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Cocaine Trail?

Coca Cola and Pepsi link to the Coca Leaves yet the product has no drugs within it?

Aleister Crowley said the real magicK is Mustard Seeds within his books?
Mustard Seeds and Semen?

Mustard seeds come in Yellow, White and Brown?

Mustard seeds are an antifungal so they will not mould in powder form?

Drug busts in Sydney I noticed no Cocaine large shipments for a while I investigated the other options.
Coca Leaves were making what ever Pepsi and Coca Cola needed for the secret receipe.  Where is the cocaine from the process.

I have learnt studying the Cannabis oil the seeds were the part that held majicK.

Seeds, the increase in Cancer around the world and the antifungal drugs moving for the chemists to make the secret herbs and spices.  Cancer drug Benzelmustang  based on Mustard seeds a white powder?

We look at the signs around Kings Cross like Billy from Sleeve Master Tattoo shop said, it is the signs that tell the secrets.

Kings Cross was famous for Teapots....the illegal alcohol I thought until I was introduced to the Tincture mixture of the Cannabis?  Tea leaves?  Green Tea for the Frog of control?  Was this the connection hidden within the open as the Coca Cola sign on the Trademark related to the King of the Cross who stood out the front of Porky's for the Television reports?  Mmm must be close I thought....

I asked the angels for help....

JFK was pushing on the Mafia to go into prison for the drug peddling.
Coca leaves make Coca Cola and Pepsi...Both companies were having people in Dallas on the day of JFK assassination.

The Frog?  Within each game of the drug network the Fable for the Frog and the Scorpion is involved.
Cocaine?  Is this owned by a Frog?
Korea is allegedly making money from drugs to fuel the economy for war.
Look at exports...  Green tea?  In leaf and tea?

Cocaine removed from processing of the leaves for Coca Cola and Pepsi then where does the Cocaine go?
Pharmaceutical company so is the increase in Cancer where I think alleged man made influences have aided this bio-weapon all for a reason when the results for the Cannabis oil is showing to me that cancer is reacting like a fungus?

Where don't the ports test for THC components?  In medicine which has pain relieving components...

Tea is not tested for THC when it is imported as the product is labelled TEA a three letter word as the secret within this mind blowing puzzle.

Heroin brown is not fully refined and is not water soluable so if it was placed within a substance to come into the country and then split back through a process we have a more refined product?
Heroin by Mouse told me was coming in through the Upholstery Van...Now material is wrapped on cardboard and thick cardboard for heavy material.  Heroin can be soaked into cardboard and then soaked out of cardboard?  MagicK....

Yet Kings Cross is never short on Cocaine and the money isn't flashed around by these drug runners?  So where does it go?  What businesses open that drug runners go into?  The corner shops around Kings Cross and the Streets of Woolloomooloo up to Surry Hills way are open late... some 24 hours....

Cocaine I was told by Sammy Sweet/ Greek Sam in Kings Cross he controlled the Security guards who held the Cocaine line....  Believe it or not?  The Cocaine came from Woolloomooloo and he would head down William Street each morning...  He told me he was meeting the two people involved  allegedly Tongan Sam and allegedly an Ibrahim he would brag about.

In the brothel I had the Security guards from Stripperama checking the brothel for cocaine supply on a regular basis.  Why?

Barrister John Peluso said he went to Kings Cross to meet a big man in relationship to the Brothel Setup he was offered on each of two occasions a plate of cocaine?  Frog owns the Cocaine within the game of Frog and Scorpion of the Fable if the Scorpion owns the heroin line of the Pink Pope for the Seeing Eye Nomad Knights.....50/50?  Cocaine/ Heroin?  Frog/Scorpion?

I had the connections with a lady telling me down in Woollooomooloo the drug supply cocaine was bought $26000 each week the guy on sells for $76000 and the Police don't touch him.  Where is the money we were both wondering about?  Body language...her eyes looked towards Nicks at Midnight?  Right out the front of the Police Station Woolloomooloo and in the open I thought?  The lady described the guy like I had been told by the working girls as an older gentleman well dressed with a limp I was told by the working girls.  Limps can come and go I thought.......  I knew the link was down near Crown Street as Greek Sam said then Tranny Steps he would go?  All for a reason I say....

The Tranny told me about the secrets within the brothel...she is now dead to my knowledge...Indian Tranny Natasha for the police info line.

So if the Frog owns the cocaine line in the puzzle the way to clean the money is to make it legal.  The rent money on the premises in Kings Cross is one way, keep the rent high, this is legal extortion.
Pinch my dog as this gang was doing time and time again drop off at the dog home and pay to get him extortion.
Move a car around the city to play childish games as Mouse did....parking extortion.

Juanita Nielsen was on the trail of the drug network in Kings Cross, she was after the money that was destroying her beautiful Victoria Street.

1948 King of Jacob.......

Mustard seeds Aleister Crowley said was the way......
Kings Cross is known for the World Famous Teapots........

The markings of the scorpion are seen on the heroin for the drug cartel lines.

The real estate agents have increased around Kings Cross and Potts Point all for a reason I say.
Rent Rolls?  Does anyone check to the properties?

This gang holds the money so we have to look at nationalities?

Coca Cola...cocaine....

When has the government tested the loads of Mustard powder or spice powder coming into the country that tests is white?

The link to the system is AA....
America lost John F. Kennedy
Australia lost Harold Holt.

The meaning for Crook in the dictionary is another word for Bishop?
Bishop Maurice aka Maurice Bernard Houghton came from America to Australia
Bishop Michael J Hand came from America to Australia
Bishop David W Ferrie was CIA flying the planes
Robert M Toshlee was flying the planes and exposing now the evidence on facebook

Australia the drugs are worth the most money.
The number 1 drink around the world is Coca Cola.
The next I would say is Pepsi.

Kola nut is utilised the kernel oil from the products were utilised in the original medicine back in time.

Alex had the paperwork on the Coca Cola history yet it would keep the punters entertained however we never thought where was the cocaine going today......
2003   Drugs to Australia from Korea.

Drugs didn't stop coming to Kings Cross day and night so we have to look at the other ways of MagicK they utilise...Black?  Coca Cola is a Black drink and is the opening sign to the Infamous Kings Cross redlight district.

The Fable...  The America ...and the Pussycat for The Infamous Pink Pussycat went to see in the Green pea boat....They sailed away to meet the Pig for the Three ring circus?

Pig is the controller?  Three letter word?  Yet their is no Pig sign on Darlinghurst Road?

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