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Coca Cola? Griffin? Where is all the Cocaine from the Coca Leaves?

Coca Cola.... utilises the Coca leaves...where is the cocaine?
If you ask John Carlisle, owner of the old Coca-Cola building on Taylor Street in Griffin,

Coca-Cola is the only U.S. corporation that has been granted the right to legally import coca leaves into the United States, via a coca processing lab known as the Stepan Company). In 1922, the Jones-Miller Act banned cocaine imports into the United States, but Coca-Cola (and its lab) was granted an exception. This exception remained a secret until the late 1980's when the New York Times seemed shocked to discover the truth.

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Griffin Bird for the control in Kings Cross I noted that stood above Darlinghurst Road.  The Griffin Bird was a key within the invisible web.

HISTORY OF COCA-COLAThe prototype Coca-Cola recipe was formulated at the Eagle Drug and Chemical Company, adrugstore in Columbus, Georgia by John Pemberton, originally as a coca wine calledPembertons French Wine Coca.

French Connection Lee Harvey Oswald's mother said was behind the assassination of JFK. 

Lee Harvey Oswald was seen by the Police officer having a coke?  It was deleted from the statement.
Once the coca leaves are imported into the USA under these special permissions from the DEA, the cocaine is extracted out of the coca leaves. Coca-Cola doesn't use the cocaine, you see. There is no cocaine in Coca-Cola today.

This brings up an obvious question: Where does all the white powder cocaine go if not to Coca-Cola? It turns out that this cocaine is sold to a St. Louis company called Mallinckrodt Incorporated.

Mallinckrodt receives not only all the cocaine from the Coca-Cola imports, but also imports opium from India ( In addition, this company also buys THC extracted from marijuana grown in the United States. So much for the War on Drugs, huh? It turns out if you buddy up to the DEA and federal regulators, you can make all the cocaine you want while buying opium and marijuana by the ton -- as long as you're a powerful corporation with ties to Coca-Cola and other wealthy organizations.   

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333,000 grams of cocaine is worth roughly $16.7 million on the street (at $50 a gram).

Lee Harvey Oswald and Bush...where is the Cocaine?
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Stepan Company
History of company

Legal Importation of Coca to USA...yet where is the cocaine?

United Petroleum

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