Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Co-Incidences, Connections of the Judges hearing the cases?

Co- Incidences?    Connections.
When I look at the evidence, I have been talking to an undercover investigator who has just told me has police links.
This person asked me if I could see any links with the Judge Garling that is hearing my case and to put the links into the authorities.
This guy said I should look for links on the cases with the Judge and to many of the child paedophilia trials as the Judge refused the idea of itemizing the system so far. 

Thus allegedly then it shows their could be a link to the Underworld as to the pressure when a bikie came  into the court room on the 3 July 2013.  The Research continued for The Kings Cross Sting and co-incidences?

Judge Anthony Garling and Judge Paul Garling I do not know if they are brothers or related however the co-incidences continue.

5 May 2012 Scott Orrock bail with a Judge Garling  The connections of shootings and gangs were not accepted
Bank Hotel Kings Cross association with  allegedly John Ibrahim

Reference to Princess game this gang plays.
14 June 2013  Justin Hemmes who is a friend of allegedly  John Ibrahim to my knowledge and with the pubs would have to be an alleged associate or protection money is paid.

Car thefts…and threats of shootings

Judge John North… now I saw this Judge on the 25 September 2012 who first looked at the evidence on Essam Gerges all that was needed was a Police search.  Where the Crown told me to go to the Magistrate and ask for a warrant  myself.

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