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Malaysian Airlines Crash

Malaysian Airline System Flight 653 (MH653) was a scheduled domestic flight from Penang to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, operated by Malaysian Airline   4 December 1977
System (MAS).

Malaysia Airlines Flight 2133 was a flight that crashed due to pilot error on 15 September 1995, taking the lives of 32 of the 49 passengers and 2 of the 4 crew, 34 in all. The plane crashed into a shantytown in Malaysia during approach, after a failed go-around. This was the first hull loss of a Fokker 50.

We have to add MH370 which disappeared 8 March 2014 and MH17 which was allegedly hit by schrapnel from a Missile on 17 July 2014.

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The Stripperama Club Darlinghurst Road Kings Cross

Stripperama has been around Kings Cross for a while.

I noticed the working girls would align the street out the front of the shops right to the ATM machine milling around?

The research links.
Police bashed at the Stripperama Club.

Kings Cross Licensed Premises - Parliament of New South ...
Apr 17, 1996 - What action has the Government taken to clean up Kings Cross strip clubs ... Love Machine on-licence theatre, Stripperama on-licence theatre,  .

Went into Stripperama. Met this chick. And she asked me to go upstairs for $165 for half hour for FS. Went up. Then she changed her mind, telling me its $165 for Oral. By then I was naked and horny as f**ked, and she argued and then I thought maybe I made the mistake and she told me it would cost an extra $150 for FS. So I reached for the extra cash and the action begins. She was "ok",


Luke John Sparos?

Cocaine is the link...Seed Kola nut?  K for the MagicK?

Judyth Baker reporting about Dr Mary Sherman's murder UNSOLVED

Read "How I Came to Know, Love, & Lose Lee Harvey Oswald" by Judith Vary Baker It is a door into understanding so much regarding the great tragedy of America: the assassination of JFK.
Judyth Baker added 2 new photos.
was headline news this same day, the day the Warren Commission came to get testimonies about Lee Oswald, about the Kennedy assassination. Instead of someone such as "Dr. Mary" speaking for the truth, Dean Andrews would be the first to testify. Andrews would diligently lead Commission authorities astray. As for the press, just as the Times-Picayune to this very day is geared to claim that New Orleans' Native Son, Lee Oswald, killed President Kennedy -- a man everyone said he admired -- so on this very day that newspaper chose to describe Mary's death as a stabbing with a housefire. The press failed to say that Mary was found with HER RIGHT ARM ENTIRELY MISSING. Autopsy photos in my possession prove that she was electrocuted by a massive amount of electricity.
Nobody seeing her twisted, agony-filled face, seeing her lovely dark hair hadn't even been burned, yet that her right arm had been literally vaporized away, would have called this a mere stabbing death with 'body set on fire.' Next, the press allowed rumors to flow that this woman was a lesbian. It sullied any chance that Mary would have a proper funeral in those prejudiced times. As for Dr. Alton Ochsner, who had worked side-by-side with her for over a decade -- and even taken her with him on his trips to Latin America (Dr. Mary was fluent in Spanish)-- Ochsner said absolutely nothing about his murdered friend to the press -- and made short shrift of her to her own colleagues, barely mentioning that she had died. Ochsner knew that attention HAD to be turned away from Dr. Mary, and to save his own skin, he went silent. Of course he never tried to help solve the murder, He was much too busy covering his own tracks in The Project to do that. After a mere two weeks, police announced they had no leads, even though Juan Valdez, Trade Mart employee and a known enemy of Mary, was a prime lead in the case. Why? Valdez was supposedly out for a walk hours before dawn and saw smoke coming out of her apartment. So what did Valdez do? He called the POLICE. Not the Fire Department.
Dr. Mary's horrible death was soon forgotten and became a cold case.. Thus, the brilliant cancer researcher who would bring toys to her little kids who were polio patients, upon whom she performed operations to help them walk again, the brilliant cancer researcher who the Wall Street Journal mourned on its front page when she died, the woman who tried to stop so much pain and suffering, was herself ignored, unmourned, and forgotten.
Then came Edward T. Haslam. In his original book, Ed described how puzzling and strange Dr. Mary's death was. It was Haslam who learned that Mary's arm was actually missing. It was Ed who tracked down our secret lab at David Ferrie's, and it was Ed who realized that whatever was going on was BIG--because it involved a nuclear linear particle accelerator -- cost today would be over a billion dollars-- and a contaminated polio vaccine capable of passing a cancer virus on to the majority of Americans now living today. This was HUGE -- and it had been covered up. Because of Ed Haslam's diligence, his own position as a witness, and because of my testimony as a living witness, today the truth about Dr. Mary Sherman is now available to you. Protect it. Tell others. It is the key to who did not kill Kennedy, and to the powers that arranged for Kennedy's murder and the transformation of our great United States of America into a semi-fascist nation ruled by an oligarchy of the rich and powerful, where drawing its citizens into one war after another for their own profit is now destroying a mighty and wonderful country. On this day, July 21, 2014, we celebrate, in New Orleans, the life of Dr. Mary S. Sherman, with a jazz funeral parade down the streets of New Orleans. That's how far we have come, my friends, in establishing the truth. I predict (I hope to live to see it) the day when Lee Harvey Oswald will be recognized as the hero he was, and that a similar parade in his honor will be held every October 18, celebrating who he was and what he sacrificed, trying to save the President. Because of all of you, sharing these words, the truth will be saved, will be spread across the world. And with the truth comes understanding, insight, and the power to save our country. May God bless our efforts, and you. PLEASE SHARE! (photos: "Dr. Mary" and Edward T. Haslam, recently speaking in Tampa, FL)

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Scorpion Rituals for airplane MH17 and MH370 investigation.

