Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Call for the Royal Commission into the drug network around Kings Cross

I was argueing with Police on the information I have which will pull the drug network apart. It shows the corruption within 3000 emails I have sent to the government. I was told last Thursday by Team 1 which is Strike Force Raptor Detectives Id be locked up if I went and drugs were around. I can not take a chance. I have been working on bringing Hells Angels down since 2009 and now I have the evidence, the corruption in the Police stops this. I called with the evidence to the Governor General of NSW and Australia to sack the Government last night for the corruption that exists where the drugs they keep hold of within the criminal organisation all for a reason. I was told yesterday by Sgt Kirby Kings Cross Police and Constable Leech the investigation will not go any further as it will be stopped each time by someone high up at Kings Cross Police Station. The emails of evidence on Police I have helped with the Schapelle Corby investigators within the Police force in Australia with the information. The way the corruption exists is under 141a Police Act where tomorrow Im in court arguing again for the police search warrant yet to have the media help me they say they need the police to investigate and report to them. This is the problem with the media they are controlled by Murdoch where in 1974 he was allegedly involved with dismissing Gough Whitlam because he was after the corruption within the Nugan-Hand Bank. This was a bank controlled by the Mafia, CIA and came about to Michael J. Hand, Maurice Bernard Houghton after the successful assassination of JFK. It's a shame the people who want the drugs to be utilised by the masses for the cannabis oil hadn't seen the pot moving yesterday around the back streets of Kings Cross and the Police hide within the Police station. Well some of us are and have been on a mission to expose this gang which can grow large crops of cannabis down near Wilton and not be caught? This is corruption this links to the alleged Rebels where the security guards in Kings Cross move within the alleged cocaine linking again to the alleged Rebel Sammy Sweet who walks the streets moving the ice and drugs around from brothel to brothel yet no one sees that. The police don't see that as the guy says he is the right hand man of John Ibrahim and if they lookedat his patterns they would be able to work out where he is being fed from as a rotating bases of places occurs all for a reason. I work on this from early until late with on the ground investigating, for taking others around to show the corruption and system moving however the government has allowed an injecting room on Darlinghurst Road for the aiding and abetting of the drugs which are controlled by the criminal Organised gang as the Financial Ombudsman reported to me when the gang took over $235000 out of my account, $25000 out of my credit card when the gang had me locked up for being terrorised to be murdered the sheer terror when I told people thought I was mentally ill rather than being threatened by murder day after day from 2009 by a gang one after another the links to the tattoo of the black scorpion, the associates of Hells Angels who don't wear waistcoats. However on the 6th February 2012 I was told to watch the power as Essam Nicola Gerges called his son Sewe Eastern Suburbs Chapter to walk in Kings Cross for the power I was fighting on the streets going through the correct procedures, yet the police wouldn't listen, I have had Detective Dench under oath explain I stopped all investigating. This is to the drug information, fraud, extortion, kero bombs and threats to murder not just me, it has been to other family members where tyres have been slashed, eggs thrown on houses on home units where I have gone for refugee. I agree with the Cannabis oil however the education has not been popular to the authorities as the United Nations agreement the politicans in Australia are fighting. Other countries have over turned. Yet Australia is controlled by the MH370 search where the evidence is clear this gang links to as the company name suggests, EABONA, Europe, America, Britain, Oman, Netherlands, Australia for the control of the drug network they work. This is the size of the fight I have put up going from one meeting to Police, to Politicans, to NSW to Federal however when the authorities turn the blind eye it is very hard for the ways around it. I then with each time I felt I have enough evidence have called for the Governor General to sack the Politicans as the Politicans have changed the laws so no one is about Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione who believes in the Bible by being a Baptist and Hillsong follower so he should know of the miracle oil Jesus put on his followers as the miracle oil. I have taken to expose to the authorities how this outlaw gang clean funds through the stockmarkets around the world yet the authorities at each time have stopped all investigation because to further investigate exposes the Outlaw gang the Rebellion army which walks around Sydney shooting each other and the police have a huge problem. Yet they haven't linked the drugs control, to the corruption within the banks, to the corruption within the Police, now yesterday I was told the Financial Ombudsman had not notified Kings Cross Police Station directly that was the problem. It's just as bad as in 1994 when the Wood's Royal Commission was called because what they missed was how the system worked. The drug network today works the same way as when I picked up the information of Juanita Nielsen and started researching because a guy stood over me with a black tattoo on his foot and the connections to some dangerous people were exposed.

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