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Evidence so far, Underworld exposed

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All I know the Police search warrant will expose this gang for around the world.

I am sure the links to the companies and the evidence I have seen and collected will help the police further to bring down this gang.  Without the search, I know it will be impossible for the police to catch this gang because the significant evidence within the brothel is so important for the case.

Yet the struggle I have had to expose these compartments, the thugs that terrorised me and the drug network I was studying and reporting to the authorities to bring them down.

The main drug dealers allegedly dont touch the drugs as Peter Schaffer told me and that's how they never get caught.

The visions I see are horrific, what I have been told by Peter Schaffer, Essam Gerges, Sammy Sweet in regard to this area has lead me to research more for the links knowing the police had not been able to collect enough evidence to bring them down.

I was told last week, McDonalds was closing, it was bombing when the drugs were coming out the back in the paper bags with the chips and burgers back in 2011.  What they do one month, is different another, it rotates the system to the weather I thought yet it's more complex and it's when you talk to them you see they understand the moloch worshipping, the spirit world to a level I had never known.  Thou I saw the drugs in the McDonalds bags I noticed the Police didn't as the working girl called Theresa who was a receptionist at Golden Apple, Porky's linking to Hugh Bond walked up to 2 guys who were being lead away by police with a McDonalds bag in their hands and the bag was never checked, she was able to say, this is my burger can I take it?  Wow I thought, the police don't know the drug industry well if a non drug user can see it what's wrong?  This happened around Mothers day night 2011 the night they brought in a Rabbi to the brothel and I wondered why?

Please when the Moloch compartment is found, can we have a plane check in Oman for the MH370?  


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All we need is the Police search warrant, to be told by Team 1 I was missing a piece of the puzzle.  Well I feel the evidence missing is from the Police.

I had two Barristers who were willing to help me, however under the laws the Barristers need an instructing Solicitor.  Where it is for District Civil Cases the law should relate to Legal aid again for the times for the court not for the mentions as we are doing th e yo yo and it will be I will allege without a search warrant the case is beyond the District Court because the indepth investigation is needed into these premises and the hidden crypt subfloor within it.

Premises in Kings Cross fit the Hooked X Map
Premises is listed on subdivsion where the name Russell was dating back to the 1860.
The links to Rothschild sister married a Russell going back in time.  1804 Russell name on plan

Russell name was known to link to the alleged Opium trade around the world.  Linking to Skull and Bones Chapter 322.

The history of the premises linking to Rosaleen Norton and to her painting which happened in this same building links to the Black magicK I have researched all because of what I have seen on the ground.

I have had over 10-20 Druids visit a property near me and the timing was I was threatened to be murdered, Peter Schaffer told me he was right outside my house.  I was told they were circling the home.  I saw the red lights, I had no idea who they were.  The people were with black robes over the heads.

Peter Schaffer that night identified himself to my daughter as being a police officer.

I was told by Peter Schaffer he was coming to get me.  Wow I thought that night I was going to die.  Since then I have lived with this fear as Peter Schaffer said we come knock on your door and walk right through.

Peter Schaffer told me he could do anything with the cuz's.  Well the night the Police entered my property with Peter Schaffer ringing that night, the police entered through security gates with out me opening the gates for them.  This showed to me that their was a security button had gone missing from one of the cars.

I told the police, as Peter Schaffer added to his facebook he was coming knocking when he gets out of jail.  Im just living in fear as I don't know who it will be.

Hurstville Police said to me not to let anyone in even police now.

Secret Societies not listed are the worry.

The Secret Society of Watchtower Society....missing, people think it doesn't exist because it was shut down? Then we O.T.O this is missing. This is where it links to the Judges and lawyers with the Politicans. We have the Skull and Crossbones that is missing Chapter 222, we have the Black Sun, this order H is missing for the Double Cross, we have the Lodge J which is missing and dates back to the 1800's with connections with the Russell and Springfield names.

Things happen for a reason.!legal/cpw3

Frank Bennet linked to the Order OTO linking back to 1920 through Aleister Crowley.  However Lodge J was around Kings Cross before that time linking back to the 1800's.  J for the Scorpion in the sky star sign.

2006 Abe Saffron died, 2006 John Ibrahim came to allegedly control Kings Cross known then as King of the Cross.!oto--thelema/c1kx2

Link to the Babylon eye, the Police will note the report about the Victim being described as the Black eyes for the Babylon eyes.  CCTV will show no black eyes.  Linking to the Golden Dawn for the alleged Golden Scorpion links.  

Rosaleen Norton studied the Tree of Life the Ten steps yet this gang that terrorised me linked to 5 steps, like the brothel fire escape had the 5 steps.  

