Thursday, 24 July 2014

Kings Cross Government subside to help drug addicts? Is this why they congregate in the area?

Who uses drugs are owned by the drugs?  If we allow the government to subsidy housing, health facilities where drug use is encouraged will I will allege encourage the drug network to have mules for the drug runners.

I have been on the ground, seeing working girls with heroin habits then they change to Methadone and have the Ice habit.  We have the homeless with the phones yet the phones ring around Kings Cross all for the money?

Does the support have to be focused at the bottom of the hill to Kings Cross?

The ESNA said these references prove Hope Street will be indirectly facilitating illegal drug use.

  1. Matthew Talbot Hostel - St Vincent de Paul Society - Good ...
    The adjoining Ozanam Learning Centre has a range of programs and ... The Hostel is located at 22 Talbot Place, Woolloomooloo, which is an inner city suburb ... that they make at least a six month commitment (we hope you can stay longer).
  2. Program Manager (Ozanam Learning Centre) - Job in ...
    Jul 4, 2014 - Our work is funded by all levels of government, the generous support we receive ... 

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