Monday, 14 July 2014

Nukes? Nikes? Scorpion way? Worlds Biggest Drug bust

Nikes?  Bikes?
Battleship Corner in Kings Cross where this gang is allegedly incharge of WAR?

We had back in 1975 Onassis, Michael J. Hand, Maurice Bernard Houghton in Kings Cross with CIA William Colby doing the moves.
1975 Juanita Nielsen was hunting for the money and where it came from in Kings Cross she was on the trail of the underworld.
1975 the last sighting of Juanita at 5 to 12 is in Roslyn Street Kings Cross, now the floor where I have asked for a police search since 2011 after researching from 2009 hit upon the corruption.  Turn the Blind eye said the Police Detective Inspector.  Under 141a Police Act no further investigation.

An answer for a murder, yet as we went through the evidence putting the pieces together we learnt about Black MagicK, both of us.  I didn't know much when I started out on the road for The Kings Cross Sting, the biggest drug network we were going to bring down.

Now there are no Poppy fields in Kings Cross, the Heroin had the black scorpion markings and we knew the elite within the gang in Kings Cross had the black/green tattoo of the Scorpion on the hand.  Right hand, yet some had it on the arm, the foot?

Alex said, this tattoo on my hand will open doors for us in Kings Cross the Red Scorpion for the passion and love we both have for Kings Cross.

Heroin was the name of the game with the dragon tattoo came for the line of the heroin was the sign we were seeing in Kings Cross.  The Snake, the links to Rosaleen Norton yet the heroin is still coming?

13th Bloodline is the alleged Bandidos we have found by the leather waistcoats and the hat that Mouse wore.
72 for the Scorpion Gang, 72 for the Power hidden G for 7, 2 for B, Gold Band.
Knights of the Golden Circle was it once connecting too?  The Knights of the Outlaw gang was it once connecting too?
The best quality Heroin that working girls love to brag about is Pink Heroin.
Pink was the best quality, and we had the infamous The Pink Pussycat Club back in 1958 starting out where I have asked for a Police search warrant since 2011.

Heroin, the Nikes, the shoes were a link back in time to Bill Bayeh and his partner who had the Shoe shop yet when he was caught for drugs the shoe business was sold....

I had tales of Mouse having the head guy from the Bandidos in the brothel in 2011.  My question was why?  No criminal activity in walking into a brothel to pay homage to the relics caught within the hidden crypt.

Heroin?  The links to the alleged Carlyle Group and war were coming.  The links to the alleged Carlyle Group and if I dropped the Car I had Lyle?  Allegedly Felix for the Cat?  Alleged Felix Lyle?  Where was he within the Matrix Web as Mouse would tell me he was the International President of the WORLD!

The links to John F. Kennedy assassination were linking to the Mafia, to Jack Ruby who was really Jack Rubenstein?  Assassination of Lee Harvey Oswald was necessary to keep the system hidden.  I thought as I read he knew too much.  Major General Edwin Walker as Lee Harvey Oswald described as "like Hitler" to Marina.

David Rubenstein founder of Carlyle Group similar timing to the death of Onassis who had the control by reports of the CIA/Mafia covert operations with allegedly CIA William Colby.

Carlyle name came after Thomas Carlyle a link to the alleged hidden network back in time.  Our souls go back to fix a problem when the problem is so dangerous to the world economic and peace.  As JFK said the problems were man made.

Drugs coming to Australia from North Korea in the past.  

Look at this link with the reference to George W. Bush and George H.W. Bush with the knowledge of the massive ship moving the heroin up and down the Australian coast for years was where Jetski's would go out to sea to meet in Noosa I learnt about in the 1980's.  We have largest Poppy fields growing at the moment in North Korea allegedly fuelling the Nukes, Nomad Underworld Knights Evil System?

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