Mouse said to me he never touched the drugs and worked for the Asian Grandmother.  His Grandmother was allegedly the Triads he was telling me about the asian connection why he was living at the time in Quaywest Apartments in the bottom of Chinatown Sydney.
MA  Malaysian Airlines is MA.

We look at 9/11 and the links to registration of trademarks.  I link this to not just the logo's of the Outlaw gangs that are trademarked yet they are trademarking information which is significant for the investigation.
at Video look at 2.30 shows a Cargo container AKE 3951  MH....I have on pinterest 6377 MH  so this sign could be a cargo container.

Friday, July 18, 01:30 PM GMT +0800 Media Statement 3 : MH17 Incident

Media Statement 3 : MH17 Incident
The B777-200 aircraft bearing registration no. 9M-MRD that operated MH17 on 17 July, 2014 had a clean maintenance record. The aircraft’s last maintenance check was on 11 July 2014. The next check was due on 27 Aug 2014. The maintenance was conducted at Malaysia Airlines’ hangar at KLIA. The aircraft had a clean bill of health.
The aircraft was manufactured in July 1997, and so had 17 years in service.
The aircraft had recorded 75322 hours with a total of 11434 cycles.
All communication system on the aircraft were functioning normally.
The B777-200 uses the Rolls-Royce Trent-800 engine and has a 282 seat capacity.

777  both planes...  registration 9MMRC for MH370  and Registration 9MMRD for MH17  Yet in a photo of alleged guy on the doomed MH17 Corr posted a photo of the plane on facebook

By my research on the planes, the door was seen differently Pinterest .  I started to see that within the research people were confusing the planes.  The evidence of the debri will expose more.  However I noted for the research.  I too was confused on the registration numbers.

I checked the Flightradar for the planes....MH17 was the number I was looking for within the web of planes.
Amsterdam start to Malaysia.
This could be just nothing but I have something that does not add up.
This photo is of 9M-MRC not 9M-MRD that was shot down. 9M-MRC arrived in Amsterdam on the 10th July and left Amsterdam on the 11th July 2014 and did not return back to Amsterdam. Please forgive me if I am wrong, but either he (the passenger Cor Pan who put this picture on Facebook) took this plane and photo on the 11th July 2014 and left Amsterdam or there is something fishy. On you can see where that plane was and is.
Rest in Peace
  The reg of the plane in the picture is actually MRD not MRC as suggested. The letter D is partially obscured. The letter C on any reg of any aircraft are always curved and at no point becomes a straight line. If the registration number was changed, there would be 2 9M-MRDs, which Malaysia Airlines would have noticed it before the 2 planes go on their flights. And then, if one 9M-MRD crashed, another would still be flying.

I had found within the research on MH370 I found 2 planes and showed the evidence to the Australian Government.

Manifesto Cargo is at the bottom of this feed.  Copies are on my Pinterest MH17

MH.....  Master Head?  We are looking for the biggest drug bust in History through the spirits showing us the evidence in a unique way.

Golden Scorpion is the link to the Master behind the alleged drug network.

At each part of the game it is like playing chess blindfolded as Aleister Crowley practised.

MH 370  Numbers add to a 1.  MH 17  Numbers add to a 8  reverse this like the power of 93 for the God of the Universe to 39 this gang worshipps on Darlinghurst Road we then see 81.

DNA is left within the evidence of this gang.

Registration 9MMRO  Check it out!  It is on Pinterest The Kings Cross Sting, was written off in 2002, however is this how the alleged planes move looking like Malaysian plane flying into Utapia Airport of a night in Thailand when the airport is shut?  
Within the mythology of black magicK their is a black hole in the universe.  It is the world between two realms.  However when you understand the spirits you know that is not correct.  Things that happen are man made.  A plane missing is a man made occurrence.  

9MMRO was written off.  It was the images utilised for the windows were different.

No flight data, if the plane is flying for non commerical flights how would you find it?

Registration 9MMRC is still flying.

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Rothschild banking cartel is this how it worked?