This was the link to the Bishops I found the name being Bishop Maurice for allegedly Maurice Bernard Houghton from Kings Cross coming from Texas, we had Bishop David Ferrie I noted within the connections and others that District Attorney Jim Garrison noted within the JFK assassination again it was a link to the gang where they made themselves allegedly look like the Mason's yet they were the reverse I noted worshipping the number 39 on Darlinghurst Road.

Seeing eye on the word Pink.  Note the Pink Panther was 39-41 Darlinghurst Road, however this gang is hidden and the 39 was hidden.

I knew the door way back in time was blocked to the main Darlinghurst Road, it was only going back with the security guard of old out the front of Porky's the other day he thought the access was a newsagents for a while.  When I went back within the tapes I noticed their was a newsagents in this area.  

These premises are special to the alleged gang from Parramatta for the 13th bloodline linking to Bandidos, allegedly the links to Nomads through the Pink, Pope of the Seeing Eye Nomad Knights.  Linking allegedly to the Rebellion army of the power of 81.  

Pit of death they call it the area within the brothel.  The link to Black MagicK to Kings Cross goes back in history.

Rosaleen Norton studied this  the link to the Jewish Kabbalah which is the alleged link to Jewish within this alleged puzzle Abe Saffron Jewish, the various connections I have put throughout the Kings Cross sting linking to the Jewish many I connected to JFK assassination.  Remember if this in Kings Cross is Chapter 222, it was formed back in 1804 which is by subdivision before Skull and Bones was formed in Yale University USA.

We now have the nigeria scam utilising the Western Union Bank and still linking to Florida USA where the money is paid into the USA and then to the Nigeria.  The alleged brains is Robert Bauer LLC which I have given details on before.  

The clubs are a key as the names they link to Kings Cross, Dallas, Florida the same in many cases.

We look at the IQ 131 Michael J. Hand was 21 when JFK was assassinated and his hairline and the umbrella man link.  Thou the umbrella was no dart gun I feel, it was allegedly a high powered modified gun as he was a sharp shooter.

When Juanita Nielsen went missing in 4 July 1975 to have a hiding place one floor up in the air I thought for a body not to touch the dirt or dune as it is written in the Bible was a link again for the Moloch worshipping I noted.

The smell in the premises, one after another would comment on the smell which was very strange and many said it was dead bodies.  Thou I didn't think that, I linked it to unusual herbs, yet to anoint a body to be laid out of the dirt is normal and thus the smell myrrh was present I thought.  

This was happening when Juanita Nielsen went missing 1975, the history she would have been seeing and following living right in the heart at 202 Victoria Street.

Nugan-Hand Bank link  Mr Hand disappeared, however his facial features I was drawn to on the coming days at the end of July 2011 where this American turned up where the working girl told me he was a someone.  The red and white shirt like a sign of the colours they wear without wearing a waistcoat of leather.  He was known as an associate of Hells Angels.  The age related, the face, then the Umbrella Man in JFK assassination, the brain missing from USA, the Pillar box hat for Jackie missing from her Pink suit which I could not get out of my mind as I wrote the connections of JFK assassination exploring how a person could vanish yet still be in Australia, allegedly coming out of Melbourne.

Yet at the heart of all this is the alleged unsolved murder of Juanita Nielsen and how I have asked time and time again for the Police search warrant to expose a criminal organisation which links to the alleged associates of Hells Angels, the number reference 81 they utilise for all.  

The police have looked at this information, yet what the Wood's Royal Commission missed was the subfloor compartment which linked to the Moloch worshipping.  Judah's Sin and Punishment
1"At that time," declares the LORD, "they will bring out the bones of the kings of Judah and the bones of its princes, and the bones of the priests and the bones of the prophets, and the bones of the inhabitants of Jerusalem from their graves. 2"They will spread them out to the sun, the moon and to all the host of heaven, which they have loved and which they have served, and which they have gone after and which they have sought, and which they have worshiped. They will not be gathered or buried; they will be as dung on the face of the ground. 3"And death will be chosen rather than life by all the remnant that remains of this evil family, that remains in all the places to which I have driven them," declares the LORD of hosts.…

The murders this gang chose, the system to the Scorpion rituals link to astrology crimes I was noting with the other astrologist in    we were matching on many points however for the MH370 we differ as the point this gang has had the search is point reference within the global 
The 12 points of this grid were plotted originally by Ivan Sanderson who identify areas on earth where anomalous activity frequenctly occur such as weird geomagnetic activity and marine and aircraft disappearances. After discovering that there were 12 areas that all of these activities seemed to be occuring (such as the Bermuda Triangle and Dragon's triangle in Japan), he then noticed that they were also equidistant from one another.
When you connect all of these points together with lines (called ley lines), you have a perfect icosahedron.  Press on box to go to link.

