Thursday, 19 September 2013

Order of A:.A:. Silver Star?

Within the order of the alleged Angels that roam the streets causing terror, we have a link in Kings Cross to Sammy Sweet aka Greek Sam who told me he was a Rebel.  Just a position he once must've had.

The tale he told me was of burning the club house down?

Was it right?  Was it a lie?  When I first met this guy he said he was sent from John Ibrahim and Frank Amante as he put his hand up towards Porky's.

Why tell me another name as Sammy Sweet?  Was this the position of where he was within the Order's of the Rituals?  S.S. for the Silver Star?  Is this all it is within the WILL and the FORCE is the push by this alleged Outlaw Gangs interlating all to the hidden company allegedly The Hells Angels Ltd which was the formation of the research that allegedly Juanita Nielsen was working on in 1975 when she vanished the alleged connection with Kings Cross, Abe Saffron, Perc Galea and the hidden Ruby Rose Cross that is hidden somewhere where the Hooked X map directs you too?

Order of A:.A:. was a link for the representation of the Silver Star.  Was this the position again where the hidden compartment links to the Ritual VIII of the Ordoaa?  Sammy Sweet aka Greek Sam is Greek I have gone through the mythology linking this person to allegedly the Hercules in the sky that was defeated by the Knights of Malta and the Maltese sic Cross known within this secret society  Ruby Rose Cross or by R.R

This person we would have to look at the system, as to who was his father back in the time of 1975? With the knowing of the hidden compartment that he was cleaning the brothel to find just days before as the cross over of the intimidation from one person to another so they wouldn't be caught by the Police.

Within the streets of Kings Cross, this person allegedly is protected.  His alleged drug operation is moving drugs, I have noted him on William Street, Crown Street and the links to what I had seen with him with needles in jars allegedly the Ghb?  The movement of the alleged drug ice that I saw him offering working girls.  Since 2011, I have been told by many that this person of interest was allegedly upgraded to sell Heroin after this incident that the position of the alleged Ritual where he told me he was in control of the brothel known as Sparkling Chandeliers.  He told me, if I went to the Police for help after I had called 000 for help and had the police down a couple of times I would be Shot.

Sammy Sweet told me as he was lying on the bed behind the office, that if I did anything where he wasn't the boss.  This person was collecting the money off me continually.  The alleged puppets he was utilising was Karyn Englehardt who asked me for $1000-$2500 protection money that was to be fed back to a bikie's den in Leichhardt at the time?  Roger Hegarty had just asked for $10000 and prior to that Sex Worker Michelle had asked for $100000 for John Ibrahim she said walking up the stairs on the 1st April 2011, if you don't pay protection money you will be set up as she walked  out the door on the 26 July 2011.

Within the organisation of AA we have a Magican where the crime evolves was this the Silver Star for allegedly Sammy Sweet?  8=3 is the number for the Magician?

Arch angel Michael in the southern hemisphere is noted.  This is the person that brings the people its a position within the Order of A:.A:. This was a position that could be known also as the High Priestess?  Within the order for the balance it is a man and a woman.  Where one person is known allegedly Sammy Sweet the other person would be a female with little contact allegedly sex worker Michelle?

This is the person Sammy Sweet kept bringing back into the brothel.  This person had a husband that was a Police officer at Kings Cross Station when the Royal Commission happened in 1994 who was he?

A∴A∴ is unique in that members officially only know those directly above and below in the chain of instruction. There are no regular group rituals (measures are taken to hide the identity of the Officers during the few Temple initiation rituals), and members are expected to work alone, consulting as needed with their superior in the Order.

Sammy Sweet told me that Christmas 2011 he spent lunch with Frank Amante and John Ibrahim?

This is the same person that allegedly Shannon Elliffe referred to as a person the police would be interested in within a email he sent to me.

Within the Order, the partners for the people are not within the Order of A:. A:. as to keep this a secret society only one person will know the next?

We then have to go through the working girls that he has control over and where they are within the alleged Outlaw gang, drug use and positions within brothels for the alleged large movements of drugs  by this gang for movement from Sydney to country areas?

The relationship with the King of the Ruby Cross?  Knights of Malta?  Yellow for the seed of magicK?
Look at the colour of the building it is bright Yellow Mustard?
The car that was seen leaving Kings Cross was allegedly a Red Herring with Juanita Nielsen thou the colour was a Yellow Mustang car.

Sammy Sweet is too young for the murder of Juanita Nielsen however its just Puppets No strings attached.....

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