How the Rothschild banking cartel infiltrated Australia~

4 August 2013 at 19:04
How Rothschild banking cartel infiltrated Australia~ If we as Australians want the Truth, we need to look at the connections, associates and the going’s on of the major political and financial criminal events that have rarely been covered in Australian history and the links between a Coup d’état which those who witnessed it betrayed our nation through fear and greed and some did not even see it coming. Let’s go back to 1969 Australia; 12 October 1969: Hunt and Seven Sisters announce confirmation of new oil source comparable to the Alaskan North Slope - gas reserves estimated at 150 times larger than the Kapuni Field. Early 1969: Mafia consolidates its banking operations; David Rockefeller becomes Chairman of Chase Manhattan; Wriston at Citibank and Michele Sindona captures the Vatican Bank. Partnership Pacific launched by Bank of America, Bank of Tokyo and Bank of New South Wales. 24 February 1969: Onassis calls Council meeting in Washington to discuss strategy to monopolize the Great South Basin discovery. Council members included Nelson Rockefeller and John McCloy, who managed the Seven Sisters, and David Rockefeller managed the Mafia's banking operations. McCloy outlines the plan to capture all oil and mineral resources in Australia and New Zealand. 10 March 1969: Parsky and Colby use A'Asian and Pacific Holdings to set up a 'front' company in Australia. Using own banks - Mellon and Pittsburgh National Banks, while Hand was directly responsible to Gerald Parsky and William Colby. Ron Brierley would take orders from Hand. 24 July 1969: New board established for I.E.L. - includes Hand, Seldon, Ron Brierley, plus two Brierley Associates - Frank Nugan and Bob Jones. Both are appointed consultants to A'Asian & Pacific Holdings Limited. Jones will help Brierley launder funds into Real Estate (Brierley/Jones Investments) while Seldon and Nugan will channel funds into oil and mineral resources through I.E.L. October 1969: Chase Manhattan begins new operation in Australia with National Bank, A'Asia and A.C. Goods Associates - Chase-NBA. J.C. Fletcher appointed Chairman of Seven Sisters' company - British Petroleum (NZ). 17 February 1970: Gerald Parsky sets up a new heroin-dollar laundry in Australia - Australian International Finance Corp. using the Irving Trust Co. New York The Nugan Hand Bank was founded in the early 1970s by Frank Nugan, an Australian who had studied law for a while in Toronto, and Michael Hand, an American who had formerly fought with the Green Berets in Vietnam and then had worked with the CIA airline, Air America. In 1973, the Nugan Hand Bank quickly expanded from a $1 million capitalization to $1 billion. It never did any banking, Jonathan Kwitny says, but it offered four main services - a way to flout laws and move money overseas; tax avoidance schemes; extraordinarily high interest; and international trade connections. Its staff included almost no real bankers, but top military and intelligence officers, such as former CIA director William Colby, who was one of the bank's attorneys. Soon it had offices in 22 countries, mostly Asian. As James Nathan pointed Out in a Foreign Policy article, "Dateline Australia: America's Foreign Watergate," one of these branches was in Chiang Mai, in northern Thailand, part of the Golden Triangle area where Thai-land, Burma and Laos join. Chiang Mai is Opium City of the World. Kwitny discovered that the Nugan Hand office in Chiang Mai had been lodged in what appears to be the same office suite as the United States Drug Enforcement Administration office. The DEA receptionist answered Nugan Hand's telephone when the bank's representatives were out. The director of the bank's Chiang Mai office admitted on Australian television that they had handled $2.6 million in six months. This money came from drug deals in the triangle. The bank, he stated, was a laundry for Meo tribesman and other opium growers. In addition to drugs, the Nugan Hand Bank was involved in various arms deals in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Brazil and the whole Rhodesian government of Ian Smith. The Bank was also involved in outright fraud. Its Saudi Arabian branch fleeced over $10 million from Americans working there, says Penny Lernoux in In Banks We Trust. Getting Whitlam (The Goff) The Nugan Hand Bank was well placed to destabilize the government of Labor Party Prime Minister Gough Whitlam. His government had conducted such outrages (to American minds) as pulling troops out of Vietnam; ending conscription; supporting the Indian Ocean Zone of Peace proposals; attacking the U.S. bombing of North Vietnam; and interfering with Australian intelligence efforts to aid Indonesia's invasion of East Timor and the overthrow of Salvador Allende in Chile. The Bank helped finance a clever variety of bugging and forgery operations. Nugan Hand transferred $24 million to the Australian Liberal Party through one of its many associated companies. It tried to blackmail a cabinet minister investigating organized crime by opening up a Swiss bank account in his name and threatening to leak the information. Twice during 1975 the Whitlam government was damaged through sensational scandals broken open by mysterious leaks to the press, forcing resignations of Cabinet ministers. As Kwitny notes, one of the scandals, involving negotiations for an Arab loan, was based on documents later exposed as forgeries. This "loan affair" was seized upon by the opposition Liberal Party as the excuse to have the elected Senate hold up passage of the government's budget in order to provoke an election through financial crises. Prime Minister Whitlam charged in a public statement that the CIA was interfering with the domestic politics of his country. Like Canadians, Australians have a Governor General. Normally, this is a non-political role. However, the Australian Governor General, John Kerr (who had long ties to such CIA front organizations as the Asia Foundation) saw a chance at this time to dismiss the Prime Minister, and did so. Three days before this "constitutional coup," an ultimatum had been delivered to the Washington representative of the Australian Security Intelligence Organization by Secret Team leader Theodore Shackley. The authenticity of this message, sent on November 8, 1975, was later confirmed by the Australian parliament. It warned Australian intelligence that if the problems posed by Whitlam's government could not be resolved they did not see how "our mutually beneficial relationships are going to continue." Some Mysteries Remain Unanswered In 1980, five years after the ouster of Whitlam's government, the Nugan Hank Bank collapsed, $50 million in debt. Frank Nugan was found shot dead in his car, and Michael Hand