Friday, 20 September 2013

5 Steps within the system of the Rituals with the occult.

5 Steps.

Gang movement for the crime to happen
Ritual for the movement within a gang
Crime to take place
Police involvement for the alleged gang members do not even to be questioned
Gang member to not be caught

Who within the alleged Outlaw gang has the position Almighty Mouse?  Is this the Person who is the God or the hidden force for the 93 behind the scenes?  I would wonder?  Almighty Mouse, Almighty God?  It’s a thought.  Hidden to be silent until the end he entered the  premises?  The first person inside the brothel after the drug raid was allegedly Scott Orrock.  Now is this the hidden FORCE of 93?  Not old enough for the alleged murder of Juanita Nielsen.

Master was a position, Mouse was another that Alex was working with me to solve the problem I had.  Michael, Michael was the representation of the Arch Angel Michael was mentioned 3 positions within the alleged gang that was a position that would link into alleged gangs around the world.

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