Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Apology I am sorry

From the bottom of my heart I send this apology out to the world.
To the Outlaw Gang Motorcycle gang, Hells Angel's Motorcycle Gang,

Please take this as an official apology from The Kings Cross Sting, Jennifer Stone, Jennifer Weatherstone and the team from World Famous Sparkling Chandeliers as the spirits have gathered all to expose as we walk to show the system in society we have.

People think Im against drugs as I expose the system and history linking back to the Scorpion and the heroin for the dragon line.

I write and research about unsolved murders.  Yet all I am trying to expose is we need the government to check a premises, and see if the research which links to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, to Juanita Nielsen and further for the Scorpion Rituals fits to a system?

I am sorry if I have offended any family with the unsolved murders investigation.

Juanita Nielsen will be a person who I now admire for her work with the Victoria Street Development and we need to push harder for the legalising the Cannabis oil, for the heroin, Indica and Cocaine which was in our medicine of old to stop the alleged bioweapon of cancer.  When we treat Cancer like a virus we will find many of the soft tumor cancers will disappear with alleged removal of the Fluoride, sodium slurry and chemicals removed in our water supply.  The Bio Weapon Cancer was allegedly a link to how the DNA of a person can be manipulated through vaccines with high metals of Mercury and for the mutation of our chromosones through the lack of cannaloids in the diet of human beings where our medicines in the past were providing this when our mutation of chromosone existed, the drugs Heroin, cocaine, Indicia and Cannabis oil linked to correcting this alleged mutation which happened.

I write about the Rebellion Army, the alleged Outlaw gang.
Please accept this as an apology to all Motorcycle Clubs that the alleged names I have sent to the Police and authorities I have not seen one person ride a Motorcycle.

The Kings Cross Sting, has gone through the history, now it's time for the Almighty Judge to rise.

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