disappeared without a trace. Investigations by an Australian Royal Commission, as Lernoux documents, later revealed that the bank had regularly transferred funds from Sydney to Southeast Asia for payment of heroin shipments to Australia, which were sent in containers to the U.S. West Coast. Thousands of smaller investors in the United States and Australia lost their life savings as a result of the bank's collapse, although the Generals and intelligence agents associated with the bank escaped unharmed. Many mysteries remain unanswered. For example, although Frank Nugan's body was exhumed for investigation, it is still uncertain whether he committed suicide or was murdered. It has not been proven that any U.S. intelligence agency communicated with former Australian Governor General John Kerr just before his dismissal of Gough Whitlam. While the fact has been well established that Michael Hand and Theodore Shackley had contacts before Shackley retired from the CIA, the nature of those contacts is a secret. Finally, whether Hand has been in contact with the CIA since going missing, that too is a secret. In fact, the CIA has denied everything. It issued this statement, for what it is worth: "The CIA has not engaged in operations against the Australian Government, had no ties with the Nugan Hand Bank, and does not involve itself in drug trafficking." And Nixon wasn't a crook. The Rothschild Zionist takeover of Australia through Rockefeller front companies; 24 February 1969: Onassis calls Council meeting in Washington to discuss strategy to monopolize the Great South Basin discovery. Council members included Nelson Rockefeller and John McCloy, who managed the Seven Sisters, and David Rockefeller managed the Mafia's banking operations. McCloy outlines the plan to capture all oil and mineral resources in Australia and New Zealand. 10 March 1969: Parsky and Colby use A'Asian and Pacific Holdings to set up a 'front' company in Australia. Using own banks - Mellon and Pittsburgh National Banks, while Hand was directly responsible to Gerald Parsky and William Colby. Ron Brierley would take orders from Hand. 24 July 1969: New board established for I.E.L. - includes Hand, Seldon, Ron Brierley, plus two Brierley Associates - Frank Nugan and Bob Jones. Both are appointed consultants to A'Asian & Pacific Holdings Limited. Jones will help Brierley launder funds into Real Estate (Brierley/Jones Investments) while Seldon and Nugan will channel funds into oil and mineral resources through I.E.L. October 1969: Chase Manhattan begins new operation in Australia with National Bank, A'Asia and A.C. Goods Associates - Chase-NBA. J.C. Fletcher appointed Chairman of Seven Sisters' company - British Petroleum (NZ). 17 February 1970: Gerald Parsky sets up a new heroin-dollar laundry in Australia - Australian International Finance Corp. using the Irving Trust Co. New York April 1970: Onassis, Rockefeller and the Seven Sisters, begins setting up the Shadow World Government using the Illuminati-controlled banks and the Trans-national corporations. In Melbourne they set up the Australian International Finance Corporation using: * Irving Trust Co. N.Y. - linked to Shell Oil, Continental Oil, Phillips Petroleum * Crocker Citizens National - linked to Atlantic Richfield (Arco), Standard Oil, of California which is Rockefeller-controlled. * Bank of Montreal - Petro Canada, Penarctic Oils, Alberta Gas, Gulf Oil. * Australia and New Zealand Bank (ANZ) Meantime, Japanese members of One World Government move into New Zealand, helped by Finance Minister R. Muldoon. Mitsubishi and Mitsui make a profitable deal buying up rights to iron sands helped by Marcona Corp. (US) and Todd (Shell/BP/Todd). Todd rewarded with sole New Zealand franchise for Mitsubishi vehicles. Muldoon helps Mitsui (Oil Paper Co.) obtain a lucrative 320 million cubic foot Kiangaroa Forestry contract with Carter Holt. November 1970: Fletchers extend the Rockefeller Travelodge operation by buying control of New Zealand's largest travel company - Atlantic and Pacific Travel. Manufacturers' and Retailers' Acceptance Company (in 1970 changed to Marac): This firm specializes in leasing and factoring (buying debts at a discount). It also finances exports and imports. The major shareholders are the Fletcher Group (38%), The Commercial Bank of Australia Ltd. (24.7%), NIMU Insurance (7.7%), Philips Electrical (3.8%), National Mutual Life Association (2.4%), and New Zealand United Corporation (4.0%). The CBA is a partner in the supernational Euro-Pacific Corporation, the other partners being the Midland Bank (UK), the United California Bank (USA), Fuji (Japan) and Societe Generale de Banque (France). Early 1971: Onassis and Rockefeller begin global operation to buy influence for the One World Government concept. They use Lockheed, Northrop and Litton Industries' 'agent' Adon Khashoggi, to organize operations in the Middle East, Iran and Indonesia. I.C.I. set up 2.5 million, slush fund for Australia and New Zealand. Finance Minister Muldoon, Changes law to allow Mafia-controlled banks to begin operations in New Zealand. Links also made by N.Z.I. in preparation for Paxus control with Hong Kong and Shanghai; Wells Fargo with Broadbank; Chase Manhattan with General Finance; Bank of America and Barclays with Fletchers and Renouf in New Zealand United Corp. All members of the Business Round Table Organization. Late 1971: Gulf Oil and their man Brierley begin organizing chains of Shell companies and dummy corporations to conceal their takeover operations of oil, gas and mineral resources and related industries such as vehicle franchises, vehicle spare parts and finance services - all part of the Seven Sisters' controlled car culture. To extend links to the U.S banking operations they buy control of I.S.A.S. (N.S.W) and I.S.A.S (QLD), which hold sole franchise for constructions and mining equipment produced by International Harvester Credit Co, which is part of Chase Manhattan Bank and associated with First National Bank Chicago (Chairman Sullivan also the exec Vice President of Chase Manhattan), Continental Illinois (linked with CIA and Mafia Michele Sindona of Vatican Bank) and Rockefellers Standard Oil of Indiana (AMOCO). I.S.A.S (QLD) also has strategic holdings in North Flinders Mines, Flinders Petroleum and Apollo International Minerals. February 1972: Onassis and Rockefeller help associate Adnan Khashoggi buy the Security Pacific National Bank in California and take control of the United California Bank through CIA-linked Lockheed Aircraft Corporation. Both banks used by Onassis and Khashoggi to funnel bribes and pay offs via the CIA's Deak Bank to captive Japanese and other crooked politicians. Security Pacific also used to 'launder' over 2 million for Nixon's re-election campaign. Khashoggi also