the Commonwealth Government
did not deem a formal inquiry necessary, accepting the conclusions of the Police report.
Contrary to the above, Holt was murdered, because he was opposed to American bases such as Pine Gap
being built on Australian soil
Prime Minister Harold Holt was murdered late Saturday night on the 16th of December 1967 and was reported missing
around midday on Sunday the 17th of December 1967 while swimming. There was no evidence to support the "official"
report of Harold Holt drowning, nor was there any evidence of a Chinese submarine abducting him and of course "they"
all knew this and it was 6 months after this website was up "they" then get the Victorian State Coroner to hold an
inquiry into Harold Holts disappearance to have an Official finding 38 years later how Harold Holt drowned on the
morning of 17th December 1967.
The Victoria Coroner ignored my request as shown by the below letter sent to him 16 months earlier, to give evidence
at the inquest into Harold Holts disappearance and where the Coroner also ignored my Brisbane Supreme Court sworn
Affidavit, file No: BS 1127/04, in which pargraph (12), I state "As part of my duties I engaged in several clandestine
operations, one of which was the removal of the body of the then Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt from his home
out to a waiting fishing boat the night before it was reported he disappeared while swimming" and was also stated in
my Supreme Court Affidavit, file No: BS 9166 / 03.
2/4/13 Harold Holt Murder - Conspiracy - Alien Implants - Pine Gap 2/13
my Supreme Court Affidavit, file No: BS 9166 / 03.
Read on and judge for yourself what is "Truth"
I, Gary Simmons have invoked this web site under the Second Law of the Universe because I have withdrawn my consent to
their deliberate intent where I was used for evil purposes. 1st Feb. 2005
Due to an interference with the website which resulted in this site being offline for two days I was forced to
change my site URL from to --- Yes, this website is still Invoked
under the 2nd Law of the Universe as my Invoking was put into play/focus before I had a website up. --- You can read my
email, which I had sent to my Server's Support Team regarding this matter by clicking this link - This site
was recreated and activated on the - 22/9/06 -
Jump to page 2 to view this CT-Scan showing where illicit
implants have been placed in Gary Simmons' throat
--Explanation regarding my Invoking of the 2nd Law of the Universe – at the bottom of the page -
Click the Links below -- 4 emails, the world should read.
Truth, where’s one’s conscience to what’s unfolding on Earth.
Fukushima: Hanging by a Thread - our entire civilization is hanging by a thread.
Planetary Damage, Climate Chaos and more havoc to come
and: Mark MacArthur who's superior takes orders from no one pasted below an email about
the media whores with their filth and lies to advance the evil agenda of the “Dark One’s”
Also our Australian Constitution is illegal and invalid, which proves how no Australian man or woman can or could have
claimed to have legally represented or obtained the "Free Will or the Consent" of the Sovereign People of Australia,
from Federation to this our Present Day - making all contracts and agreements in the name of the Sovereign People of
Australia illegal and invalid, which include all things on or to do with Australian soil like Military Bases and all agreements
signed with the United Nations. View at this link how the Australian Constitution is illegal and invalid
Coroners Letter Turned Into 2 Page Flyer
The below Coroners letter was turned into a 2 page flyer with my CT-Scan photo on the back as shown on page 2 of
this website and over 10,000 were sent out.
2/4/13 Harold Holt Murder - Conspiracy - Alien Implants - Pine Gap 3/13
The world's always been in the clutches of the Devil's game
“Technology’s violated Creation here on Earth” -- which

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