Saturday, 28 September 2013

Solicitoring on Darlinghurst Road.

Working girls from businesses are not allowed to be on the footpath, the Council say it's the Police to instigate and the Police say it's the council....Blind eye?

The alcohol in many of the non licensed venues just get the alcohol from the shops, the customers even order it in.  Just like back in the day of Abe Saffron

The working girls solicitoring on Darlinghurst Road for sex is coming from Stripperama, which has the rooms being utilised like a brothel.

This utilising of the rooms above the Strip Clubs are where the working girls live, however they utilise these area for the selling of prostitution.  In reality, it doesn't matter what club these rooms exist, being utilised via the fire exit's.  

Dreamgirls brothelKings Cross, has actually a liquor license

Greenlighting out the front of Porky's Kings Cross, like the good old days of Abe Saffron, the green lights are real and they come and go.
This greenlighting I was explained by Essam Gerges was the right to be able to have drugs on the premises and not to worry about a drug raid.  In reality Porky's has never been raided, the working girls all allegedly take drugs some more than others however they will all have a stash on them as the night goes on if they are dealing to clients which is allegedly what happens with the brothels.  These Strip clubs, have liquor licenses however they are utilising this to feed into the units above the clubs.  This allegedly isn't part of the Development Consent where the joining of the brothels, Porkys, Love Machine, Stripperama, even Dreamgirls is advertised as a brothel where it contravene's with the Development Consent.

The task force uncovered more than 300 breaches of the licensing laws. Action is being taken now to bring these matters before the Licensing Court. Charges and objections to the licensees have been laid against a number of persons including Bill Bayeh, Chook Fowler, Charles Staunton, Steve Hardas and Abe Saffron. At present a number of night clubs, as distinct from registered clubs, are facing possible formal action in 
Page 149
the Licensing Court for breaches of the Liquor Act. They include: Playbirds on-licence theatre, Porky's on-licence theatre, Love Machine on-licence theatre, Stripperama on-licence theatre, Test Tube Factory restaurant, Dancers Cabaret restaurant, Pink Pussy Cat on-licence theatre, Pink Panther on-licence theatre and Illusions at Night on-licence theatre. Let me go through some of the task force's findings. Activities detected include widespread drug dealing and prostitution as well as live sex shows and audience participation in sexual acts. All of these activities are in breach of the Liquor Act. The task force found that strip clubs licensed under the Liquor Act had bedrooms for sex with customers and drug shooting galleries on the premises and adjacent thereto. Again, these are breaches of the Act. Inspectors also collected information indicating that some restaurants are operated solely as bars.

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