buys 21% of Southern Pacific Properties, which is the majority stockholder in Travelodge (AUST), thereby establishing direct links to New Zealand, and U.E.B. and Fletchers through its equity links with Travelodge (N.Z). April 1972: Mafia banking operations expanded through New Hebrides with establishment of Australian International Ltd. to finance Pacific development by the oil companies (Seven Sisters). Banks involved include Irving Trust N.Y, Bank of Montreal, Crocker International, Australia and New Zealand Bank and the Mitsubishi Bank, whose president Nakamaru, is appointed Chairman. Mid 1974: Goff Whitlam and Norman Kirk begin a series of moves absolutely against the Mafia Trilaterists. Whitlam refuses to waive restrictions on overseas borrowings to finance Alwest Aluminium Consortium of Rupert Murdoch, BHP and R.J. Reynolds. Whitlam had also ended Vietnam War Support, blocked Uranium Mining and wanted more control over US secret spy bases - e.g.; Pine Gap. Kirk had introduced a new, tough Anti-Monopoly Bill and had tried to redistribute income from the big companies to the labour force through price regulation and a wages policy. Kirk had also rejected plans to build a second Aluminium smelter near Dunedin and was preparing the Petroleum Amendment Bill to give more control over New Zealand Oil resources. Kirk had found out that Hunt Petroleum, drilling in the Great South Basin, had discovered a huge resource of oil comparable in size to the North Sea or Alaskan North Slope. Gas reserves alone now estimated at 30 times bigger than Kapuni and oil reserves of at least 20 billion barrels - enough for New Zealand to be self-sufficient for years. Oil companies completely hushed up these facts. To have announced, a vast new oil source would probably mean, a decline in world oil prices, which would not have allowed OPEC and Onassis plans for the Arabs to eventuate. New Zealand could be exploited at a later date, particularly since the North Sea operations were about to come to stream - Kirk was the last to hold out. September 1974: According to CIA sources, Kirk was killed by the Trilaterists using, Sodium-Morphate. Rowling's first act as Prime Minister was to withdraw Kirk's Anti-Monopoly Bill and the Petroleum Amendment Bill. Later, Rowling was to be rewarded with Ambassadorship to Washington. Incidentally, the Shah of Iran was murdered the same way as Kirk on his arrival to the U.S.A. 6 October 1974: Ray Cline implements William Colby's plan to oust Australian Premier Whitlam. Nugan hand Bank finances pay-offs to Malcolm Fraser and other pro-U.S. politicians. A joint bugging operation commences between CIA and ASIO. Rupert Murdoch, playing his part, uses his newspapers and television network to spread lies and misinformation. Whitlam, as well as refusing to waive restrictions on overseas borrowing to finance the aluminium consortium, had plans to ensure that all corporations were at least 50% Australian owned. This interfered with the Seven Sisters' plans, to build three, Oil refineries at Cape Northumberland in South Australia to exploit the Great South Basin discovery. December 1974: Australian Governor-General Kerr joins Ray Cline's payroll and received his first pay-off of $US200 000 credited to his account number 767748 at the Singapore branch of the Nugan Hand Bank. 18 February 1975: Governor Kerr sacks the Whitlam Government. August 1975: Rowling re-introduces unrecognisable Commerce Bill, designed to aid monopolization of the N.Z. economy and repeals the News Media Ownership Act, allowing more foreign ownership of N.Z. media. The new legislation's does not define monopoly, competition or stipulate permissible maximum market share, or even ascertain what the public interest is - resulting in a sell-out to big business. September 1976: With captive politicians in place in both Australia and New Zealand, the Internationalists can now proceed with their strategy of takeover of the economy and exploitation of natural resources. "In New Zealand, the elimination of unnecessary competition is fundamental to a sound economy." Brierley says. Parsky and Colby use Brierley/Jones Investments as a vehicle to buy into A.B. Consolidated Holdings in New Zealand. Associate of R. Jones, Pat Goodman, is appointed 'consultant' of A'Asian & Pacific Holdings. May 1980: Mafia's Nugan Hand banking operation crashed after Frank Nugan killed. Death ruled as suicide even though no fingerprints found on the rifle. Maloney, Houghton, Yates and Hand shred important documents, but miss some. CIA helps Hand and Bank President Donald Beasley escape to the U.S. The CIA and Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, covers everything up. Beasley appointed President of Miami City National Bank, run by Alberto Dugue for 'laundering' profits from the CIA Columbian Cocaine Operation. There is a probability that Michael Hand killed Frank Nugan because of his involvement with Hand's fiancée. 25 May 1980: Colby arrived in Australia to discuss a replacement of the Nugan Hand Bank with Hand, Brierley and Seldon. Immediate funding available from Sydney Branch of the Deak Bank, a separate CIA operation, and I.E.L. would be used to buy N.Z.I. Corp. to prepare for future laundering operations. Maloney, Houghton, Yates and Hand would shred all documents leading back to the New Zealand Great South Basin connection, and the CIA would help Hand and Bank President Donald Beasley escape to the U.S.A. The CIA and ASIO would also cover everything up. Hand and Beasley turn up in Miami - Beasley appointed President and Hand 'consultant' to the Miami City National Bank, but also Hand turned up in El Salvador to help organise bankrolling of the Contra with other ex-members of Nugan Hand. June 1982: Australia, a new money funnel begins. H. W. Smith buys to obscure South Pine Quarries, which is renamed Ariadne (Aust). South Pine Quarries owns 50% of Coal Liquid Inc., with the other half, owned by US Defence Contractors McDonnell Douglas. Coal-Liquid renamed Impala Securities. The common link between Gulf Oil and McDonnell Douglas is the CIA's Mercantile Bank and trust, which both companies use for world bribery and payoff operations. McDonnell Douglas officials McKeogh and G.T> Hawkins later appointed Directors of Impala Securities. U.S. Links strengthened through Industrial Equity Pacific, which acquires part of Higbee Company in Cleveland, which in turn is closely linked to the National City Bank of Cleveland. This bank is closely associated with Gulf Oil's bank, Pittsburgh National and Mellon Bank. Bruce Judge installed as Ariadne Manager. The first key company will control the food industry in Australia through the merger of Elders, Goodmans, Allied Mills, Fielder Gilles Carbon Dioxide Tax? It was never a tax but a cleaver banking swindle which