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Corruption, Murder and the hidden gang

Corruption, Murder and the hidden gang.  Award winning Website and Newspaper
Kings Cross was once Bohemian with the Newspaper NOW bring the most important evidence to the public eye.  It was the work of Juanita Nielsen.  She has put so much effort into protecting Kings Cross in Life and after Death by the joining forces with Jennifer Weatherstone aka Jennifer Stone.  

They say people can't hear ghosts?  I can't hear ghosts however I could see the gang from way back in 2009 evolving.  It was important for the public to see the connections and understand that the corruption, extortion and Murder was still happening today like it did back in 1975.

Juanita Nielsen lost her life to this fight, we have now joined with the push on the drug network to be exposed and the hidden cult that has been active in Kings Cross from around 1920 exposing themselves then hiding back into the darkness.  

Signs around Kings Cross just the reminder however if you look at them it is a sign of the hidden power the Sword, the S for the Snake that is within the Kings Cross zone.  The Chapter that took Juanita Nielsen's life is hidden as for most they do not have the tattoo on the Kings as they are allegedly Yellow from the alleged Triads hidden behind the No 2 within the methology of the B for Beta or B for Bandidos, the call for action you will only see on a few is the Scorpion, thou allegedly Abe Saffron was a Red Scorpion for the heart of the operation of the drug network.  This heart still beats today.

Juanita Nielsen was on the hidden money the hidden vice behind Kings Cross.

In famous Pink Pussycat Club was not what she remember it was as Juanita Crossed the road from the Carousel Club.  Now the Scorpion gang that walks around Kings Cross 

By opening the Juanita Nielsen cold case in 2011 was no co-incidence when you have been pushed by a gang that exists today running the drugs on the streets of Kings Cross.

The information was hidden for some time behind our Undercover front Madame X, World Sparkling and World Famous Sparkling Chandeliers.
The evidence was collected talking to the drug runners and seeing that the drug runners were knowing so much more than the information about Juanita Nielsen's murder that was reported.  The image of the reception within the Pink Pussycat photo matched the reception desk area today and with the B on the desk we knew it was a link that we had to cover up to expect the gang was coming.

The information regarding Juanita Nielsen some call it the murder, some say she  was dumped at sea however in 1975 Lenny Macpherson wasn't known at that time to going out to sea with body parts that came I will allege later.

Juanita Nielsen, Newspaper NOW was the start of the story, 1975 Juanita Nielsen disappeared from Roslyn Street Kings Cross walking I will allege to her death.
Join the

Juanita Nielsen is a strong person, she is still a strong person in spirit and many people remember the hidden person that was behind the driving force for Victoria Street Development to stop.  However was it the money that she continued to chase and was it a person that was never questioned that did the murder?

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