Friday, 18 July 2014

Game of Slaughter, this hidden gang we need to see?

We have murders to solve, I have taken this on full time since 2009 for the research where I have a Task Force with NSW Police working on my information for the drug running around the world now as the information has come together. Black MagicK is real, Occult science is what I have connected within the unsolved murders to an elite group which also allegedly controls the drug network even today who was allegedly behind the assassination of JFK as my research showed a pattern which I have shown to the government. The plane MH370 I link in with the research, some of the researchers which work on corruption of Governments have listed me now in the top 5 researchers which could crack this around the world. The MH17 is a connection where the night before this incident happened my research back to the government linked to Kazakstan and to the Blue Mosic? I research, I don't try to be nasty to any other researcher however I have asked Privately and Publicly for Judyth Vary Baker to tell me how the cancer was made in the rats in the underground lab and with this information I would as I have previously sent to the authorities. Cancer Lymphona Society and Cancer Society in NSW are looking at this evidence I have collected which shows that the research in the underground labs by this gang connections to the Jewish arm is a way of the mutation of the chromosones have happened within society and allowed cancer to flourish. But out of cancer the money has rolled in to the businesses and the connections where the majority of the patients for the medicines that would heal cancer are held not utilised by companies and the drug cannabis, heroin and cocaine were deleted from our medicines which has allowed the organism which acts like a fungus on our cell to grow on the outside of the cell then go into the cell with the heavy metals which have been added to the vaccines around the world and where cancer is growing out of control where the fluoride and chemicals are in the water all for a reason. The links to the drug network are strong I have for the assassination of JFK. Please join me on facebook or even watch my facebook as so many people are now with the information feeds of the secret societies I have been exposing. By this gang for my effort to expose them, they have threatened my life, intimidated me, have defrauded my bank accounts till Im pennilless and the police who were in charge of the matter are now exposed as alleged corrupt yet as the Police say I have missed something so we all hold positions and work to further expose this system. Game of Slaughter Nostradamus called it.

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