was always designed to create an International Emissions Trading Scheme to begin to ramp up financial pressure on the already tax burdened Australian working class through ‘Carbon Credits’ @#%?! To put it simply, you will be rewarded for using less electricity, less fuel and oh yes, less food and water. Those who don’t will be financially penalised (sounds like communist Russia). Who determines the amount of usage? How would they determine the amount of usage? Green cops#$@%^$ > I’ll tell you how, by taking your sovereignty and land rights away and handing it over to the Criminal Rothschild’s Banking Cartel in which they have already done. Let’s get back to the Carbon Tax = Emissions Trading Scheme for a little shall we> It was never something insidious than merely a simple “tax” … something that you are hoping could easily be repealed one day. But hey, don’t take my word for it. Here’s Julian Turecek of Cleantech Ventures, writing for MacroBusiness in May 2011 (emphasis added): The current government has not yet give its policy a formal name. So the Opposition has obliged* and chosen one for them: a carbon tax. Now this has got a lot of people, mainly tax advisers and accountants, barking up the wrong tree. It’s not actually a tax… The current proposal is not a tax, but a fixed price emissions trading scheme. This is exactly the same as the CPRS, which also had a fixed price at the start. Think back carefully. When Gillard announced that she would introduce a "price on carbon" after all, she and the government initially denied the Opposition's "great big new tax" claim. But they have since allowed, and encouraged, this false meme to become entrenched into the public psyche. I believe that is because calling it a "tax" sounds more simple and less threatening, and does not so clearly highlight the banker-driven "trading" aspect if they had instead called it what it is, and always was ultimately intended to be right from the beginning ... an Emissions Trading Scheme. Do you need something more formal and “official” than the word of an investment fund manager for “clean energy” technology? Then read the final Garnaut Review, Chapter 5: In implementing an emissions trading scheme with a fixed-price start, there are two sets of decisions to be made: the starting price and how much the price will rise in each subsequent year; and the timing, conditions and manner of transition to emissions trading with a price that is set by market exchange. Garnaut makes it crystal clear. It is an emissions trading scheme with a fixed price start. Need more? Carefully read the government’s own website on the topic: Broad architecture of the carbon price mechanism A carbon price mechanism could commence with a fixed price (through the issuance of fixed price units within an emissions trading scheme) before converting to a cap-and-trade emissions trading scheme… Now sit up and take notice. The following is very important, if you are going to get your head around why this was never a tax, and why allowing it be called that in public discourse (but not in the official documents) is a very sneaky, very deceitful way of relabelling what is exactly the same policy. Note carefully what it says under Transition Arrangements: Transition Arrangements At the end of the fixed price period, the clear intent would be that the scheme convert to a flexible price cap-and-trade emissions trading scheme. In relation to the transition to a flexible price, it would be important to design the arrangements so as to promote business certainty and a smooth transition from the fixed to flexible price. Ross Garnaut also reiterates the importance of the initial design promoting a “smooth transition” to a fully-floating price ETS, in his final Garnaut Review: Investors need clarity about when and the conditions under which the transition to a floating price will occur. To support a smooth transition, the necessary institutions and supporting infrastructure should be established from the beginning of the scheme. It is important to specify rules for the scheme as soon as possible, including arrangements for auctioning permits and for acceptance of offsets and international permits. Ok. So, how exactly do you design a scheme to promote a “smooth transition”? By giving those initial “fixed price” permits an expiry date that is far enough away to ensure that they can be traded when the emissions trading scheme transitions to a “floating” price. In this way, the “property rights” of those forced to purchase the initial “fixed” (and rising over “3-5 years”) price permits are safeguarded (ie, thus, “business certainty”) – they can “bank” their permits and trade them later, when the transition to a floating price occurs. Of course, an even simpler way would be to give these permits to “pollute” an unlimited expiry date. Which is exactly what the government’s official Policy position was under the original Rudd-Garnaut CPRS White Paper. Which the Gillard-Garnaut “carbon pricing” mechanism aims to replicate – because that is what the bankers want (emphasis added): Policy position 8.1 Each permit will have a unique identification number and will be marked with the first year in which it can validly be surrendered (its ‘vintage’). It will not have an expiry date. … 8.4.1 Banking Banking allows permits to be saved for use in future years. With unlimited banking, permits would not have an expiry date—once issued, they could be used for compliance at any future time. … the advantages of banking are greatest if banking is continuous. For these reasons, the Government will allow unlimited banking from Scheme commencement. In calling it a “tax”, you are focussing on unimportant details of the initial “fixed price” period, and failing to see the end game. The Big Picture. Banking. The Rothschilds. The Agenda… The Government’s plan has never changed. They have always been pursuing a CPRS (an emissions trading scheme) with an initial fixed price period and if you look close enough, you will see their footprints everywhere and the more you look, the more understanding you will have of what is taking place. It’s the thin end of the carbon-trading global banksters’ wedge to initiate their world government which in effect will be the beginning of Australians feeling the type of pinch that they have missed due to the incremental nature of our foe . This attack on the Australian People has not gone unnoticed and is being fought on many levels and one of the most powerful and threatening to them is social media, YOU! The education of the many has resulted in an intellectual revolution in Australia and in almost every country in the world. The age of information through the internet has brought forth enough information to connect the dots for ANYONE willing to take the appropriate time in