Look at where they are looking for the MH370 it is the point 43 equals a 7.  Yes, we were on to something when Rosaleen Norton studied the Tree of Life all for a reason I thought. 
 The book is about the Bible as a tool to understand the black magicK I write about. Redeemed by the Blood by Des Rose. Remember Im no bible basher okay this is just the evidence leading me. "She has kept her garments unspotted from the world (James 1:27)" The reverse they do, so the garments are spotted and kept from the world. Moloch worshipping is ancient middle eastern cult. The Canaanites seem to have sacrificed first born children to Moloch by passing them through fire Jeremiah 7.31, Deuteronomy 18.10 however we have the limousine as the Moloch compartments 7 compartments, 6 people 1 of flowers for the flour, yellow roses of Texas however Jackie Kennedy received red roses for the blood? Ruth Paine, one of the five scrolls of the hebrew bible she said where you lodge, I will lodge Ruth R 2-22 and I write the Chapter is 222? Coincidence? We all link to the Bible 1650 KJV Kings James Version, then I read about the Bible Act in Louisanna for 1450 Bible which is older again because I think the hidden power who bought the alleged Holy Grail for this gang who links to the Holy Graal links to Rothschild, Vatican City for the money. The Vatican years ago was running short on money until Pope Gregory and the Rothschild joined forces.

Pink is a sign this gang goes by, it has gone around n my head the links to the Pink Suit, to the Chapter 222 linking to Onassis in Kings Cross, CIA William Colby, and the Seeing eye for the link to the Pope of the Pink, Seeing eye Nomad Knights, allegedly 81 is Hells Angels Nomads around the world except for Australia where they keep it separate all for a reason.

I still link to Oman as my theory Sarah from Finding Phillip woods was quick to delete when others were asking for the theory to be further talked about.  

Kings Cross is not a suburb, this is the first point we all have to admit.  Then we look further King of the Cross is what John Ibrahim is known as, Mr Sin, Mr Sexy.  Both an S.  

The link to George H.W. Bush is on my pinterest with the hat for 77, the number of the perfect man is 777 in Revelations so they go close yet not all the way their are differences.

The blood line for the Holy Graal has been going on since 1948 which is when I feel allegedly the drug network changed from the Russell control to allegedly two families allegedly Rothschild and Bush linking back to Prescott Bush with his link to the Union Bank where it stood under the building back in 1938.

So allegedly for the control of the drug network when they work on the black magicK of Moloch worshipping will by my understanding have a place they protect to work as a puzzle they have this belief where the murders happen to a pattern they are protected by evil spirits and can not be seen doing the crime.  Thus the left hand is moving the drugs, the right hand is doing magicK for the moloch worshipping.

This is what Juanita Nielsen was investigating back on the 4 July 1975.  I have read a lot however I too have seen how the unemployed with the homes congregating for the homeless in a area where clothes are dropped to this area by church groups for the homeless is also feeding the drug network with runners.  

So when the relics are found of Juanita Nielsen and the hidden treasures this gang protects, then the government will need to look at the homeless, the aid which is pumped into this area and where the guys you see at the top of the Matthew Talbot leisure centre on the garden roof yet they have a mobile flipping in the hands will allegedly be a runner waiting a call.

This is where I have said a drug test would help as the going rate on the street their are two prices, a local price and a visitor's price.  I don't take drugs, nor have I ever thought they were good until I researched about the Cannabis oil, and worked out these drug users have a lower risk of cancer because of the drugs they were taking to the average person so I have researched ever since trying to work out what it is that works.  

What I have found is the drugs open or declcicify the Pineal gland this affects the blood, tissue and cell making within the body.  The drugs for the working girls relax them, yet within the stress of all this Mr Sting has stressed thus his cancer came on sudden when the threats were coming more and more dangerous each day in the premises, and when the police as Detective Inspector Ian MacDonald said to me on the opening of Juanita Nielsen case words to the effect of "I turn a blind eye to this" with his hand held to Darlinghurst Road, "It gives me a job".  Well, just a search warrant will expose a gang that has terrorised Sydney holders how the King position is relating to the cycle of Saturn, how the alleged astrology crimes link to the bi wheel and the finding the body on the line of saturn.  

Juanita Nielsen is on the line of Saturn within the premises.  

How the gangs work, how the drugs work, one nation like it told us back in the Holy Graal bloodline.

1975 was the start of the companies which I felt Juanita Nielsen knew about as they were formed on the 19 September 1975 The Hells Angels ltd one for Sydney and one for Melbourne.  

When you hear enough Police say each time, we stopped the investigation, or we are not looking because the premises isn't open.  Yet when it opens the thugs come through the front door and you wonder why?

I asked the Police to come with me into the brothel to see this, no reply came as they would have seen the evidence of the drug running like I have and seen what the routes were, seen the faces and wondered how a system which existed when Abe Saffron was around was still working the same when I studied history?

My answer alleged Corruption.


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