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Call for the Governor General to sack the Parliament

All I have asked for is a police search warrant to expose what alleged members and associates of Hells Angels protect in Kings Cross.

Today the Sgt Kirby said when the case is opened it is shut down.  Why?  Alleged system where under 141a Police Act no further investigation if we expose the alleged drug money payments.

I know this gang will stop the money when their prize possession is taken from the hidden subfloor compartment and shown to the world what game of slaughter they play.

I call again for the Govenor General to sack the Premier of NSW and Federal Parliament because the Police search warrant isn't hard to ask for when your a police officer.  Yet if this X marks the spot exposes this gang for the collecting of the skulls and bones as they bragged about to me and sent terror through my family then shouldn't it be searched for the safety of the next person.

The police today explained that Kings Cross Police will be shutting down all investigations, the excuse was the Financial Ombudsman has not done the right thing by you.  I sent the reports to the police however the Police took no notice of me as the SGt Kirby explained as the order has to come from the Commander of Kings Cross Police Station for the Police Search warrant for Juanita Nielsen where she went missing on the 4 July 1975 and where today her house was heritage listed as the reporter said she was the Martor exposing this gang to all the authorities.

Well the pattern to the murders I have studied from 2009 and when one unsolved case links time and time again to the pattern I call the Scorpion Rituals then we have a gang that is causing havoc to the streets not just of Sydney around the world.  Yet the subfloor compartment in Kings Cross within 6/34-36a Darlinghurst Road will expose this gang and the Holy Graal bloodline they work to protect.

The Commander of Kings Cross Police I was told was not in, the highest person who would see me is Sgt Kirby who said he was waiting for me to come to kings Cross.  Shame, he couldn't ask for the police search warrant for an Heiress who went missing visiting a premises in Roslyn Street which was under the control of Abe Saffron.  Like the footpath said, Abe Saffron knew people in high places.  Something must still be their otherwise the Police wouldn't care about exposing it.

I allege it's not just Juanita Nielsen they will find in the subfloor compartment.


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Subject: Fwd: Injustice What happens when no one listens? We must have alleged corruption.
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Dear Governor General

With regard to the Police in NSW, these reports were done and forwarded to the Police in 2012.  Police Ingretity Commission where every one of my items they did not investigate.  WHY?  Because  if they touched one they brought about the corruption to be exposed.  Kings Cross Corruption noted back in the day

We have a problem in Sydney with drugs, guns and the outlaw gang.  Have a read of the evidence then wonder if this alleged Police officier by just a mistake or was it the mistake that opened the drug network up.

I could show  you where back in time I have sent this report.  However when we have corruption and the Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burns told me keep submitting this to the Police Ingretity Commission.  This needs to be brought up, it's just a lone voice.  Where the Deputy Commissioner has been trying to expose alleged Deputy Commissioner now Nick Kaldas as a connection with in the wicked web.

The Attorney General of NSW said via email to me that they can not investigate the Police.  We have a problem within the system where the alleged corruption has a hold and nothing can break it because the system doesn't allow it.  2012 the bugging was exposed against the white knights of the Police.

What I am saying is we have a level of corruption that links to allegedly Deputy Nick Kaldas, howeverr in the Police turning a blind eye shows what I was saying within Juanita Nielsen case of Detective Inspector Ian MacDonald, related to Superintendant Sue Waites, Detective Inspector Mark Howard.  The NSW Ombudsman said to me, the police to investigate.  However nothing happens, this is the same Police Station where the Royal Commission of Wood's was centred about.

However we have to look at the Position that Deputy Commissioner Nick Kaldas is meeting with Barry O'Farrell, Minister of Police and he is then aware of what is happening with the alleged bikies that seem to have exploded the drug trade in Sydney and with the shootings we have a problem.  

Im not the only one having problems with PIC and alleged Police Corruption NSW.   

Now if the Attorney General gives it to a Minister Police Gallacher it is being then investigated.  However as the attorney general with regard to the extortion and the Case number has changed several times to the latest which was asked to go tto Kings Cross Police again from Allegedly Strike Force Raptor Detective Stibbard because it was out of his area and Kings Cross were requesting it.  C 51649539...The guy is in Woolloomooloo and allegedly is dealing drugs I was told he was protected.  This was reported firstly 29 July 2011, it was touched on in December 2009 and the guys came back.  Then on 29 July 2011 I told on statement extort, Police said under oathe no investigation into extortion.