researching the information. Enough Australians already have which is rapidly evolving into peaceful action orientated groups motivated in defence of tyranny, in defence of oppressive legislation and fraudulent trickery, in defence of the weakest and most venerable, in defence of what our forefathers bravely fought and died for, FREEDOM and we as a people need to above all educate ourselves and stand up to those who have deceitfully placed themselves above the reaches of Justice … or so they thought. Even though Kevin Rudd had been already been de-throned as Australian Prime Minister by Julia Gillard by the time of Kevin Rudds, December 2010 visit to Israel, it is in no doubt that it was his stance on Israel and him wanting IAEA Inspectors for Israels Nuclear Facilities and his thoughts on the Israel and Palestine that had cost him his Prime Ministership. ‘FOREIGN Minister Kevin Rudd has arrived in Israel with a blunt message: allow international inspectors into your nuclear facility. He has also called on Israel to stop building in Jewish settlements in both the West Bank and East Jerusalem.’ Israeli officials were not surprised by Mr Rudd's call for Israel to sign the NPT but were taken aback by his call for IAEA inspections. One high-ranking Israeli official said: "I don't remember any Australian minister saying (Israel's) facilities should be put under inspection." The Rothschild Zionists didn’t like the fact that Rudd was the first ever Aussie minister to ever suggest Israel should have IAEA inspectors inspect their facilities and you really believe the most powerful lobby in the western world would just sit back and take it on the chin? Most definitely not! I would have loved to have seen him beg for forgiveness before he sold his soul to the United Nations which prepared him for role as a Coxswain of a ship that is being steered into an iceberg of destruction to ultimately benefit a very small group of criminals. The Israel lobby in United Kingdom - Peter Oborne The Israeli Lobby - A Danger To The World - Banned Documentary update and bonus material Another Israeli official, who spoke on the condition he not be named, said: "It is very surprising; first of all, as we are not signatories to the NPT we are not bound by its obligations. Is this statement a surprise to any of you? I didn’t think so, as Israel isn't bound by any obligations except that of the Protocols of the Learned Elders Of Zion and the subversion of the Jewish religion to perpetuate an agenda of genocide and world control. What reasonable, peace loving Human Being would support the political movement of Zionism? That’s equivalent to the Chinese government supporting the Greens here in Australia and if you speak out against the greens because of their policies you are Anti-Semitic? Get it through to that thinking part of your brain that Zionism does not represent the Judaism or the Jews as a whole. They are considered even in Israel as Ultra Zionists, a small minority funded by Australian, American, (and the list goes on) tax dollars. They hide behind Judaism and immediately jump up and scream Anti-Semitism when criticized for genocide, the possession of illegal nuclear, chemical and biological weapons that we are supposed to be ridding the world of, not supporting it when it is quite clear Israel has used many of these weapons against the Palestinians. The Australia government allows Australian Jews to go to Israel and join the army, kill Palestinians and return to Australia? So let me get this straight, Israel has ILLEGAL Nuclear, CHEMICAL and BIOLOGICAL weapons which they use against an unarmed population and the world does nothing? To not acknowledge this genocide and the influence this group has is a fatal mistake and what’s worse is supporting it unknowingly, ignorantly and or passively because they very same group of people are in the process of doing the same thing to us so by aiding them in any way, you are contributing your own demise and the demise of others to which all of us have a responsibility in finding out what is really going on and who is behind it in order to bring about Justice. We are literally being attacked by air, food, water, vaccines, pharmaceutical drugs and psychologically. Those who can see the whole chessboard must continue to educate the people as there is a global awakening taking place and we have the power to really make things right, the way it should be. I have here thousands of emails from all over the country from housewives, Fathers, Grandmothers, Grandfathers, plumbers, car salesmen, teachers, invalids, tradesmen, factory workers ect. These are people who work hard to pay their bills and look after their families and deserve a government that is honest, transparent and above all for the People and for world Peace, just a fair and honest go!. These are the ones who drive the cabs, who nurse in the hospitals, who see their kids go to fight wars deliberately created by the house of Rothschild and other collaborators for empire and control. Why? Because they care, because they want to know the Truth, because they want their country back, because it still belongs to US, as long as the People have the guts to fight for what they believe in! The Truth is the most important value we have because if the Truth does not endure, if the government supresses Truth, murders Truth, if we cannot respect the hearts of the beautiful people of Australia then it is time we thought about sacking our government as the Australian Constitution has been breached several times and it is clearly criminal. Build a new one as they say, when the old just isn’t working anymore and has rotted to the core. That is easy to say but just how do we do it? If you think there are not people from every career imaginable out there who feel the same way and who are educated enough to connect, then you are mistaken. I’m talking Judges, Police, Politicians, Intelligence, Defence, Business, Finance, IT, Hospitality, Doctors, Nurses, Cleaners, Teachers EVERYONE! Formulate groups of at least seven or more in your area and sit down, have a meal and seriously discuss what you can do. This is about allowing the people in your group the opportunity of being as equal and as individual as everyone including yourself. If you want something to work, do not play boss because a good team looking in the same direction work together like peas in a pod. Do not expect everyone to go along with what you want to create or do, just be individual and the likeminded will appear by your side before you know it. Follow your heart, do what is right but never dismiss evidence unless you are prepared to read everything related to it with an open mind. It is when we care more about others than ourselves, through knowledge and peaceful action, we will be truly free~ .

