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CIA Robert Tosh Plumlee exposing the story.....

Yes. I know this is rough, very rough and needs editing. However, I believe it does convey the thought. Its copied from the book(in process) Deep Cover Shallow Graves. I post it here for the sole reason as information before the fact. This story has been recorded long ago to Select Committee of the Assassination of JFK.. I know many will find fault with the writing. However, I felt I need to release this section of book for my protection before it is censored by the powers that be, who are waiting in the wings to character assassinate me once again... Yes it will be cleaned up before press time: ( I put it on my Face Book page, before this section of book is destroyed. I have been warned by some that I am incriminating myself by posting this excerpt... so be it.. less go to court....
Deep Cover Shallow Graves: (rough draft 1979)
".... “ I'll try to make this as brief as possible.” I looked around the room as if someone else was listening then addressed the doctor.
“It is convoluted and complicated. The diagrammed photo you asked about was drawn for a friend in Denver when they came to Colorado to interview me because of information they had received concerning the 'French connection’—possible Algerian assassins being hired for a Dallas job. We did discus other matters, but that was later. Those were minor details concerning the 'Abort Team.'
I waved my hands, as if swatting at a fly. “I have never like that term 'Abort'. It implies that we were sent into Dallas to stop something we had started. That was not the case”.
I took a drink of water. My hands were shaking. The storm and tornado warnings Denver radio and TV stations had been talking about for the last three hours, were now hitting the Denver suburbs. High winds were rattling the windows of the doctor’s office. Anxiously Me and the doctor looked outside as lightening flashed on the horizon and danced crazily upon the mountaintops to the west. I continued.
“There was this Army Private, a Private Eugene B. Dinkin. He is the background for my story and the reason for the "Abort Team’s formation”. I made air quotation marks, then continued.
“That team was hastily formed via Miami Station Coral Gables, to go to Dallas and stop the assassination. This specialized Team was launched from the Pentagon with ‘cut-out’ cover and logistical support to be handled by CIA and their Covert Action Group, The CAG, a very Hush—Hush, secret Team within the ranks of CIA Langley and its Miami Station. They were using their ‘cutout’— JM/WAVE operation. Those Ops were compartmentalized during those years and used mostly for clandestine purposes inside Cuba. However, this particular Dallas operation was a joint effort of the Pentagon and CIA Langley.
“JM/WAVE Miami Station was the POC for the Dallas mission. CIA provided logistical support only.“ I leaned back in the couch, exhausted.
Doctor Yancey checked the tape recorder. It was working.
“Bill. What about that mafia chieftain I believe you called him. Something like Rosie, I believe”. Where does he fit into all this?”
“ You mean Rosellie—The Colonel?” I interrupted and leaned forward. “He was attached to our team by who? I have no idea. Basically he was used as informant gathering information for CIA and JM/WAVE. He was used because of his vast knowledge and information he had concerning the Mob and Cuban gambling connections. He knew mob players and he knew of other informants who were active in other Mafia operations in south Florida, Dallas, and Las Vegas. At the time these mob type Cuban characters were planning to over throw Castro. Rosellie was asked to spot for the 'abort' crew because he was familiar with a Texas gun running operation from Dallas to Florida. This group had full CIA support for covertly overthrowing Castro. It was thought Rosellie could ID possible shooters that might be located in the Plaza. If so, the abort team could take them out, meaning neutralize them.
"The Texas connection, which Dinkin had uncovered in Europe, was a gun running operation through Dallas. Lee Oswald had made reports to the FBI concerning those matters, thus Jack Ruby and the Texas CLAN, a term used before the term Texas Mafia was used. The Dallas Police Department also played in with this so called Texas CLAN or Mafia as well as the KKK— or whichever term you prefer to use, but that’s another story within this story and is still classified I am told.”
The wind was howling outside. But Doctor Yancey was engrossed in my tall tale.
“The "Abort Team was a military cover team, meaning classified as civilian in nature for security reasons in case the mission failed. If so, its failure would be revealed as a civilian attack team of Cuban origin. They, CIA Langley had uncovered a "Rouge" Miami operation within their ranks with Texas political associations within the Texas military industrial complex. This was a secret operation that traced back to Cuban and Dallas gun running matters. Lee Oswald was also assigned the task to infiltrate the Texas Clan, which he did. This covert mission assigned to Oswald originated from the ONI Hensley Field, Grand Prairie Texas, and the Bachman Lake Naval reserve station near Dallas Love Field. Ed Walker and Captain Edward G Seiwell were military contacts for the Texas 49th Armored Div and the Fourth Army Reserve, operations at Dallas Love Field and coordinated with Miami Station as well as ONI DC. …”
The doctor’s question suddenly caused visions, not of Kennedy being executed, but convoluted visions of that secret CIA-ONI training base located at Nags Head North Carolina. The image of that place flashed rapidly across my conscious mind. I remembered it well. It was a place experimenting with a secret army ‘off the books’, program known as, ‘Illusionary Warfare Training’. The program was the first classified program to experiment with mind control on young men and animals. That particular program would later be declassified in the mid seventies and would become well known within some media and Intelligence circles as, ‘MKLURKA.

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