You send an email to the Prime Minister, after desperation, that first one was 1 August 2012 where the inactions of the Police were the way.  Hurstville Police say there is evidence, they could catch the guy.  I can see him when I go down to Woolloomooloo or if you walk to Kings Cross you will see Sammy Sweet the right hand person for Johnny unique for the alleged drug network control.

What I am showing is when the Attorney General of NSW can't push the police, the Police Minister is silent and not a person the Attorney General is forwarding the email too.  See the Police Minister  said back in 2012 he was not investigating anything.  It was just alleged corruption and how the system relies that the information evolves around Kings Cross Police Station.

When the Premier is relying on his cabinet yet by the news reports attached it shows I am not the only one having problems.

The Prime Minister sends the email for the investigation to the Attorney and there it sits.

Please, Im not asking for myself, I am asking for the alleged corruption.  The  Superintendent in Kings Cross Police Station has just changed.  The Police officiers haven't changed.  What the Inspector at Hurstville said to me, this was the worse case I have touched upon on various levels where the extortion the alleged Police haven't protected me because the alternative was death, that's what I thought.

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From: Jennifer <take2looks@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, Oct 9, 2013 at 12:34 PM
Subject: Injustice

Dear Sir,

This evidence could be quickly examined by the Judge David Patten as with many of the investigations, the alleged Outlaw gang members are given the immunity I do not know Phuong NGO however everyone is entitled to a fair hearing.

We have a drug network today on the ground running wild.  Deputy Nick Kaldas was allegedly noted as involved with corruption and Ibrahim for the drug network back when the Police offices were bugged.  This is an ongoing issue, when it's this same person who allegedly has been able to manipulate many of the large drug deals that I have heard about on the ground from the drug runners.  It's this system that protects them.

The evidence for Phuong NGO would with the other information on Deputy Nick Kaldas allegedly open the drug network up again as the controlling arm for the world relates to Kings Cross and the termination of King of the Cross as the King of the Underworld.

However the system works, this gang have a system.  They are not paying all the police I know that.  However the Police informants is a huge problem when these guys setup people.  Extort people and never be questioned just harrass you a little more.

 By reading my report within the pdf Alleged Murder of John Newman MP.  Where the material was allegedly manipulated to frame Phuong Ngo for  the murder of John Newman MP.  This is typical of how many of the setups occur that by the crime the benefiter allegedly was the drug network where the date of  death of Ho Chi Minh was the 2 September 1969http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ho_Chi_Minh   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phuong_Ngo,

If you think of the drug network as one nation, as I have exposed that Abe Saffron in 1948 took the role of King where the Britain, Jewish and USA joined forces for the drug network.

THe gangs are just arms of the same drug network and all these names have thrown the spanner in the works for the investigation.

The alleged phone records, I exposed this system still happens when Detective Dench sent me phone records and deleted the 000 phone call I made.  This information then can be manipulated as the records come to the police on excel spreadsheets and should be documented on a paper bill from the people themselves.

I have been extorted over $1million dollars by a person who is an elite within this organisation and is controlling the drug network in Kings Cross today as his reward.  

Please, could someone just can the pages and see how the evidence could have been twisted, then we have a system where the alleged killer has been given protection as being a Police registered inforrmant and this is the same problem I have faced since 2011.  Where the Police didn't even interview these people in my case.

The system is these two companies I found, link into a company I believe in Florida USA for the drug control arm, it  could link into allegedly Robert M. Bauer LLC of Spring Hill that I connected on the Nigeria Scam that I submitted to the Police.
4 September, linked to Kylee Schaffer and her brother Peter William Schaffer who told me he knew where her body was.  This is a person that is with the elite outlaw gang of Bandidos, Hells Angels, Nomads as they are all 81 in number.  This person is connected with the Triads for the drug distribution.  He is in goal now.  Thou the threats to my life have been horrific from him.

Please have a look,
This drug network, the companies could be deregistered as association with the Outlaw gang and connects to TYVO Ltd as Take Your Vice Over when the heat came to Kings Cross in 1991 it was moved when Bill Bayeh was going to goal.

Police Ingretity Commission do not investigate the evidence if it is not complied correctly or if it exposes the criminal alleged network of this outlaw gang that I have seen today.  The PIC decides what to investigate like the Police under 141a Police Act no further investigation and my extortion kept happening.  

The threats to my life kept happening through a guy that knew the system as a pattern and if by the outlaw gang they have been promoting how this system is within the secret books that each member writes and keeps hidden.

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