Mustard to Aleister Crowley...PiNK for protection.

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Aleister Crowley Mustard Seeds for protection.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Cocaine Trail?

Coca Cola and Pepsi link to the Coca Leaves yet the product has no drugs within it?

Aleister Crowley said the real magicK is Mustard Seeds within his books?
Mustard Seeds and Semen?

Mustard seeds come in Yellow, White and Brown?

Mustard seeds are an antifungal so they will not mould in powder form?

Drug busts in Sydney I noticed no Cocaine large shipments for a while I investigated the other options.
Coca Leaves were making what ever Pepsi and Coca Cola needed for the secret receipe.  Where is the cocaine from the process.

I have learnt studying the Cannabis oil the seeds were the part that held majicK.

Seeds, the increase in Cancer around the world and the antifungal drugs moving for the chemists to make the secret herbs and spices.  Cancer drug Benzelmustang  based on Mustard seeds a white powder?

We look at the signs around Kings Cross like Billy from Sleeve Master Tattoo shop said, it is the signs that tell the secrets.

Kings Cross was famous for Teapots....the illegal alcohol I thought until I was introduced to the Tincture mixture of the Cannabis?  Tea leaves?  Green Tea for the Frog of control?  Was this the connection hidden within the open as the Coca Cola sign on the Trademark related to the King of the Cross who stood out the front of Porky's for the Television reports?  Mmm must be close I thought....

I asked the angels for help....

JFK was pushing on the Mafia to go into prison for the drug peddling.
Coca leaves make Coca Cola and Pepsi...Both companies were having people in Dallas on the day of JFK assassination.

The Frog?  Within each game of the drug network the Fable for the Frog and the Scorpion is involved.
Cocaine?  Is this owned by a Frog?
Korea is allegedly making money from drugs to fuel the economy for war.
Look at exports...  Green tea?  In leaf and tea?

Cocaine removed from processing of the leaves for Coca Cola and Pepsi then where does the Cocaine go?
Pharmaceutical company so is the increase in Cancer where I think alleged man made influences have aided this bio-weapon all for a reason when the results for the Cannabis oil is showing to me that cancer is reacting like a fungus?

Where don't the ports test for THC components?  In medicine which has pain relieving components...

Tea is not tested for THC when it is imported as the product is labelled TEA a three letter word as the secret within this mind blowing puzzle.

Heroin brown is not fully refined and is not water soluable so if it was placed within a substance to come into the country and then split back through a process we have a more refined product?
Heroin by Mouse told me was coming in through the Upholstery Van...Now material is wrapped on cardboard and thick cardboard for heavy material.  Heroin can be soaked into cardboard and then soaked out of cardboard?  MagicK....

Yet Kings Cross is never short on Cocaine and the money isn't flashed around by these drug runners?  So where does it go?  What businesses open that drug runners go into?  The corner shops around Kings Cross and the Streets of Woolloomooloo up to Surry Hills way are open late... some 24 hours....

Cocaine I was told by Sammy Sweet/ Greek Sam in Kings Cross he controlled the Security guards who held the Cocaine line....  Believe it or not?  The Cocaine came from Woolloomooloo and he would head down William Street each morning...  He told me he was meeting the two people involved  allegedly Tongan Sam and allegedly an Ibrahim he would brag about.

In the brothel I had the Security guards from Stripperama checking the brothel for cocaine supply on a regular basis.  Why?

Barrister John Peluso said he went to Kings Cross to meet a big man in relationship to the Brothel Setup he was offered on each of two occasions a plate of cocaine?  Frog owns the Cocaine within the game of Frog and Scorpion of the Fable if the Scorpion owns the heroin line of the Pink Pope for the Seeing Eye Nomad Knights.....50/50?  Cocaine/ Heroin?  Frog/Scorpion?

I had the connections with a lady telling me down in Woollooomooloo the drug supply cocaine was bought $26000 each week the guy on sells for $76000 and the Police don't touch him.  Where is the money we were both wondering about?  Body language...her eyes looked towards Nicks at Midnight?  Right out the front of the Police Station Woolloomooloo and in the open I thought?  The lady described the guy like I had been told by the working girls as an older gentleman well dressed with a limp I was told by the working girls.  Limps can come and go I thought.......  I knew the link was down near Crown Street as Greek Sam said then Tranny Steps he would go?  All for a reason I say....

The Tranny told me about the secrets within the brothel...she is now dead to my knowledge...Indian Tranny Natasha for the police info line.

So if the Frog owns the cocaine line in the puzzle the way to clean the money is to make it legal.  The rent money on the premises in Kings Cross is one way, keep the rent high, this is legal extortion.
Pinch my dog as this gang was doing time and time again drop off at the dog home and pay to get him extortion.
Move a car around the city to play childish games as Mouse did....parking extortion.

Juanita Nielsen was on the trail of the drug network in Kings Cross, she was after the money that was destroying her beautiful Victoria Street.

1948 King of Jacob.......

Mustard seeds Aleister Crowley said was the way......
Kings Cross is known for the World Famous Teapots........

The markings of the scorpion are seen on the heroin for the drug cartel lines.

The real estate agents have increased around Kings Cross and Potts Point all for a reason I say.
Rent Rolls?  Does anyone check to the properties?

This gang holds the money so we have to look at nationalities?

Coca Cola...cocaine....

When has the government tested the loads of Mustard powder or spice powder coming into the country that tests is white?

The link to the system is AA....
America lost John F. Kennedy
Australia lost Harold Holt.

The meaning for Crook in the dictionary is another word for Bishop?
Bishop Maurice aka Maurice Bernard Houghton came from America to Australia
Bishop Michael J Hand came from America to Australia
Bishop David W Ferrie was CIA flying the planes
Robert M Toshlee was flying the planes and exposing now the evidence on facebook

Australia the drugs are worth the most money.
The number 1 drink around the world is Coca Cola.
The next I would say is Pepsi.

Kola nut is utilised the kernel oil from the products were utilised in the original medicine back in time.

Alex had the paperwork on the Coca Cola history yet it would keep the punters entertained however we never thought where was the cocaine going today......
2003   Drugs to Australia from Korea.

Drugs didn't stop coming to Kings Cross day and night so we have to look at the other ways of MagicK they utilise...Black?  Coca Cola is a Black drink and is the opening sign to the Infamous Kings Cross redlight district.

The Fable...  The America ...and the Pussycat for The Infamous Pink Pussycat went to see in the Green pea boat....They sailed away to meet the Pig for the Three ring circus?

Pig is the controller?  Three letter word?  Yet their is no Pig sign on Darlinghurst Road?